Our Daily Thread 8-17-18

Good Morning!

It’sΒ Friday!

Today is Chas’ birthday!



And it’s also Kevin B. and his wife’s anniversary!



Anyone have a QoD?


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  1. Happy Anniversary Kevin.

    Yeah, that Elvera is married to an 88 yr. old codger.
    I have been immensely blessed these 88 years. It’s getting difficult now, but this past year is the first time I’ve started taking prescription medication regularly.

    I think that someday I will write out my distinct blessings on the word processor.
    But for now, this old man needs to prepare breakfast for the sweetest one.

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  2. prescriptions
    I take two. In the morning. They are both little white pills that look alike. and they come from containers that look alike. I have to be careful to take both at the same time and insure that I’m not taking two of the same one.
    It could happen. And more confusing than you would think if you have other things happening.

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  3. Kizzie, Dave Ramsey would recommend you not sell your house to NG. If you do, whenever she sells it, her capital gains will be based on the value when you sold it to her. If you don’t, and just leave it to her in your will, it will be based on the value when you pass. And there’s no benefit to her owning it now vs. you just willing it to her.

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  4. Happy Birthday, Chas. Thanks for the blessing you are to us all here on the blog. So grateful that we got to meet this year and that you even invited us to your home. I can picture you sitting at your computer with your bride in her chair. May God bless you in this new year.

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  5. Happy happy Birthday Chas!! What a blessing you have been and continue to be to us all. We pray for you daily and ask for His continued blessing and careful watch over you and your precious bride. We celebrate His wonderful creation and gift of you this day!! πŸŽ‚ ❀️
    And a Happy Anniversary to Kevin and his bride!! 🌺
    And to Peter’s D2!! πŸŽ‚
    Good Morning all….this is the day our Lord has made….rejoice!! 😊

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  6. Linda, capital gains are hardly likely to come into play. You don’t pay tax on profit on a house until it comes up to a pretty large amount. “If you owned and lived in the place for two of the five years before the sale, then up to $250,000 of profit is tax-free. If you are married and file a joint return, the tax-free amount doubles to $500,000. The law lets you “exclude” this much otherwise taxable profit from your taxable income.”

    But Kizzie, selling your house to your daughter means you won’t have one, and if she ever wants or needs to sell, you will be in trouble. Whereas now, if she moves out to marry or move for work, you can still rent out part of your house.

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  7. Yeah, hang on to the house. Plus you never know whom she might marry — someone who may seem great but maybe turns out to be not so great, which introduces another more unpredictable element into your future.

    Happy birthday Chas!! Blessings to you today as you reflect and celebrate on God’s many gifts to you. Any special plans? Going out to dinner? Cake and ice cream? Maybe someone will give you a new pet rock, all wrapped up pretty with a ribbon.

    It might be pretty enough lure your original one back out of hiding.

    I think I might order a visit from vector control to see if they can figure out what the source of my biting bug issue is around here. I have another few bites on my left arm. I also need to buy some netting for my windows. I have to open them up (and leave them open) for any comfort in this house in the evenings and afternoons due to our heat and humidity — but I’m afraid the biting ones are getting inside now.

    I don’t want to buy screens until the painting is done because painter is not careful with things and they’ll only have to be taken on and off constantly. He’s already bent one of my newer screen frames on the other side of the house and there’s seem white stuff sprayed on my new redwood fence. He’s rough with things so buying new screens now, which would also not be cheap, will only result in his having to take them on and off, on and off, throughout the rest of this process and I’m sure they’ll only get trashed.

    Maybe I can find some netting that can be pinned up from the inside to protect my open window spaces.

    Carol’s still in rehab but is set to go home Monday. She’s back to wanting me to deliver her a Big Mac on Saturday. I was hoping to have the day clear as I worked last Saturday, but maybe I can plan to get up to see her in the morning, stay and house, give her the burger and then at least get the rest of the day to take care of the list of things I had to take care of.


