36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-27-18

  1. good morning to everyone but Cheryl and Jo.
    Happy Birthday! Cheryl
    Good night Jo!

    Donna, from yesterday. It depends on how accurate you need to be.
    I would think an app on your i-phone would tell you where north is for your purposes.
    In H’ville, I went out on the street on the first day of autumn or spring at sunrise and turned 90 degrees. That was good enough for me.
    But if you are particular about the difference between true north and magnetic north, you should get a professional to set it up.

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  2. I have to leave to take Karen to the doctor soon. I was at Pubix around 7 a.m. buying eggs for our breakfast and food for Art to have for lunch. Art said Miss Bosley cried the whole time I was gone. She is in my lap now. I hope to check back here later. Have a good day. I think a cat scan is on today’s agenda.

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  3. Happy birthday Cheryl!

    Well, I do know what direction is north from my house, lol

    It’s the old weather vane that stood atop our garage at the house where I grew up, so it’s likely more than 70 years old, maybe a few years less. When I moved to this house, I’d always planned to put it up but never got around to it. Now seems like the time since I’m painting.

    I got it out of the garage yesterday and it’s a bit battered, some of the directional letters are bent as is the tail on the horse. The metal is very thin, painted white, I don’t think it’s a “good” or well-made weather vane particularly, but it has a lot of sentimental value and if I can fix it up, maybe paint it (black?), I think it’ll be cute maybe over my garage door or on one corner of the garage (because i have a flat-roof house and garage there’s no natural roof “peak” on which to mount it — so the more natural spots would be toward the front in the center of either the house or garage or in one corner, according to something I once read).

    A much older weather vane (also a horse) that was on top of the Iowa house my mom grew up in, sadly, is long gone. It went to my aunt, my mom’s sister, and one of her grandsons apparently pawned it, along with all the other family heirlooms that were in a storage unit. Brilliant. Oh well, it’s only “stuff.” But hopefully someone’s enjoying it looking beautiful on their house somewhere.

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  4. DJ – Here in New England, the thought of a flat roof sounds disastrous! We need the peaked roof for the snow to melt off of. Is your roof slanted at all to allow rainwater to flow off?


  5. My husband asked where I wanted to eat for my birthday, and I said Panera. It isn’t extravagant, but it’s good. Their turkey sandwich with avocado and bacon on sourdough is about as good as a sandwich gets, and it’s a place we rarely eat but we have a gift card. I have also always told him I like chocolate cake with white frosting . . . but a month ago at our church dinner I was reminded why I like that particular combination. It isn’t white buttercream frosting I like, but whipped cream frosting. I hadn’t had it for a quarter century, but they had it on a graduation cake, and that reminded me how good it is. So I told my husband he can buy a cake from Kroger or look up a recipe and make it, either way, but I want whipped cream icing on my chocolate cake this year. (He went to Kroger, and since he went Monday and didn’t come home with a cake, he must have ordered one and I imagine I’ll get a cake with writing on it.)

    My mother-in-law and one brother have already called. Usually I hear from about three of my siblings. One particular brother always calls (and he already did), and my sister and my favorite brother generally do, but which ones I will hear from varies year by year, and I never hear from all six. (I always call them for theirs, although I think I sometimes miss my California brother.) The girls will probably call, too. I don’t think they have ever missed calling or coming by. So after those first two phone calls, I plugged in my phone to recharge it.

    But since we got our birthday hike Monday and my husband isn’t feeling well today, I’m guessing today will just be a low-key day. I had intended to go out today and walk to our neighborhood park (I’ve seen signs for it, but it’s on a street we haven’t driven down and so I haven’t seen it), but I’ve been trying to be kind to my knee just in case I did more damage than skinning it. It’s supposed to rain today anyway, but if it stays sunny I just might do that just to get outside a bit. June isn’t a month to stay indoors, and with the work of moving in, we have mostly stayed indoors.

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  6. It does have some kind of bump to it to direct water to edges and drainage pipes. But flat roofs are notoriously difficult to fix when there’s a leak as it is hard to tell where the water actually comes from (this all according to a roofer I used for several years for roof repairs — I had a persistent leak in the bedroom but did not, at that time, need a completely new roof so they continued to patch it which eventually worked).

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  7. And the new drain pipes put in by roofer 2 years ago work well, I can hear the water dripping out to the driveway and patio even on nights and mornings when we have an extra heavy marine layer move in.

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  8. Nightingale and I are both Facebook friends with YF. This morning, even my liberal-leaning Nightingale was remarking on a couple simplistic and hyperbolic posts YF shared yesterday (posts written by others, but shared by her) that presented conservatives as horribly belligerent and mean, even in favor of genocide (of illegal immigrants). Nightingale said in disgust, “She is so narrow-minded.”

    The part of me that is always defending people (even those I disagree with) when I see unfair attacks on them is tempted to comment in defense of conservatives, but the wiser part of me (wiser by past experience with YF) knows that I would get nowhere with her.

