42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-2-19

  1. you barely made it, Aj.
    In fact, you wouldn’t have if I hadn’t checked mail and the Texas/Georgia score first.
    As the saying goes, “I didn’t have a dog in that fight”, but I mildly pulled for the SEC team.
    Sec hasn’t done well in the bowls this year.
    Clemson?Bama should be interesting for these who care.
    I hope both lose.


  2. Well, Chas, at least most of the games yesterday and Monday were close enough to hold the fans’ interest, instead of blowouts like the two semi-finals on Saturday.


  3. I was outside, watching the sun get close to rising, praising God for His amazing creativity. Watching some planet up to the west of the moon, I don’t know which one it is. And watching son ride his bike off to town. Bizarre. The other day, he rode his bike to Craigmont, another hour each way. Wanted to see his girlfriend.

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  4. Are gingerbread cookies supposed to be chewy or crisp and crunchy (like gingersnaps)? (Nightingale and I disagree on this.)


  5. I made pancakes yesterday morning and am having the rest of them (from the leftover batter) this morning. It was 51 in my house when I got up today, it’s just another day of work for me.

    There shall be no mention of taxes.

    January is hibernating month … Long, cold nights. Holidays are gone ( 😦 ), the expensive time of year is ahead but there is no need to think of that before we have to. Except for Art and Janice who of course have to pretty much always think about taxes.

    We will emerge in spring with all that behind us for another year.

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  6. Chas, I understand that but it is still cold. Riding with any speed at all creates a wind. When it is ten degrees out and the roads are a sheet of ice covered with an inch of snow, it must take some enthusiasm. I don’t suppose it is as difficult to get a bie o


  7. Wind chill factors in at those temps. We gave him a battery operated hand warmer again for Christmas this year. He bought himself a hat with ear and chin covers but won’t wear it. As I said, bizarre. One might think he would want to learn to drive and get a car but nope.


  8. I have experienced technical difficulties today. I got up early and went to the office. At 11 am my computer died. I have a power cord there and one at home. That one was not charging my computer, so I came home. I got home and didn’t have internet service. Finally, I have it.
    Mr. P and the Marine are going to a movie at 3:30. I was invited and even would like to see this movie, but declined. They need some time together. An added bonus is that I will have the house to myself.
    I have to get focused and get some work done.

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  9. It is warming up here….I think it is headed your was RK… 😊
    Cleaning the upstairs..( I rarely go up there)…24 year old daughter astounds me with her lack of cleanliness….she is looking at an apartment tomorrow…we shall see… 😐


  10. Nancy Jill, I have no recent experience with 24-year-old males, but have had multiple encounters in the last decade with 24-year-old females, and every one of them has that trait. Hopefully marriage corrects it, but I have no idea.


  11. Husband used to clean apartments between tenants at the university. He said the women were the worst. In my experience, some men are neatniks, the rest are slobs. Some women are neatniks, the rest are slobs. I am not a neatnik


  12. On Facebook, I have been in a brief discussion about the importance of chosen relationships (“found family”) vs. biological family ties. One opinion given is that biological ties are nice when the family is loving and accepting, but not really important if those relationships are not good (such as being abusive or “toxic”).

    I do realize that relationships with “found family” (close friends who are like family to us, or adoptive families) can be just as deep and important as biological families. But isn’t there a strong bond or draw with our biological families that has a deep effect on us, even if we are seriously estranged from them?

    I thought of the adopted kids who seek out their biological families, but was told that only about 5% do so. (I haven’t double-checked that statistic.)


  13. Mumsee – It is also possible that the women seemed to be the worst because we expect them to be better, so if they are not, it seems worse.


  14. Some men learn to be neat in the service.
    The first thing you do when you get up is make your bed.
    But not with me, I check the mail, the blog, get TSWITW up, have breakfast then make the bed.

    I shower at night. I got that habit when I was working.


