17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-27-18

  1. Husband and son are headed home. Should be here in either a couple of days or four days, depending on if husband runs out of time on his clock and has to lay over for thirty six more hours. For example: if he drives back and is slowed by weather or traffic, and runs down his clock, he will have to park the truck. Even if he is only two hours out of Spokane, and wait thirty six hours before driving again. If that is the case, perhaps they will send another driver to pick up his truck and bring him back to Spokane so he can come home. Or perhaps not.

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  2. 😦 The girl who is still missing from WI.

    😦 The country we are leaving for our children and grandchildren

    🙂 God is good and is still working. We still see his goodness and hope in some wonderful young people.

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  3. Our getaway was really great in some ways, but a bit disappointing in others.

    🙂 We got a fabulous room with a hot tub at a fraction of its normal price.

    😦 Neither of us felt all that well, him especially.

    😦 It rained all day Friday, our only “full day” away.

    😦 Fall color is really late this year, and what should have been extravagant color is still mostly green.

    😦 Our favorite restaurant there has gone out of business.

    🙂 We took a hike at the park on Thursday after checking in, knowing it would probably be our only chance.

    🙂 Even under less than perfect circumstances, we still had a couple of days just to hang out and relax–together. And it cost us hardly any money.

    🙂 We’re half as far from our anniversary spot as we were before we moved, and the route from this end is prettier.

    🙂 I got a referral for some work that may end up bringing in a decent amount of money next week and possibly also in the future.

    🙂 I got to meet the new neighbors behind us. Ninety-year-olds who make us both feel like lazy bums because of their work ethic and energy. (My husband had already met them.)

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  4. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ordering our kitchen tomorrow!!!!!

    🙂 We have had blessing upon blessing upon blessing since I wrecked the first car.

    🙂 God is good and He has a great sense of humour

    🙂 God is good whether I get my new kitchen or not

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  5. I just bought my Christmas present!! Shhh…… don’t tell anyone.
    I have been looking at Amish quilted wall hangings for a year on one site. When I went today to look they had one that was exactly the right colors and size. I went ahead and ordered! Also the price was right. The price can vary a lot so I had determined how much I was willing to pay. This will be the focal point in my small livingroom here. This one was in all blues, lovely.

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  6. I wanted to save a picture, but couldn’t. I kept right clicking, finally I realized that it gave me the option of making it my screen background, so I did that. Then realized I could just use my ipad to take pictures of the different views.

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  7. I taught first chapter of James for Bob today.
    I didn’t do a good job. I can’t even read my own notes anymore.
    I hate not doing a good job, but I did my best. But my best isn’t good anymore.

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  8. Chas, what I keep thinking is this: Isn’t this a class of seniors? (Maybe it isn’t.) Isn’t it people who know–or should know–the Bible themselves? If your preparation is more limited than it used to be because of your own limitations, isn’t there still benefit in someone starting the teaching and then the class discussing the passage? Or are your classes more “one person talks, everyone else listens”? Maybe there is room for more discussion, if there currently isn’t much.


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