15 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-8-18

  1. Ain’t no place in Louisiana that’s a mile from Texarkana.
    I heard someone singing that this morning and it bugged me.
    I never picked cotton. But Elvera did.
    She hated it. “No comfortable way to pick cotton. Too low to stand and pick. too high to kneel and pick. You have to bend over. You see pictures of women in a cotton field, you know their backs hurt.”
    “And your fingers bleed. No you can’t wear gloves.”

    But I can’t get the song out of my head.

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  2. 😦 My poor battered knee.

    🙂 Being able to see a thorough, careful doctor the very day after sending a photo of the knee and basically throwing myself on their mercy. God is good!

    😦 Doing more work in the condo has basically been “on hold” (mostly) for some weeks now, waiting for this knee to heal (I don’t want to be lifting stuff that is too heavy, risking hitting it against anything or falling again, or splashing it with dirty water . . . so I’ve done little stuff but not any more rearranging or wallpaper removal.)

    🙂 This morning I suggested again something I’ve mentioned a time or two, that my husband and I read aloud through The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (which, scandalously, he has never read) and then he can decide whether to go ahead into the other books. So I got to read the first two chapters aloud. (My man teacher read that one to us in fifth grade–and I didn’t like it much and didn’t read the series myself until my teens–but otherwise I’ve never heard them read aloud.) I didn’t ask if he liked it; it’s really too early to tell whether one likes it, and no point in putting him on the spot if he is merely humoring me.

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  3. I’ve seen cats and skunks running side by side and eating cat food together. I’m really not sure what Zeke was thinking when he got sprayed. Hopefully he will have learned his lesson.

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  4. I remember seeing a pan of fresh cat food out on the cliffs at the ocean (cat ladies abound out there). A skunk was munching happily away as several cats sat patiently about 3 feet away, waiting for him to finish. They knew …

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  5. 😦 Eye-opening weekend for me as a headline on my story (written by an editor) landed me in the crosshairs of an extremely partisan FB page. No fun. The predictable “Fake News!” and other insults ensued which had me in tears at one point Saturday. I don’t care about getting both sides of stories? Really??? I bend over backward to do that. I posted that if anyone had an issue with the story itself — and whether it was fair — they can email me. I won’t be part of a back-and-forth on a snarky, nasty social media site. What in the world has happened to people? Who raised them to attack people like this? I can’t even imagine.

    I’ll survive. The irony? It’s rich. This groups actually has an ear with me, which is something they don’t have with any other reporter around.

    I will probably “un-join” the page (it’s a close community page with 9,000+ members). Sorry I missed our in-house seminar on how to deal with and handle the latest barrage of anti-media sentiment. It’s real and it’s personal. And yeah, it’s unfair a whole lot of the times. But there you go.

    I can do without that added stress.

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  6. I was careful not to insult the site nor the people, I just kept it straight and dispassionate.

    But honestly, people. Can we not get a grip on how we interact with others??

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  7. The headline? Not outrageous, though my suggestion to the editor was something less “out there.” But it was fair.

    Oh, yeah, my favorite accusation: Yellow Journalism.



  8. “She claims she didn’t write the headline” was the latest.

    Uh, Journalism 101: No, reporters DON’T usually write the headlines (though that’s changing with the small staffs and online aspect). Once a story is written and leaves my hands, it goes though all manner of people as it gets posted immediately online and prepared to publish in print the next day.

    I know that people have no clue what our job entails. And I get that. But …..


  9. When I say they have an “ear” with me, it means I hear them and understand their complaints. I really do. The other side also. But when the other side says “Oh, they just need to be educated,” I get how that sounds — it’s amazingly condescending. (We’re talking about the local homeless problems here.)

    I can’t tell people on this website that, exactly, I’m a neutral player, someone whom — I hope — has been trained to hear/understand (and is sensitive to hearing) both sides. I honestly do in this case.

    But people with a huge chip on their shoulders? Forget it.

    You know what? At least the liberals are usually polite and civil to reporters. It would behoove the right to figure out how to act in the same manner.

    Take a step back from your own passions and anger once in a while. Don’t just “assume” ever reporter is out to get you. A lot of us aren’t.


    Ha. OK. Weekend rant = done.


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