42 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-26-18

  1. HRW,

    “My profound disappointment is to the people who find the lack of poll movement in response to Trump’s treatment of migrant families as amusing. The complete disregard of family values by the Republican Party should have repulsed its evangelical supporters.”

    I don’t find it amusing. I find it very heartening that the American people would ignore the media’s false narratives on the matter. Sorry, but the American people don’t agree with the left on illegal immigration. No amount of lies and staged photos of crying whelps will change that.

    And family values? When you take your children along to commit your lawbreaking with you, you don’t get to lecture on family values. You get locked up or deported, and your kids as well.

    The family that prays together may stay together, but the family that commits crimes together doesn’t. Quite simple really.

    Cross at an approved point (there’s 48 in Mexico) to claim asylum and you and your family stay together while your claim is heard. Commit a crime and illegally cross, you go to jail, your children suffer for your crimes. Got it?

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  2. Aw. Poor things.

    Now they have to actually do the job the public pays them for?

    What is this world coming to? 🙄


    “Only days after President Donald Trump’s administration slightly rolled back its “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal immigrants, the media ran a hit piece accusing the original policy of essentially forcing federal and state prosecutors to work harder.

    The underlying premise of the piece by USA Today was that the Trump administration’s focus on rightfully prosecuting all illegal immigrants had placed too much pressure on federal prosecutors and made it harder for them to deal with drug-related cases.

    As proof the publisher cited an email sent to Department of Homeland Security officials by an official with the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s San Diego branch days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy earlier this year.

    In the email the official warned that the federal government’s newfound commitment to actually enforcing America’s immigration laws “will occupy substantially more of our resources.” He also complained that federal prosecutors would need to work under tight deadlines.

    Oh, no!

    USA Today also noted that federal prosecutors have been encumbered with so much work that they’ve had to divert drug-smuggling cases from California out of the federal court system and into the state’s own court system.

    “The District Attorney’s office in San Diego said Friday that the number of cases submitted to them by border authorities had more than doubled since the administration started its border crackdown. Spokeswoman Tanya Sierra said Homeland Security agents referred 96 drug cases to the office between May 21 and June 21, compared to 47 over the same period last year.”

    Oh no, again!”

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  3. Not shocking. If she’ll prostitute herself out for leaks with one old guy, why not others?


    “A New York Times journalist at the center of questions about media ethics and how information leaked from intelligence services reached new heights Monday after a report from the paper shows the reporter had dated more than one member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    Ali Watkins, currently with The times, faced scrutiny after a Department of Justice investigation revealed that she was having a romantic relationship with Senate Security staffer James Wolfe, a man around 30 years her senior, while she was working at other outlets like BuzzFeed news and Politico.

    But Watkins did not limit her romantic entanglements to just one source.

    As The Times reported Sunday, Watkins “briefly dated another staff member of the committee.”

    While Watkins disclosed her relationship to editors in the past, her reporting on intelligence issues never received a disclaimer about any supposed conflict of interests.”

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  4. Not surprising.


    “On Monday, former governor Mike Huckabee, father of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, revealed that the harassment suffered by his daughter’s family was much worse than initial reports suggested.”

    “But according to Huckabee, after Sanders and her husband left the establishment to go home, the rest of her extended family — her liberal in-laws — walked to a restaurant nearby to have dinner. They were allegedly followed and further harassed by the Red Hen owner.

    “There’s a part of that story that has not been told,” said Huckabee, speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. “Once Sarah and her family left — of course Sarah was asked to please vacate — Sarah and her husband just went home, they’d had enough. But, the rest of her family went across the street to a different restaurant.”

    “The owner of the Red Hen — nobody’s told this — then followed them across the street, called people and organized a protest, yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant and creating this scene,” he continued.

