39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-4-19

  1. Good early morning! My days and nights sre a bit confused. This week has flown by way too fast!

    Art has been enjoying the marathone showings of Dr. Who and the X Files. We have watched a few Hallmark movies. I told him I might break down and get cable for the Hallmark cable programs.

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  2. We’re glad you’re back too Aj.
    Donna, from 9:11. An interesting take would be how they plan to enforce their law.
    And what the penalty would be.

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  3. Okay. I went over to gocomics dot com and found some interpretations in the comments. The white spots on the street sign are pills (Tums or Prozac) or poker chips. Either explanation is better than my thought: that the spots are holes in the sign.

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  4. It’s easy.

    Gemma comes running when we get home. Fluffy yowls her head off until she gets a sufficient amount of petting. And Gemma has been on someones lap pretty much the entire time since we got home. She slept on top of me all night too. πŸ™‚

    Mouse is too dignified for any of the above, but I did have her give me some purring and kneading when the other 2 quieted down and no one else was looking. πŸ™‚

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  5. Awww . . nothing like cats who show they love those who love them.

    This was the first time Miss Bosley hid under the bed upon sight of her carrier. Her tail was sticking out from where she thought she was unseen. She is not good at hiding, LOL. It’s not something she’s ever had to do before. Fortunately, Art needed me to go downstairs and bring up more toilet paper from our Sam’s warehouse stash. The rattling of the bag downstairs was too much for her curiosity so she came out from hiding, and I picked her up and put her in the carrier. Now I know what to do in the future.

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  6. Janice, Hubby has introduced the granddaughters (ages 6 and 7) to Dr. Who and they both got sonic screwdrivers for Christmas, which were a big hit. We live in rural Pennsylvania and a few weeks ago I took the girls to the Baltimore symphony. While at a stop light in the city, Sammy said, “Emmy, a statue – don’t blink.” Not being a Dr. Who watcher, I had no idea and had to text Hubby to ask what that was all about. It also hadn’t occurred to me that the girls had never seen a statue before.

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  7. One of my grandsons has a Dr. Who bedroom theme complete with a print of the famous painting by Van Gough, Starry Night. Two sets of grands love those shows. One made a Valentine’s box replica of the blue booth. I never could get too into the show, however.

    We did enjoy Mary Poppins. I loved the books as a child. Not the same, of course, when made into a movie. Nevertheless, fun entertainment. My husband really enjoyed it. He likes most musicals.

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  8. Another flight today and someone asked for something from Walmart yesterday so I will have to stop there on the way home. Hoping my glasses are ready so that I can avoid nother trip to Costco after today.

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  9. We sang a lot of the Mary Poppins songs in elementary and in high school chorus.

    I need to do some picking up around here, the 2 cousins are coming over for our Christmas make-up trip and lunch out now that everyones over whatever colds they had.

    Annie’s taken to sleeping on top of me again lately, too.

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  10. Chas, were you referring to stores not being able to sell animals unless they’re from a shelter or rescue group? I suspect legions of animal rights folks will be the unofficial enforcers, they’ll continue to monitor every pet store and quickly report the ones they believe are in violation.

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  11. Disney’s original Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews is one of my favorite movies. I’m afraid of being disappointed by the new one. Any opinions from those who’ve seen it on how it compares?

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  12. Kevin – Since the new one is “Mary Poppins Returns” it’s not supposed to be like the original except for the characters. That said, it couldn’t possibly be as good as the original, since the interplay between Andrews and Dick Van Dyke cannot be reproduced.

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  13. Linda,

    Too funny. And great minds think alike…..

    We just did the same with Elizabeth. She didn’t get the sonic screwdriver, choosing the Matt Smith plush instead. She’s through Matt Smith and the old guy, and now will be backtracking to David Tenant before starting with the new lady. πŸ™‚

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  14. Peter @ 7:05. I wouldn’t have noticed that it said “Wall St” if you hadn’t said something. I just saw dots.


  15. Water and a ferry boat.

    I see the editors have sent out our school strike plan — LA teachers are threatening to strike Jan. 10.

    I covered their last strike in the late 1980s, 10-12 hour days, racing around to dueling news conferences by teachers and administrators in downtown LA, trying to interview teachers on picket lines, and finally pulling an all-nighter with other media at the downtown hotel where the two sides finally, at around 3 a.m., announced an agreement.

    I was younger then πŸ™‚

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  16. The picture is looking north up the Potomac River from the park underneath the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge toward Alexandria. If you’ll look in the far distance to the left, you’ll see the point of the Washington Monument as well. I have some other pics for later that include the Capital as well, though it’s at a pretty far distance and on my older, smaller camera.

