8 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-6-18

  1. Bernie Sanders, the moderate?

    Not sure I agree with Veith’s prediction at the end of the column, but these are strange political times.


    With Ocasio-Cortez, Dems Consider Bernie Sanders Too Conservative
    JULY 6, 2018 BY GENE VEITH


    … Sanders was asked on a TV show if he too supported the elimination of ICE, and he said he did not. He called instead for a “rational” immigration policy, which, presumably, would be liberal without doing away with all border controls whatsoever.

    For this, Sanders was savaged on social media and in left-wing forums. One journalist called him “on the wrong side of history,” reflecting the left’s conviction that their triumph is inevitable. “Sanders’ aversion to abolishing ICE triggered similar rebuke from other journalists and outlets on the left,” reported Haris Alic, “with some even denouncing the self-described Democratic socialist as a ‘neoliberal,’ a term generally reserved for those who favor free-market capitalism above all else, and as a ‘moderate.’” …

    … PREDICTION: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will run for president and will win the Democratic nomination. Look at how well Sanders did. She would also get the Hillary voters. Do you think she could defeat Donald Trump?


  2. DJ, Fortunately, Alexandria O-C will not be old enough in 2020. The media (no offense intended) is sort of giving her the Obama treatment.


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