33 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-17-18

  1. You have to be really dumb to steal a police car.
    Sometimes I get these observations while watching Fox News.
    I don’t think of them, they just come to me.

    Why? You ask.
    1. It’s easily identified.
    2 It’s easier to track
    3 The officer you stole it from is really …………s

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  2. No doubt, Chas, but anyone foolish enough to do it hasn’t thought through much of anything.

    🙂 My grandson is now a marine. 😦 I can only pray the training is the worst of combat he will see. I am amazed at what they go through for their boot camp. I have learned a lot about the process and am so impressed with these young men and women.

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  3. Kathleena, It turns boys into men.
    I have seen it happen.
    The AF did it, to a lesser extent, for me.
    e.g. A boy went in.
    S/Sgt Shull came out ready foe college. ,

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  4. That would be great, Michelle. My husband was very positive about the military for young men.

    My grandson had one year of college. He did well and is very mature in many ways. He also had his own salmon boat for fishing. He did salmon fishing since he was seven years old with his dad. He was used to lack of sleep and eating when you can. I suspect it all helped him during this time. He was very positive about it all except the shot that was very painful.

    I am grateful for those who kept a fb page to keep us aware of what was happening and give us much needed advice and information.

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  5. You probably have to be Baptist to understand this . . . but are we allowed to give unspoken rants? Cuz I’m up to at least three of them. 😦

    😦 Actually I probably can say one of them. My husband has been sick for quite a while with intestinal stuff. This is not unknown for him, but it has now gone on for a couple of weeks, and it wears on him and is hard for both of us. A lot of different dietary things sometimes help him, and he has tried them all and some new ones, but he’s just enduring it.

    🙂 I’ve had a lot of editing work this month.

    🙂 We had an ice storm a couple of days ago. That wouldn’t normally be a rave, except it was just a third of an inch or so, and we were prepared and didn’t have anywhere we needed to go. And we still had some fall color here and there, so I had a treat I’ve waited decades to get: photos of fall and winter colliding spectacularly. (I’ll send AJ some photos eventually, but he already has some of mine, and I don’t want to overload his in box.) I have a few photos of snow and autumn leaves from my Chicago days, but the camera I had then wasn’t close to the camera I have now; I’ve hoped someday to get another chance, and this past week we had snow one day and ice another, and so I got my chance.

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  6. 🙂 The plans for Thanksgiving that were starting to make me anxious have been changed in a way that is pleasing to all concerned. (Except I think Nightingale is disappointed. But she still gets to spend much of the day with her good friends.)

    🙂 That means that Chickadee will be here for our family Thanksgiving brunch. And she’ll be spending Wednesday night, so that will give us a little extra time together. (She’ll get picked up by the McKs sometime in the afternoon – probably early afternoon – to go to Mrs. McK’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.)

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  7. Rant! Rant! Rant!

    Just came in from a farewell celebration at the Meeting House. As I came in the entryway I heard a noise and looked around. It was a rat, a large rat. I hate rats.
    I stepped back outside and watched it. It found a way to leave and then I came in.

    I hate rats!!!

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  8. Jo, I do too, and I sympathize. In Chicago periodically I had mice, and found that annoying. One day I was looking out my back window, and in the yard of next-door neighbors who weren’t taking good care of their property, a rat ran into or out of their garage. Suddenly my mouse problem looked like nothing at all, and I thought if they send us rats, I’m moving! I also ruled out only one neighborhood in Nashville when I was looking to buy a house there, and that was because a friend who lived there said they had rats because of the nearby stores (and also a higher crime level).

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  9. Only saw an actual (non-pet) rat once and it was outside my parent’s house. I have never seen them around her, let alone IN the house. Yuck, yuck, yuck! My sympathy.

    🙂 Best thing that came out of my grandson’s boot camp experience is that he told his mom that he wants to read the bible all the way through and is through Genesis already. 🙂

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  10. Cheryl, I think we can take unspoken rants.

    The only place I routinely heard “unspoken prayer requests” wasn’t a Baptist church, it was a tiny Open Bible church I attended when I was in college. During time for sharing prayer requests there were often unspoken requests. The vast majority of people in that church were elderly.

    I always thought that church seemed like a Baptist church anyway, except it was Pentecostal.

    (Open Bible Churches is a small Pentecostal denomination, contemporary with Assemblies of God and Foursquare churches.)

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  11. Rats. I have a rat terrier. We have not had a rat problem.

    One of the reasons I do not want to move to Boise is that people have standards for how my yard should look. Why? I don’t have standards for their yards. Cheryl mentioned the neighbors did not take good care of their property. What does that mean? I have seen some pretty trashed homes. The one in Okinawa comes to mind where the old lady had an eighteen inch pathway through her home and the rest was all stacked with stuff to the ceiling. And her yard was similar. She had overgrown grass and weeds and plants and lots of stuff others might consider trash out there. She was wealthy, owned another home, and was living in this hoarder’s home with no water because she would not pay a plumber to come fix it. I saw no evidence of mice or rats though they could well have been there. She was obviously a bit addled but she was happy. She even had a birthday party for my children in there one day. She had several cats, many of them were kept in the freezers because they were dead. I don’t know the next step for those. Maybe they became birthday cake flour? I would not have been concerned about her yard overflowing into mine.