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  17. It’s a cool park, because of the views. Jones Point Park is on the opposite shore, as well as the Air Force One replica at National Harbor. I have some of those too. πŸ™‚

    Plus the planes come in right over the river and pretty low as they pass Alexandria on their landing approach. When they come over the bridge they’re so low it looks like they’ll hit the WWM Bridge, an illusion of course, but still neat.

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  18. My kitchen is almost done!!!! This is so exciting. We won’t have a dishwasher for a few days, our friend suggested an easier way to hook it up but we need to purchase some supplies. I’m just thrilled. I’ll have so much storage and slightly higher counter tops than most and beautiful counters and beautiful farm sink. Did I say I was excited?

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  19. Those of you who may know Alexandria will also note the Chart House and Cameron/Union St. in both pics. We prefer Chadwicks. My seafood Cobb salad was fantastic. πŸ™‚


  20. I know all you no better, but it bugs me to hear it.
    To correct something I heard on FoxNews, know this.
    There is no such thing as “The dark side of the moon”. The far side gets as much as the side facing earth. The moon rotates once a month so that one side is always facing earth.
    But it is not “the dark side”. We have pictures of the far side. I don’t know what the excitement is about that China has photographed the far side. We did that fifty years ago.

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  21. Some of you have seen something I posted on Facebook yesterday, but I thought I’d share it here, too, because it’s pretty funny. (The Boy was overtired when this conversation took place, which accounts some for his dramatic reaction.)

    Emily writes:

    “I was telling Forrest about the camping vacation we’re taking in Maine this year and he bursts out crying, ‘BUT I’M SCARED OF THE MOOSE! I’M SCARED WERE GONNA GET KILLED BY MOOSE!’ Legit bawling his eyes out!

    Then when he calmed down:
    ‘How do so many people live in Maine with all the moose? It doesn’t make any sense!’
    ‘But you know hippopotamus kill people.’ “

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  22. Reminds me of the time oldest daughter burst into tears at the idea of living on Okinawa, an island in the ocean, for three years. Her fear? She could not swim that long.

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  23. Fun afternoon out with the cousins. Guy cousin, who’s restoring his own craftsman house in the neighboring city across the harbor, hadn’t been here in a while. He was here at the start to consult on my window situation and then said the next time he was back was when my bathroom was gutted.

    Went out to eat, gave them a nickel tour of parts of town they maybe hadn’t seen before, including a drive-by of the port’s oldest warehouse, the commercial fishing slip & a stop at the Marine Mammal Care Center to say hi to the recovering sea lions.

    Guy cousin, 72, is still recovering from being hit in a crosswalk about a year ago, maybe more … it really has messed up his spine & leg, but he maintains such an upbeat attitude and looks good, still lanky and loose-limbed. A court date is looming for a settlement, he’s had at least one surgery and countless medical procedures with more ahead so it’s ramping up the bills.

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  24. Mary Poppins returns is not as good as the original, in my opinion, but it was an enjoyable outing with the entire family–except my husband who preferred to remember Mary Poppins unblemished . . . (His mother led the singing at the movie theater and he saw it five times the day it came. He was the envy of the elementary school back in the dark ages).

    It was fun to attend with all the Adorables and not be offended by much. Meryl Streep is wasted and pointless, none of the songs are memorable (I walked out of Mary Poppins singing “Supercalifragi . . . . .”). I kept waiting for them to reprise a song or two–they certainly led up to them several times.

    Dance numbers were fun but not as magical as the first time. I loved the first musical number with the dolphin in the bathtub . . .

    It’s always fun to see Mary Poppins, of course, and a bit startling to realize I’ve adopted some of her attitudes towards children . . .

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  25. A family member will be going out on strike. He said 91% of the teachers voted to go out. The school district is giving them 6% of their requested 6.5% raise, but what they’re really upset about is how the classrooms are being handled. They are insisting they should not be wasting several days each month on testing–CA standards. That returning to once or twice a year will enable them to teach better.

    He also said they’re encouraging the kids to go to school–apparently, kids have decided they don’t want to cross the picket line.

    The teachers, instead, told the students to go to class and cause more trouble for the school board. The teachers do not expect substitutes, who are members of the union, to cross the picket lines.

    The teachers also haven’t struck in 30 years. Remarkable.


  26. Those school strikes can lead to lots of hard feelings. Difficult for students who need to graduate in a timely manner.

    I agree with Michelle about Mary Poppins. I remember none of the songs. I was not thrilled with the one about the land of lost things and thinking that where their mother went! I also was a little upset with thinking about the Banks daughter falling in love with the lamp lighter who looked in their window when he was younger. What would their age difference have been. But this is the way my mind works. It is best to just relax and take it for what it is. Then it is quite enjoyable and much better than so much at the theater these days. Also, the dancing was very good. It was fun to see Dick Van Dyke and sad that Mary Andrews wouldn’t come and do the part they wanted her to do.


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