  15. This 24 year old had a “science project” growing in my Rubbermaid container…under her bed!! 😮 and a bowl of cheese and french bread in her bedside table drawer…..ugh!
    Kizzie I am as bonded with my adopted girls as I am with my biological children. And they with me. My 33 year old daughter has had contact with bio mom…who is in her words “so messed up”. She has been disappointed, let down and disillusioned with her bio mom…but I do try to explain to her that biomom was 15 years old when she gave birth to her and she had no other children….try not to be too hard on her.
    24 year old is precious (even though a slob) but I do believe she is experiencing some depression and is not opening up to us about it all. In the back of my mind I have a feeling she has attempted to contact biomom and perhaps it didn’t go well. I wait for her to open up to me about it and I try to be supportive without being intrusive….asking the Lord to bring it all to pass as He would have it in His timing. Why does life have to be so difficult some times?

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  16. To clarify – Although the way I worded my comment may seem like it, I in no way meant to imply that only biological relationships have that depth and bond.

    I may have inadvertently leaned that way because the other person seemed to be saying that biological families are fine as long as they all accept and respect one another, but if not, it is fine to estrange yourself from your family and make another one for yourself. There are times when that is necessary, but there seems to be an attitude, particularly among some of the LGBT folks and their “allies”, that your bio family is dispensable if they don’t accept everything about you.

    In my own family, I have had my niece cut me off because she assumed she knew what I was thinking about her and her then-fiance (now “husband”), not for anything we actually said or did.

    Then there is my own Chickadee. I suspect that YA and her sister have convinced her, whether overtly or not, that their family loves and accepts her for who she truly is, but that we don’t. (Chickadee seems to think that she is “non-binary”, and I have seen that she has others in her life calling her by a name that can be female or male. But if you saw her, you would not have a doubt that she is female.)


  17. Oh I see what you mean Kizzie. I have not lived near my family in 43 years. While I feel the closeness due to relation, they really do not know me. My best friend knows me, my other friends of 30 plus years know me. We spend much time together and have become “family”. I don’t spend much time with my bio family due to living far away….I try to go home once a year…they never come here to see me.

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  18. We were having a heat wave here for a few days. It got into the 50s! I could go out with just my sweater on.

    (And for you smart alecks – yes, I had my other clothes on, too.)

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  19. Kizzie, have you read Out of a Far Country by the Yuans? In that book the author, caught up in the gay lifestyle, was happy when his family didn’t accept his choice of lifestyle. That gave him the excuse to go off with his friends. It was considered a badge of honor in the community. Later, the mother seeks him out and that changes everything.. Fascinating read. I have heard several interviews with this mother and son, as well.

    It is the world that tells us to just dump those who are not ‘good’ for us. Not God’s word. Sometimes we have to walk away, but often God is teaching us much through them. This does not mean we stay with those who are really abusive or harmful.

    Gingerbread cookies are generally crisp. If you are making them as decorations or to make a house, they have to be crisp and quite hard. Of course, you can make them as crisp or soft as you choose by varying the fat content. Mine are crisp and I never have had any complaints.

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  20. Excellent point, Kathaleena (about the leaving vs. hanging in there with those who are difficult — but maybe regarding the gingerbread, too).

    Busy night, a prominent union leader has been on death’s door for several days, so family announced tonight that he’d passed and we had to hustle to get statements in, etc. I’d already written the story, but had to really re-configure some things to get statements/reactions included.

    I have to say, it always takes a bit out of me to write the obituaries for these guys I’ve covered and talked to for years. Person in question was likely as socialist as they come, but was always so down to earth, called me back quickly whenever I left a voicemail. Last time I remember talking to him in person was when we were both at an outdoor movie being shown on the waterfront — editor (this was a couple years ago when the phenomenon was still kind of new) wanted me to do a summer feature on the movies being shown in parks and on the waterfront. I passed by the man in question, we smiled, said hi, and he laughed, saying, “You’ll make a story out of anything.” Yep.

    I hate seeing these guys pass from the scene, they’re so integral to the community, its history and its future. 😦


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  21. One of my former colleagues posted about having to deal with the union’s intense hatred of the media — but how this man was always gracious and helpful. Indeed.


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