41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-19-18

  1. Interesting. I left the football thread looking at a sunrise and clicked “Daily Thread” and up came turtles. I know, happenstance, but interesting.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good evening jo.
    I was tempted to holler HOW IS EVERYBODY?.
    The dumbest way of walking onto a stage.. But people do it.

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  2. I have a silly song in my head this morning.
    A couple of days ago, a bluegrass band sang s song called “Put My Little Shoes Away”. A silly song if you think about it.
    But it’s the first song I can remember. I was just a kid, about eight when I heard it first and asked my mother something about it. That’s what I remember about the song.
    But this was a bluegrass band and it isn’t a bluegrass song. So they messed it up.
    Trivial item, but the song won’t go away.
    Now? I will go away and fix breakfast.

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  3. Morning, Chas. Enjoy your breakfast.
    I’m hoping for a better sleep tonight. I don’t think my bites are from a mosquito. You can still see all eight of the bites but the area around them is red and swollen and there is some liquid. In fact the skin around the bites looks more like I have a reaction to poison oak. Wondering what bit me. Yes, I did wash and change the sheets on my bed in case there was something in there.

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  4. I looked out the sliding door yesterday and the cat was playing with a mouse.

    Or trying to, it was already dead. It’s the second one she’s killed in three days.

    Who knew there were mice in the yard?

    I don’t know if she ate it or not.

    As long as she doesn’t bring her friends in the house, I’m okay. I think.

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  5. I need to borrow your cat, Michelle. There is a mouse in our car – it was there for our whole road trip to Sherwood Park. Ugh. Apparently our cat isn’t doing his job.

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  6. Good morning! I just did the football thread. I had worn my Mama Bear shirt today. I had no idea that Baylor would be in the picks. I remember that Peter does not like Baylor, but I don’t remember why.

    We are having our first Wed. night dinner/supper at church at 5:30 p.m.. I had signed up for it, but decided not to go because Art needs me at the office. It gets too complicated dealing with Atlanta traffic to be across town at a specific time. I did enough traffic yesterday for this week.

    I hope everything is okay with Jo and the insect bites or allergic reaction, etc. Sometimes I get some spots of eczema that seem like little bumps that itch and can be like little blisters. That is from certain foods and as an elementary student, I got it when I wore wool sweaters.

    We are not getting good news on our office mate. She has not yet moved to rehab. I feel sad.

    Please let me know when reviews go up on Michelle’s new book. I look forward to reading them.


  7. Good morning. I’m popping in to say hi. Had to take a break from much busyness the last few weeks, and also see how Chas is faring with Hurricane Florence. Good to see you here, Chas.

    Daughter’s wedding is next week. I’m hoping to not have crashed by then. Just about did last week, but since sleeping 11 hours Sunday night, and taking time off from routine yesterday afternoon and (most of the) evening, I feel a bit more on an even keel.

    Hubby is having major problems getting our Suburban fixed, which is the only vehicle that seats our six. If daughter were getting married at our church 15 minutes down the road, it wouldn’t be a big deal to take two cars. Driving three hours, however, in two small vehicles, with full-length dresses and suits in tow, as well, is another story. We’re so hoping we can take the Suburban and not have any problems on the road.

    Vehicle trouble going to the wedding is one more stress we don’t need. I guess that’s a prayer request (though I know it sounds more like a complaint).

    Janice, you posted a link a while back from Southern Living magazine, was it? (Or a Southern Writers group, maybe?) And mentioned you thought I would enjoy it. I did. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

    Back to the home routine now. Enjoy your conversations, and I’ll check back in after 2nd Arrow has said her “I do”s. πŸ™‚

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  8. I told Nightingale what I had written here about her friends who are coming for Thanksgiving being in a higher class than us. She told me that Behrang (who actually was born and raised in Iran after all – I had him mixed up with someone else) was raised in a poorer or middle class family. JJ, Virginia’s brother, is a recovering opioid addict, so he doesn’t have any high class pretensions. And Virginia, who is upper middle class and highly educated with an important job, is very nice, and doesn’t look down on anyone. After all, she and Nightingale are close friends.

    Nightingale is quite a down-to-earth young woman, so she would have trouble being friends with anyone snooty or pretentious. So now I figure that we will all get along very nicely. πŸ™‚

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  9. Sounds like everyone is having a busy week, including Michelle’s cat.