    I also wish I could sit down with my Chickadee and have a talk with her about YF’s attitudes and the false, even hateful, views she has about all non-liberals, but again, the wiser part of me knows that, no matter how gently or reasonably I spoke, she could probably take it as an attack on her dear friend. So instead, I will once again pray that God will help Chickadee see through YF, and glimpse, and be repulsed by, the ugliness that is there. Please join me in that prayer. Thanks.


  9. I just prayed with you, Kizzie.

    It was a pleasant hop over to get my friend to her cat scan appointment. I then talked her into riding by my church so she could see how accessible the facility is for the handicapped. I keep hoping she will attend church with me. She and her family did many years ago when Wesley and their daughter were good friends. She helped with VBS and worked in the church preschool for the first year it was open.l

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  10. Jumping in to say Happy Birthday Cheryl!! I will catch up with this thread when I get home later…morning of listening to my friend of whom it would seem is not getting a divorce now. The situation continues to be a disaster. Now we are off to have dinner with our neighbors…and…it is 92 degrees out here in this forest with even warmer weather in town where we are headed!! ☀️

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  11. I have a friend whose husband was an alcoholic who couldn’t keep a job, and was abusive in some ways, including raping her at least once. He would sometimes come to church, but went through a long time when he wouldn’t come for any reason, not even to see his children in a Christmas program.

    Last year, they celebrated their 40th anniversary by renewing their vows, having a ceremony like a wedding. The husband stopped drinking years ago, and got serious about his relationship with God. God has healed them each, and healed their marriage. It is a beautiful story, and a beautiful testimony of God’s transforming power.

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  12. Happy Birthday, Cheryl. Enjoy your new year in your new home. It is sweet to hear you share as things get done and put into place. A home together to begin your year.

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  13. Happy birthday, Cheryl! And belated congratulations on being in the right place at the right time to right the dream book mentioned recently. I didn’t know about that!


  14. I know I’m late to the party but I can’t resist weighing in on yesterday’s question about Narnia reading order. I agree with Cheryl and Roscuro – start with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It’s the best way to introduce Aslan.

    The order Roscuro listed is the order in which they were packaged in the US when I first read them in the ’70s: LWW, Caspian, Dawn Treader, Silver Chair, Horse & Boy, Magician’s Nephew, and Last Battle.

    One could make a case for reading Horse & Boy right after LWW, since it chronologically takes place within the last chapter or LWW. It might break up the continuity of the saga of the Pevensies, Eustace, and Jill, though. In any case, I wouldn’t put Magician’s Nephew first.

    It is the same as how I feel introducing the Star Wars movies. Setting aside the matter of whether or not the prequels are worth seeing at all, you do not want to introduce a new viewer to the movies in episode order. Getting the whole history of how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader takes away from the impression he makes when you first see him in the original movie and wrecks the great revelation of The Empire Strikes Back.

    If anyone cares what I think…


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  15. The bird photos are from the nature center at the state park we visited Monday. I was afraid I wouldn’t get anything good, because it was overcast and if I zoomed in at all, the photo got too dark and not that sharp. (If it had been brighter, I would have zoomed in more on the rose-breasted grosbeak. That photo actually turned out better than I expected–but it isn’t as sharp as it could be for that reason.)

    Re the cardinal, I tend to avoid getting manmade objects in my nature photos, far preferring trees and other natural objects (though brick chimneys, old wooden fences, etc. can add interest too). But in this case, the red of the cardinal was set off nicely against the green background, and so I took the shot anyway.

    I also got a couple of photos of a pair of classic mushrooms: red caps with white stems, with some white areas showing through on the caps where creatures had nibbled on them. I showed my husband the ferns and small plants in one of those photos, and told him it made me think of a place where one might find fairies. Well, for years now he has been making me cards for my birthday, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day through CVS or Walgreen’s photo services, usually sneaking a photo that I shot out of my data files and doctoring it (fading it out or making it a duotone) and then adding a greeting to the front, some quips to the back, and a handwritten note inside. This time he took my mushroom photo and found some colorful little fairy creature from an online source, planted it in the grass, and erased part of its legs so it looks like the grass is growing in front of its legs. Very cleverly done!

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  16. 6 Arrows – No, he did not. That was probably about 35 years ago. She was young (17 when they married, he was 23), he was her husband, and at that time most wives wouldn’t consider going to the police for that.


  17. So above you can see my niece and nephew.
    He is the former Worthless Nephew. I am so proud of who he has become. After tomorrow I will ask AJ to take it down for their privacy but tonight my heart is full.
    These two also helped rotten BG.

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  18. Cute cute kiddos all grown up Kim! ❤️

    Kizzie what Kim says applies to this situation…his heart nor behavior has changed. My husband has said to me that her husband “has no fear of God”. I continually ask the Lord to break through the darkness in his heart but my observation is that his narcissism is destroying not only him, but her as well. She does not trust him but she now feels relief that she does not have to find another place to live and her financial status remains the same as it has always been. Yet this man will tithe because he says the Lord told him that if he does, his program at work will be a success. I remain speechless much of the time when I hear this stuff and I weep at his distorted view of our Creator.

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