35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-18-18

  1. Attached is an e-mail I sent to those who called and sent cards. It applies here because I thank all of you for the well wishes I received.
    I have been immensely blessed. You have become a family for me. more so than before I was so constrained.

    Thanks for the well wishes.
    I have been blessed for all these years. It was only a few weeks ago that I have had to take prescription medicine. The cardiologist says I have a “valve leakage”. I think some of my blood is going somewhere it isn’t supposed to. But I don’t know where.
    The doctor says he can fix it. I say that nobody is cutting on me mow. Maybe ten years ago, but not now. But they are giving me some medicine for it.
    I think you all know that Elvera has dementia. She is slowly digressing mentally. But she fine physically now. Though she did fall and break a leg on 6 March which caused lots of trouble. But that’s mostly over now. The main problem is that she forgets to eat. Sometimes, not often, I have to feed her. And she gets a notion that thee is something she needs to do. I understand tha. It is difficult just sitting around doing nothing. But there is nothing she can do. I walk around explaining that “this” doesn’t need to be done.

    But I thank the Lord for all the blessings we have had these many years.

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  2. That is such a sweet comment Chas! You are so loved by all here.

    I thank God for all the good folks here. Everyone needs to know such a nice group of friends because the world has a lot of evil and wickedness which can easily get people down. Blessings on you all! ❤

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  3. Chas, I am sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday yesterday. I trust that it was good.
    Yesterday! First I thought my flight left Austin at 7:15. It was leaving at 5:35! I headed to the airport. My Lyft driver was a young woman attending a private Catholic College in Austin. She was a little socially awkward, but I got her talking. She got lost and took us to the freight side of the airport. I got to the right place at 5:00. I still had to check a bag and get through security. I rushed to the gate at 5:35. First time in my life I thanked God for a flight delay. We weren’t boarding until 6:10 PM. Flight into Houston was good. I still had two hours to get where I was supposed to be. I came in at Gate C 30. I was to leave from Gate E 10. I wandered around trying to find signage to E terminal. I finally had to ask. The lady spoke broken English. I ended up finding it on my own. Still no problem. I went to a restaurant and got a salad. I sat at the bar and met two young women from Washington State who were on their way to Lousiana to stop the pipeline. Oh, the idealism of youth. I told them to listen more. These people survive off of oil, many of them work on the oil rigs. Never fear, they have a plan. They will pay the oil workers to not work in the oil industry so they can stop the pipeline. We chatted a bit. I hope they understood what I was trying to tell them. These people have their pride. Don’t talk down to them.
    As you have probably guessed my flight was delayed. It was supposed to leave at 9:10 pm. They changed it to 10, then 11, then 11:15. (The time I was scheduled to arrive in Pensacola) They switched gates. I ended up back at the C terminal. I don’t remember which gate. I was texting an keeping BG up to date because she was to pick me up. I got to Pensacola at 1:15 am. I texted BG. She was on the way. She had fallen asleep! So I sat outside the airport with until 2 waiting on her. I got home at 3 am.

    I can’t complain too much about this. I have had relatively few flying mishaps in my life, but while I was in the middle of it I was not happy.

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  4. Welcome home Kim.

    I have the dishwasher going early today. Painter, properly chagrined by my surprise that he hadn’t shown up to work yesterday at all, said he’d be here “early” today to make up for it. I don’t know what that means. And i wish he would work more during the week and less on weekends (I told him that, let’s hope he figures out how to flip his schedule a bit; no reason he can’t/shouldn’t be working Monday – Friday like all the rest of us).

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  5. This is what someone wrote yesterday about my friend Lee.
    “We became blessed by Lee and her mother while sharing treatment times with at CTCA. I am utterly heartbroken to learn of her passing, but we must also remember that she has still “claimed her miracle” by joining Christ in her heavenly home”.
    Lee was an amazing woman. She fought hard for every day that she could have with her son. (Her ex-husband isn’t in their lives). He sat by her bed and told her all about his first day of school and his classes. He is only 15. Lee has a terrific family who will surround him with love and care. Her mother is devastated. Please keep them all in your prayers through the coming week. While they knew this was coming it doesn’t help when it actually does happen.

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  6. Our church is hosting a discussion this morning on good and evil, if God is good why is there evil — including a final segment (I believe it goes from 9-noon Pacific time, so it just began) on the ‘hate speech’ issue.

    It’s being broadcast live for anyone interested:


  7. Oh man…an unplanned visit to the Vet this morning with Miss Lu…she has Giardia and two other intestinal bacteria…she should be feeling better by tomorrow afternoon…hopefully I will as well…grr….can someone please tell my husband to keep her out of the creeks?!! Nevermind…I think after cleaning her kennel this morning he may finally get it…. 😊

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  8. People in LA are going to begin wondering what happened to their cats, dogs, chickens and children.
    But we have to restore nature.
    I used to think California would be a good place to live.