  8. Ever since reading about the new types of mosquitoes we’re getting this year I’ve been a bit more worried as they do carry potentially serious diseases. I don’t see any standing water (now) in my yard (I had some before). Vector control comes out for free to look over your yard for possible sources and to ID what possibly you are encountering, whether biting midges or mosquitoes. I trust them more than I would a commercial exterminator, at least then I will probably have an accurate assessment of what needs to be eradicated.

    These latest bites look more like mosquito bites — big bumps and not quite as itchy (but still itchy) as the other smaller ones I was getting on the patio.


  9. Very quickly. I have had you praying for my friend Lee. #claimingmymiracle. She has gotten over a year after they told her to get her affairs in order. The end is less than 46 hours away. Please pray for her and for her family and those who love her from missions she has done to this who grew up with her. Please especially pray for her son.

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  10. Vector control sounds like something from a science fiction movie. πŸ™‚ What does it stand for?

    Happy birthday, Chas. Good idea about writing out those blessings.

    Happy anniversary, Kevin.

    i am reading a book, written in the first person, by someone who has Alzheimer’s disease. It is sad, but fascinating. She was only 58 when she first noticed the symptoms. It is helpful to understand what some around me are going through with dementia. Somebody I Used to Know by Wendy Mitchell. She lives in the United Kingdom.

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  11. One important reason I want to sell the house to Nightingale is that if I ever have to go into a nursing home, and thus on Medicare, the house would have to be sold and the proceeds used for my care until they run out. That would leave Nightingale high and dry, after years of helping to pay bills and taking care of the yard and various other things that come up. (And I imagine that at that point, she would have been taking care of me for a while before nursing home time came.) Plus, she is much more interested in owning the house than I am.

    She has two possible plans in mind. One is to someday be able to buy another house, renting out the upstairs of this house (with me still living downstairs), or having me live with her and rent out both upstairs and downstairs, to help pay off the mortgage of the new house.

    The other plan is to continue as things are, and then putting money into greatly repairing and renovating this house. (She has some great plans for what she would want to do.)

    If it weren’t for that home loan, I would simply quit claim the house to her. But doing so would mean having to pay off that loan in full, which I cannot afford. 😦

    (This would have been one of Hubby’s greatest regrets. Much of that home loan – which started out as a home equity line of credit – is due to debt that he allowed to grow, especially from buying his former bread route, and the various expensive repairs on his bread truck. He would hate to know that we are left with having to pay all that off.)


  12. praises, I was able to reach someone by Skype to take care of a business matter. Yup, I did it at 1am here. I stayed up until 10:30 and tried, but it didn’t work. As soon as I shut everything down I realized that I had been trying without logging onto the internet! duh, doesn’t work without internet, but I was so tired that I went to bed. God woke me up to take care of it. Now, here’s hoping that I can get back to sleep.

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  13. Chas, do yourself a favor and get one of the pill dispenser boxes. Then you will always know if you have taken both pills each day. Of course, you have to put them in correctly. I once made an error putting in the wrong pill, which I took for a whole week. Fortunately, no damage done except a unexpected doctor’s visit. It made me more careful with those look alike pills.

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  14. Keep the house, Karen

    Michelle & Kathaleena, : I have been thinking about that all morning. It would be a big project. Part of the problem would be describing where I started. That is a big part of the story. I was so poor that I didn’t want my school friends to know where I lived.
    And the episode in 1955 about my reading Psalm 90:4:about a thousand years being as yesterday in God’s sight and reminding him, in case he forgot, about Ps. 89:47 about “how short my time is”. It didn’t mean a ting that He has 1000 years. I forgot what the issue was, but that was in July and I met Elvera in October. It may not be directly related, but If I had gotten the woman I thought I couldn’t live with in July, I wouldn’t have the woman I spent 61+ years with.

