Prayer Requests 10-13-18

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 65

Praise awaits you, our God, in Zion;
    to you our vows will be fulfilled.
You who answer prayer,
    to you all people will come.
When we were overwhelmed by sins,
    you forgave our transgressions.
Blessed are those you choose
    and bring near to live in your courts!
   We are filled with the good things of your house,
    of your holy temple.

You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds,
    God our Savior,
   the hope of all the ends of the earth
    and of the farthest seas,
who formed the mountains by your power,
    having armed yourself with strength,
who stilled the roaring of the seas,
    the roaring of their waves,
    and the turmoil of the nations.
The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
    where morning dawns, where evening fades,
    you call forth songs of joy.

You care for the land and water it;
    you enrich it abundantly.
   The streams of God are filled with water
    to provide the people with grain,
    for so you have ordained it.
10 You drench its furrows and level its ridges;
    you soften it with showers and bless its crops.
11 You crown the year with your bounty,
    and your carts overflow with abundance.
12 The grasslands of the wilderness overflow;
    the hills are clothed with gladness.
13 The meadows are covered with flocks
    and the valleys are mantled with grain;
    they shout for joy and sing.

11 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 10-13-18

  1. 😦 Our friends, whose son, Mitch, is going through some very difficult health issues. They have lost three children and three other children have significant health issues.

    🙂 They are a testament to the fact that God is faithful and upholds his people.

    🙂 Our modern communication systems which allow us to communicate with loved ones all over the world. What a blessing!

    😦 Designer Girl joined the deer club this week. Her van will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. That is a long time for someone who drives for her business and hauls four children to appointments and activities. It is during these times that I wished we were close enough to help out.


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  2. Your post makes a fitting prayer request, Kathaleena. No problem with the thread placement. 🙂

    I’d like prayers for wisdom. A job opportunity teaching at an area music academy sort of fell in my lap today. The academy’s director, who was volunteering at the same piano competition where I was, too, mentioned needing a piano teacher with many years experience and other qualifications that I have.

    Please pray for wisdom and discernment as I deliberate on whether to formally apply for the position. Thanks.

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  3. 6 Arrows, I was once in a similar quandary (not all THAT similar, but whether to apply for Bible college 1800 miles away and well into snow country) and couldn’t decide. In my case, what I finally determined to do was to apply, not knowing whether it was a good move or a bad move, and having already made a list of pros and cons, and I prayed specifically that God would shut the door if I was not to do it. In my case, I didn’t really have other people to consider (yes, my family would miss me, but I would not be the first child to go away to attend college–three of my brothers had gone to California for school–but I didn’t have any family responsibilities to family and was “free” to go), but I “just” didn’t want to go to snow country and I was afraid of the financial commitment and of the major life change. When I finally decided the pro reasons and the con reasons were about even, I left it in God’s hands but not in a way that was presumptuous. I badly wanted to go to college, just not so many states away . . .

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  4. Cheryl, I did that once, too — made a list (a tangible list, which is what I assume yours was when you were considering Bible college) of pros and cons. I should have probably done that last night when I started mentally mulling the pros and cons in this particular opportunity. It maybe would have stopped me from constantly thinking about it in church this morning. (I had to keep telling myself, Pay attention!) 😀

    Two big drawbacks that I’m thinking about more today is that, 1. the studio takes a 50% cut from the teachers’ earnings. That seems like an awful lot. I taught at a music store in college, and they took 30%. However, if students didn’t show up, the store didn’t collect any money, so the teacher got nothing, too. This academy charges a monthly rate that doesn’t fluctuate based on attendance, so the teacher still gets paid. But it wouldn’t be nearly as much per student as what I’m making as an independent teacher.

    And, 2. I’d be gone from home at the same time Hubby, 3rd Arrow, and 4th Arrow tend to be at work, as well, leaving the youngest two at home to get supper for themselves almost every weeknight. Eleven-year-old is a very good cook, but I think having at least one of the adults home with them to share the evening meal — especially a parent, and that would be me, since my husband is fulltime second shift — carries a value on which you can’t put a price.

    The academy director originally said she thought this might be a good job for a retired educator, and I’m thinking now that that may be a better consideration for me, too, after I’m “retired” from homeschooling, which will be in eight years.

    Discerning what God’s will is — not only what He wants me doing, but when — is key. The right job isn’t enough; it needs to be the right time as well.

    I’m not sure now is the time.

    Thanks for continuing to pray.

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  5. My husband is on the road this afternoon, driving 120 or so miles round trip, to get a tractor part. And it is SNOWING! BIG TIME! In the early half of October! A long winter this one will be, it looks like…

    Anyway, please pray for his safe travels. Thank you.

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  6. One more prayer request, if I may. Please remember in your prayers a piano-teaching friend of mine. She just told me she has two nodules on her lungs, and now a benign tumor near the kidney, and what appears to be a lesion on the pancreas. It is unclear, and she may have to wait months for another scan. She is afraid of pancreatic cancer, and the unknown, and has sunken into a depression in her worry.

    Please pray for K. Thank you so much.

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  7. Hubby had safe journeys, though it was much farther than expected. He made a wrong turn heading back toward home and ended up on an east-west road that went mostly north because there was a big national park in the way west. Fifty miles out of his way, and he was angry as all get-out when he finally got home.

    I don’t know — maybe there was some danger lurking on what should have been the straight route home. The first snowfall — and this one was a doozy for a first one of the season — often results in vehicular accidents.

    God knows all, and I’m thankful Hubby is home now. Thank you much for your prayers, kind friends.

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  8. Cheryl, yeah, driving in snow/sleet/freezing rain, etc., is very nerve-wracking (at least for me). I would have been tense and steaming, too, if I’d had to drive extra in that. Although I’d have to say that hubby is cool, calm, and collected behind the wheel in any weather situation. He was just mad that he wanted to be home already, and that national park was in his way!! 😉

    As for the music academy, the thought is in the back of my mind that maybe I could put myself out there for early-afternoon teaching times (like for homeschoolers or retired adult students). Homeschool my kids in the morning, teach at the academy from, say, 2:00-4:00, and be home for supper prep and the meal.

    Or teach theory and composition one day a week there. Though I’m not sure how much demand they have for that, and whether they need a(nother) teacher for that.

    Are several students at a lower rate outside the home better than few at a higher rate at home? Trying to think outside the box, but of course be in God’s will at the same time.

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