37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-15-18

  1. Morning all. Chas, you commented on how early I was up. On school mornings I am usually up at 6am. I have to read all the blog posts before I go to school!


  2. And before you sack out!
    Good morning everyone else.
    It never occurred to me to take a picture of a bee.


  3. Perhaps the painter is just who you need. He is slow but then he does not cost as much. Chances are that he will get it done, just taking a longer time frame. You get what you pay for sometimes happens. I would rather have a slow worker who gets the job done for a lower cost than a fast worker who charges more than I can afford. But I can also certainly understand wanting the job done.


  4. School started in LA yesterday I believe. My friend, the school teacher who began having major work-related stress issues and retired last year, is so relieved now. She used to be really wound tight this time of year when everything started up again. Now she can sit back and relax.

    Mumsee, you’re probably right. He was affordable which is why he was hired. This was (is) a really big job and we’ve had a number of circumstances slow everything down (beyond what is is usual slowness). And thanks for your post yesterday (I think it was you), I prayed that God would help me in my unbelief this morning. I feel ‘drifty’ these days, spiritually, rather unsettled in general.

    The bees are all over my Winder Savory Bush lining the front steps this summer. This was taken with my phone camera so not as good a shot of a cute, striped bee-butt as I could have gotten with the ‘real’ camera, but not bad for a cell phone either. Bees move quickly and these guys mostly like to be under the flowers so they vanish almost as soon as they light.


  5. Winter (not Winder) Savory … I think that’s what it is, anyway. It’s been there since I moved in and this year is doing very well after being cut back to work on the outside light post that stands right in the middle of it all. It typically blooms more in the fall but is blooming early this year, it’s just bursting with lavender/blue blossoms that look so pretty against the dark green leaves.


  6. It is amazing how God gives if we just ask. I guess I got a glimpse of that here Son ordered himself an ipod touch and case and earbuds and charger, and had them sent to another home because he knew we did not allow them for him. I had hoped to give him the case for his birthday but he still won’t even acknowledge to us that we have them or he ordered them. He did tell his brother that we have it because he over heard us when we were discussing it loudly so he could overhear us in his bedroom But he is so resistant to family that he can not bring himself to do so. What are those things, a couple hundred dollars? Anyway, we want to give to him, but he cannot ask or accept. I get a peek at God’s patience and ask for more of that.

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  7. Morning! The air is so fresh smelling here in this forest this morning….after the rain effect 🌧 The piney scent is invigorating!
    That is a cute little bee up there……a phrase I use often much to my husband’s chagrin “that’s the bee’s knees”!! He thinks me to be a tad bit corny….. 🙃

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  8. A couple unrelated questions for y’all. . .

    1) In my freezer, I found a package of ground beef that had gotten buried beneath a few other things. It was a large package that had been opened and half-used, then wrapped up well and frozen. The date on the sticker tells me that it is from last summer! Is it still safe to use? (I was going to brown it up for “Hungrauli”. That’s what my family called ground beef and elbow macaroni in spaghetti sauce. Others call that kind of thing American Chop Suey or Goulash, among other things.)

    2) Many of us have been taught that humans are composed of body, soul, and spirit, with soul kind of overlapping with spirit, but meaning our mind, will, and emotions in particular. There is also the view that we are made only of body and spirit, and that soul is merely another word for our spirit.

    What do you all think about these distinctions? Do you believe the soul is a part of us separate from our spirit? Or do you believe that spirit and soul are basically the same thing?


  9. I agree with Donna. It has been opened and you don’t know how long it sat out before freezing. Toss it.
    I believe that a person is a spiritual being. It is more important than the body, but we don’t realize that because we don’t feel it’s day/by/day condition. i.e. It doesn’t hurt of feel good.
    I’m typing more than I understand here, but I believe that a Christian’s spiritual being goes to be with Christ immediately upon dying. There will be a resurrection of the body when Christ returns, but the saved person is immediately with Christ. Some disagree with me on this and it’s not a doctrinal position. But I think I have scripture to prove it if needed

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  10. Peter, if Texas A&M is Southeastern, Then Missouri can clime it also. I don’t think either belong there, but they wanted to play with the big boys, and who can blame them. That’s where the football is now.
    I can remember when it was Big 10 that was so big.


  11. freezer meat, I would use it. It was well wrapped, I am guessing whoever did that did not leave it out on the counter for a long time. As it thaws, if it smells funky, or looks funky, toss it. But that is just us.

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  12. Kizzie–you will be able to smell if that meat is bad. You will see lots of times that ground beef is supposed to be good for 3 months. Also, herbs and spices for only six months or whatever. Really? Lots of these dates are for the best and freshest. It does not mean you cannot use it or that it won’t be good.

    How tight the meat was wrapped may be the difference between freezer burn or not. You should be able to see that.

    If it smells good and looks good, I would go for it. I wouldn’t mention how old it is to anyone. Maybe I would afterwards, but saying beforehand will have everyone expecting it to taste bad.