    Multitudes of things like that. I am often tempted to tell some here who have problems, that It worked out for me. It was never pleasant at the time, but it worked out.
    Now I have a woman who takes all of my time. And can’t remember where I take her on Wed. & Fri. Who, occasionally, I have to put food in her mouth.
    And remind her to drink liquid.
    But it will work out for good.

    A visiting nurse came by yesterday to see Elvera. She asked me what I liked to do. I said, “read”. But the fact is, that I don’t do anything that I like to do anymore. I can only read on the Kindle because of print size.
    But it will work out. It always has. .

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  15. chas, you can start by just piecing together some of these comments you’ve posted here πŸ™‚ When we used to do “live tweeting” (from meetings, etc.), by the end of it we’d have our story pretty much written by just taking all those tweets with their quotes and descriptions and throwing it all together. Little steps.

    Vector control — they apparently look like ghost busters in their gear so I’m a little unnerved at the prospect of their showing up to descend upon my property in full view of the neighbors. But oh well. Their primary concerns are things like the spread of West Nile and other mosquito-borne diseases. I just need to figure out if there’s something in my yard that’s a source of whatever it is, whether it’s no-see-ums or mosquitos, the new or older variety. The potted flowers I over-watered for so long (but am not watering at all anymore)? The bags of potting soil?

    I am worried they’ll zero in on my neighbors’ beloved koi pond, but you apparently can add mosquito fish to those (they get alone fine with the koi) and so that might be the easy cure there — I definitely don’t want them to be told they need to get rid of their pond which they’ve built and nurtured and stocked for so many years. But I’m guessing they’ll ask about the neighbors and possible water sources there as well. I’ll talk to my neighbor today to tell her I’ve requested a visit and assessment on my side.

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  16. I understand why some of you are advising me to keep the house in my name, I really do. But I would really hate for Nightingale to end up losing the house (or the money from selling it) if I had to be in a nursing home. In my opinion, she has earned, and is earning, the right to have this house. Without her, I couldn’t keep the house anyway. Not only can I not handle all the work involved with it on my own, but I cannot afford it on my own, either.

    Another possibility would be to have it in both our names.

    This is something we should probably talk to a lawyer about when it comes time to do something about it.


  17. Another option, Chas, would be to get a tape player and tell your story. Or maybe better, use the record feature on your IPhone.

    If you talk into it with Elvira in the room, perhaps she could say something, too. I have one scrap of a tape with my larent’s voices on it and it is incredibly precious.

    Have your son or daughter-in- law show you how to save it. Wonderfully precious.

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  18. kizzie, but wouldn’t you most likely have some forewarning of a nursing home future? You could handle it if and when that looked like it might happen.

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  19. Kizzie– You need to write a will. In that will make a statement along the lines of, “in thankfulness for sharing the living expenses, I leave my house to Nightingale.” The rest of my estate I leave in trust, managed by Nightingale, for her sister.

    Based on what you’ve been saying, your other daughter will not be able to manage her own living in the future and I’d guess your state’s law would split your estate between the two girls.

    If you don’t have a will, everything goes into probate and it will be split between them AND potentially cost them money.

    Really, it makes life simpler and it allows you to spell out what you want done. It was important for our family that a will specifically stated WHY certain members were not receiving any part of an inheritance–that made it much easier on everyone left behind.

    By putting everything into a trust managed by Nightingale, you can protect both your girls.

    This is something to discuss with an attorney, and yes it will cost money. But, the long term benefits will help all of you.

    IMHO. In fact, we’re going back to the lawyer who did our trust 15 years ago and redoing it later this month, so it’s on my mind. In our case, our children no longer need a guardian!

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  20. Happy Birthday, Chas! I always feel connected to you, having been born in the year you got married and then having gotten married on your birthday. You are a treasure.

