62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-24-18

  1. I love Donna’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 🙂

    Now I’m pretty sure I heard NancyJill mention pie a few minutes ago…….

    That would go great with my coffee…… 🙂

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  2. Good Morning. It sure is quiet in my house right now.
    Later Father and son are going to see a movie. I am going to be blissfully alone for a few hours.
    Right now I am drinking coffee by the fire and reading. Once everyone is up I will get started on my day.

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  3. Oh, my dad loved pie for breakfast. He died this time of year. He is in no more pain. Aren’t we glad we can know there is a place waiting for us with no more pain?

    Merry Christmas to all!

    I feel like Christmas is over, since we had ours this weekend. We will enjoy a service with our church family this evening, however, and the peace at home.

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  4. And I am sitting in front of my computer drinking my second cup of coffee.
    I hope everyone has a happy Christmas.
    I woke at 3 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep for a long time.
    I thought of another “If” that I may post sometime. It saved my life.

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  5. That’s a Christmas tree.
    I heard lots of Christmas music last night.
    Those of you who like Country can hear some good music on RFD-TV, if you have it, on Saturday and Sunday nights.

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  6. ¡Feliz Nochebuena! That’s what the Spanish speakers call December 24.

    We celebrated twice already. Saturday in Iowa with Mrs. L’s family and yesterday with our children and grandchildren. We are staying with D1 and her family until tomorrow or Wednesday. Today she and SIL are going to get a new couch half hour away, so we’ll be watching 5 little ones. Mrs L volunteered us for that duty.

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  7. Hey…the pie is cooling and now the brownies are as well…smells like a bakery at my house! The Ham and veggies will be going in around noon… 😊
    Dj I love your tree…he looks so very healthy and very happy with the added festive lights 🎄 My real tree is going out the door tomorrow…it is so very dry that it does cause concern for me…it still looks and smells wonderful but after three weeks indoors it stopped taking in water and has quickly become worrisome 🌲
    Christmas music will be on in this house all day today and tomorrow….my mister will be happy when it’s over…I never tire of it…he does! (He is tortured with “hallmark” movies as well…sheesh!)

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  8. I’m having coffee with Miss Bosley and y’all. I’d like a piece of pie and a taste of tamale. If the tamale isn’t too hot then I will have the rest of it. For Christmas Eve dinner, at one point we had a tradition of getting takeout Won Ton soup from a local Chinese restaurant. It was something to get in a hurry along the way home from Christmas Eve services.

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  9. The garbage has all been collected from our street. I was one of the first to get my can off the street. We do not have Christmas decoration/lights on the street for friendly competition so I guess the next best thing is to see who has the fastest garbage cans. The prize we receive is burned calories for our effort.

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  10. Art had Hallmark movies on this morning so I got to watch some with him before he went to work. I am still amazed that he likes most of them. I think he enjoys Christmas from a distance as long as he does not have to get tangled up in lights and shopping for gifts. Partly, his problem with gifts is being a perfectionist. It is a frustrating endeavor for him with his high standards. I accept now that I may or may not receive gifts from him. I do not need much now so it’s not a big deal. If I need something I will buy it for myself. He does not shop for himself so I shop for him and wrap it as a gift.

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  11. Yes, the Charlie Brown tree is growing up. This year, I decided it was grown up enough to support a few little twinkle light strings. It’s my new favorite outdoor decoration at my house. The lights (I added a string after this photo was taken) slowly blink on and off in waves. (The lights have 4 settings with most of them fast blinking; I preferred the very slow setting.)

    Well, the day has finally come when I have to return to work. I just made some coffee to help wake myself up but I did make sure to get to bed on the early side (10 p.m.) last night. This will be a long day.

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  12. I just enjoyed the USAF Band WWll Holiday Flashback. Some of you might enjoy it as well but, I don’t know how to cut and paste on here. Big brother? Didn’t you just buy a Chromebook? How does that get done on here?

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  13. Pasting YouTube videos is easy, you copy the “address” (in the top ‘url’ bar on the video link) and then just paste it into the comment box here.

    If it’s not on YouTube, well, that’s a horse of a different color (I’m channeling the Wizard of Oz this morning).


  14. And I’m off to the grocery store!

    9 folks for lunch (soup, rolls, cheeses and Christmas cookies), guests for dinner (Slovenian sausage, mashed potatoes–trying in crock pot this year– cabbage, carrots, bread, piticza– daughter will be making soon– and Ule logs. 13 diners).

    In between we will be cooking, cleaning, washing, sorting, setting, singing and attending an Adorable sing at church, ending with the late service that goes to midnight.

    No sign of my cooking partner. I woke, sigh, at 5.

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  15. Mumsee- Copying and pasting on a Chromebook is like any other laptop. You have to figure out how the use two fingers on the mouse pad.


  16. The real already posted it for me and I thank you, now I am going to attempt to do this easy thing as DJ and Peter L said, though it has not worked for me in the past. In the distant past, on my other computer, it was easy and I did it regularly.

    Okay, so I have succeeded in making the source and my email switch places. Try again.
    Okay, so I have succeeded in making the source and you folk switch places. Try again…

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  17. Now I have succeeded in making you and my email disappear. This is not working. There has to be a step I am missing. Or several. I can highlight the title but that is as far as it goes. Where is the paste? I will go get some out of my desk…

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  18. Well, that is ugly. Who would want to open that? I guess I will take a peek and hope it does not blow up my computer, whatever it is….


