10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-15-18

  1. 🙂 😦 I’m winding down on marketing Poppy. I am so weary of the whole publishing world.

    🙂 I plan to take off–a relative concept–in January and try to focus on what the Lord is calling me to do in the future. I’m just not sure.

    🙂 My prayers lately have been that I’ll be thankful–no matter what happens in my life.

    🙂 More than anything, I’m thankful for the hope of a healthy little girl in April. Even typing it brings tears of gladness and relief to my eyes.

    🙂 Splendid trip to Santa Barbara and back last weekend. We had a wonderful time.

    🙂 We take two Adorables to see Adorable#3 in her ballet show tomorrow. Adorable #3 will never be a ballerina, but she is SO excited about dancing with a group of other beginners.

    🙂 Today, in about half an hour, we move our former handyman, Daniel, and his wife Lean, our former housecleaner/editorial assistant, into their new-to-them old house.

    They are beyond excited.

    Daniel’s father and sister were burned out in the fires, his mother is the woman who died in the terrible scooter accident a few years ago. Dad and sister will be in their actual new pre-fab homes in the next six months. Our prayer for this family is this will make a new beginning, a dividing point between the grief of the past and whatever is to come.

    🙂 They say you know you’re not too old if people ask you to help them move.

    SCORE! 🙂

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  2. 🙂 I finished and e-mailed my Christmas letter. Last year’s didn’t get out till April–I wanted to include our new address in it, and also the news that our daughter was expecting our first grandchild (which wasn’t yet public news), and other than that there wasn’t much news to tell. I’m planning also to print a few copies to put in “mailboxes” of our church friends.

    🙂 Just for fun I counted the animals I have photographed this year. I don’t know how many species of frogs or turtles, since I’m not an expert on either, but I had ten mammals (three species of squirrel–fox, red, and gray–plus chipmunks, raccoons, cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer, muskrat, beaver, and mink–the mink hardly counts since they run so fast and appear so briefly that I had just two distant, bad shots, but technically I did get photos of them; I also saw groundhogs but I don’t think I got any photos this year, and coyotes the same). Also at least 17 butterflies (I had several species I saw but couldn’t photograph, and several more I didn’t see this year). I don’t know how many species of dragonfly, bee, or moth.

    🙂 I was surprised when the number of birds reached 80–exactly. It may have been more than that since I didn’t fully sort out the warblers–I had at least 12 species of warbler, but more likely 14 or 15. Wait, 81 species, since I just remembered I got a nighthawk too. At any rate, that is about 10% of the birds in the USA, and of course the greatest majority of those US birds never come to Indiana at all. For a year in which I did not leave the state, to have gotten photos of 80 species is pretty good (obviously not all “great” photos, but all identifiable photos, and many of them good ones).

    🙂 Probably 95% of the fauna species were within a mile of my house, either the house up north or the one here. I also got some photos in state parks and other places, but very few were species I didn’t also get near home. (The sandhill crane and red-headed woodpecker were “state park only” photos this year, and last week’s warbler wasn’t within a mile of home.) I also probably averaged one new bird species a month all year, which isn’t bad for not leaving the state I’ve lived in for seven years.

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  3. I taught lesson #1220 today.
    It is difficult to teach when you can’t see nor remember.
    But the guys were helpful.
    Do you realize that Jacob was at least 47 years old when he married Leah and Rachel?
    Makes me think something is different about the counting of years in those days.

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  4. Chas, the part of that I don’t get is that we are told Jacob worked for Rachel for seven years, and they seemed but a few days because of the love he had for her. I understand him thinking it was worth it to work for her for seven years, but having to wait seven years to get her (and then another week) seems like it would feel long, not short.

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  5. No, I did not realize that, Chas.

    We got a couple of poor pictures of a beaver on the side of the road. We happened upon it while driving. I waddled off, so no good pictures. I do think it is the first time I have seen one on the side of the road.

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  6. It a double cross. But Jacob didn’t have to wait another seven years for Rachel. He had two wives, but worked another seven years. GEn 29:30 “He went in also to Rachel” Leah gave him several sons but Rachel was barren. Rachel later had Joseph (Gen. 30:24)

    Jacob was not an easy person to like. But he was chosen of God. That counts for something.

    Kathleena, “We know Jacob and Esau were twins. Gen 26:34 says Esau was 40 when he took wives of the Hittites. That was before Jacob went to Haran. He must have been around 50 when he got Leah and Rachel.
    Or, there is something different about how they counted time.
    Which I have often, for other reasons, suspected.

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  7. I know that sometimes the stories in the Bible interject other info that may have taken place at a later or earlier time, then goes back to where the other story left off, so to speak.


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