Our Daily Thread 8-28-18

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from Michelle, and it comes with this note…… πŸ™‚


“You all have been so very kind in putting up with this World War I stuff for so long, with a hat tip to Kim for the music and to Chas for conversation on the Schlieffen Plan, that I’d love to send you all an ebook PDF of A Poppy in Remembrance.

The book itself will not launch until November 1, but it will go up for pre-sale next week.

Physical books will not be available through Amazon until November.

A number of you will notice I’m putting together another launch team and I’d appreciate it if you’d join this one, but you don’t have to.

I’m just happy to share.

You’ve all been wonderful. Just let me know if you want a copy.”



Anyone have a QoD?


40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-28-18

  1. What a great cover, unique. I am surprised that she is left-handed. I can’t wait to reread it and see all of the changes that you have made. I also know that I will have an entirely new perspective now that I have read Biddy. It is like I now have the historical background.

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  2. I would like to have a copy.
    But I can only read on the Kindle because the print, otherwise, is too small.

    And a good morning to everyone else but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.

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  3. I was wondering too, Aj, but since you said it, it’s immediately obvious.
    You see? it was a mental block. The subject was WW I, I saw a woman looking up at a WW I biplane with something in her hand.

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  4. Morning! There is that pretty book cover! Michelle if you need more on the launch team I would love to read it as well! I love all flowers created by our Lord, but Poppies, well they just make me smile! I have yet to get them to grow here in this part of the forest, but I do know they grow here! 😊

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  5. Yes, well, you’ll all have to read the story of a young journalist (holding a pencil in her left hand as she takes notes) as she comes of age spiritually, emotionally and professionally over the course of WWI. Oswald and Biddy are characters in the story, along with General Robert E. Lee’s daughter, Winston Churchill, General Black Jack Pershing and Lawrence of Arabia.

    Some of you should be reading for names . . . :-).

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  6. I like poppies but my daughter loves poppies. A couple of places on the property are planted in poppies but she did not like the slow growth in my shade garden so she put in some poppy seeds and now it is half poppies. My astilbe and ferns and hostas and lily of the valleys did not stand a chance against her poppies. They are pretty but not quite what I had envisioned. I think of Michelle when I see them, and it is a reminder to pray for her and for daughter so they stay

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  7. Screen guy is running late so I’m planning to just work from home through at least the morning. I also need to get to AT&T, my plan must be the worst and most restrictive ever (yet not cheap!) as I’m not continually being dinged for going over my data usage. I’m SO careful about that and can’t fathom what in the world would make my data go up. I don’t watch movies or videos on my phone, I don’t ever download or play games, I dutifully close out all apps not in use several times throughout the day … ???

    I’m trying to reach a local resident of ours who was in the North Vietnamese prison with John McCain — he’s recently moved to Maryland, however, so I have been trying to find a new contact number for him. Someone thought he could get one for me and send it to me today, so hoping …


  8. Ah, yes, I love California poppies (the orange species)!

    Michelle, I don’t think I can commit to “launch team” (I don’t remember what that entails, and I don’t promise in advance to review books), but I would like to read the book, if that’s OK.

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  9. Speaking of phone services: Husband made a truck driving trip to Canada recently and got dinged for an extra three hundred and fifty dollars because while at the border, but before going across, he had to print off some paperwork from his dispatch folk to get his load across the border. In so doing, it triggered the out of country charges though he was still on US soil and he had purchased their special deal for going across the border. The company agreed to cut it back a little bit but claimed they were not to be held responsible for roaming charges anywhere close to the border. That was not in the fine print. He is being charged more than he made for the trip. Frustrating… and so it goes with truck driving and phones.


  10. I love that cover. πŸ™‚

    Michelle, I would like a PDF of your book, please. Thank you for your generosity.

    Being on a launch team sounds cool, too, but with my being on a new team with music-teaching colleagues, I’d better just stick to one new team experience for now. πŸ˜‰

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  11. Screens have arrived.

    They are a necessity, but I don’t “like” them especially on the front of my pretty windows in front. 😦

    Oh well. I’ll worry about that later.

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  12. THIS made me SMILE BIG. I just connected my Kindle to my computer to put Poppy on it. When I did there was a Word document that showed up in the Kindle file. PoppyFINAL_August. It was saved on 8/19/2014 5:41PM Microsoft Word 433 KB

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  13. I hope to read Poppy this coming winter, but it will have to be a hard copy as I have not yet been successful with my device reading. And Oswald Husband will get them for me for Christmas or because I mention it would be fun to read or because the sky is blue or some such good reason

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  14. Now my painter turned prima donna texted me saying I need to get the screen guy now to take out all the screens he just installed (so they can power wash tomorrow). Uh, don’t think so. That’ll be your job. I already told him they’d have to be taking the screens out for the rest of the work, but they slide out, it just should not be that big a deal.

    And one screen doesn’t work as the painter put in a new center piece of wood that’s a tad wider than the old pieces on all the other windows (and that was on that window when screen guy measured a week or so ago). So there you go. Now that wood has to be trimmed down so the pre-made screen can fit.


  15. Let me send it to you. You can evaluate the reporter angle. πŸ™‚

    When you download it on an Ipad, you have the choice to read it elsewhere (that arrow box on the top right). I tell it to open the text in either IBook or Kindle, depending on your choice.


  16. Jo, I don’t know if I have allergies per se, but I’m allergic to strawberries (for sure), quite sensitive to tomatoes, and I’ve sometimes wondered about potatoes. (And I can’t eat oats and strictly limit corn.)


  17. You all are my own special readers, apart from the launch team unless you want to join.

    Being on the launch team means you get the book early, are asked to write a review and share memes, interviews, stories and about the book on social media. Twitter, in your case, Peter.

    I also hold a weekly Facebook contest on the Poppy FB secret Launch team group for prizes.

    If you would all write a short review 2-4 lines is fine, that would greatly help me. Amazon doesn’t get interested in the book until it has 100 reviews. Biddy only has 70 or so. 😦


  18. Well an interesting day.

    Screen man put all my screens up this morning.

    Painter took them all out this afternoon, including (!?) all the brackets and hardware.

    Now I have screens stacked all over my living room.

    I think I’m just going to go to bed now.


  19. When I googled nightshade allergies, one of things that came up was images. The very first image looked exactly like a rash that I have had for the last year and a half.

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