41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-11-18

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    Cars are passing by now, but we aren’t going anywhere for a while yet.
    I think all the schools, etc are still closed. I haven’t turned on TV yet.

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  2. Morning, Chas. Yes I saw on my radar app that your area was blue with snow. At least it is beginning to be cleared up.
    Time for some sleep here as I have a 6am pickup. My large suitcase is right at 50 pounds. Most of it gifts and then mail I am carrying home for others.

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  3. Good morning from Atlanta. The expected black ice did not materialize here. But dare I say we stuck with the revised plan to get my driver’s license (or not) tomorrow. Life is never boring so long as there are plans to go awry. These days the old saying, “God willing and the Creek don’t rise,” is more appropriate than ever.

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  4. Those ducks in the header make me think {{{cold}}}. We had an unusual news story where a K-9 dog saved a man’s life yesterday. A naked man was running through a neighborhood and got reported to police. The K-9 took his Officer through some woods and into a cold, cold creek where the man was hiding. He was afraid and said he had an outstanding warrant for a traffic ticket and a pregnant wife. The dog, Jocko, saved the man’s life. The man was not arrested but was deemed to have a physical or mental condition and taken to a facility.

    DJ, see what you are missing by reporting on the dull LA news? Atlanta needs you!

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  5. AJ, I was hoping to get a photo or two like that in October, since the wood ducks were on my pond in June and July. But the adults were in eclipse plumage (both of them looking mostly like Mrs. Wood Duck, except Mr. still had his red eye and a few other small differences) and the two young were about the same. And then they hid or went elsewhere to molt back into breeding plumage (which ducks do in the fall, not the spring) and I didn’t see them again. I’m really hoping they show up again on the pond in the spring!

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  6. I went out to clear the snow off my car. It isn’t snow. It’s ice.’
    I’ll let the sun do it. supposed to get up to 454 today.
    The sky is Texas blue but it’s still cold. 30 degrees.

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  7. Chas- Wow! 454 is a very big warm up! Or are you talking 454Β° Kelvin? But then, that would be awfully hot as well (357Β°F). I know what you meant, but typos are fun to play with.

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  8. Beautiful morning here! About twenty five and the sun was just coloring the sky as I was finishing the chores. Lovely pinks and blues and all. From the rising of the sun, til the time that it goes down, the Name of the Lord shall be praised.

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  9. Seventeen year old son decided it was too snowy yesterday morning to ride his bike, so he took the bus. Got home early because he rode the bus so was able to join in one of the snow ball fights. But he wanted to go to the basketball game in the evening so rode his bike in about six and was home at nine.

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  10. Morning! It is 42 degrees here and windy! The sky is Colorado blue and that wind is melting off the last of the snow on the property….well except for the deep stuff on our hill out by the road..that will be there until April 😊

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  11. My sky today is a lovely bright Connecticut blue. πŸ™‚ There is no snow on the ground here, but it is very cold.

    Speaking of mattresses, as some of you were last night. . .My “king size” bed is made up of two twins. (Are they all like that?) We inherited this/these from my mom when she died. The mattresses are the longer twin-size, so it is trickier to find the kind of sheets I like. So far, I have not been able to find nice, plain mostly cotton sheets. A couple sheet sets I bought were microfiber, which was fine in winter, but too warm in spring and summer. Anyone know where I could find good ole old-fashioned cotton sheets to fit the longer twins?

    What I am using now on my bed is a set of oversize (or something) sheets from Brylane Home. The fitted sheet is made for a deeper mattress, so I am able to tug it to make it stay on, but it can be a bit of a struggle.


  12. A question, for those who do online banking:

    When I set up a “payee”, I can choose a company/business or a person. But what about ministries, charities, or churches? I sent a donation to Safe Net Ministries using the “person” option, using “Safe Net” for the first name, and “Ministries” for the last name. The resulting check, which I was able to see online, printed the name in the correct order, so I was happy about that.

    Now I think I will change my online donations to my church to this, using “Hope Springs” for the first name, and “Church” as the last name. The method I am currently using to give my monthly offering online is through a site the church uses, and it charges $3.09 for each payment. (I could have opted to not pay it, and the church would be charged instead, but that didn’t seem right.) I’ve decided that although $3.09 is not a lot of money, it does add up over the months, and is a waste, so I want to do it through my own online bank.

    So my question – Does anyone else do this the way I do, or is there some other way?


  13. Hubby would get a kick out of the fact that I am doing online banking. I often told him I wished he’d stuck with the old-fashioned write-a-check-and-drop-it-in-the-mail method, and that if I ever took over bill-paying, that’s what I would do. πŸ˜€

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  14. I love-love-love online banking. I hated writing out all those checks, using envelopes, looking for stamps … Ugh. Painful. Now, paying bills takes all of 2 minutes, literally.

    But I do still write checks for church & the gardener. I’ve thought of doing the online thing for church but never got around to setting it up. We also have an app that can be used but like yours, it takes out a small service fee which I don’t like.

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  15. Finally, we have a beautiful Georgia blue sky! It helps with the attitude. But it also means that a terribly loud leaf blower is blasting away right outside my window at the neighbor’s house. At least now he has gone to the far side. I am way to whiny lately.

