49 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-24-18

  1. Time to wake up people.

    The treatment of Kavanaugh is a disgusting display. Baseless allegations, “witnesses” who say it never happened in both cases, yet the slandering of a good man continues.


    “Democrats’ total personal war on Brett Kavanaugh should be a Midterm wake-up call for Republicans”

    “Soon after Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced total war on Kavanaugh. That war would not just be procedural, it would be personal:”

    “This is what Democrat total war looks like.

    Democrats can get away with it because of a supportive media, and a small number of weak links in the Republican majority in the Senate. Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell don’t have to worry about Democrats half as much as they have to worry about Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, and to a lesser extent, Bob Corker.

    The total war on Kavanaugh is why so many Trump voters voters wanted someone who would fight, as Jonathan Tobin noted at National Review, Has the Kavanaugh Battle Vindicated Trump Voters?

    The willingness of the Democrats and their mainstream-media allies to use a solitary, unsubstantiated, 36-year-old allegation to turn Judge Brett Kavanaugh into a Me Too villain whose guilt of a heinous crime is to be assumed despite the lack of proof or a semblance of due process has shocked his friends and supporters. But it has also vindicated the Trump approach to politics. After the public assassination of Kavanaugh’s character over the last week, there can’t be many left in the GOP who will still dispute former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon’s assertion that politics is warfare and Trump is thus justified in anything he does to combat his opponents….

    It also brings back what I said in The value of Trump to the Trump voter is that he stands between them and #TheResistance:

    Right now the value of Trump to the Trump voter is he is all that stands between them and the people who hate them every bit as much as they hate Trump.

    This is not about Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats would have waged total personal war on any Trump nominee.

    The answer is to get out and vote. Get your friends and relatives out to vote. Vote not just to defeat the Democrats, but to free us from the grip of 2-3 weak Republican Senators.

    If Republicans had 53-54 Senators, the Kavanaugh personal war would have ended already with confirmation.

    As readers may recall, I’m a big fan of Phil Ochs. One of my favorite songs is There But For Fortune.

    There but for fortune, go you or go I — you and I.

    Senate Republicans better fight and win this confirmation battle. It’s not just about Brett Kavanaugh.

    It’s about all of us who are subjected to personal wars by Democrats and #TheResistance in the workplace, campus and social media. And about those among us who keep their heads down and mouths shut so as not to be targeted.”

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  2. Everyone should be outraged that this is happening to anyone.


    “The circus that Democrats are putting on for all the world to witness is a display of partisanship that should disgust even the casual observer, regardless of party. Shockingly, as disgusting as their blatant disregard for the integrity of the Supreme Court confirmation process is, it’s not even close to the clear and present danger that their immediate presumption of guilt for Judge Kavanaugh poses to our nation’s boys and young men.

    Parents of boys must understand the brave new world Democrats are attempting to usher in and the legitimate threats it poses to their sons’ futures – their reputations, college and career prospects, and general welfare.

    Democrats’ instantaneous presumption of guilt for Judge Kavanaugh is setting a new standard for sexual assault allegations wherein they should be accepted simply for having been made. Moreover, the allegations are to be believed, despite lacking any semblance of credible evidence, solely for having been made by a woman.

    Consider Democratic senator Hirono from Hawaii’s recent comments: “Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely come forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed.”

    Statements like that of Sen. Hirono, of which there have been a plethora, undermine the very nature of our nation’s judicial system and rule of law by placing the burden to disprove the allegations on the accused and, thus, rendering him guilty should he be unable to persuade the mob in the court of public opinion.

    Parents, set aside the partisanship and the hyper-polarization that exist in our modern discourse and consider for a moment if this were your son.

    A girl comes forward accusing your son of sexual assault. The case she lays out contains minimal evidence with fuzzy, uncorroborated details and zero recollection at all of many foundational material facts. Two of the only three people the girl claims are in a position to corroborate the allegation issue patent denials, and the only person with whom the incident was disclosed prior to a public accusation against your son contradicts key facts of the allegation. The accuser has a demonstrable history during that period of her life of underage intoxication, and your son unequivocally denies that the situation ever occurred. When the authorities offer to hear her testimony, she issues a list of demands designed to obscure your son’s quest for the truth and unfairly prejudice the investigation significantly in her favor. To compound matters, failure by your son to disprove these allegations will result in him losing everything – his reputation, friends, college admission prospects, scholarships, and career opportunities, along with an infinite amount of additional harm.

