24 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-24-18

  1. Welcome to the big choice election.



    “Has the difference between Republicans and Democrats ever been as stark as it is today? The two parties are fundamentally opposed on almost every major public policy issue, including taxes, health care, and the very economic system of the country. Voters face a big choice this election.

    On health care, Republicans want to continue the deregulatory momentum that has allowed the creation of cheaper and more attractive association style health plans. For instance, extended short term plans offer individuals “meat and potatoes” health care coverage while costing up to 80 percent less than their ObamaCare alternatives.

    Meanwhile, Democrats are throwing their lot in with a socialized Medicare for all BernieCare system that is expected to cost $32 trillion financed by massive tax hikes on everyone. This would unfairly take the health system that seniors have paid into their entire professional lives and suddenly make it available to everyone. Who do you think will be at the back of the line for health care in such a rationed system that does not prioritize seniors? Think you will be able to pay to get out of line? Think again. According to the legislative text of the Medicare for All Act, cosponsored by a majority of House Democrats, “No institution may be a participating provider unless it is a public or not for profit institution.”

    Then there is taxes. The tax cuts that took effect this year are allowing ordinary American families to keep about $2,000 more of their earnings each year. The corporate rate cut is causing a global investment boom in the United States. The new, yet underreported, 20 percent small business tax deduction is revitalizing Main Street by allowing entrepreneurs and owners to keep more of their funds to hire and raise wages.

    “We can now go ahead with our plans to expand,” said Dina Rubio, owner of Don Ramon Restaurant in Florida, who is also hiring new employees and raising wages because of the tax cuts. “I have purchased an additional piece of equipment and improved benefits for my employees,” said Carlos Ruiz, owner of HT Metals in Arizona. No wonder small business optimism is at a record high. Yet, Democrats want to repeal tax cuts. A repeal bill introduced this year by Democratic Congressman Jared Polis stated that all “provisions” and “amendments” made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “shall not apply” as if they had never been enacted.

    According to a new study by the Heritage Foundation, repealing tax cuts would cause the average family of four to lose $46,000 a year over the next decade. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two parties is on economic policy. Republicans want to continue the free market reforms that have led to 4 percent economic growth, the lowest unemployment rates in half a century, and the fastest wage growth in a decade. Just last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced there are a record number of unfilled jobs nationwide, and the World Economic Forum named the United States the most competitive nation on the globe.

    Democrats, on the other hand, want to take the country in a socialist direction through programs like federal job and housing guarantees, college tuition funded by taxpayers, and of course socialized medicine. Top Democrats, including presumptive 2020 presidential candidates like Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand, have all embraced these socialist policies.”

    There’s really only one choice that makes sense.


  2. More proof the Obama admin was shopping states with less abortion restrictions to get abortions for underage girls.


    “More Emails Pull Back The Curtain On Obama-Era Abortions For Underage Illegal Aliens

    How Obama’s Office of Refugee Resettlement transferred underage illegal immigrants to other states to avoid parental notification laws and obtain late-term abortions.”

    “Last week, I reported that buried in a federal court opinion was a startling revelation: the Obama administration Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) transported minor illegal aliens to New Mexico for abortions to avoid state parental notification laws. Further digging in documents filed in the case, but not mentioned in the court opinion, reveal an even more extreme abortion-on-demand mindset of those charged with caring for the girls.

    Transporting Minors
    First, several email threads confirm last week’s reporting that under the Obama administration, girls were transported or transferred to other states to avoid parental notification laws. For instance, one email referenced the “need” to drive a minor to San Antonio from another Texas-based shelter. In this email, the ORR representative added, “we had driven minors from El Paso to Albuquerque NM which is bigger distance from your program to San Antonio [in] order to get this procedure done.”

    Texas law requires minors to obtain parental consent or a judicial bypass to obtain an abortion, while New Mexico does not. Another email confirmed “this is why termination of pregnancies are done in New Mexico.” (This email also indicated the ORR representative had a cozy relationship with a Texas family court judge potentially involved in bypassing the state’s parental consent requirement.)”

    And just another reminder, the Democrat party is all in when it comes to pleasing their master, Molech.


    “Democrat Candidates Take Donations From Group Linked To Forcible Sterilization Campaigns

    “Mum’s the word from Democrat candidates who have received midterm campaign cash from an organization that used to run human sterilization clinics and has advocated that every family with more than two children be “taxed to the hilt” for “irresponsible breeding.”

    Campaign and congressional spokespersons for Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Montana Sen. Jon Tester, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, and Senate candidates Scott Wallace of Pennsylvania and Rep. Jacky Rosen of Nevada either refused to answer or did not return inquiries about whether they support the wildly anti-human ideas of Population Connection Action Fund PAC. The PAC has given all these Democrats campaign donations this cycle, and 16 others for a total of $60,500 this cycle, according to federal records.

