24 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-18-18

  1. Some crazy ups and downs this week but have landed on the up.

    I think. 🙂

    Kim may finally have returned home by now–she was caught in quite an airline snafu last night. She probably could have driven home quicker than fly. 😦

    We’re off to the second 50th wedding anniversary celebration of the summer with some of our favorite people this afternoon.

    We’ve been terrifically blessed by our church.

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  2. 🙂 We are financially ready to finish our kitchen!!!! We’ve been saving for 7 years and as soon as IKEA has their next kitchen event, we’ll be ready to go. I’m so excited to have all my stuff where it should be. Right now the crockpot is stored in the office, the food processor is stored in the guest room, and there’s a bunch of stuff in the basement. It’s ridiculous. Our time off after camp will have us spend 1 day accurately measuring the kitchen and working on finishing the ceiling and the lighting.

    🙂 😦 Our last week of camp starts on Sunday, 14 to 17 year olds. It’s been a good, heart-warming summer with our amazing staff.

    🙂 Wonderful heart to heart conversations with some of our senior girl counsellors this week. So encouraging and such a blessing. I am going to miss them, but at least I can follow them on Facebook and Instagram and keep in touch that way. It’s so exciting to watch them seeking to follow Jesus and to do what He wants them to do instead of what the world thinks they should do.

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  3. 😦 Kim’s flight.

    😦 One of the fans who follow husband’s jam group had to be institutionalized with his Alzheimer’s. He has had it for a couple of years. His wife has been so good, but she could not handle his ‘sun downers’ episodes. This disease is such a sad one. I am not sure if he will ever be able to return home again. They do live in a senior community, which is a big help for her. They are both big servers in their community.

    🙂 We get to see many of the assisted living and nursing homes in our areas. I am glad there are now many of these places that are nice places to live when you need to do so. Of course, the prices are unreal. 😦 God bless those who work in these places and have the patience and love they need to treat the people with dignity and grace. God bless those like Chas and our friend’s (Bob) wife, who care for their loved ones with faithful love.

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  4. 🙂 Mobile window screen guy is coming by on Monday. I know getting new screens will be expensive (the old ones were really old and trashed) — and I’d really hoped to do this after the house was painted — but I need some protection as I’m having to keep my windows open just to cool the house down now and I’m now getting what look now like large mosquito bites. I’ve never gotten bit up like this since moving here, it’s really frustrating.

    😦 Painting. What’s to say other than the progress seems so minimal to me. And he didn’t show up yesterday at all, he told me later when I texted that his mom had to go to urgent care and after that the “wind was taken out of my sails.” I’m really pretty flexible and totally understand the need for him to be there for his mom who’s 86 — but it bothered me because earlier he said he’d be power washing the house on Sunday. Last week they were sanding windows on Sunday. So I told him that as much as possible going forward, let’s keep the work schedule to Monday through Friday (or Monday through Saturday if necessary). If weekends are needed, so be it, there are always exceptions that will arise, but he shouldn’t be working weekends when he’s skipping work on the regular weekday work days. He doesn’t have a regular job so his schedule pretty much is his own to determine. But I’d think with this kind of work being so loud and disruptive, there’d be some consideration of the homeowner, too, and trying to maybe work around their days off if at all possible? And Monday-Friday is the normal work week for the rest of us, so … But then again, I hadn’t explicitly expressed that to him, so now I have.

    I hate to discourage him from working on any day he wants to work, but since he’s now missing so many regular weekdays i figured i should put in my preferred request for when he should be coming here (and when I’d appreciate a bit of a break in the noise and chaos that coincides better with my schedule since my time off is so limited).

    At this stage, it looks like we’re at least a month from finishing, if not longer. Maybe by October? Or not. I just wish we could get some decent momentum going with some regular work days that go beyond 2 or 3 hours every other day or so. We’ll never get there at this rate.

    😦 Weird radio issues in my car, I can no longer get it to play AM/FM or CDs (only Satellite stations) and it mostly doesn’t do that either — it usually doesn’t come on at all (or if it does come on it goes off spontaneously and then won’t come on again). This is the old factory radio so I apparently need a new radio and was considering getting one put in today, but I may put it off until a weekday since the audio place is close to where I work and not close to where I live (so if I left it with them today I’d have no easy way to get back home and then back up there again to pick it up at the end of the day — I could go to the office to wait for it but I think our building is having the power shut down today so I wouldn’t even be able to really work or do much of anything there).

