41 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-9-18

  1. It’s a small world after all.

    Or it’s no coincidence at all.


    “It turns out that the Deep State is a small world. Did you know that the lawyer sitting next to Dr. Ford in the Senate hearings, one Michael Bromwich, is also an attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to investigators from his own agency and currently singing to a grand jury? What a coincidence. Out of all the lawyers in the most lawyer-infested corner of the USA, she just happened to hook up with him.

    It’s a matter of record that Dr. Ford traveled to Rehobeth Beach Delaware on July 26, where her Best Friend Forever and former room-mate, Monica McLean, lives, and that she spent the next four days there before sending a letter July 30 to Senator Diane Feinstein that kicked off the “sexual assault” circus. Did you know that Monica McClean was a retired FBI special agent, and that she worked in the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York under Preet Bharara, who had earlier worked for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer?

    Could Dr. Ford have spent those four days in July helping Christine Blasey Ford compose her letter to Mrs. Feinstein? Did you know that Monica McClean’s lawyer, one David Laufman is a former DOJ top lawyer who assisted former FBI counter-intel chief Peter Strozk on both the Clinton and Russia investigations before resigning in February this year — in fact, he sat in on the notorious “unsworn” interview with Hillary in 2016. Wow! What a really small swamp Washington is!

    Of all the gin joints lawyers in all the towns in all the world, she walks in with one from the FBI. Funny coincidence.”

    Stay tuned.


  2. Winning over the opposition. 🙂


    “Trump Steadfastness on Kavanaugh Wins Over Some Never-Trump Conservatives”

    “Some of Trump’s harshest critics have been people on the right who identify as “Never-Trump” conservatives.

    But his record on the economy, judicial appointments and foreign policy is starting to change the minds of some. And Trump’s steadfast defense of Brett Kavanaugh sealed the deal.

    There are people who will probably never change, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post comes to mind, but who knows what the future holds?

    Matthew Continetti, editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon is not only a frequent critic of Trump, he is Bill Kristol’s son-in-law. Here are some highlights from his most recent column:

    Trump’s Remarkable Week”

    “Erick Erickson of RedState fame, has been steadfastly Never-Trump, but he is also changing his tune. He writes at Townhall:

    Trump 2020?

    I have wobbled back and forth on the idea of supporting President Donald Trump in 2020. I opposed him in 2016 and voted third-party. The candidate I supported, Evan McMullin, has, like so many others, abandoned all his values as his hatred of Trump poisons his conscience. I dare say the worst mistake in my life was not when I climbed a mountain only to remember I was scared of heights, or when I played with a scalpel that nearly cut off my finger as a kid. It was voting for McMullin…

    I find myself in an odd position where, for the first time, I see myself, one of the original so-called “Never Trump conservatives,” voting for Trump in 2020. I have inevitably concluded at times that Trump would do something to push me away from him. He has not disappointed on that front, from tariffs to character issues. But now I do not see how anyone else can offer a more compelling alternative to the president. Each time the president does something I do not like, his opponents play a game of “hold my beer.”…

    Trump is neither an ambassador for my values nor the articulate champion of my principles I would prefer. But he is a safe harbor in a progressive storm that seeks to both destroy my values and upend our constitutional republic….”

    “Even Bret Stephens, resident Trump-hating conservative at the New York Times, is coming around:

    For Once, I’m Grateful for Trump”


  3. Buyers remorse. 🙂


    “From CNN:

    Senate Democrats believed they had Brett Kavanaugh on the ropes.

    Christine Blasey Ford had just revealed her identity and was prepared to testify in public, detailing her allegations that Kavanaugh had tried to sexual assault her more than three decades ago. On top of that, a New Yorker article had just revealed that a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, was accusing Kavanaugh of exposing his genitals to her while they were college students.

    Then came Michael Avenatti.


    Reached for comment Saturday, Avenatti pushed back, criticizing anonymous Democrats as “cowards” and saying the assessment shows the “failed leadership” in the Democratic Party.”It is outrageous that these so-called Democrats would attack a sexual assault victim from coming forward,” Avenatti told CNN. “I guess their position is that she should have shut her mouth and remained silent? It is disgusting that these cowards blame my client and the other accusers from coming forward.”

    Like we said … HAAAAAAAA.”