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  13. Michelle – Regarding that Federalist article:

    It’s just too bad he had to add this: “But part of our crisis is the loss of the ability to think clearly about such matters, as exemplified by a generation that relies on the Harry Potter books for a shared moral language.”

    That is the generation that especially needs to read this, but many will be put off by that one dismissive sentence. 😦  

    There are so many articles or blog posts that make really good points, but then ruin it by including dismissive or snarky attitudes. Some of the people those attitudes are aimed at will ignore them and consider the points the article aims to get across, but many (liberal or conservative) will discount whatever good points were made.


  14. The look-test and smell-test generally help guide me with freezer items that have been in there longer than a year.

    A humdinger of a [whatever]: I’ve been hearing that word — humdinger — way up here in the North since I was a child. Humdinger is a humdinger of a word, IMO. 🙂

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  15. KBells Tim and Chris came to mind last weekend, but I couldn’t remember exactly which day she had died (I knew it was in August, but couldn’t recall the specific date), so I looked up her obituary again a few days ago.

    Has anyone heard how Tim and Chris are doing?


  16. In light of the above shared Federalist article, I found this post interesting, because I had not yet made the connection that Jesus, in his famous statement about the poor, was actually referencing Moses – the older I get, the more I see how the language of the Old Testament is given new life in the New: https://timfall.com/2018/08/13/the-needs-of-poverty-and-the-responsibility-jesus-passed-on-to-you/

    Kizzie, on your question about whether we are spirit, soul, and body, or just spirit and body, the interim pastor at the family church preached, a couple of weeks ago on the last verses of I Thessalonians, where Paul says, “The very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God that your spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Thessalonians 5:23). The pastor mentioned that this is where the teaching of humans being tripartate* is taken from, but the pastor went on to say that being concerned about whether humans are a tripartate is missing the point of the passage, because Paul is using the phrase to emphasize his concern for the salvation of the whole person, not compartmentalizing the person into three parts. Humans are a physical and spiritual whole, and our whole person needs salvation.

    That is why I would disagree with Chas about the body being less important. The teaching that the physical is less important than the spiritual was the error of the Gnostics, who called the physical evil and the spiritual good, and thus they heretically denied that Jesus Christ had come in the flesh (I John 4:3) – it is an error that Islam continues to make by insisting that God cannot be a man. But God created the physical, just as he created the spiritual, and whether physical or spiritual is marred by sin and rebellion, his creation is still precious to him. The physical body is so important to God that Christ was incarnated with a physical body to begin life as a human child and die as an adult man. We partake of Christ’s physical body by being born again into the body of Christ, which is symbolized by taking communion with the Church according to the words of Christ, “This is my body, which is broken for you. Take, eat you all of it” (See also John 6:51-60). Christ’s physical body was resurrected, the firstfruits of the resurrection of our bodies, for which, says Paul in Romans 8:23, we groan, waiting in hope for the redemption of our physical being. When the spirit of a human is severed from the physical, the person ceases to live and becomes dead. As humans, we only truly live when spiritual and physical are whole together. Christ did not just save our spirits, he also saved our bodies so we could live eternally with God.

    *The tripatate human, made up of spirit, soul, and body, was a teaching which Gothard (among others) used to distort the Gospel by saying the spirit was more important than the body, and thus sexual abuse to the body mattered less than giving a stronghold of bitterness to Satan in one’s soul by not forgiving the abuser, as the stronghold in the soul, according to Gothard’s twisted reasoning, would impact the spirit more than the physical abuse.

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  17. I’ve mentioned before that in my website stats, I can see from which countries my visitors are from. Three or four days ago, I got my first visitor from Vietnam.

    Yesterday in my email (the address that’s published on my site), I got a note from my Vietnamese visitor. He’d read my post entitled Choosing a First Piano Teacher: Getting Your Children Off to a Solid, Joyful Start, and wrote to tell me how much he liked it. The subject line of his email was “Love your article!” 🙂

    He also said he runs a piano blog, so I googled his name and found his site. Some very good stuff on his site, and, once again (thank you, Lord), I found some more interesting resources that I think will be useful for my new piano student.

    Imagine that, how a young man from halfway around the world can find useful information on my site, take the time to write to me, and lead me to good things I can use, too!

    God is so good with how He orchestrates everything in our lives!

    Time to reply to that thoughtful email now. 🙂

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  18. Michelle, yes, I’ll bet he’d love a pingback! I’ve seen those before in the comment sections of people’s websites. (I think they’re sometimes called trackbacks — that’s the same thing, right?)

    Anyway, how would I do one of those? What do I need to type on his website, and what do I do on mine to make a pingback/trackback work as it should?

    I am still largely a techno-illiterate. 😉

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  19. Remember when the old WMB had a note that said, “No pinging,” or something like that? I guess that was a no pingback rule then?

    No pinging is good for vehicles, is what my hubby would say. 🙂

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  20. Yes, my baby-sized lizard who was hanging out suspended on the side of my house Sunday when I got home from church. Just hanging there …


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