    Parents, does this sound right to you? Does this sound like blind justice that presumes innocence until proven guilty? Does this sound like a society that you want your sons to be forced to navigate as they live their lives?

    It certainly isn’t the world I want my three boys to grow up in, yet if the Democrats are allowed to continue establishing this precedent while they pursue an unconstitutional obstructionism of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, that’s exactly the world our boys will be forced to grow up in.

    Parents, if there was ever a time to get off the sidelines – to pull our heads out of the sand that’s been shoveled around them by the mainstream media – the time is now.”

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  3. I wasn’t sure if I was a victim or not, until I talked to my lawyer?


    “Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer, writing in New Yorker, report that Senate Democrats are investigating a new allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh. Few who have been around the block will be surprised that another such claim has emerged just as the clock is about to strike midnight. If anything, the surprise is how weak this one seems to be.

    The claim comes from Deborah Ramirez who attended Yale with Kavanaugh. It dates from the 1983-84 academic school year, when Kavanaugh was a freshman. In other words, 34 or 35 years ago.

    I won’t attempt to summarize the New Yorker’s report on Ramirez’s allegations. Instead, let me point to several obvious problems with them.

    First, Ramirez says she was completely inebriated when the misconduct supposedly occurred.

    Second, she told the New Yorker she wasn’t certain what happened until “after six days of talking with her attorney” a former elected Democrat. According to Farrow and Mayer, “in her initial conversations with The New Yorker, [Ramirez] was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty.” But one can do plenty of brain washing in six days.

    We’ve all heard of the “MeToo” movement. Now we have the “MeToo, My Democrat Attorney Thinks” movement.

    Third, Ramirez doesn’t even claim she saw Kavanaugh do anything; only that someone yelled out that Brett had done something.

    Fourth, none of the other dozen people the New Yorker contacted said that Kavanaugh was even at the party where the misconduct allegedly occurred, let alone that misconduct actually occurred.

    Fifth, multiple other students went on the record disputing that this happened.

    For these reasons, this latest ambush, at least as reported by Farrow and Mayer, doesn’t rise to the level of something the Judiciary Committee should consider.”

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  4. Disregarding the integrity of the confirmation process? To which the Democrats will reply Garland. The Republicans can hardly whine when they refused to hear a nominee saying it was appropriate to wait for an election and then rushed through this process before an election.

    It seems a lot of people are worried about their son’s reputations as opposed to their daughter’s safety and respect. As Debra noted tell the boys to avoid frat/prep school keg parties, you know the same thing we tell girls; avoid being in a drunken situation. Apparently we can disregard a girl’s testimony because she was drunk but also excuse the boy’s behaviour bc it was just boys being drunk. The message this mess is sending.

    I remember the horror expressed by social conservatives over Clinton/Lewinsky. At the very least, there should be some disgust at the frat boy behaviour but even that’s missing. The same social conservatives who state premarital sex may come with life long consequences are ready to dismiss allegations bc he was only 17. As a father of an outspoken daughter, I’ve learned to see the higher expectations we place on girls and how low the bar is for boys. And people wonder why there’s an increase in girls wanting to be boys.


  5. As predicted here:


  6. Can we hold the universities responsible? The high schools? The parents? I’ve written before about how outraged I was that UCSB blithely reported 50% of their student body self-reported binge drinking every weekend.

    When I took off my outraged parent hat and put on my reporter hat and stood up and asked them what was going on at their university that their students insisted on binge-drinking every weekend, they replied it was a “rite of passage.”

    Not at my house.

    If you’re running an animal house like that, I don’t think anybody can be trusted to tell the truth of what really happened.

    This, mind you, is the same school where when my daughter was a senior, an armed non-student ran through Isla Vista targeting young women to shoot and kill. He succeeded. His parents, therapists and the local police all knew about him.

    But his right to privacy, apparently, was more important than innocent students’ rights to live.

    Thank God my daughter was home that weekend.

    It won’t do me any good to contact my esteemed senators, Feinstein–who started the whole thing–and Harris who contributed to the fiasco.

    The newspapers have behaved totally irresponsibly. Where are the adults?

    Does anyone have moral authority in this circus that is now the US?