  4. Oh, so they MAY have to, not they did have to. It could potentially, not it DID cause job losses. It’s just more doom and gloom predictions, or an opinion if you prefer.

    And the reasons they listed have little to do with tariffs. Ford is simply a victim of their own poor planning and management. Many of these job and production cuts have been planned for years. It’s a stretch by the reporter and you to tie it to Trump.


    “Ford will be making cuts to its 70,000-strong white-collar workforce in a move it calls a “redesign” of its staff to be leaner, have fewer layers, and offer more decision-making power to employees, the company announced.”

    The number of jobs that will be axed is unknown at this point.

    ““A lot of the (reorganization) is about making different choices about strategy,” Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks told NBC News, adding that the goal isn’t just to slash spending but to improve the “fitness” of the company.

    However, a recent report by Morgan Stanley estimates “a global headcount reduction of approximately 12 percent,” or 24,000 of Ford’s 202,000 workers worldwide. “Such a magnitude of reduction is not without precedent in the auto industry,” analysts wrote in the investment note.

    The decision is part of Ford’s $25.5 billion reorganization plan, which includes slashing $6 billion in improved capital efficiencies. Ford CEO Jim Hackett, who cut more than 12,000 jobs as head of office furniture maker Steelcase, had been expected to make cutbacks even sooner, according to some observers. Hackett took over from Ford veteran Mark Fields when he was ousted from the company in May 2017.”

    Ford is lagging behind the competition, selling an anemic 32.8 vehicles per employee. Long-time rival GM puts out 52.7 vehicles per employee. But it’s unclear exactly how improved efficiencies will impact potential job cuts.”

    Stop trying to blame Trump for Ford’s numerous failures.

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  5. @7:19 Ford has been moving production to Mexico since before Trump or tariffs because of decisions they made when the economy crashed in 2009. People who want to buy a USA produced car can buy one made here at VW in Chattanooga. ;–)

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  6. Debra @ 8:06
    Or a BMW made in Spartanburg, SC.
    If, while driving through SC, you see a BMW behind you, you can’t be sure it isn’t a police car. They drive some of those.
    Not all, but some.

    If you don’t support Trump in 2020, who do you support.
    No Republican is going to run against him.
    Maybe Hillary will give you another chance.
    Wouldn’t that be fun?

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  7. Who is Sasse?
    I see on FoxNews that Mr. Kim has invited the Pope to N. Korea. I don’t know what kind of evangelist the Pope is, nor even that he is a real Christian.
    But wouldn’t it be a world changer if Mr. Kim were converted and became a Christian?
    Maybe this belongs on the prayer thread.

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  8. I see on Fox that Nikki Haley has resigned as UN Ambassador.
    I was hoping that she would be our first female President.
    I don’t know why. Trump speaks momentarily.

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  9. Here’s my prediction for how this plays out, and why Haley’s resignation is a good thing.

    Step 1- Haley resigns, the Pres. excepts it later today.

    Step 2- As soon as the mid-terms are over (and R’s get more Senate seats) Sessions is fired. He is replaced as AG by Lindsey Graham, the Senator from SC.

    Step 3- The Republican Gov of SC repplaces the departing Graham with Nickey Halley, the next Senator from SC.

    Step 4- After serving with distinction in the Senate she will be Pence’s VP choice in 2024 Or 2020 if Trump gets bored.

    You heard it here first.

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  10. Haley’s replacement?

    And another confirmation fight just in time for mid-terms?


    “U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell is a name to watch as speculation commences on who will replace outgoing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, a source with knowledge of administration’s thinking told the Washington Examiner.

    “He’s a family favorite,” the source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said of Grenell.

    Multiple members of the White House communications team did not respond to immediate requests for comment regarding Grenell being a potential replacement for Haley.

    Grenell spent eight years serving as a U.S. spokesman and political appointee to the U.N., making him the longest serving appointee at the U.N. in history. The ambassador served as the U.S. spokesman during many of the most contentious and troublesome periods in recent decades. Grenell ran communications during the war on terrorism, ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and the U.N.’s oil-for-food corruption scandal.

    The president was livid with Senate Democrats for what he felt was slow-walking Grenell’s confirmation earlier this year. He said in March that his nominees were “being blocked and/or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate.” Roughly one month after his tweet, Grenell made it through the Senate confirmation process.”


