13 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-1-18

  1. DJ, I liked the rules mentioned at the end of the article you linked:

    Journalism rule #1: Never, never assume that someone is crying wolf.

    Journalism rule #2: Never assume the folks – whose viewpoints you disagree with – have nothing of value to say.

    Did they teach you that in journalism school? I bet they don’t any more…

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  2. I know this belongs on the R&R thread. But it’s about the news.
    You all know that my wife has dementia.
    She sits watching the news and doesn’t understand what’s going on.
    Do you realize how hard it is to explain that with all that talk, nothing is going on?

    NO kidding! Try to explain the news someday.

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  3. I could make this a daily occurance. I’ll just ban Ricky.

    Because it does seem odd that I go away and so does the blog’s personal troll. And let’s face it that is what he’s become as he himself has admitted.

    When I return and if it all starts @gain, I’ll do what I feel is best.

    And i have to say I find it somewhat odd that some of you who are saying how nice it is now are the same who say they don’t want him banned when I’ve mentioned doing so. I fear you can’t have it both ways.

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  4. I don’t think it’s odd at all if some of us like the peace but don’t want Ricky banned. We just have to choose which we think is more important. We enjoy the peace, but we value his sometimes worthwhile contributions and his friendship more. So we put up with the bickering.

    In other words, we know we can’t have it both ways, but we can appreciate both.

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  5. RKessler is right as some of the rest of you know. I have been busy teaching Rob about economics and Robert E. Lee.

    I told you a few months back that I enjoyed you folks but knew I was in “the wrong Sunday School class”. This weekend I acted on that knowledge and formed a small internet group of Christian NeverTrumpers. So far we have been commiserating with one another and have all reduced the level of our teasing and tormenting of Trumpkins.

    I have enjoyed the vast majority of the back and forth. Within this group, you have a very representative sample of conservative American Christianity. Your prayers for and encouragement of each other is what small groups should be about.

    I’ll try to peek in on occasion, but agree that the battle of NeverTrumper vs. Trumpkins here has run its course.

    Debra, You know where to find me if your folks pull off the upset.

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  6. Kevin (1:49), they did but how embarrassing. Just today I was telling someone that a source was always “crying wolf” about an environmental issue — so when a real issue arose it got missed because she’s always flooding our email boxes with every little earthquake that happens around the world.


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