52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-4-18

    No. wait a minute!
    Kim beat me out.
    Actually, I choose the best teams. Kim is just battler looking than I am.

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  2. 😦 To make matters worse. I logged off to go fix breakfast for the Sweetest One. But I stopped by to play a game of solitaire first, as I often do.
    I got an :A: in the last card. So I owe the $47 rather than $52. But solitaire cheats.

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  3. Chas we tied. While I did not have help from Mr. P on the football picks I did ask him to help me pick the tiebreaker for next week. We are going with NCU vs ECU.
    Picking Alabama would have been too easy. It isn’t even any fun to watch anymore. At least Sabin sends in the water boys at the end.

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  4. Only Jo uses good grammar.
    But I won’t say no more about that.
    Only, you know I was kidding earlier.
    When your favorite teams are Gamecocks and Boilermakers, you can’t afford to take it too seriously.

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  5. Here in Greensboro, our house faces directly east. As the sun approaches the equinox, it rises above the neighbor’s house and shines directly in my front window. It was the same in Annandale. That particular time of year, the sun rose directly at me.
    It wasn’t that way in H’ville. The house faced directly north. In the winter, Elvera used to get up early, go and sit in her lazy boy, light the fire logs with a switch and watch the sun come down from the top of the trees to the ground. (The south side of the house.)
    Then she would fix breakfast.
    Those were good days. And we knew it at the time.
    Regardless of the situation now, we have been immensely blessed.

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  6. Cheryl tells me there are many typos and other errors in Poppy. I am humiliated. I cannot do anything about them at this point.

    Feel free to quit reading if they are a problem for you. I understand.

    For the record, I paid three people to proofread, I read the manuscript more times than I want to count. There’s no point in beating myself up–the writer can’t see the mistakes after so many reads which is why we hire proofreaders.

    I don’t know why I get to feel this way, but I have to choose not to let it consume my reaction to the book (or the proofreaders) –because it will shred my soul.

    I can make alterations at a later date. I don’t know when but it will be after the physical book is printed. However, the book is POD so eventually it will be correct.

    So, if you catch glaring errors, feel free to note the page and send the page numbers to me.

    I won’t read them until I have perspective, if at all, and I’ll have some other innocent party find the mistakes you note and correct them! LOL

    This is very disappointing, but it’s the current cross God has given me to bear.

    Afterall, a little humility is good for the soul . . . right? πŸ™‚

    OR, Michelangelo always left a flaw in his work, believing God would strike him down if he tried for perfection!

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  7. Morning! Dear Chas we count our blessings every morning…in awe of His careful watch over us and at His walking through the tough time along side with us. Isn’t our Lord good? We have tasted and seen of His goodness!
    That is a beautiful photo of serenity up there! I surely knew it was not taken in Kansas! 😊
    Michelle I am no writer nor editor so I must have read right through any errors thus far. However, I am one of those readers who can read a cryptic writing and understand the message…for that is what I am going for…the heart of the script. I am loving your beautifully written book… ❀️

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  8. Remember our knocked over mailboxes? I am embarrassed to tell you that I was wrong about the post they were on being hit by a car or something. Turns out they were never on a post to begin with! No, they were on a wooden bracket attached to a wooden fence.

    They used to be on a post, but the owner of the property with the fence, that goes alongside the upper part of the lane, moved them and built the bracket, without anyone’s approval. My next-door neighbors were so offended by that, they built their own post and moved their mailbox a few feet away from the others. Nightingale said the set-up was never very good to begin with. (We couldn’t just ask the owner to fix the problem, because he had sold the property to someone else a couple or so years ago.)

    Anyway, Nightingale is working on attaching them back to the fence, but in a different way, hopefully sturdier.

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  9. Me: We need to get cute mailboxes someday.

    Nightingale: No, we don’t. That’s like saying we need a cute lawnmower.

    Me: What’s wrong with that?


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  10. If I had a cute lawn mowed, I would likely cut something I wasn’t supposed to cut because I was ogling the lawn mower.
    But then? What makes a lawn mower cute?

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  11. The TV is full of the Kavanagh hearings. And I don’t know where the cartoon channel is and we don’t have a football game.
    So? There’s nothing worth watching on TV.


  12. Michelle–I would go with the ‘fact’ that the proofreaders were too engrossed in the story to notice the errors. No errors come to my mind, so far. I will take note, though, when I come across them. Such things can make me roll my eyes and is disturbing. I know how easily I can read over errors myself, though.


  13. Let the Supreme Court hearing drama begin.

    Michelle, I noticed maybe 2 only so far but they were not glaring, they were minor, and I mostly read through them. It would be hard to have that much copy without typos, frankly, even with a couple of proofreaders.

    Typos are sneaky and nasty and they trick us into not seeing them.

    So it feels like Monday to me, of course, but it’s already getting toward mid-week by the time this day will be over with. Hoping the week goes quickly. I had an unsettling dream that we were in the newsroom (or a newsroom, not one I’m familiar with nowadays) and an angry reader had arrived with a gun so we all had to run to the back of the room and hide. Then I woke up.