  11. And she’ll have more options being separated from and not bound by the current administration.

    Also, it’s mid-term, a typical time for many to leave the administration in power and cast out on their own. The positions in which they’ve worked have served their purpose, time now to move on.

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  12. Huh.

    I guess when it comes to tariffs and their effectiveness as policy, it depends who you ask.


    “China claims it’s not worried about a trade war with the United States, but recent financial decisions indicate otherwise.”

    “China is probably facing its worst period since the global financial crisis. All news is against it,” Fraser Howie, an independent analyst who is an expert on China and its financial system, told the outlet. “They certainly want to play down any talks of panic or near panic … but they’re clear it’s not business as usual in China.”

    While many have criticized Trump’s various tariffs, even some Democrats agree the president should push back against China, whose industry subsidies, cheap labor, and extremely lax environmental standards give it a leg up on producing goods very cheaply.”

    ““Ultimately, that will be good for the world economy, removing one of the biggest, most persistent distortions in global trade,” Smith wrote. “And it will help China make the transition from parasitic upstart to responsible pillar of the world economy. It would be a happy, productive resolution to a potentially dangerous and increasingly bitter trade war.””


  13. Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren like tariffs. It goes along with being economically illiterate. When you combine socialism and protectionism you get Venezuela and starvation.


  14. It’s the responsible thing to do. 🙂


    “Capitulation to the outrage mob is contemptible, but it has become the norm, with lives ruined professionally and personally. The worst aspects of the online mob, the campus tribunal, and the gutter press have been embraced by the leaders of the Democratic Party, and they think any and everyone on the right is fair game. Those determined to believe the worst about the accused also believe the worst about those standing up for the rights of the accused, and want to destroy them as well. Dissent will not be tolerated—those who dare speak out against the witch-hunt will be burned as witches themselves.

    I wish this was not so. I would rather be arguing about the Enlightenment than jumping on the Trump train. As a writer and scholar I want to persuade, not to destroy. I do not want American politics to be like this.

    But as a voter who recognizes the unfortunate realities of our politics, I believe supporting Trump has become the responsible choice. Things may change, but right now Trump’s policies are better than I expected, he is not the authoritarian some feared, and he does not want to destroy me and mine. It isn’t much, but since Trump stands between me and those who would ruin me, he will have to do.

    This is about self-defense. And that is why I’ve gone from “Meh” to “MAGA!””


  15. Here’s an update on a story Debra posted last week.

    The Chinese are not our friends, and this isn’t the actions of an economic ally either. And yet some still think it’s a good idea to allow them access to our systems and tech. Anything Trump does that harms China’s ability to operate like this is fine by me. We should have never outsourced to them our vital components anyway. This is just further proof.


    “New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom
    The discovery shows that China continues to sabotage critical technology components bound for America”

    “A major U.S. telecommunications company discovered manipulated hardware from Super Micro Computer Inc. in its network and removed it in August, fresh evidence of tampering in China of critical technology components bound for the U.S., according to a security expert working for the telecom company.

    The security expert, Yossi Appleboum, provided documents, analysis and other evidence of the discovery following the publication of an investigative report in Bloomberg Businessweek that detailed how China’s intelligence services had ordered subcontractors to plant malicious chips in Supermicro server motherboards over a two-year period ending in 2015.

    Yossi AppleboumSource: Yossi Appleboum
    Appleboum previously worked in the technology unit of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps and is now co-chief executive officer of Sepio Systems in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His firm specializes in hardware security and was hired to scan several large data centers belonging to the telecommunications company. Bloomberg is not identifying the company due to Appleboum’s nondisclosure agreement with the client. Unusual communications from a Supermicro server and a subsequent physical inspection revealed an implant built into the server’s Ethernet connector, a component that’s used to attach network cables to the computer, Appleboum said.”


  16. “The executive said he has seen similar manipulations of different vendors’ computer hardware made by contractors in China, not just products from Supermicro. “Supermicro is a victim — so is everyone else,” he said. Appleboum said his concern is that there are countless points in the supply chain in China where manipulations can be introduced, and deducing them can in many cases be impossible. “That’s the problem with the Chinese supply chain,” he said.”


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