    Population Connection is the new name of a population control organization started in the 1970s with help from “Population Bomb” author Paul Ehrlich, whose now debunked theories of overwhelming human fertility destroying the planet helped fuel sterilization campaigns across the globe. In January, Charles Mann explained in Smithsonian Magazine how Ehrlich’s book lead to atrocious “family planning” policies, typically inflicted on the world’s poorest people.

    “Millions of people were sterilized, often coercively, sometimes illegally, frequently in unsafe conditions, in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia and Bangladesh,” he wrote. “In the 1970s and ’80s, India, led by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay, embraced policies that in many states required sterilization for men and women to obtain water, electricity, ration cards, medical care and pay raises.”

    Population Connection’s current website openly celebrates Ehrlich and his totalitarian ideas, compares children to “pollution,” facilitates both temporary and permanent sterilization, and promotes abortion. It also campaigns for “childless families” (an oxymoron), forcing taxpayers to fund “family planning” domestically and abroad, and forcing companies to sponsor birth control through health insurance. It also tries to make life with children frustrating through influencing “city growth” plans.”


  3. An inconvenient truth.


    “Yesterday President Trump claimed there are a number of criminals traveling in the illegal caravan, which is now 7,000 people strong and making its way through Mexico to the United States.

    His usual critics pounced, saying there is no evidence to back up his claim. President Trump encouraged reporters to take their cameras and do some digging.

    “Take your camera, go into the middle, and search. You’re going to find MS-13, you’re going to find Middle Eastern, you’re going to find everything,” Trump said at the White House Tuesday. “And guess what? We’re not allowing them in our country. We want safety. We want safety.”

    Turns out, he was right. While violent criminals do not make up the majority of the caravan, there are some using it to get to the United States.

    Criminals is everywhere. Okay. There’s criminals in here. I mean, there is. It’s just not that many,” Nixon Hernandez, an illegal alien from Honduras, told Fox News. “It’s good people trying to get through Mexico and get to the United States. That doesn’t mean everybody’s a criminal.”

    No, but everyone will be a criminal if they breech our borders and violate our laws, won’t they?

    So they aren’t all criminals yet, but they hope to be soon.

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  4. 6:36 Americans are now paying more dollars in Trump tariffs (taxes) than they are in Obamacare taxes.

    Obama got millions hooked on food stamps after The Great Recession. Trump is spending billions on welfare for farmers who were doing fine until Trump ruined their businesses with his tariffs.

    Obama made the questionable deal with Iran. Trump, in his own words, fell in love with Kim Jung Un and unilaterally cancelled military exercises in Korea that had been going on for decades.

    The Democrats are the party of socialism, perversion and abortion. The Trump Cult is the party of tariffs, absurd lies and ridiculous behavior with both our former enemies and our former allies.

    Obama and his followers convinced many around the world that Americans were growing soft and timid. Trump and his cult have convinced many around the world that Americans are economically illiterate, lobotomized and/or mentally ill.

    Take your pick.


  5. Poor Ricky.

    This must suck for you.

    All this winning, and none for you. 😦

    Don’t worry though. History and midterms being what they are, the President usually loses seats in Congress, so you’ll have some candy coming most likely. And then you can go all in on the next sham the Dems want to investigate Trump for, since that whole Russia thing didn’t pan out.

    Chin up!


  6. Name calling is all the winning Ricky wants right now, and I still believe that’s all he’s going to get. However, I have already told Cyrus that we may need to make a trip to Gatlinburg in November. He doesn’t care about the candy, but he’s all in for a drive up that way. It’s very lovely this time of year, and we’re planning to go whether it’s win or lose. So, either way, I win. :–)

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  7. Immigration is an important policy, and the failure of several decades of leadership to adequately maintain a standardized mode for legal immigration that is healthy for the country has led to much of the tension we are seeing today. The article I linked yesterday in First Things, “ Common Good Conservatism”, addresses the lack of assimilation of many immigrants and the attitude of leadership that may indicate why this is so:

    “A supermajority of those living in the United States are native-born. With good leadership, we can consolidate around a new majority consensus, as happened after the great migrations of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The fact that so few political and cultural leaders can speak convincingly about how to achieve this new mode of American solidarity stokes voter anxiety and is a significant reason why immigration has become a hot-button issue.

    More and more ordinary Americans recognize that our leadership class, right and left, has neither the inclination, vision, nor will to promote vigorous and effective cultural assimilation of newcomers. They prefer instead the managerial ethos of multiculturalism and diversity. This is an ideology suited for a technocratic empire, not a democracy.”