  19. My family is all here. There are 5 people and 5 dogs. Son is very stressed by his dogs. (worried they are not behaving) I’m not stressed at all. 🙂

    I’ve had my cheerios for breakfast and am currently sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree, having lit the fire in the furnace, and awaiting the start of Christmas dinner preparations.

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  20. God is so good. So I came home on the 5:30 flight from Denver. I knew that would be best for my friend, but that flight was full and the next two flights had more room. But, I got a seat and proceeded to board. Saw middle seats, but continued to the back. My only prayer was that my carryon in the overhead bin would be next to my seat. When I got to the next to the last seat, there was a guy sitting in the window seat and the other two seats were empty!! I put my bag up and snagged the last aisle seat. And the other seat remained empty. I had one of the only empty seats next to me! God is good, all the time. A restful flight.

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  21. Son just sent me a picture of one of my grandsons with a broken arm. He broke it a couple weeks ago, playing basketball. Anyway, I don’t know which grandson it is. I have not seen them in at least five years and he has grown from the five or six year old he was then to the ten or eleven year old he is now. You could say I am a bad grandma.

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  22. Having a nice day here. Nightingale picked up Chickadee, and they got back here a little before noon. After just hanging out for a while, we all gathered at the dining room table to decorate gingerbread cookies, and enjoy some snacks (mixed nuts, crackers, cheese, salami and similar sliced meats, shrimp, and Christmas cookies). There was a lot of laughter over silly stuff and funny stories.

    In a little while, we will have our Christmas dinner – a chuck roast, potatoes, and vegetables that have been cooking in the slow cooker, and smell delicious. After dinner, The Boy will open his traditional Christmas Eve present – new winter jammies, a Christmas movie DVD, a package of microwave popcorn, and a packet of hot cocoa. After that, we will watch this year’s Christmas movie, which is Home Alone.

    Then it will be The Boy’s bedtime.

    This an enjoyable Christmas Eve tradition that Nightingale instituted a few years ago.

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  23. 14 1/2 dozen tamales. No raisins or nuts, only pork, red chile, garlic, oregano, masa, and salt. Was glad to be able to send some to the in-laws. Miguel and Trey headed to the bootheel this morning, and I headed east to see my mom. There is nothing from Vaughn to Fort Sumner but a few antelope and some cow. No radio reception either. Now I am home to get ready for 8 straight days of work. We will have our Christmas when they get back.

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  24. Fifteen-minute break while the potatoes cook–then I’ll mash and whip them and toss them in the crock pot to keep warm until we return from the 5:30 service–with 10 others.

    Lunch went great, but my daughter didn’t consider she used an angel food pan to bake the potica. The butter slid right through the bottom and all over the stove. We had billows of smoke inside and out when I turned it on to bake the Ule Log.

    Fortunately, I hadn’t started yet, so we’re not making a Ule log–my daughter-in-law will bring hers and we’ll have to survive on potica, See’s candy, Christmas cookies, and jello salad–along with the Ule log.

    We’ll be fine.

    Merry Christmas. I wish I was watching in my pajamas but I’ve got two Christmas services and a big dinner to go before I can rest my weary head.

    Oh, and look! My husband’s Christmas socks just arrived. One more gift to wrap! LOL

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  25. so… I spent the day at the store, holding Lucy while Mom worked. For hours. Then her husband returned from where he hd gone to the airport to get his mom. We all met in the coffee shop. Then she looks at me and said, what time is the service tonight?? What??? I invited my daughter and ll of them a month ago and got no response. God is doing this. My daughter and her family are going to the candlelit service with me. This is my Christmas gift. Prayers appreciated.

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  26. Silent Night is such a beautiful piece.

    So everything’s ready to take up to Carol’s, I wrapped up several battery candles to give out to her friends (from her and me), we have Christmas cookie trays, a few mini-cupcakes and we have soda (diet, of course!).

    My dinner will be of the microwave variety, sadly, after having to work today and needing to trek north on the freeways through LA in about an hour. My story today didn’t pan out but I was able to get a start on one for later in the week, so that was a win. This week and next are some of the slowest news weeks we typically see, it’s like pulling teeth to find things to write about. We all get quite desperate.

    The neighbors were playing Elvis’ “Here Comes Santa Claus” a little while ago, I left the back sliding door open so I could hear it. 🙂

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  27. *add, not had

    We went for a walk in the forest, as it was too warm to skate, this afternoon. I had to act as guide to get around all the swampy places. Then I came home and made supper.


  28. But there is a 45 minute clip of a Johnny Cash show I’m sure Kim would like.
    In part of it, he is wearing his AF uniform. I understand that Cash was a radio operator in the AF.


  29. Our Christmas Eve tradition the last few years has been to go to an evening service at our church and then dine at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Not wanting to leave the puppy alone that long we opted to go with take-out Chinese this time. The service was wonderful. Afterward there’s always a nice chance to visit with young adults we watched grow up but who’ve moved away so this is the only time of year we see them.

    One thing I like about my children being grown up is no longer facing these dreaded words each Christmas Eve: Some assembly required.

    DJ, I love your tree.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

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  30. My odd Christmas season continues …

    Carol was stuck in her bedroom so our visit wasn’t exactly what was planned, though her boyfriend came by. I just hope she doesn’t eat all those Christmas cookies, I told her to be sure to pass them out and ask a friend or staff to set the rest out in common areas, bit I still think she’ll eat most of them.

    Now I’m sitting in my car outside Hollywood Presbyterian Church about an hour early for the late candlelight service bit I’m sure the sanctuary is open so I’ll go inside early. Decided to stop in before heading home, doesn’t seem like Christmas Eve without a service.

    Oh, new pic is my house all painted and decorated.

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