  9. I am finding where folks go around here. There was a coffee shop yesterday over by the school. They even list the treats ahead of time. I decided to go, but didn’t want to overindulge. So I went the other way and walked all around the centre to get there. I then had a delicious dessert and some visiting time before going to my classroom to work.

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  10. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, Chas! May you have many more.

    Happy anniversary Kevin and Mrs B.

    Happy birthday to PeterL’s daughter.

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  11. The hordes have descended upon us for their yearly summer visit. The meal plan called for my pizza tonight. I made not one, not two, not three but eight pizzas. I did have help. Eldest Niece was my right hand woman. Second Nephew also helped quite a bit. Third and Fourth nephews dabbled a little at putting on toppings, as did Tiny Niece. At times, it felt more like a circus than a meal preparation, but I survived. Every pizza was consumed. Only Tiny Niece left some of her last piece on her plate, as she declared herself “full to the brim.”

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  12. Eight pizzas??

    Enough for all of us too?

    Kare, can’t wait to hear more about your new kitchen, what fun and how well earned.

    My big question: the floor ??? Tile, wood …???


  13. Oh, and appliance finishes? I hear stainless is waning, black-stainless is the new thing?

    But I’m hopelessly old school, stuck in white or cream or other vintage pastels …


  14. DJ, the floor is the original spruce wood floor that was under layers and layers of other flooring. If you research way back in my Facebook photos, you’ll find pictures where we were working on it. It’s stained a dark espresso.

    Appliances are white, we already have those. I don’t really like stainless and I don’t think the black-stainless would suit our old farmhouse.

    Ceiling will be planked and painted a pale, pale blue.

    Cupboards will be Grimslov grey – sort of a shaker style. All the lowers will be drawers unless a drawer doesn’t fit. Counters are a couple of inches taller than normal and the cupboards will go almost to the ceiling.

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  15. We made 4 pizzas one night last week. I had one left over for lunches. We did not have near the crowd. Only 3 adults and 5 children.


  16. RKessler, there were currently two seniors, five (mostly) mature adults, three adolescents, two children, one toddler, and one infant present at supper 😀 The only one who doesn’t eat pizza is the infant.

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  17. Within a month or two of us moving in here, in the mail we had received three “Welcome to town” coupons offering freebies: one pint of Bruster’s ice cream, and two coupons for free pizzas from the two local places that local people have told us “You have to try it!” We got the ice cream first, and I liked it but my husband didn’t think it as good as Turkey Hill (which means that paying twice as much for a pint as the sale price for a half gallon of Turkey Hill might not be the best choice–though I’m up for trying their “bring a banana on Thursday and your banana split is half price” special). Friday we got the pizza from the really “gotta try it” local favorite, and it was very good. And I had two slices of mine left over to eat yesterday; a medium was plenty for the two of us, with leftovers. (We did pay for a second topping and of course the tip.)

    We also have an extremely popular restaurant just a block from us that we will have to try someday; it doesn’t serve breakfast, but its parking lot tends to be full for the other meals and someone who helped us move in expressed how nice it is for us to be so close to such a good restaurant (it won’t be a pricy one), so eventually we will try another local favorite.

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  18. Eureka! Yesterday evening, I finally found the source of the bad smell in the kitchen that had been bugging me for a few days.

    Typically, a bad smell like that would be from the trash, but I could tell this one wasn’t. But, just to be sure, I took the trash out yesterday morning and sprayed the inside of the trashcan with Lysol. But the smell was still around.

    While putting a cup of tea in the microwave last evening, I thought the smell seemed close. I sniffed inside the microwave, but that wasn’t it. As I raised my head to look in the toaster oven, there it was!

    A few days ago, Nightingale had put some frozen spinach and kale puffs in the toaster oven to heat them up for The Boy, then forgot all about them. They were still there, and they stunk! 😄

    Glad that mystery is finally solved. It was bothering me that I could not pinpoint the source of the smell.

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  19. Daughter turns seventeen today. She is happy. She wanted a music player for years so now she has a CD player. Not an MP3 player as I learned my lesson on those. Not an ipod as I learned my lesson on those.

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  20. Seventeen year old son still has not done his laundry. Husband got tired of it and is doing it for him. Because it has been two months, there is a lot to do and a lot of stink. And since husband is showing such mercy and grace, I took it upon myself to clean his room. I threw out a lot of ear bud boxes and blue tooth stuff. He will not be happy but he will have clean clothes for a while.

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  21. Kare – Saw this comment on a video of a bear playing in water, and thought of you:

    “When in bear country make sure to carry bear spray and wear bells so as not to startle the bears. Be aware and watch for bear scat…it smells like pepper spray and has small bells.” 😀


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