    The painters will return today to hit the power washing again. I texted the main guy last night about one of my replacement windows (one that he had to change out some of the exterior wood on as the old wood was shot) wasn’t closing right anymore. Groan. It scrapes at the bottom and I can’t really get the bottom latch to lock. Not good. He needs to fix that, I paid way too much money for those replica windows in front not to have them stay perfectly fitted. They worked beautifully when they were installed.


  14. The work he did was only on the surrounding casing, not on the windows — but something new now is bungling up the operation of the window itself somehow.


  15. Still battling my way through Hosea using David Guzik’s commentary. I came upon this chilling observation in Hosea 9:

    e. Give them, O LORD – What will You give? The idea is that Hosea began an angry prayer against the people (“Give them, O LORD”), then he stopped because he checked his heart and didn’t know what to pray (“What will you give?”).

    In the end, he asked for a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. Really, Hosea prayed for mercy. Knowing the coming judgment, he prayed “LORD, give them few children so those children will not have to face the horrors of Your coming judgment.”

    i. Sometimes those who see themselves – perhaps accurately – as more spiritual and closer to God than others in a church or group get angry and frustrated with those who don’t seem to have hearts burning for the LORD.

    Their frustration is understandable but the pause in Hosea’s prayer should give them pause. It is a good thing to long for revival and spiritual passion among God’s people, but if that makes us proud, angry, or bitter against others then Satan has won a great victory.

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  16. Michelle,

    In case you missed it, my wife Cheryl finished your book in a day, and she loved it. πŸ™‚

    She’s a pretty tough critic too. πŸ™‚

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  17. Okay. My Amazon liaison just responded I can still make changes, it may delay the launch, but I’ll need to get back to her ASAP.

    I need to know the pages and I’ll figure it out from there, if you can just cite the page number.

    Meanwhile, back to work preparing for tomorrow’s conversation. My heart is racing. I think I’ll get a drink (Bao) first.

    Maybe a good 30 second cry, too. It’s not just my book, of course. Too much, too much.


  18. Michelle, obviously the last thing I wanted to do was distress you, and I was reading “past” the typos, assuming that someone else was already dealing with those–and if they weren’t, that it was probably too late anyway. I finally said something just in case it wasn’t too late, because I myself would certainly want to know.

    Most or all of them were the sorts of things only publishing types see (as everyone else on here confirmed). I saw missing quotation marks (present at the beginning of a quote but not at the end), quotation marks that had double quotes at the beginning and single quotes at the end, missing periods, “moustache” spelled two different ways . . . “detail” stuff. Some of us are detail people and find it distracting, but most people aren’t.

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  19. I going to have to weigh what makes the most sense. Based on what I’ve been told, I see six clear errors. “Aeroplane,” can remain in T. E. Lawrence’s quotes because that’s the word he used. I realize there are probably other little mistakes but I’ve reread one page four times trying to figure out the one mistake someone saw and cannot see it–which is why you hire a proofreader.

    Obviously, misspelling the main character’s name on page 4 is a clear problem–aghast! But, to delay a launch a couple weeks after things have been set up is another matter altogether. Which is worse? I don’t know and have to appeal to the professionals for advice.

    I personally judge the writer when I find mistakes like these. Editing has gotten so sloppy in the last few years (as Cheryl can attest, though not in her personal capacity), that I might slip by–but I would know.

    OTOH, I’ve spent a lot of money. Pray for wisdom. Amazon could pull it off if they wanted to . . .


  20. I have internet now, so sent a few photos the way of this blog. The data plan is very limited, so sending/posting photos will be about the only internet indulgence I can make as the data plan is very limited. I have to do an online course and also communicate to my supervisor at the university the same way, so those take priority. Just talking on here takes very little data, so I hope to be by when I have time.

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  21. A political advertisement by Congresswoman Foxx showed someone with a typewriter. It accorded to me hat half the people watching don’t know what a typewriter is.


  22. You’ve got this Michelle. Cheryl did you a service and it was in time. Not what you wanted to hear at this late date, but that is kind of why you sent it out. Feedback. You know now that everybody is enjoying the book, and for a few more to do so rather than focusing on the errors, you will get them fixed and sent in and it will be even better. May God be glorified through your expectations and enthusiasm, Cheryl’s words which were discouraging (though certainly not meant to be). and clearing up of attitude to rejoice in your Redeemer and the family of His children in which He has placed you.

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  23. Michelle, it’s your decision to make. What will have made more sense, in retrospect, five years from now?

    I once edited a book, packaged as a hardcover gift book with a CD enclosed, with authors who were perfectionists. I’m a perfectionist myself, and we had a couple of proofreaders. The book should have been perfect. Somehow in typesetting, errors were introduced–several of them major (a misspelling on the title page, an error in numbering tracks on the CD). The book by perfectionists, edited by a perfectionist, was the single most error-filled book I have seen in my years of editing, and it was something completely unforeseen. Typesetters don’t type in material; if it doesn’t have typos when it goes to typesetting, then it shouldn’t have typos when it comes out of typesetting. Somehow it did, and we were frantically trying to get a corrected second printing out in time for Christmas.