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  21. Michelle, when Mom died, we descended on her house and we had to look for the important paperwork. Along with the current will, we found several handwritten ones she had made through the years . . . including at least a couple of them that intentionally disinherited all our older brothers so that the assets could be used to care for those of us who were still minors. (There is nearly a seven-year gap between the youngest of them and me; by the time he was 17 and out of the house, we were 7, 9, and 10.) We teased our brothers that we wanted to go by the earlier wills instead . . .

    Kizzie, my husband (a former banker) said it also might be worth getting a lawyer to see if you can get that pension, since life insurance should be totally irrelevant to a pension.

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  22. A bonne anniversaire to Chas.
    A Happy Anniversary to Kevin.
    Prayed, Kim.

    Kizzie, I think now is the time to tell you what the disagreement last autumn (now resolved) was between the Seconds and myself concerning the living arrangements with our parents. We four siblings have always been willing to have our parents’ house, or the value of the house, go entirely to the sibling who needs it most. So when it was proposed that my parents sell their home, hand the money over to the Seconds, who would build a home in which my parents were guaranteed to have a place for the rest of their lives, we all acquiesced to the plan. It is important to my parents that they be close to their children until they pass away, and this seemed like a workable plan.

    But things changed in the Seconds’ circumstances and my parents were prevented from being able to get the house ready to sell (the neighbours who came to stay and other unforeseen circumstances served to prevent it), and it began to look wiser for the Seconds to move in with my parents for a while before my parents sold the house and perhaps even become joint owners of the present house. Once again, we were all fine with that plan. My parents had, when I returned from West Africa, suggested that I become joint owner, but I refused on two grounds: 1) I had no guarantee that my income would ever be enough to keep up the house after my parents’ death; 2) if I became joint owner, it would become a matter of ‘last man standing’ meaning that when my parents’ died, I would completely own the house and there would be nothing for my siblings to inherit. While I didn’t want to take away my siblings’ inheritance by being joint owner, neither I nor Eldest nor Youngest was concerned about Second getting the house by being joint owner.

    Where the disagreement arose was when it seemed to the Seconds that they needed to put an addition onto the house in order to live there. They proposed mortgaging the house when they became joint owners to fund such an addition. Then they realized that because my parents are on a pension, the bank wouldn’t approve the mortgage. So they asked my parents if they would be willing to hand over complete ownership to them so they could take out the mortgage. That was where I raised a concern. As one of two siblings who will have power of attorney should my parents become unable to speak for themselves, I was concerned that if the mortgage defaulted for some reason, my parents could be both homeless and with only their slender pensions (my parents paid off their initial mortgage many years ago and completely own their home). One might say that was no different than them selling the house and handing over the value to the Seconds, but in that case, the money would still have been my parents’ and it would have been at their discretion how much they handed over. My parents often need to dip into their line of credit at the bank, for emergency funds, such as when they need to replace their vehicle, and without any equity, I was concerned that they would lose the line of credit.

    My raising those concerns initially caused offense, which I understood, although it hurt to be misunderstood. The Seconds felt that I didn’t trust them and were hurt by that. But it wasn’t due to a lack of trust, but rather from a certain knowledge that the unforeseen happens. Not just my reason, but also my gut was warning me against it. Well, the Seconds forgave me and they moved in with my parents, but refused even to take joint ownership and insisted it was temporary. Second In-law lost his job shortly after moving in with my parents – his employer, who had also been a personal friend, terminated him just after Sixth nephew was born, for some rather petty reasons. The Seconds are now attempting to build a business, but they could not take such a financial risk, were it not for the fact that they are living in my parents’ house. Their present financial difficulties would be financial impossibilities if they owned the house and had a mortgage.