    I received a call earlier that my dentist office had a cancellation so I took the appointment. I always go every six months but because this year was so crazy, it had been a year. I had not requested an appointment so the call was out of the blue. I had been wondering how I could get in since they book up. My next appointment could not be made until July because they are booked up. So, thanks to my not going for the driver’s license center this a.m., I was able to take care of something else I needed to do. Thanking God for rearranged plans and super clean teeth! I have a great hygenist and dentist. I love to go there.

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  16. Since our move, we live close to a place the family has vacationed for many years (a couple of decades anyway, and my husband went once in the early seventies with his parents). The girls used to like to go to a toy store there, and I suggested we get a Christmas gift for our granddaughter from that store, because our daughter would enjoy that.

    We just got back from a lunch date, and we did get a toy (Curious George, with the label saying 0+ so it’s baby safe).

    Going into the store I got another special treat: in the evergreen outside it was a Cape May warbler, a young male. I saw a young female a couple of years ago in the apple orchard next door, and I really laughed when I ID’d her from the bird book, since the young female is about as plain as a bird can be, but the male is about as beautiful as a bird can be. One doesn’t expect to see a warbler in December, at least outside the South, and one of the prettier species, and a very good sighting. He was hopping all around the tree, flew to another and then back to it, and he didn’t leave until another family came by. I got a couple of really good photos of him, and I was expecting to have to wait till at least April to get any more warbler photos. πŸ™‚

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  17. What or fwhere have you been Kim?
    We messed you.

    In other news.
    Brian, Oldest GD husband, and their two girls came over and recruited the neighbor across the street and they cleaned my driveway for me.
    It just didn’t seem right. I went out and helped some. I never had people do things for me before.

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  18. Oh, our sky is a lovely Indiana blue. Which is nowhere near as pretty as Arizona blue . . . but gray skies in winter in Chicago were an unexpected and difficult thing, and I’m glad they don’t seem to be the norm here.

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  19. Chas, did you do such things for other people when you were younger? Did you want them to feel guilty about it? Sometimes it’s harder to accept than to do, but Elvera doesn’t need you to be slipping and falling, or having a heart attack shoveling snow. It’s OK to let other people do it, even if it doesn’t “feel” OK.

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  20. If it helps, Chas, I went to Sam’s and got three cases of water and a 40 lb. bag of cat litter, and it was my first time to ask for help in getting it to and in the car. I told the young fellow that I turn 65 tomorrow and I have to admit that I need to stop the heavy lifting. I need to be able to help Art and not pull a muscle or twist an odd way and hurt myself simply because I buy in bulk at Sam’s.

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  21. I bought 100 stamps for mailing Christmas cards. Hard to believe it costs $50.00 for 100 stamps. And they did not have any nativity stamps so I got the LOVE stamps. Our church friends know God is love. Other people might wonder why I did not use nativity stamps. Have any of you tried to buy nativity stamps this year?


  22. Chas, it is because you are loved and respected. That is not a bad thing. As we bemoan the decline of consideration, isn’t it nice to know there are still people like that out there. Tell them thank you and take care of Elvera. And in your spare time, pray for us.

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  23. Janice, I’ve never bought nativity stamps as I don’t like nativity scenes (images of Jesus, and “cutesy” scenes probably quite contrary to the reality), but you can always check the post office’s website and see if they offered them this year. I’m nearly positive I did see them on a poster of available stamps (though that might have been last year).


  24. Thank you for your ministry of prayer, Chas.

    Stamps: I bought 40 of the Madonna and Child ones at the post office last week. Today I wrote our Christmas letter and made 4X6 prints of our family picture my best friend took at the wedding. I still need about 25 more Christmas cards than what I have on hand, so will get those tomorrow before the Advent service and send them out later this week.


  25. My computer had some sort of frozen cursor problem. I had to get online with a tech to fix it for me.
    Mr. P wanted to go see A Star is Born. I didn’t want to. I knew how it was going to end and I knew that Bradley Cooper would play an alcoholic.
    I went anyway. I dreaded the end throughout the movie. I couldn’t watch the alcoholic embarrass himself and his wife and then I cried at the end.


  26. I think Kim stopped in mid-sentence.

    “I have been”

    We’ll just wait, she’ll surely fly back around at some point and finish that thought? πŸ™‚

    I just turned in a story, decided to work from home to make it easier on the knee although I confess I’m not wearing the brace so I am sort of being a bad patient. But I’ve been off the feet for most of the day phone interviewing, watching live stream LA City Council and School Board meetings and writing. The knee kind of burns in one spot right now so I took an Ibuprofen.

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  27. Oh, she flew in. πŸ™‚

    I have trouble typing in some fields on our work WP site, it’ll type super slow so you just have to type what you want and wait … and wait … and wait, it starts popping in, letter by letter, oh-so-slowly.

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  28. I bought 100 Madonna and Child stamps today. I wrote the Christmas letter, finally, yesterday and will fill it with photos . . . in the next couple days. With the book launch behind me and only the Wednesday night book club left of things I have to do, I feel like my busyness is finally starting to wind down and I can think about . . . Christmas!

    Fortunately, my saintly husband has been working on gifts. That’s a surprising and total blessing.

    The Lord suggested to him that he take some of this burden off me.

    I’m so thankful.

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  29. Knee brace is back on, it really does feel better wearing it, but it’s so cumbersome. Sweats are the only pants that fit over it.

    I seem to have (forever) Christmas stamps from past years that’ll get me through this year, I think. I don’t send out near the number of cards I once did.

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