9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-13-18

  1. My spiel about Chuck’s 60th belongs here. We had a nice breakfast at Chick-fil-a. It was crowded because the other one has no power.
    Becky, Chuck’s oldest, had someone come out and decorate Chuck’s house with a big sign and sixty large cardboard candles.
    I didn’t know they did that. I would send a picture if I knew how.

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  2. Husband and twelve year old son are off truck driving for the next week or two.
    Seventeen year old son did not come home from the game last night but he did text on the device he is not allowed to have, to say he was saying at a friend’s. An improvement.
    Seventeen year old daughter is off her rocker and telling me how horrible I am. I told her to make a menu and a list of the groceries she would need to buy to fulfill the menu. She is happy.
    Eleven year old and I will try to put the roof on the horse shelter and build the fence for the giant chickens and keep the chores in order in twelve’s absence.
    Connie and Terrence are still missing. One missing man was found (he had not called in) and another was found, dead, after driving into a ravine.
    People are angry that the search is slowing for Terrence, but I don’t think they realize how much the searchers do want to find him but also that they understand the terrain and the man’s apparent mindset, and that there are people living in the area that might be harboring him. The search continues but not with quite so much resources.
    The search continues for Connie as she is in a different area and her disappearance does not appear to be deliberate.
    People disappear around here and may never be found or may be found years later. Not uncommon.

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  3. 🙂 I have good amounts of work coming in.

    A financial issue that could have been quite bad for us seems to be being resolved in our favor. I can’t put that as a smiley face both because it hasn’t come to its conclusion yet and because (if it does), it’s bad for the other party. But it’s an interesting twist because someone insisted on something that looked bad for us and good for them and now it is looking like they would have been much better off taking our first offer or our second offer and not insisting on their own.

    😦 We went from warm to cool very quickly. Yesterday was our first time to use our furnace.

    🙂 Every season has its own beauties, and this year I have actually been looking forward to fall, for several reasons. Now it’s here. The colors aren’t here yet, for the most part, but it’s definitely fall once you hit October and have lows in the thirties.

    😀 I saw a shirtless man out jogging this morning.

    🙂 The warblers are here. I have seen several species of them. Spring warblers will be better–this time of year a lot of the males are less colorful and a lot of warblers are juveniles that aren’t yet in adult plumage. Spring warblers will be in full, colorful breeding plumage. But I have seen at least half a dozen species, and even in more subdued fall colors and usually quick glimpses of them, that confirms my hunch that this is a decent spot to see migrating warblers and that we should have excellent sightings in spring.

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  4. For those who aren’t on FB with me:

    🙂 I was feeling pretty discouraged yesterday–we went to see the movie “First Man” to help get me out of my head. When we returned home I worked until midnight.

    I couldn’t sleep after that and read until somewhere in the middle of the night.

    At some point, I told the Lord I was feeling discouraged and asked for some encouragement, please. And then I drifted off to blissful sleep!

    This morning there was a note in my Michelle Ule, writer page, where I daily write a response to each morning’s My Utmost for His Highest reading. A strange wrote to thank me with greatly encouraging words.

    And then I turned to the reading itself: “Individual Discouragement and Personal Growth.”

    Now I’m laughing and will pick up the work again with a lighter heart.

    Don’t you love it when God answers the simple prayers? LOL

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  5. I didn’t know how bad it is in Greensboro until we went out to lunch. Streets were closed and traffic lights are out. Everyone stops and the next car moves. Lots of that in 4-way stops in H’ville.

    We couldn’t get to two restaurants we were headed for. So we went back to Boson Market.
    We intend to stay in for the next couple of days. It’s nasty out there.

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  6. 🙂 Puppy!

    15 months after losing our Buffy, we’re ready to have a dog again. We got on a waiting list with a cockapoo breeder we checked out who has a litter of four puppies. But at #10 on the waiting list we didn’t expect a puppy from this litter.

    It turns out most of the people on the waiting list are holding out for a girl, and others were being choosy about color. The breeder called us last weekend to say the last puppy was ours if we wanted him, a boy and the largest in the litter.

    We went to meet the families (both the breeder’s and the puppy’s) and it was love at first sight (with the puppy, not the breeder). The breeder said she hadn’t expected us to have any chance of getting a puppy from this litter, so it must have been meant to be.

    The four of us tossed a lot of names around and finally settled on the Theodore, mostly called Teddy. Only after that we found out that Theodore means “God’s gift”, which seems fitting.

    We’ll bring Teddy home next weekend.


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