    😦 I feel wiped out this morning, I had a restless, itchy night, it was too warm; so I texted Carol that I would not be able to drive into downtown LA and bring her a Big Mac today as she’d (strongly and repeatedly) requested. She goes home Monday anyway and I’ll plan to see her in a couple weeks when she’s feeling better. I wish she were more understanding of how weekends are really difficult sometimes for me to visit, but she really doesn’t ever seem to get it and just pressures me all week so much until I say ‘yes, ok’ just to end the constant pushing.

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  5. One of son’s enablers is starting to see the light. He gave the boy a serious talking to this morning when he learned that son had gone off to the Cottonwood Fair rather than working the job he had signed up for. The man is somewhat responsible for the boy getting the job. Because son and his compatriot opted to run off to the Fair, the man was left to do the combining, load out, grain truck driving by himself. The man is disabled and was counting on his well paid laborers. The enabler is running out of patience. Good, maybe he will stop giving the boy money and otherwise enabling his irresponsible behavior. And because I heard about the talking to, I was able to let the compatriot’s parents know the boys elected not to work. Hopefully, the wheels will start to turn.

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  6. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve mentioned my 3-month cardiac rehab program. Monday will be my last day. When I told my cardiologists (one here, one at Cleveland Clinic) that I didn’t feel as much improvement as I expected after the heart valve replacement last year, they both recommended an intensive cardiac rehab program. There’s a good one close by. So I’ve been going three mornings a week for an hour of monitored exercise and an hour of education (videos and live seminars) on nutrition, cooking, stress management, and exercise.

    🙂 After three months I’ve lost 12 pounds – another 20 would be good – and have noticeably more stamina strength and stamina. I’ve made a lot of changes to what I eat, in no small part thanks to Mrs B. She’s joined me for most of the seminars and videos and put what we’ve learned into practice in her shopping and cooking. And I don’t feel as deprived as I thought I would.

    🙂 It will be nice to get back the eight hours a week I’ve been spending on the rehab and related commute, though I will need to spend some of that in keeping up the exercise.

    😦 I will miss the program’s wonderful staff and the other patients I’ve been exercising and learning with.

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  7. Not sure if this is a rant or a rave. I have both a laptop computer and an ipad. I find that looking at facebook is entirely, well almost, different on each of them. Now on my laptop sometimes it shows me a few posts and then announces that it will show me posts from across facebook. What? Or the feed will just stop. I can see much more on my ipad. Just now I saw a cute picture of my grandson on facebook that I wanted to save on my ipad. I couldn’t find it on that feed until I did a search, really weird.

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  8. 😦 Painter’s helper didn’t get the message (about M-F schedules going forward) and he showed up. He has some really odd religious views and was telling me how the Sabbath is really only 4 days a month on specific dates (the 9th being one of them, i think). Christians who go to church on Sundays are in sin, he says, and are really worshiping the false ‘sun god.’ Someday they’ll find out when they’re told “I never knew you.”

    I’ve heard a lot of doctrinal discussions about what day the Sabbath is, but his theory was new to me. I asked him where he went to church, currently Methodist, he said, and presumably only on those specific dates? But he added he likes to move around to see what doctrines are being taught where. He was outside my south window on a ladder as this discussion (which he started “You’re a spiritual person, what do you think about the 4th Commandment?”) was going on and I closed the window shortly after that. 🙂 I retreated to the bedroom to hide.

    🙂 He apparently finally got word from the painter boss to stand down until Monday under new schedule agreement. He went away. Whew. I was beginning to think I’d have to run away to the dog park early. The cat would be on her own.

    🙂 I’m already liking the no-weekend work/painting rule we’ve just adopted. Let’s just avoid crossing paths, shall we?

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  9. OK, so this is what he was referring to (I recall his using the term the Creator’s Calendar):


    Scripture reveals that the true Sabbath’s consistent monthly dates are fixed to the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of the lunar calendar model.


    (from a critical article on FB):

    History of the Lunar Sabbath Theory

    The Lunar Sabbath theory is based on higher criticism; it is the critical view. It gives us an insight into the various articles and quotes appearing in similar encyclopedias (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia) linking the Biblical Sabbath with the moon. Such “evidence” is merely the view point of higher criticism; it is a mere opinion. This is the only way to link the Sabbath to the moon; by abandoning the Biblical evidence and seeking the alternate views of the critics.

