41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-8-18

  1. Morning! That is a most beautiful photo Janice!
    It is a cloudy morning in the forest. A nice break sometimes from that hot sun. Many in this area are having to deal with the aftermath of yet another huge hailstorm. The zoo had to shut down for a while to assess the damage. Hundreds of cars totaled in the zoo parking lot, all skylights were broken, a couple of vultures were killed, and a meerkat is missing. Several people were sent to the hospital due to being pelted by baseball sized hail…such a traumatic event for those kiddos, their parents, zoo staff and the poor animals.

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  2. NancyJill – Our local weather guy wrote about that hailstorm yesterday. Sounds pretty awful!

    When I refer to “our local weather guy”, I am referring to a local man who is an amateur meteorologist, and posts his forecasts on a town Facebook page. He’s pretty good. He has access to some of the same sites that the professional meteorologists use. He, and some other amateur meteorologists from other towns, have been featured on at least one of the Hartford newscasts. He sends in reports of rainfall totals and temperatures to channel 30 each day.

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  3. Channel 30 Remember when there were three channels? Later there was public broadcasting and the weather channel with the dials slipping back and forth all day with time, temp, humidity, bar press and a couple of others over and over.

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  4. Good to hear, Roscuro. Glad that’s behind you. When will you know results?

    I knew that was a Janice photo, too 🙂 Beautiful flowers and blue skies.

    I saw the news stories about that hail at the zoo. A friend in Colo had quite a bit of damage to her SUV a couple years ago from the hail.

    We’re finally heading into more normal temperature territory here in the next several days, or so we’ve been promised by our ‘weather people’ and my iPhone weather forecast app. Beginning today, we should be trending toward the mid to low 80s in our coastal zones, though that nagging humidity is hanging around for a while longer thanks to some monsoon nonsense spinning up our way from the Mexico coast.

    At long last I’m finally feeling better, I think, for really the first time in several weeks running. From the steady waves of nasty bug bites to the gastro issues and then the respiratory virus, it seems like it’s been just a long string of physical ailments, annoyances and, at times, worse. I am still coughing, but I finally feel like “me” again with at least some of my energy back. And no new bug bites so I think that yard spray I used must have worked. I desperately need to water those potted flowers, though, before they’re a complete loss.

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  5. So big changes here…I went yesterday to Roswell to speak to an advisor at the college. I have registered for classes to work towards the nursing program. I think I should have all my prerequisites done by spring, and good to go for entry into the program next fall.

    Miguel continues with his PT but the Dr will not release him to return to work.

    All my classes will be online until I enter the program itself, so I can continue to work as much as possible. I pick up every shift available.

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  6. So what kind of flowers are they? That doesn’t look like the birthday tree, unless my memory escapes me.

    Wait, what were we talking about?


  7. Kind of funny miscommunication yesterday between Nightingale and me.

    We had chicken breasts already cooked up from the night before, and I cooked up some broccoli as I waited for her to get home from work. Not knowing what she might want to have with the chicken and broccoli, I figured she would whip something up when she got home, as she usually does.

    After she came home and into the kitchen, I told her what was made, and she asked why I hadn’t done the potatoes. I thought it was interestingly odd that she just assumed we would have potatoes, as if I should have assumed that, too. She went ahead and whipped up some instant mashed potatoes (due to time constraints).

    Later, after they had left for football practice, I looked at my phone. And there was a text from her from earlier, asking me to make veggies and mashed potatoes to go with the chicken. So that was why she had assumed I would make mashed potatoes. And whatever I had said about not having made them had sounded odd and a bit air-headed to her. 🙂

    (Okay, now that I’ve typed this all out, it doesn’t come across as funny as we thought it was, but since I took the time to type it out, I’ll post it anyway. 😀 )

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  8. Yes it is Mumsee…I just returned home from having my hair cut. I waited 25 minutes due to her prior client requesting a process that took her over by 25 minutes with her. So…she works on my hair…styles it in an odd style for me…combing the hair in a way it did not want to go…I got home, washed all the product out, blowed dried my hair and it looks just the same as it did when I woke up this morning…except my bangs are no longer half way down my nose! My mister is shaking his head saying “and that cost you 60 dollars?!”!!! Yep…..communication…..