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  5. And sadly, it’s come to this…… 😦


    “A national children’s librarian board voted unanimously Sunday to strip “Little House on the Prairie” author Laura Ingalls Wilder of her place of honor atop the board’s annual award because of what they called “concerns” over Wilder’s “stereotypical” portrayal of other races in her series of pioneer children’s books.

    The Association of Library Service to Children’s (ALSC) board voted this weekend, at their annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, to change the title of their annual award for excellence in children’s literature to the “Children’s Literature Legacy Award” because, they claim, Wilder’s work “includes expressions of stereotypical attitudes inconsistent with ALSC’s core values.”

    The change reportedly received a standing ovation from members of the Chicago-based organization.

    The group also objected to Wilder’s works being widely read and promoted, claiming that the author’s “legacy is complex” and “not universally embraced,” despite her ubiquity.”


  6. Apparently old Krugman has a mole in the Trump White House.

    Dear Leader and The Cult are going to have to find someone to blame for the unintended consequences of his economic illiteracy.

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  7. In real journalism, if you have a personal connection you are shifted off the story.

    From Little House on the Prairie, I was surprised as an eight year-old to read about a black physician saving the family’s life. Growing up in Los Angeles, I had never seen a black doctor before and my admiration and interest in the man went up.

    Similarly, the end of the Little House on the Prairie includes a poignant scene where five year-old Laura locks eyes with a Native American papoose and wants him.

    Obviously, the little girl recognized the humanity of that baby and it was an opening moment in her life–seeing Native Americans as “real” people and not a people group to fear.

    Indeed, I got the impression she admired Native Americans, particularly in later books.

    I wonder if these righteous readers read the rest of the series?


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  8. I looked up the rankings for countries listed at Ricky’s site and found that law and order is highest in the Nordic countries, Canada, Europe in general, Hong Kong/China, and yes, Singapore. Yet none of them, or all combined, can boast of a higher prison population than the US. And when we begin to pass laws here in the US that bear a resemblance to those beacons of law and order and economic wisdom, Republican howls against ‘fascism’, ‘socialism’, and ‘nanny-state interference’ reverberate from sea to shining sea. And so we continue to seek law and order by incarcerating greater and greater numbers of people—in private for profit prisons. I will be much surprised if future generations do not look back on this sale of justice as one of our more degraded moments….That, of course, is assuming we have future generations. If the young impressionable minds of our country don’t quickly figure out what a male and a female is, and the satisfaction and usefulness in procreating the species in family units, we may go the way of the Shakers. :–/

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  9. “Dear Leader and The Cult are going to have to find someone to blame for the unintended consequences of his economic illiteracy.”

    I know all things wrong are Trump’s fault in your mind, but at least have the facts right.

    Harley’s decision was made way before Trump, so to blame it on Trump’s tariffs is dishonest. His new tariffs had nothing to do with it. Anyone suggesting a link is editorializing wrongly at best and should issue an immediate retraction, or are flat out lying at worst


    “It is true that some American companies have expressed concern about how new tariffs may affect their business going forward. It is also true that Harley-Davidson will soon be closing a plant in Kansas City, Missouri.

    However, these items are not directly related. In fact, Harley has planned on consolidating production at the Kansas City plant since 2015, before Trump was even in office; when the company made the announcement, it said that it was due to slowing motorcycle sales:

    Harley-Davidson’s sales fell sharply in 2017 and the company will move ahead with a plan to consolidate manufacturing operations, including the closure of its Kansas City, Mo. plant.

    The world’s largest maker of heavyweight motorcycles has struggled to reverse a four-year sales slide, with growth overseas somewhat helping offset a decline in the U.S. bike market.

    Additionally, Harley-Davidson announced in 2017 that it would be opening a manufacturing plant in Thailand. However, Harley said at the time that the decision was made to better serve the burgeoning market in southeast Asia, and that the decision would not affect manufacturing in the United States:”

    Even your NY Times knows this is all about cheaper production overseas.

    Stop spreading falsehoods. Your globalism built this.

