49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-31-18

  1. Morning all. Welcome to my day. Made a polar bear for the letter P. The kids are getting better at these art projects.
    Then we have this curriculm we call the safety box, required curriculum. Today we made a stop sign and the back was a green sign. We told them to loudly say ‘stop’ and the other side says “Get away’, Keep telling adults. So as we were waiting for parents, they kept saying that, loudly. So glad that it was the last thing they did.

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  2. QoD
    Why is Kim awake at 3:34 CDST?
    Good morning everyone else.
    Except Jo. Nite-nite Jo.
    The football season got off to a bad start. When I take over this country, it will be illegal to play football before Labor Day. That’s what the problem was.

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  3. Good morning. I rearranged my week to take Karen to the doctor at 9 this a.m. Her alarm did not go off, my phone lost power in the evening and was charging, and Art had left his phone at the office, so Karen did not reach me before Art left. I have to go in to the office today so it means using twice as much gas and time than normal. I feel grumpy because of it all. I have to work on my attitude.

    I am a member of several haiku writing groups. There is a lot of controversary as to what makes up a proper haiku. This week I posted one,
    cat again sleeps
    in a different chair
    on the same pillow
    (I think that was it),
    and the conversation has gone on and on and has involved some who are considered experts. It has been interesting to read the comments which are way beyond my simple little three lines. I only meant to capture the thought that each time I move to another room in the house and sit down, Miss Bosley finds me and her lap pillow.

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  4. Morning!! Late night adventures around here to include having a roomful of teenagers until 10 last night. Their tire blew on the interstate. I went to rescue them, equipment trailers had to be swapped out, trailer light problems had to be remedied. But all in all it all worked out. The kiddos were fun, boisterous and incredibly polite. And…I now have a utility trailer sitting out on our land until they return on Monday 😊

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  5. Last night I posted that in the photo above, not only is there the visible great blue heron, but two green herons I didn’t see when I took the shot. I described where they are in the photo, but see if you can find them. (One is somewhat easy, one quite hard.)

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  6. In the category, you can’t make this stuff up . . .

    Last night I had a fantastic speaking visit at Redwood Valley Community Church’s Summer Soiree, talking about Biddy Chambers, faith and resilience.

    But in conversation with one of the women while I sat at the book table beforehand, I recognized her last name. I asked if she had a son and we determined he was in the local boy scout troop with my older sons when we lived nearby.

    Then I realized he was also a character in my Navy SEAL novel Bridging Two Hearts–a minor character, a footnote of a story, but it was him, a boy who grew up in an apple orchard.

    (After the book was released, I thought of stopping by and leaving a copy of the book, but I haven’t been to Boonville in years!)

    Surprised, I told her son was in my story. She was even more surprised and bought a book. I gave her a copy to pass on to her son, writing a short inscription.

    A little later, I dug up that passage and realized, to my horror since I didn’t remember, that in the scene I gave her son a younger brother–who was killed. Yikes! I had to apologize in front of all the ladies before I gave my talk.

    The warning is this: beware what you say to writers because you have no idea how a description or scene might turn up years later, bent, twisted, but usually positive . . . at least I hope so!

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  7. Cheryl, I am on my tablet with the larger screen. I may see one near the back of the great blue on the left perhaps standing on a branch. There is another in the upper left hand corner. Is that where you see them?


  8. Michelle, Oops moment❤

    I talked to so many people at the writer’s conference that it was difficult to remember who I said what to in regards to my writing. If I only had one piece to pitch it would be simplified, but I write in several different categories.

    My roommate at the conference writes historical fiction and had been trying with no luck to be in touch with a museum director for possible gift shop placement. While at the conference my roommate happened to meet that director’s mother. Coincidental? Great networking connection.

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  9. It’s Friday really.

    I kept thinking yesterday was Friday, I guess I must be anticipating the rare long weekend ! Yay.

    I got 2 stories done yesterday (both posted online but the 2nd one is being held for Saturday’s print edition — which kind of maybe counts, sorta, as my “weekender”). But I’ll still need to drum up a story to write today.

    I had some more bites on my left arm this week so I’m now applying DEET before going to bed and turning on fans along with the open window (mosquitoes apparently can’t fly or navigate well in a lot of wind). The screens remain off the windows, as do the bracket hardware pieces, so they’re not going up on the windows anytime soon.

    Every morning the painter gives me a schedule and by afternoon it’s been pushed back a few days. We’re now looking at power washing on (?) Monday, I think, followed by the commencement of painting by the middle of next week. All subject to change, of course.

    They’ve been doing some stucco patching and finishing up prep work on wood windows these past couple of days.

    By Christmas, I figure. 🙂

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  10. I wanted to point out to the rest of you that I for one am thankful for Peter and his contributions here.

    He not only brings us the funnies every week, but he takes the time to do up the football picks every year for us as well. That takes work, and I appreciate it very much.

    Since I don’t say it enough, thank you again Peter. 🙂

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  11. Twelve year old got a new suit last week but the store people said it would be on sale this week, so husband is off with son to pick up his new suit. He is already as tall as me and, if his big brother is any indication, will soon be a foot taller. Why, then, you may be asking, buy him a new suit now? Because we figure, in the next year, he will wear the suit at least one hundred times. To church every week, to the library maybe twice a week, to the store, to the movie, anywhere. He likes to wear a suit and we encourage him to do so. But he wears chore clothes at home.

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  12. My question now is why did he take all that window screen hardware out on Tuesday, an hour after it had been installed, when he really could have waited at least several more days (power washing may happen tomorrow, or not)?