    For me personally, if I’m reading a book (not editing, reading), I “pardon” about one typo per hundred pages. By the time it has three or four times that many, I’m beginning to think it sloppy and wondering what factual errors might have made it through. Now, I am a detail person, and I see stuff no one else sees. I am, for example, the only person I know who will notice if a period is in bold type. (Did you see it up there? I slipped one in after the sentence ending in “no one else sees.”) But at some level it does start getting mentioned in reviews, and this one is definitely at that point. Most people won’t see it; most people really don’t think about “Did that quotation have closing quote marks?” unless they’re getting confused by whether someone is still talking. But a few will notice.

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  24. Interesting conversation today. Someday I want to read Michelle’s book. I am a slow reader and do seem to catch typos often. I always wonder if I should tell the author for future printings. I have not done that, but think about it.

    That header looks like wild and rugged country. It’s lovely like that and so unlike what I see where I live.

    I went to the urologist with Art today. He has to go back for the CAT scan and other testing after the cost is approved by insurance. It could have been done today, but we must wait. We must use another day. Tomorrow Karen and Art have appointments at different times in the same building. I will see if any of it can be coordinated so we can ride together for part of it. But with their infirmities, they might have to fight over the front passenger seat. Karen rescheduled the appointment she missed last Friday to this Friday. So y’all have an idea what my week looks like. Good thing my arm/wrist is recovered enough to deal with that walker.

    I had put Miss Bosley on Blue Buffalo Weight Management food. It was not her favorite. Now the store is no longer carrying it so I went back to the old Indoor all protein food. Now she is back to whining over her empty food bowl. I have not had the energy to deal with another new food yet.

    Earlier I went out to Walmart to return something. I actually walked through the store and found nothing to buy. That made me happy. I did feel a little claustrophobic in there. I think they were loading up on things to sell for the upcoming holidays. Halloween costumes seemed to be hanging all throughout the clothing area instead of only in the Halloween section. They are going for impulse buys in doing that. As for my impulse? It was to get out of there!

    Last night I shopped at Publix on our way home from the office (around 9 p.m.) I found a brown sack of chicken wings in the deli and bought some pumpkin muffins. That was our Labor Day mini-feast. We had tacos and burritos from Taco Bell for lunch. It was pleasant to be at the office without the phone ringing.


  25. While I was at Walmart, I later heard a policeman had been called to another Walmart to handle a shoplifter. The policeman got shot. I do not know how bad it was. That is another good reason to stay away from Walmart, at least around Atlanta.


  26. Yes, Halloween costumes were out in the stores I went to over the weekend.

    I had thought Michelle said a while back that the time period had closed for any changes in the book so I didn’t mention the couple typos I’d seen. But if you can fix them, do it, I’d say. Still, to be expected with such a large volume of copy being self-published.

    We’re working often without a net here anymore, new editors post our stories sometimes within a minute after we turn them in. They obviously are not reading them.

    Miss Bosley is on a diet?

    I think Annie’s looking skinny, I don’t think I feed her often enough.

    I had a back-and-forth with the painter today regarding windows, protecting wood from the water in the sprayer, etc. I just hope they know what they’re doing. He did say if my windows needed to be realigned he’d pay for it. Real Estate Guy almost texted me (again) about how dumb it was to keep my historic wood windows. He thought better of it when he saw I was having a bad day and struggling with the painters again. Water under the bridge, and I’ll never regret saving those windows.

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  27. All set. Time for the all nighter–which I have never done before. Please, if you seen anything just send me an email. If you’re tired of me, no worries. I’m tired of me, too.

    And you’re right, one or two typos are okay, a whole lot and you question everything.

    Trying not to despair but really shaken and trying not to get distracted from the task I need to do. I can fall apart later.

    Meanwhile, a second deadline has arrived for Thursday.

    I’m so glad my house is clean.

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  28. There are no critters in any of these pictures that I sent. We saw 2 deer as we were leaving our home and then 2 deer just before we got home, along with a nice looking bear, but nothing on our whole drive to the north. The second picture is of some of the Shield rock which I love. The burned logs are from the 2015 wildfires. Things have really grown back since then.

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  29. Prayers for your all-nighter, Michelle.I hope you can find every single instance that needs correction. I know how careful you are and how distressing this must be for you.😞


  30. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait for the re-edited book to come out. I’m too busy with school now for much reading for pleasure, let alone trying to finish a book to review before its release.

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  31. Michelle, ‘seen,’ haha.

    Coffee!! Coffee!!! Someone put on the coffee!


    Oh, and the painters who haven’t painted yet … a couple hours today apparently were spent trying to find one of their lost set of keys; finally found on the side of the house in the dirt. There was a power wash machine malfunction, but it got fixed. He fixed/straightened out my window, too, thankfully.

    On to tomorrow.


  32. Thank you, Jo. I’ll last another half an hour and then go to bed. Reading backwards, I’m almost to England where I’ll pause.

    Cheryl is right. This is painful, though the story is good.

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  33. Michelle, I am amazed at how much better the story is. I remembered it from before and was not really ready to read it again. This is not the same story. The characters and the setting are so much more alive. You are there with them.

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