    I have never, on mutual agreement, brought up that disagreement again with the Seconds. But as I watch them settle in and see how the inevitable small frictions between the older and younger couples flare up and then are resolved, I think it is working out. I would still be happy for the Seconds to become joint owners, but, as things stand, it is going quite well. It is good for my parents to have the Seconds there. It is good for the Seconds to be there. Second In-law is learning to take my parents’ assurances of freedom to consider the place his own at face value and is beginning to use the property and outbuilding for his projects. My father is learning to let go of spaces that have been exclusively his (since we females spent very little time in them) and share them with Second In-law. At first, Second In-law sometimes would say, “It isn’t my house”, but he hasn’t said it so much lately (I have wondered that him seeing my use the outside workshop to refinish the vanity – I’ve completed that project – helped Second In-law realize that he was truly free to use that space too). My father has sometimes, when balked in something he wants to do, brought up the fact it is his place, as an elderly man sometimes will do when he is feeling testy; but being out of action with his foot has made him let go of control and give more space to others. The wrinkles are still being smoothed out, and others may well appear in the future; but I can’t help thinking that good has been brought even out of my father mowing his foot. What the future of my parents’ and Seconds’ living arrangements are I cannot say, but for now, they are working.

    Incidentally, my father’s foot is healing well, though it still needs regular dressing. My father saw the surgeon, who was the one who threatened to amputate if it didn’t heal, this week, and the surgeon was pleased by the progress. There was no further talk of amputation.

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  23. Thank you for the anniversary wishes. Mrs B and I will go somewhere special for dinner tonight but we haven’t decided where yet. Later in the year we’ll have a short getaway in New England where we honeymooned.

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  24. DJ – Something like a sudden, debilitating stroke would not give us any warning. And if I were to sink into dementia, that would be tricky, as I might not be considered competent to agree to the sale. (In my MIL’s case, the lawyer said she seemed quite competent enough to assent, but he also could tell that she trusted Hubby, and Hubby seemed trustworthy, so he let it slide. We took that as God’s favor, as we would have been in big trouble if we couldn’t sell her house and buy this one.)

    Michelle – That would be an option. But again, if I end up in a nursing home, the house will be sold and the proceeds go to the nursing home until I would be eligible for Medicare.

    Another option, I think, would be having both of our names on the house. In that case, I think it would still have to be sold in the event of me going into a nursing home, but at least Nightingale would then get half the proceeds. (I am guessing about that.)

    Cheryl – The VA does say that life insurance is not counted as income, but it is counted as part of my net worth, as the pension is strictly needs-based. If I were getting it, it would only be for another approximately two years and a half years, at which time I will be eligible to collect Hubby’s Social Security.

    Another matter is that if Nightingale owned the house, she would be able to get a home improvement loan, as she has an income and a very good credit score. I would not be able to get a loan, and we definitely are going to need one eventually to fix some serious issues.


  25. Another personal story. When I was single, an elderly friend came to visit me. Well, I say “elderly” though she was only in her mid to late sixties, but she was having diabetic complications and issues with a foot, so she seemed older. Eventually she had a leg amputated. Well, she came to visit me in Nashville for five days, a visit that was a blessing to both of us. I introduced her at church as my “Chicago mama,” which my pastor loved. I introduced her that way partly because it was a good way to explain how I felt about her, but also because that Sunday our black members didn’t happen to be present, and so she was visibly the only black person in the church, and I wanted to publicly identify with her so strongly that she would feel loved and supported and not awkward.

    During her visit she talked about future plans, including whether or not she would stay in Chicago long-term. She mentioned the possibility of moving to Nashville. I told her that if she moved to Nashville, she could move in with me. I did not say it lightly; had she moved in, I would have been committing to some caregiving and would have been committing to making a home for her as if she were my own mother–a lifelong commitment, not a brief or temporary one.

    It was a legitimate offer, but I’m glad now she didn’t take me up on it, simply because it would have meant I couldn’t marry my husband. I might have moved elsewhere in Nashville (or somewhere else) with Mama J, but I would not have entertained a suitor from another state. No new husband would have wanted to take in an unrelated older woman as a housemate. It’s not that it would have been a bad life had she taken me up on the offer, but it would have limited my options.

