36 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-20-18

  1. A bit of trivia about the flag:
    In 1909, Robert Peary placed an American flag at the North Pole.
    In 1963, Barry Bishop placed an American flag on Mount Everest.
    In 1969, Neil Armstrong placed an American flag on the moon.

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  2. Super trivial, I know, but a couple of things irritate me: I know, “Turn it off?”
    But we keep Fox News on a lot because Elvera sits in the big chair most of the time and the TV is on. We don’t have another channel we wan to have on all the time. So? It’ Fox.

    But Fox News has a couple of things that bug me no end:
    1. “Fox News Alert”

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  3. Another thing that bugs me is when I hit the wrong button.
    But, continuing, “Fox News Alert” has no meaning.
    Also: They don’t tell who the people are who are speaking. I was watching a guy yesterday and it was ten minutes before I saw that it was Trump’s son.

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  4. 🙂 Puppy! We picked up Teddy this morning from the breeder. He is learning his way around our kitchen. Mrs. B has her puppy training lesson plan all ready, but today is just about settling in and learning his way around. He is adorable.

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  5. 🙂 Good health! I had a check-up visit to Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday. The doctor had me do a “metabolic stress test”. That’s like a regular stress test with the EKG running while you exercise, but you also breathe in and out through a tube and they measure your oxygen consumption. The doctor said I scored about a “C” for the general population, but a “B+” for older congenital heart disease patients like me. Much better than testing before I had the valve replacement and rehab.

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  6. 🙂 Travel and reunions! Last Saturday we were near Boston at the memorial service for Ray, the patriarch of the family that “adopted” Mrs. B when she was a young single living there in the 70’s and 80’s. We spent time with all her younger “siblings”, now parents and grandparents themselves. Ray’s was a life well lived in the Lord’s service. It was good to learn more about him from his family.

    We also got to visit Scott and LInda, friends from years ago in California who now live near Boston. Scott is a certified sailing instructor and took us out for an hour or two on the Charles River, from which we could see downtown Boston and the MIT campus across the river in Cambridge. Very fun.

    It also happened that mutual friends of the four of us from California were in town visiting at the same time we were, so we got to visit them as well.

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  7. 🙂 Meeting a long-time friend for the first time. Driving back from Boston to Michigan gave us an opportunity to have lunch with someone you know. You’ll have to guess who. Or maybe they’ll tell.

    All in all, this has been the most fun week in a long time.

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  8. Well, it wasn’t me. Time was driving from Boston to Michigan would have been shortened by going through southern Ontario, although border crossing laws have become more stringent in recent years, slowing down traffic. I, however, do not currently reside in southern Ontario, although it is my habitual habitation.


  9. Kevin, we got close to having a cockapoo as my childhood dog. Mom liked the idea, and we looked at a litter. She had decided she wanted a black female (of course black puppies don’t necessarily stay black, but obviously she didn’t know that), and the sole black female was being taken away by another family as we arrived.

    We ended up getting a black cocker that was supposed to be purebred (but that obviously was not). Not a very good dog in several regards, but I loved her. In Nashville, friends of mine had two cockapoos, so I finally got to know the “breed” a bit.

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  10. Well, Kizzie, if you know something about it you should feel free to speak up.

    Roscuro, Google Maps still claims it’s faster to go through Ontario and we would have done that except that Mrs B didn’t have a current passport. When we thought of it belatedly she applied for one without much hope it would arrive in time. It arrived right after we got back home. 🙂

    It’s not unlikely we would make that trip again sometime, and if you’re in the area we’d love to meet you.

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  11. 🙂 Yes, Nightingale and I met Kevin and Mrs. B for brunch here in Stafford on Tuesday morning. It was a pleasure to meet them. They are a nice couple, and we had a pleasant visit.

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  12. Some people in Michigan met some people in Connecticut, and I got run over by some Idaho character. Something doesn’t seem right here — I thought people only got clobbered on the other thread.


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  13. Nice memory and detective work, 6!

    Mrs B and I indeed had a very nice lunch with Kizzie and Nightingale. We would have enjoyed meeting the Boy too, but we were passing through during school hours. We had a long drive that day and couldn’t linger too long, but it was well worth the stop. They live in a lovely town too, and the fall colors were beautiful.

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  14. Thanks, Kevin. Funny how that post of yours from October 9, which I quoted above, immediately came to mind when you mentioned on this thread that you got to meet a long-time friend somewhere along the way from Boston to Michigan. I can remember a post not directed to me from over a week ago, but I can’t remember to go renew my driver’s license when it needs doing. 😛

    Someday I hope to get to the East Coast to visit my sister, and if I do, then I really want to get to meet Kizzie on the same trip! 🙂

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  15. Kevin, we have a car with a University of Michigan sticker on it. (I think that’s the one — or maybe it’s Michigan State.) Either way, it reminds me of both you and my brother-in-law, since you live in Michigan now, and he’s originally from there.


  16. OK, I just checked — the school logo on 3rd Arrow’s car looks like this (let’s see if I can get one to show up instead of a whole page):


    No, she doesn’t go to school there; a previous owner of the car apparently did. Kevin, did you go to Michigan or Michigan State? Or maybe school in California? I can’t remember exactly when you lived there.


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