    Oh, probably my friends guarding the nuclear warheads? Maybe the adults ARE all in the military.

    But you know, that’s dangerous, too.

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  7. Michelle, We had heard from young friends about the atmosphere on college campuses. For that reason, we took our son and his friends on college trips to Wheaton, Calvin and Gordon.

    He picked up on the fact that Texans at those places were homesick and chose Texas A&M. A&M has two cultures: a typical drunken student culture (with a unique Texas redneck flavor) and a strong Christian culture. The churches overflow and a midweek Bible study regularly attracts over 10,000 kids.

    It was a little scary, but we sent him off with our blessing and he had to choose his culture. I would have felt and acted differently had there not been a strong Christian presence on campus.

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  8. Speaking of circuses, lots of people are saying things like this:

    However, God is gracious. Perhaps He will give us Sasse vs. Beto and we can listen to them debate trade, healthcare, entitlement reform and immigration policy.


  9. Universities have indeed been complicit for a very long time. I believe I’ve mentioned once before my husband’s experience as a freshman at Northwestern University in the late ’70s. At orientation, the Administrator addressed several hundred students in a large room. She proceeded to give them partying instructions and encouragement. She told them that of course they are going to be sleeping around and getting drunk etc, but to be sure to use protection. One young man spoke up and said he wasn’t going to behave like that, and she made fun of him as did the large room full of students.

    I imagine the orientations of today may also include instructions on transgender, gay, and bi experimentation. Maybe they even give them a list of all the best porn sites. Oh, and let’s not forget the ‘cry closets’ full of plush stuffed animals. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/04/26/cry-closet-utah-university-library/553082002/)

    As I said last night, boys and men need to be taught to follow the Pence rule.

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  10. My daughter passed up a $50K merit scholarship to Azusa Pacific. I may get over that someday.

    BUT, she was very important at CRU at UCSB. She was invaluable as a counselor at a Christian camp one summer because she was the only counselor who did NOT attend a Christian college and thus could relate to the kids better.

    She had good reasons for choosing a secular school–as did all my children–and with one exception, their spiritual lives flourished there.

    God puts us all in places where He can best use our talents and abilities to His glory and purposes. We want them to be safe, but He can protect them better than we can.

    My husband and I both attended secular schools and our faith flourished in our respective spots.

    When you live beside Sodom and Gomorrah, you have to choose what you believe and why. Or, at least for us, that’s how it seems to have worked.

    Christian schools might have felt easier for us, but we don’t worship a tame God–and while I’d have loved to have attended Wheaton, God had other uses for me.

    I have to say, though, my children were shocked the day I came through the front porch shaking my head. “The guys next door are smoking pot again.”

    “How do YOU know?”

    I laughed. “Guys, I went to college in the 70’s.”

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  11. hwesseli, you’re posting on the wrong website. AJ, nor any other poster here that I’ve seen, is defending frat culture, drunken parties, overagressive adolescent boys, or any of the like. It’s the presumption of guilt that is the problem. Why doesn’t that bother you?

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  12. Well he didn’t fire him…..



    Now hire a replacement who will end Mueller’s witch hunt.


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  14. Dems claim this is about justice for women.

    But only the ones approved by them.

    Disgusting is what it is.


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  15. You can’t have a circus without the clowns.


    Politicking by a church? That’s a non-no.


  16. The cold, hard truth.

    Act accordingly or pay the piper.


    “Republicans Have A Simple Choice: Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh Or Get Slaughtered In November

    The calculus isn’t complicated. Republicans can stand up to vile Democrat smears and vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, or they can give in and kiss their congressional majorities goodbye.”

    “The rubber is about to meet the road for Senate Republicans. They have a simple choice: they can vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, thereby ending the baseless and unsubstantiated Democrat- and media-fueled smear campaign against him, or they can kiss House and Senate majorities goodbye for the next decade, if not longer.

    In case the election of one Donald J. Trump was not enough to compel the D.C. Republican establishment swamp creatures to wipe the muck from their eyes and see what’s happening with their own constituents, Republican voters have had enough of feckless do-nothings whose careers consist of little more than not doing everything they promised to do.

    Give us the House, the Senate, and the White House, they said, and we’ll repeal Obamacare. Give us power across the major elected branches, and we’ll secure the border, they promised. With a Republican president in the White House and a Republican majority in the Senate, we’ll confirm the most conservative Supreme Court nominees you can imagine, they claimed.