    “May 23, 2017

    HONG KONG — President Trump has held up Harley-Davidson as a pillar of American manufacturing.

    “We’re proud of you! Made in America, Harley-Davidson,” Mr. Trump said to the company’s leather-clad top executives in February as five of its motorcycles rumbled on the White House lawn.

    But even as he praised Harley-Davidson’s all-American credentials, the company was busily building a new plant — in Thailand.

    Harley-Davidson, an icon of American style and know-how, serves as a strong example of the nuanced economic realities that are pushing American companies to lay off workers at home and set up new factories overseas. Unions representing its workers accuse the company of cutting American jobs to hire lower-paid foreign workers. Yet global trade barriers and proximity to a growing base of new customers also play roles, complexities inherent in Mr. Trump’s ambition to overhaul trade policy.”

    Even the NYT has to admit that any roll Trump’s (at that point unannounced) tariffs made in the decision were well down the scale of reasons.

    It’s money, and the never ending globalist pursuit of it. The bottom line is always the bottom line.


  10. Republicans in Congress have Lucy’d us again.


    “Talk about swampy: Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House, yet even token attempts to reduce spending cannot succeed.

    Last week’s failure of a $15 billion package of rescissions (i.e., spending cuts) that the administration had proposed partly reflected the narrow Republican majority in the Senate. With Republicans’ one-vote margin, objections by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Richard Burr (R-NC) sank the measure in a 48-50 vote.

    But the watered-down package itself speaks volumes about Congress’ inability to control spending. The rescissions package did not touch the massive, budget-busting omnibus spending bill enacted earlier this year—a 2,200-page monstrosity that members enacted into law mere hours after its release. Nor would the rescissions package have taken steps to solve the entitlement crisis that represents the prime driver of America’s long-term deficits and debt.

    Health Care: Dems Demagogue, GOP Caves”


  11. Sounds about right.


    “Professional interrogators and debriefers will tell you that a major challenge of their job is to remain agnostic about the information the source relays. Their job is to use whatever skills they have to determine if the source’s comportment is consistent with someone telling the truth, to recognize and counter attempts to evade or deflect questions, and to faithfully report all information collected, regardless of their personal opinion of its veracity.

    They call it raw, unevaluated intelligence for a reason: the interrogator collects it, and the analysts assess its veracity. Whatever issues you may have with the source’s credibility are worked out in the room, through thorough, methodical questioning and unrelenting follow-up. While there’s little room on a standard Intelligence Information Report for editorializing, a responsible debriefer will notify headquarters of his or her opinion of the source’s veracity, and will note significant red flags and behavioral issues in the “Reporting Officer Comments” section of the report.

    I say all of this to tell you that the worst possible scenario for a debriefer engaged in an extended series of interviews with a subject is to fall in love with the source. By “fall in love” I mean to allow your excitement at the possibility that what he is telling you is true to overcome your responsibility to recognize, counter, and report red flags and blinking lights that may suggest your source is being less than forthcoming, or even lying.

    You don’t want this to be the case. The last thing you want to hear from analysts after a session in which you believed the source was telling you the truth was that he was lying to you, and, by the way, here’s the reporting that proves you were duped. It’s soul-crushing. You question your skills, you’re embarrassed to have vouched for the guy, and you wonder if you’ve lost your edge.

    But This Happened with the FBI and Christopher Steele

    The FBI fell in love with their source. The information Christopher Steele was providing so perfectly fit into a narrative of collusion and conspiracy by the Republican presidential candidate and his staff that it was impossible to ignore, and almost too good to check. They tried to check it—desperately, I would guess—yet, according to those who have read the four separate Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) packets on Carter Page, they were never able to verify the information he provided.

    There are two paths available when facing this situation. You can either dump your source and alert the intelligence community of your inability to verify the source’s information, or you can ignore the flashing red lights and rationalize the inconsistencies.