    Kizzie, the situation I’m talking about wasn’t a biological relationship, and this friend has children who can watch out for her. At the same time, this friend is a strong Christian. Imagine that Nightingale marries an unbeliever who ends up resenting you. Or imagine that she gets in some kind of accident and is sued, and she loses her house. Or she marries a husband who is willing to let you stay in the house, but insists you are not paying nearly as much rent as you should be. Or she dies in an accident and the house goes to the Boy in her will . . . Please get financial advice from someone who specializes in these things. You are thinking of one thing that could go wrong and lose your daughter the house–but many things could go wrong and lose it for you, and you have far less ability to recover than she does.


  26. Agree, a future husband is a potential wild card.

    I’m pretty sure there are pro-bono attorneys who might be of help (for advice) as well in these cases?


  27. Still no phone service. It is amusing to watch the reaction of the grown children. “Mom, why don’t you answer your phone? I called and it was either turned off or not connected.” ” I told you we had no service for the foreseeable future and you told me it would be at least seven days.”

    Yesterday, nineteen was out working an adjoining field and he had said he wanted to get twelve year old a ride on a combine with his boss. He tried calling both of our phones and we would not answer. He is the one who told me it would be out at least into today. He had to climb down out of the grain truck, come down the hill, walk back up with little brother. But I thought it was very nice of him to offer and then to follow through. And when he was done in the combine, he got to ride to town with big brother in the grain truck. Fun.

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  28. Mobile screen guy is coming on Monday to consult, measure. He was surprised to hear my casement windows opened “in” rather than out.

    “What brand are they?” he asked.

    “Old. They’re the Old Brand.”

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  29. That was supposed to be that my MIL didn’t seem quite competent enough. But I guess you could probably guess that from the context.


  30. I ordered a Legacy Box. I will have Chuck put color slides and other stuff in it.
    It is mostly for him. I won’t need this stuff much longer.
    So? I will let him choose the content he wants saved to disk.
    I have already made disks of stuff I made with a video camera years ago.

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  31. Nightingale and I talked briefly a little while ago about the need to protect both of us. For one thing, Chickadee and I will be the beneficiaries of her life insurance. It is currently The Boy, with me as the whatever-you-call-it until he hits 18. But then she realized that an 18 year old boy with a lot of money is probably not going to be very wise with it (and/or his dad might con him out of a good chunk of it), so she is going to change that, knowing that we would take care of him.

    There were a couple other things we discussed, and finished the discussion agreeing that these concerns, such as the ones you have all mentioned as well as our own concerns, are things we need to consider.

    Speaking of life insurance – Is it a law that a married person must have their spouse as their beneficiary on their life insurance? (I think I heard that a long time ago.) If so, does the whole amount have to go to the spouse?


  32. In my comment above, I mentioned the concern that X could put pressure on The Boy to give him a lot of money. When Nightingale and X lived together, Nightingale inherited about $5000 from some account my mom had for her. The money was intended to help her with college.

    X’s view of money was that whatever he made (when he was actually working) was his, and whatever she made was theirs. He pressured her into letting him use up that money as he pleased. She is so disappointed about that, that she let him do that.

    Her experience with X sure taught Nightingale a lot, and she has also read much about narcissistic, controlling, and manipulative behaviors, and the red flags to watch out for.


  33. A lawyer is used to dealing with all the possibilities and requirements of your state. It is a few hundred dollars well spent, IMO, to get the expert advice. It is possible to transfer the home with a right to live in it until you sign it over or are declared incompetent. There are options the average person does not think about, but which are not rare for lawyers. A good one is good at asking the right questions and asking about possibilities.

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  34. We went to ours to make sure we would have a Power of Attorney should either of us be incapacitated or declared incompetent. It was the attorney who suggested dealing with the house issue too. Sometimes sooner is better than later.

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  35. Chas, 88 is my favorite number. Mom told me once that at one point when I was quite small, all my dolls were 88 years old, which made her, their grandmother, really old!