    There is nothing conservative about this situation. When people can see that immigrants are being used as weapons to deflate labor wages or as special interest groups in an identity politics war, it is no wonder that the support for immigration is lowered substantially.

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  8. The idiot who is sending explosive packages to Hillary, Obama, CNN, etc. should know these people don’t open their own mail.
    ,I suspect a trick of some sort here.

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  9. I think you’re right, Chas. In addition, the headlines are deceptive. One said it was found at Hillary’s home. False. All were intercepted at the mail clearinghouse. Another didn’t mention that one was sent to the White House as well. My guess is it’s Antifa. If not, it’s only a matter of time before it will be. These people are incompetent anyway, so my main concern is that some hapless mail carrier might be blown to bits eventually.

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  10. I think it’s time for Kristol’s family to consider putting him in a home.




  11. I realize CNN is not a preferred source (for me, either), but this piece from them includes excerpts from an interview done with Jamal Khashoggi back in 2005. Some of what is being written about him is old news and not accurate as to his views after 9/11. Those events caused him to change his mind on certain things.



  12. There is a commercial on the local radio station for the candidacy of Kevin McCarthy.
    Not recognizing the name, I googled it.
    Turns out, Kevin McCarthy is a congressman from the second district in California.
    No. I have no idea.

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  13. He wants to be speaker of the house instead of Pelosi. One of my young relatives worked for him as an intern. I think her father knew him in college. I know nothing about him except he was nice to my relative.

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  14. Turns out the attempted bomber isn’t very bright, for a lot of reasons. As Chas noted, those folks don’t open their mail. Plus, they had to know this stuffed would be grabbed up by postal screening and had a slim chance of ever reaching their target. The Soros deal doesn’t fit the mold for the rest either, that one was hand delivered to the Soros property.

    It’ll take time but they already know where the packages entered the chain, and they’ll get the video of where it was shipped. I’m sure the Soros property had video as well.

    They’ll get ’em. Then we’ll have a better idea of which sides’ nut job it is. 😦




  15. They’re saying the DWS package was actually addressed to Eric Holder, but couldn’t be delivered where addressed, so it was returned to DWS’s office, which was the return address. Using her’s was an obvious attempt at some pretty dark humor.


  16. Debra, I have friends from high school who were in Gatlinburg and Asheville last week. The leaves hadn’t really changed yet since it has been so wet. Hopefully, it will be colorful when you are in town.

    My mother is in town and we played all day with my grandson who is now almost 4 months old. It was World War I aviation movie on TCM so during Rob’s naps we watched Gary Cooper, Cary Grant and Errol Flynn shoot down Germans.

    I will turn to Bill Kristol to catch up on things.

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  17. Hmm. I actually think that Bill Kristol enjoys teasing Trumpkins even more than I do.


  18. This is truly the Golden Age for Russian and Chinese spy agencies. Things are never going to be this easy for them again.


  19. @8:16 Russia and China need to get together with Never-Trumpers. They all have the same goal: to prevent Trump’s trade policy from succeeding. They can laugh at his oversized confidence, make fun of his spelling, wimper over his successes, and generally commiserate with each other. Misery loves company, or so they say. ;–)

    I was listening to John Batchelor on the way home from work. He and his guests (one a journalist from Daily Beast I think) were discussing the Chinese economy. The consensus was that China is headed for a major economic reset. Their economy is not in good shape and may not be able to sustain a real trade war that restricts their access to US markets.


  20. Here is another economics lesson for all the Trumpkins. China is the world’s second largest economy. If it goes into a recession, it will likely pull the rest of the world into a recession. Remember what happened in The Great Recession when problems in the US economy negatively affected the whole world. Remember when problems in tiny Greece caused ripples that went around the world. When China is hurt, all of its trading partners are hurt. When those countries are hurt, their trading partners are hurt. If anyone has an eleventh grader, they may well have already learned this basic concept.

    It will be a giant repeat of what happened to American farmers. When Trump started the trade wars, other countries responded and billions of US tax dollars have been spent because of US farmers that Trump has driven into welfare.

    Many of the economic bullets that Dear Leader has fired at China, Germany and France are now ricocheting and will strike poor economically illiterate Trumpkins just as many of his earlier salvos hit American farmers. Ignorance has a price.

    However, Trump’s idiotic trade wars are more likely to hurt the US than China. When he struck out with tariffs against China, Germany, France, they responded with tariffs against the US, not against each other. It seems all the other countries have leaders who are as smart as eleventh graders, except for Venezuela and North Korea.


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