    And why didn’t he tell me beforehand, when I said the screen guy was coming to install Tuesday morning, that he’d have to rip out all the brackets and hardware?? Sigh. I told him at the time we could just slip the screens out as needed as painting continued and he said nothing. Next thing I know he’s ripping everything out. Sheesh.

    Control, control.

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  13. AJ, yep, I noticed the dragonfly. I got two good photos of the green heron in flight, the other one if anything slightly better than this one . . . but this one has the dragonfly, and that won the vote of which one to send you. (Dragonflies in flight are just about impossible to photograph. I have some decent butterflies in flight, and they’re hard enough. But dragonflies have given only definitely mediocre shots, like this one–but as the second creature in the shot, it works.)

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  14. Yes! I am thankful for what Peter does for the blog, for his family, and for his students and cave tourists. He wears many hats to do all the good he does. I am thankful, indeed, for knowing Peter. He has given me an appreciation of football that never developed when I was in school because our high school team always lost, and back in the day, neither Georgia State or Georgia Southern had football teams. That just goes to show that you can teach an old Georgia Dawg new tricks.

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  15. In my comment last night about the events of the day last year, I forgot to mention something I have mentioned before from that day. After leaving the oncologist’s office, thinking Hubby’s eventual demise was not in the near future, Hubby texted Nightingale, “Don’t plan my funeral yet!”

    On this day last year, the day after being told it wasn’t time to worry yet, Hubby went to the ER in the middle of his route, with bleeding from his bladder. And so the end began.

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  16. Yes, Kizzie. It is rightfully so hard to get through. You have been so transparent and have showed us all the best way to handle such an ordeal with your faith remaining intact and showing how you have kept the heart of your family alive with Lee’s spirit (absent his physical being). You have been a marvel! And it is fine to sometimes be a messy marvel when the tears and sadness flow. ❤

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  17. I have been outside trying to catch poults with a fish net. It appears, no body yet, that the visiting dog killed our most successful mom turkey. They have been out calling for her for hours, no sign of her but lots of turkey feathers. The dog came up to me this morning, looking quite wretched, like she had done something wrong. Son says his roomies beat her for digging holes and such, I just tell her it is just temporary, she will be leaving. I did teach her to fetch as she was not able to figure it out for boy or daughter. Anyway, he will just laugh and say that is the way things happen. But he is going to his girlfriend’s parent’s house, to work for her dad for a week. He will not appreciate son’s dog killing his chickens. I also told him his roomies are doing her a disservice and making her into a scared dog, which is often a dangerous dog and he needs to teach her or confine her so they don’t beat her.

    By the way, the dog got in the truck this morning and headed off with son so this is a sort of parting shot. She was not happy to get into the truck, though she adores the boy. I think she likes farm life better than city. Especially if you get to kill turkeys.

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  18. False alarm, she is back. Minus a bunch of tail and back feathers. Her little family is all back together again. I am glad. But she did not come hurrying up to me like she normally does, for food.

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  19. Ah, thanks gang, for the nice comments. Since AJ took up the torch to keep the blog going, and the funnies and football picks were popular, I figured someone had to keep them going. I think I actually picked up doing the funnies on the old blog when someone couldn’t find the link for them.

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  20. Might be me. Sometimes I get them late in the day.
    But not today. Yet.
    I enjoy reading them. Some I don’t understand.


  21. Thank you for all your nice comments. You will probably be hearing more from me on this countdown to the one year anniversary of Hubby’s death (October 2). I am re-reading emails I wrote last year on each day, and also re-reading what I wrote on the blog. (That was kind of awkwardly put, but I guess you know what I mean – such as today reading what I wrote on August 31 last year, tomorrow reading what I wrote on September 1 last year, etc.)

    Cheryl – Yes, it was a shock. Sometimes that feeling of shock comes back anew, but of course not quite as bad as when it first happened. Even so, there are times when the grief feels fresh again.

    I think that when we hit the one year mark, there will be even more of a realization of the permanence of losing Hubby.


  22. October 2, Amos will have his teeth cleaned. The Idiot Vet refused to do it. Likely because he was an idiot and didn’t know how. I found out in the last couple of days he couldn’t get into Auburn he went to school in the Carribean.


  23. Oh, the dog was the victim, mumsee? I had it backward.

    All’s well. Right?

    Latest house drama — the automatic garage door has been on the fritz for a while. The garage door was purchased and installed by a company, but dog park Painter installed the automatic opener maybe a couple months later when he was here anyway working on outdoor lights.


    We / he can’t seem to get it working, he’s called the kit company and the garage door company, best guess is the door needs to be re-balanced. Garage door company will charge $150 (but I’m not sure if that’s for re-balancing or just for the service call — plus, are we sure that’s really the problem??).

    Painter said nah, he can do it.

    But I really don’t want him further distracted by some other ‘job’ at this point.


  24. Kim, I’m so glad you’ve found a better vet. I agree with cheryl, 10 is not “old” (or at least not ancient) for a smallish dog. My dogs that size in the past have lived to about 16 yrs.


  25. A busy Friday, had to write 2 stories. I had an invite to the ‘red carpet’ premiere on the Iowa tonight for the Jack Ryan series, the cast and others were going to be there, but I passed. (Fleet Week is sponsored by the series that debuts today/tonight on Amazon Prime.)

    Tomorrow it’s off to Hollywood to take Carol shopping for shoes, snacks and lunch.


  26. I’ve known a dog Amos’s size to live past 18. (He might have been 19 or 20, but he was at least 18.)

    DJ, I don’t think the dog was the victim; I think the turkey was the victim. But the fact that the turkey didn’t actually die means Mumsee is just slightly more forgiving, and the dog won’t be served up for dinner this week. That’s my take.


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