    I still think it is a pretty cool number. It’s four circles stacked in a way that the number looks the same in a mirror or upside down–it’s more or less the same sideways, too. Halve it and you get 44, and halve it again for 22. Then halve it one final time and you get 11, two straight lines, a number that also looks the same in a mirror or upside down as it looks right-side up.

    Happy 88th! May you know God’s blessings this year even as it continues to be a season of perseverance and loss.

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  36. Someone tell Kevin he can have “the number” tonight. And that this is 51, so he better watch closely, since “you know who” might come along and get talkative.

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  37. Happy Birthday, Chas! Better late wishes than never. I hope it has been a good day for you. I have not yet read today’s comments. Do I get 57? I do see that post!πŸ˜ƒ


  38. Today we had a big funeral at my church. It was for the son of a black couple who are very nice people. The son did not attend my church. There were over one hundred family members. Our pastors officiated and several of our members took part in the service. All who served from my church were white folks so that seemed unusual, but it was a really super service.

    After that I went to local stores and shopped for some fashion jewelry which I do not typically wear, but it was suggested for the conference I will attend next weekend (4 days). I found some cute pieces at Burlington and Marshall’s.

    As I tried on the jewelry and tried to see what went well together, I was on the phone with Karen who is still in the hospital. She is some better but not ready to go home yet. Then I heard from my brother who told me a cousin died and that funeral is on Sunday (out of town). I am trying to decide about going to that. It seems the distractions in my life are none stop these days.


  39. And Happy Anniversary, Kevin & Mrs. B (just thinking of Miss B and your comparable good fortune in being married to Mrs. B). May you celebrate many more years of happiness together. ❀

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  40. No worries, Janice! Peter, thank you for the offer, but “the number” is not significant with respect to my anniversary. 27 would have been nice but I wasn’t here yet. 91 would be great, but I don’t think we’ll get there.


  41. We had our traditional anniversary dinner at the hotel where our wedding reception was held, then took our traditional walk down the hall from the restaurant to the reception ballroom. We noticed signs advertising that the hotel rooms now have Bluetooth mirrors. What’s a Bluetooth mirror?

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  42. Well, Janice broke the silence as none of us dared post as we waited for Kevin.
    So glad that I got to sleep in this morning. A few noises around here as the gal in the next flat is back from the village, but she said that she is leaving again on Monday so it will be quiet again.

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  43. 62.

    Oh. Wait.

    I have no idea what a Bluetooth mirror is. I think I have some sort of Bluetooth something on my phone, though. Don’t ask me how to use it, however.

    Fourth and Sixth Arrows (two youngest daughters) and I went shopping this afternoon. There is a department store in our area that is going out of business. Everything we bought had signs by it saying the items were 70% off, and then an additional 30% off after that. We found some very nice deals, though a lot of it would have been ridiculously overpriced to buy without any discount. I probably wouldn’t have bought most of it with 50% or less off, either.

    Our haul today included, for Sixth, a lovely dress and shrug to wear to her sister’s wedding next month, and a pair of leggings.

    For Fourth, she found a top and a jacket she liked.

    I bought an elegant wine-colored dress that will be my go-to attire for piano concert performances.

    And I bought four pairs of 18×18 dinner napkins. I would have bought more, because with the addition of our son-in-law next month, our family will then be nine, but that was all the store had left in that size and color.

    They did have 19×19 napkins, though, in the same color, so maybe I should go back and get some of those, too? Any opinions from those of you more well-versed in dining etiquette? πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, the great thing with all those buys — two dresses, shrug, leggings, top, jacket, and eight dinner napkins, the total was $81 and some cents!

    My dress alone had a $99 price tag at its original retail price!

    I am happy. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 4 people

  44. Kathaleena – Yeah, we are thinking it would be a good idea to see a lawyer.

    You mentioned the possible option of me retaining the right to live in the house. I had thought about that today. We’d have to see if that would transfer over if the house were left to her widower in the case of her death.