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  9. Home again. The train trip goes through Toronto, and it suddenly started raining very hard. I could feel the train slow down, as rails became slippery. Little did I know, this dramatic even was going on: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-elevator-rescue-1.4777629. Toronto, like many other big cities, has multiple layers of buildings – I have counted, just in its main transportation station, Union Station, at least five different levels of commuter and subway train platforms, bus depots, waiting areas, and street level entryways – so that kind of sudden flooding sometimes occurs when it rains hard.

    DJ, I was able to pick up on some of the results just from watching the monitor, but I have an appointment with the respirologist who ordered the tests later this month to hear the full interpretation of the results.

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  10. Hi all.

    Pretty header!

    That’s big hail, NancyJill! Yikes. How awful to get caught outside under such circumstances.

    Roscuro, so glad to hear you got to your test OK, and have the use of your inhalers again.

    Good you’re on the mend now, DJ. That’s been a long haul, all that time not feeling well.

    RKessler, my brother-in-law was able to do most (all?) of his degree program online. Glad you can do that.

    It was interesting reading the weekend thread with the various comments about running. RKessler’s “It’s a running joke…” made me laugh out loud. Fun story, and pun. 😀

    Today is Running Day #4. I should get out there soon, as my piano student who heads off to college soon is coming at 5:00 instead of her usual 6:30 tonight. It’s so hot, though, that maybe I should wait until after her lesson, when it’s cooler.

    Exercising too late in the evening will affect my sleep tonight, though. Maybe I’ll just run the straight stretches and walk both up and down the hills. Take it a little easier for the day, but still get in a bit of running in the process.

    Decisions, decisions.

    One prayer request, while I’m thinking about it. The lesson at 5:00 is N’s last lesson, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately. I was afraid a while back that I might “lose it” saying goodbye to her, but I am feeling so much better about it and life in general since I started running again, and especially now since I started that new student yesterday, which means saying goodbye to N doesn’t mean that’s the end of teaching students from the community.

    So I don’t think I’m going to cry (plus, she says she wants to come back next summer on her school break, which maybe will happen, maybe not; things can change in a year’s time, of course), but prayers would be nice that our lesson tonight will be a joyful experience, whatever emotions may unfold.

    Thanks a bunch.

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  11. I don’t know if I said months ago, but when I returned to PNG in January, I was looking for my meal list. We sign up to provide meals for the first three days when someone returns from furlough or from the village. There was no list anywhere, so I just waited and finlly someone clled and sked where I ws. I told them the problem and they brought me dinner. While talking to them I looked out my back window nd discovered my car prked in n entirely different place, too. When I finlly talked to the person who posted my list, they said that they hd sent it to my by Facebook messenger! well, after the Brisbane airport, I did not hve internet, so no way to get it.

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  12. Wow, just read your link, Roscuro. Scary. Reminds me of the water rescue my brother-in-law made when his town had severe flooding. He had to cut a hole in the roof of a house where a missing elderly woman lived. He and a colleague found her standing on her kitchen counter, with water up to her neck.

    They got her out, and, other than slight hypothermia, I think, she was OK.

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  13. Scary, Roscuro! So frightening just the thought of being trapped amid rising water. Breathing hard just thinking about it.

    I guess we have “nice” weather according to some study (Long Beach is next door/across the harbor from us and is where I lived for several years); boring, but “nice”:


    What cities have the most nice days in America?