    Yet here we are. Obamacare is still on the books, and a wall is still not on the border. The only compelling reason left for Republicans to continue voting for Republicans is the confirmation of conservative jurists to fill the federal judiciary. The confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was nice, but it changed nothing, as he replaced the staunchly conservative Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch’s appointment merely maintained the status quo.

    Republican lawmakers have to understand that their voters have zero patience for their excuses for not doing what they promised. It’s why they elected Trump in the first place. Republican senators failed to repeal Obamacare after promising to do so for years. That was strike one. They’ve steadfastly refused to secure the border, let alone build a barrier along the most porous sections of the nation’s border with Mexico. That was strike two.

    A refusal to vote to confirm Kavanaugh in the face of a blatantly obvious Democrat smear campaign, orchestrated in concert with a compliant and obscenely partisan national media, will be strike three, and there will be no more at-bats. I have spent a career working in and covering politics, and I have never witnessed the kind of anger among rank-and-file GOP voters generated from a combination of the unsubstantiated Democrat attacks on Kavanaugh and the flaccid response of emasculated Republicans.

    The stakes of the current battle over Kavanaugh are far bigger than a single Supreme Court seat, and Republican voters understand this, even if their elected lawmakers don’t. It’s bigger than Roe v. Wade, Obamacare, or Second Amendment rights. Democrats are trying to turn the rule of law on its head, to destroy the presumption of innocence — not for themselves, mind you, but for anyone who dares to oppose their totalitarian political agenda.”



  17. This lady, like Michelle above, gets it.


    “Women Need To Protect Their Men From Unproven, Life-Destroying Accusations

    I cannot accept a world in which my sons will be raised under the tyranny of a lawless, vindictive society that wants to oppress men in the name of equality for women.”

    “I’m a wife and mother of four boys, and what I am seeing right now angers me. The number of people—politicians, members of the media, and even people I know—who are willing to sacrifice due process for men is shocking. If we go down this road, it is hard to see how we can come back.

    My husband is in the military, so I am no stranger to a culture of double standards, but until now we thought it was more isolated. In the military it is common knowledge, whether senior leaders will acknowledge it or not, that a mere accusation of sexual harassment or assault, proven or not, is enough to end a man’s career.

    This is an unfortunate but expected development in a military that is entirely beholden to the forces of feminism. The effects of such an environment are terrible and destructive, but they have at least been contained. This Brett Kavanaugh-Christine Blasey Ford affair has shown me that wives and mothers of sons everywhere need to take a stand.

    All indications now are that too many in our society have abandoned the idea that all people, men and women, are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt through due process. Instead people want a guilty until proven innocent standard for men accused of sexual assault.

    People think mere accusations, made without evidence and decades after the fact, should result in intrusive and embarrassing investigations simply because a woman made them. Men are to be afforded no due process or opportunity to defend themselves, whether or not they are innocent. These new standards inhibit civil society, for under them vindictive or zealous people can threaten, shame, or marginalize unpopular voices using unfounded and fabricated accusations.

    Likewise, many seem to think that men and women should be judged by different standards. This is the opposite of equality before the law. Without equality before the law, how can we say the law rules and not men (or women)? As we make this turn toward “believe women” regardless of a trial or presence of proof, our society will only get worse.”

    Many also seem willing to abandon all statutes of limitation and questions of jurisdiction. I’m not a lawyer, but as a citizen it is easy to see how this idea is a protection, not an obstruction of justice. Certain agents enforce certain laws, so we can hold various bodies accountable in appropriate ways. Accusations made after certain limits are unreliable and often can no longer be proven. Who wants to go to trial for something that happened so long ago that a fair trial is impossible? We all benefit from statutes of limitation.

    As we turn away from these protections for men, what is the logical outcome? If a vindictive woman or ideological zealot in this polarized time decides a man must be silenced, isolated, or otherwise moved out of the way, what protections will he have? What due process will protect the innocent? Should we pretend people, both women and men, do not make false accusations for a whole host of reasons?”