  45. I looked it up. A Bluetooth mirror is a mirror fixture with Bluetooth speakers built in. So while you’re making yourself presentable for the day you can listen to music from your smart phone coming out the speakers in your mirror.


  46. 6 Arrows, Bluetooth is a wireless standard for connecting two devices together over a short distance. I’ve seen it used to connect a phone to a car’s stereo system so you can talk hands free and hear the other person’s voice coming out the car speakers. Or you can share pictures between cameras and phones, or send something from a phone or camera to a printer. I rarely do any of those things so I keep Bluetooth turned off on my phone. It makes the battery drain a little faster.


  47. Kevin, there was a strange thing that happened with my phone one time, and I wonder if the Bluetooth function was on or something.

    We were getting in the car after church one Sunday, and there seemed to be some magnified voice coming from somewhere, and I was pretty sure it was my phone. I had it in my hands — was probably turning the ringer back on, as I have it silent in church — and we may have had the car radio on by then, I don’t exactly remember. The voice sounded similar to when you’re listening to someone on speaker phone, but I hadn’t called anyone just then.

    It was just some short blurb of bizarre sound that contained intelligible speech, IIRC, but took me so much by surprise that I don’t remember a lot of the details now; just that I was surprised then.

    I’m not sure I’d want any mirror talking or singing to me. πŸ˜‰


  48. Well, sister was politely allowing fifty seven to be taken by either Kevin or Chas. So I was off listening to GA Henty books being read by twelve year old, watering some trees, feeding the cats and the dog that isn’t mine, scything grass and weeds, setting up the game camera, feeding the turkeys and chickens and sheep and goats and doing a few other things. Only to find that all of my kindness was thrown to the wind or shall we say plowed through by Janice of all people. Who would have though it?


  49. I like having two tabs of Wandering Views open so I can see the count right after I type something. And monitor Mumsee, of course.


  50. Did anybody happen to notice those last three comments of mine were all at 11:11? And I never once got the dreaded “Slow down. You are posting too quickly.”

    I was simply breezing along, moseying along, politely giving Mumsee the right of way various times that minute.

    La la la. Such restraint from me.

    La la.

    Liked by 2 people

  51. The Jeep was having Friday problems – like the radio spontaneously turning off at right-hand turns and never coming back on again. We cannot live with that in California.


    Liked by 2 people

  52. It’s also the time zone in which it’s almost 11:00 pm. Time for somebody to get ready for bed.

    Night-night. Thanks for letting me get 100 tonight, Mumsee. Something about getting 100 on a Friday night is just so much fun. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 3 people

  53. What?

    The Central Time Zone is somehow, well, central?

    I don’t think so.

    Pacific or Mountain time zones rule.

    But back to my radio. … Because it’s all about me.

    Sobbing. No music on my cross-town journeys? This cannot stand.

    Liked by 2 people

  54. No, Eastern. Don’t you notice that any TV show tells you what time it will be on in Eastern time? (I’ve only lived in it the last seven years, though. Before that Mountain–the time zone that gets ignored–or Central.)


  55. Eastern?

    You’re kidding, right?

    That’s the time zone you get to automatically subtract 3 hours from and always to your advantage. If a show is on at 9 p.m., we get to see it at 6 p.m.

    Poor Easterners.

    Liked by 1 person

  56. It ain’t Friday no more.
    And I don’t have a birthday.
    But I can’t wait for Saturday’s thread because we are going out to breakfast at Chick-fil-a with Chuck, Linda, Brian and Becky.

    /Chuck & Linda came over and brought some muffins last night. Everyone sang Happy Birthday.
    And that was it.

    Liked by 3 people

  57. No new thread yet. I see on Facebook that Kim has spent hours and hours waiting on a delayed flight. She will be boycotting one of the airlines after this.


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