    … The criteria we used make the assumption that people prefer days with moderately warm temperatures, at least partial sunshine, a light breeze, low humidity and no precipitation. In other words, we’re highlighting comfortable days that don’t require a jacket, when you don’t feel like you’re stepping into a sauna, and when you won’t get poured on or blown away. …

    After crunching the numbers, we present to you the cities with the most and fewest “nice days” each year:Congratulations to Long Beach, Calif., which tops our list with 210 nice days per year. Los Angeles closely follows. …

    Other cities near the top are some you might expect, such as San Diego, famous for its great weather, and parts of California’s Central Valley. All of the top 10 are on the West Coast. …

    Meanwhile, our condolences go out to Anchorage — which has less than three weeks per year of nice weather on average, the lowest of any city in the nation. …


  14. Although this summer has pretty much been one long, unending heat wave with more humidity than we tender Californians are used to experiencing


  15. Although this summer has pretty much been one long, unending heat wave with more humidity than we tender Californians are used to experiencing


  16. I don’t have anything to say. But the politics thread has more posts than this one.
    I don’t think that has happened before. Still two more to go to make it to 29.


  17. Lesson went fine. I got a little misty, chatting a bit after her lesson about her upcoming move to college, but nothing more.

    We ended the lesson with sightreading a fairly easy but challenging enough duet to be fun — an arrangement of St. Louis Blues by William Christopher Handy. N loves jazz and blues. She plays in jazz band, and said her favorite part of going to Europe recently was going to a jazz club one evening. (For the music, not the drinks.) 😉

    When I was looking through my duet literature last week, preparing for her lesson tonight, I saw that St. Louis Blues piece and just knew that was the one to do to close out tonight’s lesson. It starts out a slow blues tempo, but ramps up the speed at measure 17. You should have seen her swingin’ and boppin’ as she played that descending bass line in the fast section, and even in the parts where she had rests and my treble part was swinging along.

    So much fun we both had with that! 🙂

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  18. A fair number of people I wind up calling on their cells (for stories I’m writing at work) have messages that say “text me.” I guess voice mail is going the way of email which has gone the way of snail mail which has … pretty much become obsolete when it comes to any real communication.

    But I like texting, I generally find it a quicker and less intrusive way to connect with people.


  19. DJ, I feel so last century. I want to e-mail everyone who has my cell phone number and tell them, “We have a landline again! Please call me on it, not my cell phone!”

    Every time my cell phone rings, I have to hunt for it, and most of the time I have to dig it out of my purse. And more than half the time, it has stopped ringing by then. But we have three “lines” on the landline, and they are in set places in three different rooms, so it is much easier to get to one of those. Plus I really just don’t like cell phones. But my husband likes a cell phone, and they are handy to have when one of us leaves the house and the other is at home.


  20. Peter, I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I really like that saguaro blossom. One of many things I miss about the desert, and pretty high on the list.


  21. Thank you, Cheryl. It’s the best picture I’ve taken of one. My avatar is a cropped photo of the upper part of the cactus. I’ll send the whole photo to AJ.

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  22. Chas @ 3:53 pm: Texting is not the way to communicate with the Greatest (:) generation.

    Funny you should say that. My 92-year-old father texts short messages. I was surprised when I heard that and sent him a short note, then got a one word reply.

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  23. Cheryl, you’re moving backwards for sure 😙. Can you get your cell/land lines forwarded to each other? That way whatever phone is closer .. but texting also is a good option if it’s the cell reception that you don’t like


  24. DJ, texting isn’t a good option when you have a “dumb phone.” I prefer e-mail or a phone call. (Or a real, honest-to-goodness letter or card. Yeah, I know, I really do show my age.)

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  25. I’m with Cheryl on the phone thing, no matter what phone you have. If the conversation is going to be more than two exchanges, a call makes a lot more sense than texting back and forth. The only reason to do so would be if one of the people is in a noisy environment where listening and speaking would be a problem.

    And yes, I have a “feature” phone (it’s not “dumb”) and a “land” line, which is actually VOIP (voice-over Internet protocol, or some such).


  26. I sent the photo to AJ. But it’s not much of the saguaro afterall. I zoomed in to get the arm with the flower, since the cactus was too far away to get a good close up (and the blossom was a few feet above my head in height).


  27. I guess to some degree, especially if you’re working — or even have younger family members — we all have to eventually, sooner or later, adjust.

    We still have readers who have never used email and who seem to think that computers (let alone smart phones) are a passing fad.

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