10 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-31-18

  1. No news is good news.
    I always check Fox and Drudge first thing to see if anything is happening.
    So far, nothing is.
    Just wildfires, that’s bad enough.
    And a man’s daughter is missing. I pray they will find her, but I fear it also. Things like that seldom turn out good.
    I told you a couple of times that a couple in H’ville went hiking in the Smokies.
    They were missing for a weekend and people searched for them.
    They were discovered in Asheville. Living it up.
    Everyone’s emotions turned from fear to anger in an instant.

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  2. Woodward’s book may be worth checking out.

    He’s old-school — thorough, fair and dispassionate in his reporting, not blinded and trying to just “push” an agenda on one side or the other.

    How refreshing that would seem nowadays.


  3. @11:40 Nope. But he might get a few more votes than Ricky’s dog. Right now I can’t even imagine the circus that 2020 will be.


  4. PS. I miss real journalism too. It was more comfortable when I at least believed people were attempting to think and write intelligently and in an unbiased fashion.


  5. Yes, too many journalists don’t even try anymore — and the landscape has become dominated by the far left and far right partisan sites. Hopeless to sift much trust-worthy truth out of those territories, typically.

    Objectivity, as much as it could be achieved, was a huge emphasis in training journalists in my college years.

    2020 might be unbearable to watch.


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