    Source: http://revelation1412.org/files/1913/6186/3459/Jewish_Encyclopaedia.pdf

    According to his wikipedia article, Jonathan David Brown was the first known lunar sabbath keeper to begin the practice of counting the Sabbath from the New Moon day rather than using the Biblical seven day week. He published the book Keeping Yahweh’s Appointments in 1998, which explained the practice.

    Who is Jonathan David Brown? In 1992, he was sentenced to a 27-month federal prison term and fined $10,000 for accessory after the fact to a conspiracy to violate civil rights under 18 U.S.C. 3 and 241 (two of the hate crime laws in the United States), and for perjury under 18 U.S.C. 1623a. The court established that Brown helped Damion Patton, described by Nashville police as a juvenile “skinhead,” hide from authorities and disguise his car after Patton and Leonard William Armstrong, the Grand Dragon of the Tennessee White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, carried out a pre-dawn drive-by shooting of a Jewish synagogue in Nashville, Tennessee on June 10, 1990.

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_David_Brown#Federal_prison


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  10. More: Lunar sabbath[edit]

    Brown published the book Keeping Yahweh’s Appointments in 1998,[10] which explained the practice of counting the Sabbath from the New Moon day rather than using the modern seven-day week. The Lunar Sabbath movement has grown among the Messianic Judaism, Armstrong/Worldwide Church of God, Seventh-day Adventists and Christian Identity movements.[16]


    Seeing the connections helps to give it some context for me. Funny, though, how these fringe type guys like painter helper come on so strong and so knowledgable, asking how in the world you have not heard of this and believe it. When you really haven’t heard of it, it’s a little intimidating.

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  11. 🙂 Something went in our favor financially this week (the minimum we will get back from our house sale increased a bit).

    🙂 I got to get together with ladies from our new church to work on craft stuff. Nothing hugely important, but I feel like I’m making friends.

    🙂 It’s a HUGE blessing to be five minutes from church and to have most fellow church members five to ten minutes from us. In my last two churches I lived in a different town from my church, and the church itself (in both cases) drew from a radius that was up to an hour or more away from the church, with several different towns and cities represented in the membership. Made it hard to have people over to one’s house or even just to see people outside church.

    🙂 We had really good phone calls with one of my brothers (the one born on Chas’s 40th birthday) and our younger daughter.

    🙂 My husband put together the last piece I needed for my office and craft area.

    🙂 Overall it has been a peaceful and slowly productive week.

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  12. DJ, I have come across those types before. They are chronic church hoppers and ride their hobby horses hard. We had a next door neighbour that was like that and several other came to the family church for short periods, giving up when no one would listen to them. Paul spoke of those who were ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (II Timothy 3:7). When someone claims to have rediscovered a forgotten truth about the Bible and that those who do not follow their discover are doomed to perdition, it is time to shake off their dust from your feet. They have failed the primary test and added something to the simplicity of salvation in Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith claimed to have rediscovered the one true way for the church. We all know how that turned out…

    The mention of the Jewish Encyclopedia made me sit up and take notice. I came across a quote from that publication during a dispute that occurred within the family over circumcision. One member of the family was insisting that modern circumcision wasn’t the same as Biblical circumcision and used, among other doubtful sources, a quote from said encyclopedia to try to prove it. The dispute caused a disagreement between two branches of the family which is still simmering. As the article you shared points out, the Jewish Encyclopedia was quite heavily influenced by the school of higher criticism – it was published in 1906, which was during the heyday of liberal theology. All the more reason to doubt the accuracy of its entry on circumcision. Ironically, the quoter of the encyclopedia is ultra-conservative in his religious views, even holding to a KJV only position, but I am beginning to realize that many of the conspiracy theories related to Christianity that he indulges in are derived from theories of higher criticism. I have long felt he is treading on dangerous territory, but he fails to see the danger. The trouble is, he thinks that the rest of us are the ones in danger, because we remain unconvinced by his arguments.

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  13. Chas, yep. I told him he was four dozen, and he laughed and said he hadn’t thought of that, that he thought it was a “nothing special” birthday. I told him next year he is perfect squared. After that, of course, comes a half century.

    The youngest of us “little ones” was born in a decade year, 1970; the youngest of the four older boys was was born in the previous decade year, 1960. So in every decade year, and for just a couple years after, we are neatly aligned into separate decade-ages. That is, by the end of 2020, the three youngest will all be in our fifties and our older brothers all in their sixties. (Right now, of course, we are in our 40s, 50s, and 60s, and within three years of my youngest brother hitting 50, my oldest will break the pattern the other way by hitting 70.)