  18. Thank you, Solar! Your response to HRW is exactly what I was thinking.

    I was really bothered a few days ago when a Facebook friend posted a link to an article that conflated the Kavanaugh controversy with the Brock Turner case. There was no doubt about Turner’s guilt. He was convicted in a court of law on the testimony of multiple witnesses. The controversy was about how the conviction and the sentence would ruin a promising future.

    I don’t know what we should do about Kavanaugh’s nomination. What I do know is that nobody who wasn’t there should presume him guilty at this point.

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  19. There’s probably no good way out of or through this. Calling for a vote might be an immediate sense of victory, but even if he were then confirmed, there would be the cloud and the rancor, on and on.

    Thoughts from First Things:



    …. Conservatives have been rightly repulsed by Feinstein’s tactics, but they have worked. The accuser was flushed out of hiding and onto the public stage with a Washington Post interview. Kavanaugh, previously the super-duper soccer dad only opposed for policy reasons, was transformed into a pariah for the left and a martyr for the right.

    Social media and our increasingly polarized information sources responded in expected ways. For the left, Kavanaugh was “smug and smarmy,” as Rafia Zakaria put it for The Nation. For Michael Moore, speaking on Democracy Now, Kavanaugh was the epitome of “these ***holes that we’ve had to tolerate and who have made life miserable for us and who were the bullies when we were in school.”

    Meanwhile, on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Franklin Graham declared an accusation of attempted rape “not relevant.” Andrew McCarthy said, “It’s a set-up” at National Review. The normally thoughtful Ed Whelan behaved like Barney Fife on Twitter (which again proved to be a dangerous device in the hands of presidents, whether of nation or non-profit). Some on the right even waved Roy Moore’s failed candidacy as a bloody shirt. Moore himself declared Republicans should “take a stand” and defend Kavanaugh. …

    … The middle of the American electorate is now being asked to choose between competing visions of a railroaded angel and a rubber-stamped demon. They may simply throw up their hands, and the chasm separating our hostile political camps—and marooning those in the center—will only grow wider. That separation will increase if Roe v. Wade is overturned with two of the five votes (Kavanaugh’s and Justice Clarence Thomas’s) tainted by sexual misconduct allegations that large swaths of the country believe. …

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  20. I’d be surprised if Kavanaugh doesn’t withdraw. What to this point has been all garbage has nonetheless stuck to him. But there are other good candidates, if he isn’t confirmed.


  21. The Longhorn with an interesting comparison. His team has also just defeated two ranked opponents in a row. Congratulations,


  22. I rarely read the posts in the morning and even more rarely comment but scrolling through AJs morning posts, the higher standards we force on girls became too annoying. As some parents worry that their boys may become victims, I worry about the girls who already are victims and may become victims. Instead of worrying about false accusations, parents should hold their sons to the same standards as their daughters. Avoid drunken party scenes, don’t walk home alone at night, always have an albi, etc.

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  23. As for social conservatives, all that I personally know have high standards for their own kids. However in the last two years, especially among the evangelical leadership, moral standards have collapsed for the elites the evangelicals support to lead the nation. Immoral and illegal behaviour is excused as locker talk, old and out of date, given a mulligan, and if necessary blame the victim. The point is simple, explicitly social conservatives do condemn frat boy behaviour but implicitly they tolerate it as they support political elites who exhibit this behaviour. In the pursuit of power, they have lost the moral reasons they pursued power in the first place.


  24. Solar and DJ,

    Well it appears you’d both be wrong.

    And good for him!


    “Brett Kavanaugh sent a defiant letter Monday to the Senate in the wake of a new sexual misconduct allegation brought against him Sunday. Kavanaugh sent the scathing letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein on Monday afternoon.

    Kavanaugh wrote that he will not be “intimidated” by the “smear” accusations against him.

    “I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats against my family will not drive me out. The character assassination will not succeed,” Kavanaugh said.

    The letter called the accusations against him a “grotesque and obvious character assassination.”

    “There is now a frenzy to come up with something—anything—that will block this process and a vote on my confirmation from occurring. These are smears, pure and simple. And they debase our public discourse. But they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country,” Kavanaugh wrote. “Such grotesque and obvious character assassination — if allowed to succeed — will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service. As I told the Committee during my hearing, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. That is the kind of judge I will always be.”

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  25. “But there are other good candidates, if he isn’t confirmed.”

    Two things.