    Could she send rats to the neighbors? I don’t think so. Perhaps a rat would wander over but if the neighbor is keeping up the place in a different way, the rat would be eradicated quickly. Rats and mice are quite adept at moving around and everybody needs to be somewhat vigilant. I would not be surprised to learn that some people who are horrified at the idea of mice in their homes, actually might just have a few without knowing it.

    On the other hand, if it is dry out, all those overgown weeds could well become a fire hazard and that might be cause for concern. But maybe the first step would be to offer a helping hand. Perhaps the resident is feeble either physically or mentally, or never learned the idea of keeping up the place. Or does not care.

    But I know my place would not meet one of those housing areas standards. Nor would I want the chemicals they use to be seeping into my yard. But that will be a price we pay if we move there.

    Meantime, I was outside this morning, singing praises to the great I Am. Enjoying the time we have here. That won’t be happening in Boise, though I will still be praising Him.

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  12. 🙂 Kitchen is here!!!!!

    🙂 Now for the rest of the work

    😦 They forgot a box when loading us up. They came running out to tell us, just as we finished covering and strapping everything down. So we (read husband) unhitched the trailer, back the truck up and they put the last HUGE box in the truck. Then hitched up again and were on our way.

    😦 It was very cold yesterday, but the roads were mostly bare and dry, so no salt/slush spray, no slippery sections. 🙂 🙂

    🙂 Husband unloaded all 2000lbs while checked things off the packing slip – everything is here.

    😦 Kitchen ceiling and wiring is slower work than we thought it would be. We were just going to take out the old lights and cut the wiring and run new all throughout, but turns out the main kitchen light also feeds the plugs on one side of the living room, so now we have to change our plan so we can take out that light, but still leave the electrical box accessible. It just means moving over a few inches for one row of the pot lights, but… Donna understands 🙂

    🙂 Our annual camp fundraising dinner is tonight and I get to decorate for it which I love.

    😦 I’m not feeling well today. Oy.

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  13. Cheryl, my husband has similar issues as yours. We discovered through allergy testing that he is allergic to fish/seafood which upset his gastrointestinal tract. The allergies didn’t show up through regular testing, but thankfully the allergist sent him for blood tests and called him the next morning to tell him not to eat any seafood again! His stomach issues are not all gone, but eliminating anything that could affect him (including caesar salad – anchovies) has made a great improvement. He also no longer uses Tums as sometimes their calcium can come from shellfish, but we’re not sure if that would be an issue or not.

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  14. Our old church (Assembly of God) would have unspoken prayer requests.

    Kevin – Are you Pentecostal, or was that just a temporary time during college?


  15. Mumsee – Nightingale feels the same way, that people should be able to do what they want on their property, as long as it is legal and not dangerous to anyone else.


  16. Kizzie, and that is the question. Where do you decide the neighbors are a threat? Different people have different thresholds which is why they develop those housing organizations. And people like me stay out of them.

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  17. Karen, my parents belonged to the Church of God, (Cleveland, Tenn, I understand several denominations have that name.) The main reason I didn’t join them is their belief that you can be saved and lost again. e.g. My dad was saved three times. He had this habit for cigars that he couldn’t shake. But finally did.. He thought those cigars would send him to Hell. They are all fine people. I like the Baptist church more. But some of us are getting too “modern”.

    Elvera’s recreation, for many years, was shopping. She was not a spendthrift, but if she saw a good sale, she would buy whatever. I’m saying this because this morning, I pulled out a new blouse for her to wear to church. But first I had to clip off the Kim Rogers tag. She had never worn it before.
    She has a thing for nice clothes because she never had them as a child.

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  18. When I was looking to buy a house, I purposely avoided those with homeowners’ associations, since I didn’t want the fees and I didn’t want the regulations. BUT I ended up with next-door neighbors who traveled several weeks each year, including five or six weeks at a time in the summer, and who didn’t hire anyone to mow their lawn while they were gone. That may not have been a safety issue precisely, but when a lawn has thigh-high grass, the house looks abandoned, and that isn’t really good for a neighborhood. One time the neighbor on the other side of them (who was retired and kept his law immaculate) came over at dusk to mow it. I only know who did it because I heard the lawn mower and looked out, and I could just see who was doing it as it was getting dark. They returned two or three days later, asked if I knew who mowed their lawn, and asked with puzzlement why he did. Um, cuz it’s the neighborhood eyesore?

