58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-8-18

  1. The colors in the heading photo are incredible. I have already saved it to my computer. It will soon be my screen saver. What kind of butterflies are those??

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  2. Good evening Jo. I instantly thought it was a ghost with lots of eyes until I realized it was two butterflies.
    Good morning everyone else.
    Every week has to have a Monday.


  3. Have you noticed that in a TV commercial, where there is a man and woman in a car, the woman is always driving?


  4. I didn’t realize that it is Columbus Day until someone on TV reminded me.
    Think I’ll put out the flag.
    😦 I misspelled “falg” three times (this too), and the spell checker caught all of them.

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  5. They are common buckeyes. It was last Sunday, mid afternoon. There are three big plants of those flowers (probably a kind of aster), and more butterflies on them than I have ever seen in a few square yards. There were a total of at least eight species of butterfly. (Those butterflies included at least three species of skipper–skippers are very similar and there could easily have been more–and multiple sulphurs. I counted the sulphurs as just one species, but there probably were more than one as they, too, have multiple similar species.) Besides butterflies, visitors included several species of bees, a damselfly, and some beetles.

    These common buckeyes were the largest and prettiest of the species. They themselves aren’t especially large (just half the size of a monarch, for instance)–but among a mix of skippers, sulphurs, pearl crescents, and a tiny little blue or azure, they looked big. I watched and photographed for half an hour of longer, then walked the trail a bit, and then came back and took some more photos . . . and the whole time I was there, three buckeyes were on the plants. I was thrilled when looking at my photos that I had one that included all three of them, and it’s a good strong photo of the top two.

    The asters themselves are interesting; each of the three plants would probably be four to five feet tall if they weren’t bent over from weight, and each contains dozens or hundreds of tiny flowers. The centers of each flower start out yellow, but they turn red as they are pollinated (which presumably signals bees and butterflies not to bother with that spot). So in a cluster of the flowers, you will have yellow centers, red centers, and some flowers with both colors.

    I visited this same patch of flowers yesterday afternoon, and there were only a few butterfly species on it yesterday–but the patch had not just three but seven buckeyes. (I didn’t get any good photos of them yesterday, though. Several of them were torn, not fresh new ones like last week, and they weren’t posing as nicely.)

    This species migrates to Florida and overwinters there as adults.

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  6. Too late. Here I am. My biggest concern is Wednesday. I have 109 people scheduled to be in a training program from 8:30 to 3:30! I have to figure out the contingency plans.

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  7. Pretty butterflies. Reminds me of the gullibility of some people. I had a student ask why they are called butterflies. I said because they flutter by, but that wouldn’t sound as nice. She believed me.

    And I hope every believes me that we have a three time Pigskin winner. Find out who it is.


  8. Gorgeous photo!

    Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the north.

    And Happy Indigenous Peoples Day from Los Angeles.
    A major day-long event is planned for Monday, October 8, from 7a to 7p, at Civic Center in downtown Los Angeles, 200 N Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012. Both Grand Park and City Hall public spaces will be utilized for activities planned throughout the day, including: a sunrise ceremony, 5K run, parade of nations, Native American powwow, panel sessions on trending topics related to Native Americans and the community, a fashion show, and a grand finale that will include a performance by critically acclaimed Native American rock group Redbone.


  9. Happy anniversary, Michelle!

    (My ring doesn’t still fit. I was underweight when we married; it has been resized once and is a bit too tight now.)


  10. Morning….happy snowy Monday morning!!! ❄️ 😊
    And Happy Anniversary Michelle!
    Gorgeous butterflies!! I cannot recall ever seeing that type of butterfly…the markings are amazing and I am thankful you are such a talented photographer Cheryl!! 🦋 📷

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  11. Happy Anniversary Michelle’
    Fortunately, we were sitting in McDonalds when Elvera’s ring fell off her finger. It is now in my desk drawer.
    That is the second time it has been off. Now permanently.
    The other time was in the hospital when Chuck was born.


  12. Happy Anniversary, Michelle and Mister Michelle!

    I was overweight when we married, ring does not fit, I have not warn it in many years, but we are still happily married.

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  13. My parents got new rings for their 25th anniversary. Mom came home offended about two things. The jeweler had laughed at them twice (Mom was super sensitive to any thought someone was laughing at her, so that can be taken with a grain of salt that he was laughing AT them): first because neither of them ever took their rings off, and he had to cut off both rings, and second because they both wore the same size ring. (Dad was very thin.)


  14. I had to call the dermatologist office this morning, as tiny little blisters on the palms of both hands have gotten worse. (On the right hand it hasn’t been tiny.) She wasn’t working today (possibly a bit of mercy from God, saving us $160 for an appointment) but her nurse had me e-mail her (the nurse), and she e-mailed the doctor, with a description and photos. The blisters appeared about the time I was finishing up the antibiotics for my knee injury, but they have gotten worse. The doctor thought that in addition to the dyshidrotic eczema I thought it looked like, it looked like cotact dermatitis (allergy to something I’ve touched) and mentioned aloe vera as a possible cause, perhaps because she knew I had used it on my knee at some point. I suggested my hand soap, and the nurse said that was a likely culprit and suggested two safe brands. And I looked at the hand soap I have been using recently . . . and it is the aloe vera version.

    Just a heads up to others that just because something is natural, don’t assume that an allergy has to be something else!

    I had asked her about using the steroid ointment that she had prescribed for my knee (goodness knows it was expensive enough), and she said to try it and to come in for an allergy test if it doesn’t improve. My husband teased that this brings the price of the steroid down to $45 per issue treated and that I need to come up with a third thing to being it to $30. I told him it’s his turn!!

