34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-3-19

  1. Good Morning Chas and Everyone Else.
    I am staying home today to work in an attempt to actually accomplish something.
    I need to hit the phones soon. I have lots of calls to make.

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  2. Good morning! It’s up to 16 degrees here. The wind is up, and ice is falling from the trees. I wonder how NancyJill is faring. It looks like the northern part of our state got hit so she might have been included in that storm.


  3. Huh! Our thermometer shows 25 degrees, although it is fairly close to the house. I suspect it is not quite that warm. We just had well below zero with -35 or so wind chills, so this is quite the warm-up. I would rather it stay cold enough to keep rain and sleet away.


  4. Wow, I overslept, late night last night — and it’s very cold in the house, low 50s I think … Heater is ramping up and I’ve got to skedaddle

    Painters/plumbers are returning today, apparently the water meter is still showing that something is “running.” Sigh.

    I may have tomorrow off as the company no longer wants to pay overtime for holiday shifts anymore. I’ve had different things said to me about this in the past year, very conflicting information from senior editors. But the latest word is we should take a “comp” day. Don’t want to stir the waters right now, so I guess that’s what I’ll do. But I sure was thinking that OT would come in handy in light of the recently $600 plumbing bill. Just hope no more plumbing costs are ahead.


  5. DJ, shouldn’t they tell you that in advance? Or did you have to work the holiday either way? (I myself have never had overtime pay for holidays–I either worked them or I didn’t–but if the rules are changing, they should tell you in advance, or it should be “in the future . . .”)


  6. Usually I’m OK with a ‘comp’ day off for working extra Saturday shifts, for example, but I believe the holidays still, by law, are time and a half — and in this particular case I thought the extra pay would be my preference, but when I asked my immediate editor/supervisor yesterday, she said the preference is the we just take a day off, so she suggested I take Friday off.

    A few months ago, another senior editor (above her) chastised me for suggesting that comp time was preferable (to the company these days) than paying out OT. He suggested OT pay was the “norm.” The breaking news/cop reporters told me they must take comp time for extra hours they work, according to their immediate supervisor. OT can be paid on rare occasions, but the norm is you just take time off to balance it out.

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  7. It’s 70Β° and sunny here. Before we left Atlanta the weather report predicted a rainy week. Not sure what happened to get it so wrong, but we are glad to see sun after such a rainy year in Atlanta.

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  8. Michelle, I got an interesting picture of Mr. Fit when I mis-read your post as saying his face was covered with baclava. (I’d never heard of a balaclava before.)

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  9. OK. I have something to share with you. This is personal to me. Several of you have met me in real life or are friends with me on Facebook and see more photos of me. I know that I don’t photograph well because I have that one friend that tells me when I show her a photo of myself says in the sweetest, most loving voice, “But you don’t LOOK that way in REAL life”.
    I have also joked with all of you that I have the eating habits of a 21-year-old frat boy.
    Sooooo, this past September I decided to do something about it. I ordered myself a meal plan and started moving. Since October 10, 2018, I have taken off 15 pounds. I gave myself permission over the Holidays that I would not worry about losing weight I would worry about not going back over a certain number. I didn’t go over that number and today when I weighed I had hit the goal of 15 pounds. I have 2 more I would like to lose but am not too worried about it. I just feel better and think I look better.
    The next decision is whether or not to go see an orthodontist and do something about the shift my teeth have taken since being diagnosed with TMJ.

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  10. The Boy is going to be assessed sometime this month to see if he is indeed on the autism spectrum. Sometimes I think he must be, but other times I think not.

    His teacher had to fill out a form about his behavior at school. He does well at school, except for losing focus at times and having to be re-focused. The teacher ended by writing that “[The Boy] is a great kid!”

    A little before Christmas, Nightingale shared a photo on Facebook of him helping her make cookies. One of his coaches (for football in the fall, and now for basketball) commented that “[The Boy] is an awesome kid!”

    He may give us a hard time at times, but that is because we are the ones he is most secure with. (He has admitted that he is better behaved with his dad and his dad’s parents.) I told Nightingale that the fact that he was so well-behaved with others shows that she is doing a good job. (And she is!)

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  11. PPPPP football update.

    It’s coming down to the wire.

    Chas has 7, and both the tiebreaker teams correct, so it could be 8.

    Tychicus also has 7, and both the tiebreaker teams, so again, could be 8 as well.

    This will be decided by the final score tiebreaker. πŸ™‚

    The rest of us weren’t even close. πŸ™‚

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  12. I have been in town all day and the temps were in the 50’s!! Husband says it was not that warm here at 7400 ft…he felt like it was perhaps 40 here…but the sun was shining all the day long…no storms, no precipitation. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 50’s here in our area….I shall be out and about with my best friend enjoying the day.
    Kim you are a beautiful southern belle….I can see that in your photos 😊 I have been busting it on the elliptical this week….I indulged in too many Christmas cookies and fudge!! Now it’s back to getting serious!! πŸ˜‚ 🍭 πŸͺ


  13. Actually the tie breaker won’t decide it. I thought you both picked Clemson, but Tychicus has Clemson and you have “Bama, so it will be decided by who wins, not the tie breaker.

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  14. Janice, I just saw a Wall Street Journal alert that Atlanta, seeking to woo more young workers, is thinking of “covering its congested downtown highways with acres of green park land.”

    I had a fairly easy story to do today about a new state law taking effect in 2019 that outlaws the selling of pets (unless they are dogs, cats, or rabbits that come from a certified shelter or nonprofit rescue group) at pet stores.

    One of the senior editors decided to make this a regional centerpiece — luckily reporters at other papers were good enough to send me each a few graphs from their areas.

    Still, took me all day.


  15. Kim- I can vouch that you take a good picture, and that you look the same in real life, unless something drastic has happened since our meet-up.


  16. I am hiding in the bedroom. Kids are wound up and it is just too noisy around here. My three grands have two cousins visiting. They are wild together. So we have a three, four, five, seven and nine year old. Four boys and one girl

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