    First, there isn’t really time to name another replacement at this point which allows them to run out the clock prior to midterms. This let’s them and their scumbag tactics win the battle. Even if you can, they pull the same thing with the next guy, or you get a milquetoast candidate more to the left’s liking, but not to the voters who elected Trump to make the choice.

    Number two, make no mistake, there will be no other good candidates acceptable to the left ever again. If they are allowed to win with these tactics now, it will forever be these tactics going forward. No conservative constitutionalist type will ever again sit on the SC again.

    Kavanaugh is correct, and good and decent people should be rallying to his side.


  26. It’s sad that we even have to know this.

    At least he’s gonna get a vote.


    ““I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone,” Kavanaugh says. He adds, “I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter. And the girls from the schools I went to and I were friends.”

    MacCallum clarifies: “So you’re saying through all these years that are in question you were a virgin?”

    “That’s correct.”

    So let’s step through the obvious here. Kavanaugh would be crazy to lie about this because it would be very easy for one girlfriend to contact Ronan Farrow and say it’s not true. He even went beyond the intercourse question to say nothing “close to” intercourse. So I think it’s a pretty safe bet he’s telling the truth about this knowing a lie would be easily found out.”

    Mitch sees the writing on the wall and will do what’s right. Give the man his vote.

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  27. He is really fired up:


  28. Meanwhile, a case with actual physical abuse by a sitting US Congressman is being buried. There’s even photos of the poor woman’s battered face all over the internet. Yet he holds his seat and no R’s or D’s speak out? Spineless amoebas, the whole lot of “em.


    “You may recall that Keith Ellison took part in a debate last week as part of his bid to become Attorney General in Minnesota. During the event, he was pressed about allegations of physical and emotional abuse raised by his former girlfriend, Karen Monahan. At the time, Ellison continued to proclaim his innocence, but insisted that “an investigation is ongoing” and they hoped to have it finished soon. His GOP opponent responded by saying that the investigation was being done by friends of Ellison from his own party and was a sham.

    Now the woman in question has joined in the discussion. Monahan contacted the Daily Caller News Foundation and told them the investigation ended two weeks ago and she’s heard nothing more.”

    “Perhaps a better question is what’s going on at the DNC. After all, Ellison is second in command there so his actions reflect on the organization. When the charges were first raised, the DNC said that they would be fully investigating the matter. But now they say they’ve abandoned the effort in favor of the DFL in Minnesota, preferring to let the state party handle it. So that’s it? If the people essentially in thrall to Ellison back home wipe their hands and claim nothing was found, is Karen Monahan supposed to simply walk away?

    Democrats, both at the state and federal level seem to be very big on calling for sexual assault and harassment hearings these days. But they’re not so much on following through and doing the actual work.”

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  29. HRW – I don’t think the folks talking of protecting their sons from false accusations are necessarily not caring about protecting their daughters from sexual assault. It is possible to care deeply about both matters, and the Kavanaugh thing has brought the former into the spotlight. The latter has also been in the spotlight recently with the #MeToo movement.

    An example I’ve used elsewhere is that on the old WMB it used to be that if we started talking about caring about animals, such as during the Michael Vick situation, inevitably someone would come along and accuse us of caring more about animals than children. Well, of course we can care about both.

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  30. So Ricky,

    I’ll ask the obvious question….

    Are you and other NTers gonna man up and do the right thing and support Trump’s good conservative nominee?

    Or are you going to continue to side with those employing such vile and factless tactics?


  31. A while back, I was talking NeverEither out of voting for the Dems. That was after Helsinki, during the worst of the anti-Mueller nonsense. I think the Dems have convinced him to vote for Cruz and maybe his Republican Congressman. Ah! Here is the Tweet I was looking for:


  32. Trump Cult, Knowing what I know now, if I was a Senator I would vote to confirm Kavanaugh. I will watch Thursday’s hearing with an open mind.

    So I will ask the other obvious question:

    Are you “gonna” “brain up” and do the right thing and support Mr. Mueller as he finishes his work?


  33. HRW, Everything you said @ 7:15 is accurate, and the American Church will be paying the price for that hypocritical behavior for the rest of my life. Most young pastors know that and many are reacting against their Trump-hugging brethren.


  34. And if you thought this whole thing had moved NeverEither to the Right, have you been watching Erick Erickson?

    These stupid Democrats may cost me my candy.

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