    One thing that is interesting to me, though, is that we are well into the next generation (my generation’s grandchildren); only one of us (my younger sister) still has any children who are not of age, and the oldest of the grandchildren is 11 or 12. But two of my brothers do not yet have children (one married, one not yet) and still want them. We could theoretically do a double-generation overlap. We already have a single-generation overlap, since my sister has a child younger than this grandniece–but that isn’t terribly surprising, since my brother (that grandniece’s grandfather) married youngish and my sister was only eight when he married. But if my grandniece were to start having children before my brothers had their youngest children, we’d have a double-generation overlap, and that of children born to first marriages and not second marriages. (My family tree already has multiple children born to men in their 50s and 60s–I myself was such a child, and so was my mother. But in my mother’s case, she was born to her father’s second wife.) I suspect we won’t have the double-generation overlap, partly because it would require my grandniece starting her family sooner than her generation seems wont to do, but with two brothers who could theoretically be having children a decade from now, it’s certainly possible. (I know someone who has that double-generation overlap in her own family, but in hers it isn’t so straightforward–her father remarried late in life and she herself was married a couple of times, so on both ends two marriages were involved. If it happens in my family, it would involve all first marriages, though late-in-life first marriages on one end.)

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  14. 🙂
    CollinsLea was baptized today.
    Aj had her picture up a couple of weeks ago.
    She’s the one. They had a reception for her at Chuck’s community house.

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  15. Cheryl – One day a while back I realized that it is easy to remember how old each of my pets are, and the years they were born, because they and The Boy each were born in succeeding years. Angel in July 2008, Heidi in December 2009, The Boy in October 2010, and Rudy in October 2011. 🙂

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  16. Due to me marrying a man six years older than myself, whose mother was 34 when he was born, my MIL Mary was only eight years younger than my maternal grandmother. That also made her 40 years my senior, which means she was old enough to be my grandmother. (I never mentioned that fact to her, though. 🙂 )

    Mary always told us that she graduated at age 16, and she seemed proud of that. (Not to be mean, but it wasn’t from being gifted or a genius. She was of about average intelligence. I can’t remember the reason for her having skipped a grade or something.) Looking through her yearbook one day, I realized that she turned 17 the month before she graduated, and blurted that out, not being argumentative, just a surprised, “Oh! You had just turned 17.”

    Well, she was offended by the notion that she hadn’t graduated at 16. She figured that since she was 16 through most of her senior year, that should count for graduating at 16. I didn’t argue.

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  17. Roscuro – yes, I could tell he was concerned about the state of my soul and considered me perilously misled 🙂 And when I asked what church he went to I fully expected the “I bounce around” kind of response, which, of course, is essentially what he said.

    At another time when he was here he suggested the “pastors” were teaching much error to their flocks, then he wound off into some statements about how the Roman Catholic church had completely changed the Bible and … well, I kind of tuned out for the rest of that. He’s a nit-picker, zeroing in on tiny points (yes, hobby horses to be sure), and trying to convince me, apparently, of his personal truth.

    Sad, but I’ve also seen the type before as well, they wander and search — a woman I’d met in a Quaker meeting many years ago was raised a fundamentalist, married a Roman Catholic (and was preparing to join), instead decided she’d join the Quakers, but then decided she’d become Eastern Orthodox (wanted to join one of the convents) and then, last I heard from her, more than 20 years ago now, she’d discovered some new-age LA sect, not Christian at all, heavily intrigued with aliens from outer space; she was head over heels in love with it all, convinced that this was IT. I think she was one of about a dozen devotees but I rather doubt she stayed there very long, either.

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  18. Jo, I find the same thing with Facebook on my computer. It is slightly different and shows different posts on the Ipad, computer and the phone. I prefer the computer, because of eye issues, but find it irritating sometimes for the same reasons you sight. Sometimes you have to go right to the other person’s page to find a photo you want to download or see again. It can be quite the mystery sometimes.

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  19. 🙂 We were blessed to hear the testimony of a young friend praying to accept Christ at camp this week. She has spent all her life in church, but became aware that she did not really have that relationship. So grateful for those who work in these ministries. Her aunt was helping at the camp and was the one that prayed with her. She lost her father quite a few years ago. He would be thrilled, as was her mother and everyone else in her family and the church.

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