    Then the house at the corner, the owner went into a nursing home, and two of her adult nephews moved in (free rent!), but since it wasn’t their house, they didn’t care about it, and they literally never mowed. That’s when you kind of wish you did have a homeowners’ association, when two out of the first five homes on your side of the street look abandoned and the mailboxes and trash can start getting graffitied (the stop sign had already had graffiti on it several times). Some level of care for how the yard looks is necessary and “neighborly.”

    Mumsee, as far as what the home looked like, I knew the lady who had been renting it at the time we moved in, and her kitchen cupboard literally fell off the wall one day. The rat was several years after she moved out, and by that time you could see the garage (which was in the backyard) was beginning to fall apart. Also icicles would develop along the side of the house, and the kind of icicles that develop because the home isn’t insulated (water seeping in). And no, those aren’t the kinds of things I can help with. I can barely replace a doorknob, and my extent of helping with construction-type stuff is holding a ladder. But you don’t like to see things fall apart for lack of simple maintenance.

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  19. Oh, I can hold a ladder, too! Doorknobs are a challenge. Everything else, forget it. But you knew that.

    Kare, I completely understand. What seems so simple at first quickly turns into a maze of challenges taking longer and costing more than you ever thought it would.

    Rats horrify me. I’ve said before there were 2-3 occasions in the time I’ve lived here that singular rats made it into my house. I was a nervous wreck, actually cleared out the third time, taking the dogs with me and staying with friends while I waited for the electronic trap to do its job. The night before, when I heard “it” in the bedroom, I actually spent the rest of the night huddled in the teeny-tiny bathroom. Whenever I heard “it” scratching on the other side of the wall (from inside the bedroom closet) I’d kick the wall and “it” would stop scratching but only for a little while.

    Horrible creatures. I wouldn’t harm one outside as long as it was a good distance away — but they simply do not belong inside a house!

    If people let their places to go too much around here they turn up on the Next Door app where neighbors pile on with ridicule. I’ve avoided that 🙂 But people can be merciless.


  20. My backyard isn’t beautiful but has potential, as they say. No ‘junk’ although some of the garage and patio things did get moved out and about during the painting, etc., but there’s not a lot of that. And no overgrown stuff, mostly dirt, a few nice large trees (including a towering pine in the middle) and a couple struggling wildflower plants. And a few colorful potted plants.

    It’s terraced toward the back fence but part of the one brick terrace has been pushed over by a tree root. I’ll have to ask the gardener if there’s any way to re-create that. All the bricks are there but in a bit of a jumble …


  21. A few months ago, I read on one of our town’s Facebook pages about an elderly woman who was fined under the blight ordinance. Her yard was really bad, and I guess there were probably problems with the house, too.

    When the town officials talked to her about the fine, they learned why she couldn’t deal with the issues. They then worked with some others in town to get her yard, and whatever else was a problem, up to code, so she wouldn’t have to pay the fine. 🙂

    The man writing about this, who was one of the town officials, said they do that as often as they can, or at least give a homeowner a chance to get things right to avoid the fine.

    Another nice story from one of our FB pages: A lady wrote about stopping into the local grocery store for just a few items, with her two year old grandson along. She found chicken breasts on sale for a good price and added them to her cart. At the checkout, she realized she didn’t have enough money to pay for everything plus the McDonald’s Happy Meal she had promised her grandson, so she didn’t buy the chicken.

    As she was putting her grandson into the car, she was approached by the man who had been behind her in line. He had bought the chicken breasts for her. 🙂

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  22. When a son worked for the city (how do they call it a city with four hundred people in it?), they frequently mowed lawns for folk who were out of town or couldn’t do their own.

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  23. Just kind of like, “oh, I was driving by Mabel’s and she hasn’t been able to do much since she fell, run up there and mow it for her.” Or “John and Bertie are out of town to their grandkids, mow theirs every week until August.”


  24. That never happens in Los Angeles. (Although we do have great folks who do things like that on their own; but the city itself? Uh-uh.)


  25. When my sister was newly widowed (within the time we were there, so in just the first week or two), someone who had known her husband, and knew that they heat with wood, had a day that for some reason he and his co-workers couldn’t do their job. He may have been the boss, I don’t remember, but they had a day that normally would have been an idle day, and he talked the whole crew into going and cutting down (and cutting up) a huge dead tree he knew about, and delivering more than one truckful of wood to my sister and her family. And he assured her that the wood had been dead long enough it would be good firewood for the coming winter. None of the men, as far as she knew, were believers. They were simply doing an act of mercy for the widow of someone that one of them knew and respected. And it brought her to tears of gratitude and relief; it was June, and winter was months away, but she’d already wondered and worried about it, and she ended up with more wood than they could use in a single winter.

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  26. Next rant which may turn into a rave: this morning my key would not turn in the lock to lock my front, outside door. I got another gal in these flats to go over and lock it from the inside. This afternoon I went and talked to the construction guy who does locks, so he should be over soon. I work with his wife at the school. They are from Boise.


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