    Those bites sound awful, Jo. My sympathies. So strange to think of insects that like to suck our blood.

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  10. Kizzie, my daughters went to school with two sisters their own ages, and became friends with them, and the younger became younger daughter’s best friend. YD will be in her wedding next summer. Their family is not upper middle class, but upper class, period. We are at best lower middle class. Friendship is friendship.

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  11. Oh, how I miss the apples I would get from my dad.

    We were told by a car repairman that dryer sheets in the engine area helps keep the mice out. I am not sure if they have to be scented or not.

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  12. πŸ™‚

    Here’s a good news story. πŸ™‚


    “Cajun Navy helps rescue more than 100 cats and dogs from flooded animal shelter in North Carolina as its roof threatened to collapse during Hurricane Florence

    The Carteret County Humane Society in New Port, N.C. flooded on Friday

    The animal shelter’s roof threatened to collapse with hundreds of animals inside

    Cajun Navy members rescued staffers and animals during Hurricane Florence

    More than 100 cats and dogs were rescued in trucks and taken to a temporary shelter at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh”

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  13. We actually had a mouse making a nest in one of our vehicles. Ironically, it was the one driven the most. Hence, the advice about keeping them out. Decades ago one of my daughters had a squirrel in her car. Yes, their was food left in the car. The squirrel was tearing off pieces of the car for nesting. Good thing it was an old vehicle.

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  14. Back in the 60s, my mom went to a baseball game with my dad, and her hair was done in that then-popular bouffant style. A bird landed on her head, trying to pluck out hairs for its nest. πŸ˜€

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  15. My leg wasn’t nearly so itchy last night. I think that the hot shower water really helped with the infection. It is looking better.
    Waiting for a haus meri to come clean. I only have someone on the school breaks to do deep cleaning. Later today I have a dental appointment. Time to have someone look at the tooth that lost half of its filling from 50 years ago. I haven’t been to the dentist here in at least ten years.


  16. Here’s a summary of the tragic event that unfolded this past Sunday….. πŸ™‚

    Not since The Mississippi Squirrel Revival has such mayhem occurred. πŸ™‚


    “Hundreds Hospitalized After New Hymn Introduced in Church”

    “β€œI remember paging to hymn 372 and thinking that it looked unfamiliar,” said helpless victim Delores Hamilton from her hospital bed. β€œMy heart started pounding in my chest! My vision narrowed! As we started singing my hands trembled uncontrollably. I felt lightheaded! I don’t even think I made it through the first stanza before I passed out.”

    First responders were overwhelmed by the chaotic scene. Ambulances struggled to make their way through the terrified mob streaming through the church parking lot. Inside the sanctuary, hundreds were incapacitated, many still frozen with their hands clutched over their ears in a vain attempt to shut out the unfamiliar tune. The few conscious congregants were in such a weakened state they were unable to assist their more gravely injured Lutherans.

    β€œWe haven’t seen such a tragedy since the Reformed Church tried to introduce a contemporary version of the Song of Simeon,” lamented local Police Chief Richard Johnson. β€œThank goodness there was no loss of life. If we hadn’t tasered the organist, the death toll would have been truly catastrophic.””

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  17. Aj, it wasn’t the music that caused the commotion, it was the song leader playing his guitar wearing jeans with his shirt tail out.

    I had forgotten that some people eat in cars. I have never eaten in a car. Nor, that I can remember, drunk anything. When we were courting, Elvera and I never went to drive in’s. (In those days, people sat in cars and waitresses skated, in roller skates, out to take the order and deliver the food.)
    We always went inside to a restaurant.
    I went to a drive-in theater once. I didn’t like the sound being at my window.


  18. I set 2 mouse traps with cheese (I didn’t have anything else quick and easy to grab). One wouldn’t stay set and apparently the other didn’t go off, because the cheese is gone. Now I’m actually feeding the mouse. Sigh.

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  19. There are now several snap traps and one live trap (that can catch multiple mice) baited with peanut butter in the car. Hopefully they will catch something tonight.


  20. Lots of walking today as my car was in for its biannual safety inspection. I am too tired to wait for you all to get up and at em.
    Good night.


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