4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-1-18

  1. I have a TV set in my room. There is one in the family room.
    They are attached to the same cable suppliers.
    If you stand in the hall, you can hear both.
    One is a full second behind the other.
    It doesn’t matter, but it is a source of bewilderment. How can this be?

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  2. When my mother lived with my brother, their tv sets were only about twenty feet apart. It was quite interesting sitting there with two television sets on different stations. They could have put a door across the large archway between rooms, but didn’t want to do so. Add in deafness on the part of a couple of people and it made it even more interesting. They managed to live that way for a couple of years, but not without issues.

    😦 We had a family in the news who went kayaking on Lake Superior recently. Unfortunately, the father and three young children all ended up drowning. People often do not realize this lake is more like an ocean than an inland lake. The theory is that they were in the water too long and suffered hypothermia. What was meant to be a wonderful family vacation became this woman’s worst nightmare. She and the extended family will need so many prayers.

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  3. 🙂 We finished planking the ceiling where husband sort of fell through over a year ago! It looks so nice and we replaced the ugly fan fixture with a blingy sort of light fixture. I think it looks pretty good in front of the rustic wall.

    🙂 Great trip to northern Saskatchewan. We turned around before our destination due to rutted and potholed highways, but we saw some beautiful scenery. I loved seeing all the float planes lining the shore in La Ronge.

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  4. We had a small but fun crowd to dinner after church. And we managed to stick to the whole 30 plan despite one woman bringing a delicious looking blueberry pie. She also brought a delicious spinach salad.

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