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  15. Those pretty butterflies must be tasty to require so many scare eyes.
    Good morning! I am in between classes, and supposed to be working on my art assignment. I just had to share some good news. I got the highest grade in the class,92%, on my Biology test. I am excited as that is my worst class…no, art is my worst class.

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  16. I know this is going to sound stupid.
    That’s because it is.
    I don’t wear rings. I don’t wear my HS class room.
    I didn’t buy a Carolina or Purdue ring.
    I don’t wear my wedding ring.
    The reason?
    I was a radio operator in the AF and I have this stupid habit of taping out morse code with my ring finger, if I have a ring.
    No. I would still do it.
    I know it’s dumb. A nervous habit. But it’s the only dumb thing that I do.
    That I’m willing to talk about.

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  17. Son said he was not helping the other pastor move today because the school does not celebrate Columbus day. The pastor had asked him to help thinking they had the day off. I told him that was good because Columbus was now a bad guy for stealing the land which the natives claimed to not own and bringing disease and stealing, unlike those who were fighting and stealing in the land of his birth before his birth. I could not quite explain it as I did not understand it all, but suffice it to say, Columbus = bad. He laughed and agreed. It is best to forget or erase history so we can repeat it.


  18. Hello all.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kare and Roscuro! (And HRW. Has he come over to this thread on previous occasions? I’m trying to remember.)

    Happy Anniversary, Michelle! Sorry that this pianist must report that fingers contain no muscles. 😉

    Congrats on the Biology grade, RKessler. I did not like my high school biology class, but loved the subject in college — the Biology professor was excellent and engaging.

    Art would be a subject someone would have to pay me a hefty sum to take. It was largely a nightmare when I had to do art in grade school. I was glad when it became an elective at some point. I elected NOT! 😛


  19. What a stunning header, Cheryl! I love God’s artistry, and am thankful for how he gifted you with your photography skills. Thanks for sharing.


  20. Check your email, Jo. 🙂

    I sent a couple of wedding pics to the eleven ladies on here who had asked a few months ago to see pics of the dress I bought for the wedding. Never mind that the dress in those June pics isn’t the dress I’m wearing in the September wedding pics. 🙂 Bride changed her mind about which dress she wanted me to wear, which is fine. The original dress will make a nice Easter dress, and the dress I actually wore to the wedding is also the one I planned to wear to Christmas piano concerts (or other concerts) in which I perform. So it’s doing double duty. 😉

    If anyone who didn’t get my email today would like to see our family pic and one of my husband and me, I can email them if I have your email (or someone else can forward it who has both your and my email addresses). I’m happy to share them via email, but I don’t plan to have them put up on the blog.

    FYI, I sent the email to Kim, Mumsee, Jo, NancyJill, Kare, DJ, Cheryl, RKessler, Kizzie, Michelle, and Roscuro, if anyone wants to see the pictures but doesn’t have my email. I don’t mind having the pics forwarded between blog members.

    Thanks. 🙂


  21. Jo, the email I sent to the address I have for you didn’t bounce back, so perhaps there is a delay for some reason. I wonder if it’s because of the number of addresses I put in the Bcc line? I’ll resend it with only your address and see if that might help…


  22. Did you get this (second) one now? Let me know if/when either or both come through. I’ll let you know if either bounces back. Usually it does right away; from my end, so far, so good.


  23. Beautiful pictures, 6.

    I had to have my wedding ring repaired recently. I have channel set diamonds and 1 ruby. One of the diamonds fell out, so had to have it replaced with cubic zirconia and the rest of the setting reinforced.

    The biology I am taking is subcellular, so lots of stuff my old brain says “you are never going to use this..do not remember”. It is the cellular equations that got me stumped to being with. I took the art class as a humanities credit. It is art appreciation. I appreciate art, but I don’t think I should have to produce art each week, and do lots of research for discussions. Whining. 😦

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  24. The new butterfly is one you will all recognize, a monarch (male). I love the stained-glass look, and how you can even see part of his hindwing through the forewing because the sunshine coming through is so bright.

    These flowers grow at the edge of a little pond, with their roots in the water everywhere they grow, I think, and are true butterfly magnets. I need to research what they are. There were four monarchs down there yesterday and a few smaller butterflies.

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  25. Now I have seen those type of butterflies…are they supposed to be poisonous if you touch them? I thought I heard that somewhere…..
    I saw the lovely family too….and it would appear a good time was had by all! (And I love the concert dress….daughter made a good call on that for Mom…. 😊)
    We are predicted to get 2-4 inches of snow by morning….yippee!!

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  26. Nancy Jill, as far as I know monarchs aren’t poisonous to the touch, but they do cause birds to vomit if they eat one. And all butterflies have tiny little scales on their wings that come off if you touch the wings. But if you can entice a butterfly to land on your hand, or if it just chooses to land on your arm (probably to get the salt from your sweat), it’s OK. I don’t know that monarchs are puddlers, though (puddlers being the species in which males land in a mud puddle or puddle of urine to get the salts to help them with reproduction–a fact some butterfly photographers admit to exploiting).

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  27. Thanks for the kind words, everybody. There was a lot of joy and happiness that day, overall, and it seemed to show on our faces. 🙂

    And on the dance floor later that night. 😉

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  28. Just lined up my third judge for District Auditions in March! Two more, and we’ll (probably, if past years are an indication) have the number we need!


  29. The window in the back bedroom is stuck shut, painted shut I suspect. It was working fine a couple months ago, it’s an old double-hung window that was ‘tuned up’ by window people who put in new rope pulleys, weather stripping, and it operated smooth as silk by the time they were done.

    Now, it’s like it’s been nailed shut, it won’t budge.


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