    This information made sense, after all. It was explosive, it was sensational, and it was damning. If it was true, the ramifications—to the election, to the Trump team, to the nation, and to the FBI—were mind-boggling. To again paraphrase Deputy Assistant Director Strzok, we’re talking impeachment here.

    U.S. agencies chose the second path. The FBI and DoJ decided that their “love” for their source overcame their inability to validate his information, so they decided that vouching for the source would supersede their responsibility (and inability) to verify the information. “We couldn’t independently validate the information, but we can represent to you with confidence that our source has been, and is, credible. We therefore are certifying that the information in that dossier is credible.”


  12. Finally. About time they show some guts.



    “Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs on Monday introduced a measure that would censure Rep. Maxine Waters and ask her to resign for inciting people to publicly confront Trump administration officials.

    Biggs told The Hill that Waters’ comments do “not become somebody who’s in Congress” and warrant disciplinary action.

    “So we just introduced it, we have some cosponsors, but what she did was to basically incite people to come after and attack members of the president’s cabinet,” the Arizona Republican told The Hill. “And also spread that out to more people.”


  13. More good news from the Supreme Court.

    So glad it was Trump deciding the majority and not Hillary. I suspect had she picked the most recent member these decisions would be 5-4 the other way. 🙂


    “A five-justice majority of the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in full the latest iteration of President Donald Trump’s travel sanctions Tuesday.

    The ruling was an unqualified victory for the Trump administration, after earlier variants of the entry ban were greeted with raucous airport protests and break-neck litigation that left the White House reeling.

    Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the Court’s opinion, joined by Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch.

    “The president has lawfully exercised the broad discretion granted to him under [federal law],” Roberts wrote.”


  14. Debra, What group(s) of people who are imprisoned in the US do you want to see released? Other than my friend who went to prison for ten years for shooting his wife and her boyfriend, almost all of the folks I know who have gone to prison/jail have been sentenced for drunk driving or selling dope.


  15. And here’s more on what Michelle mentioned. A pro-life victory, again thanks to the Trump appointed majority. A Hillary appointee on the court would have ensured Planned Parenthood would be celebrating their victory today instead of raging in defeat.

    These may be small victories, but they wouldn’t have been possible without Trump appointing Gorsuch. Sometimes the lesser of two evils really is much less evil. 🙂


    “The Supreme Court has struck down a California law forcing pregnancy centers to promote abortions. The high court decision is a massive victory for pro-life advocates and pregnancy centers that want to provide pro-life options for pregnant women considering abortion without being forced to promote abortions.

    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments earlier this year in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra, a lawsuit brought by pregnancy centers that don’t want to be compelled to advertise abortions.They say the California Reproductive FACT Act violates the free speech clause in the First Amendment.

    Today, the nation’s highest court struck down the law, saying it “likely violates the First Amendment.” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion for the 5-4 majority in which Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Kennedy, Alito and Gorsuch joined. The four abortion advocates, Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan ruled that pregnancy centers can be forced to promote abortions.

    “The licensed notice is a content-based regulation. By compelling petitioners to speak a particular message, it “alters the content of [their] speech,’” the Supreme Court added.

    Thomas wrote that “the people lose when the government is the one deciding which ideas should prevail…. This Court’s precedents are deeply skeptical of laws that ‘distinguis[h] among different speakers, allowing speech by some but not others.’”

    Tuesday’s ruling from the Supreme Court could impact similar pro-abortion anti-free-speech laws enacted in other states, including Hawaii and Illinois.

    Alliance Defending Freedom President, CEO, and General Counsel MichaelFarris told LifeNews he was delighted by the decision.”

    Meanwhile, PP ain’t happy, which makes me smile. 🙂


    “Abortion activists are not happy with today’s Supreme Court decision saying a California law was improper that forced pregnancy centers to promote abortions. For abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood, it is supposedly anti-woman to not force pregnancy centers to push abortion.

    In a series of tweets slamming the decision, the Planned Parenthood abortion business criticized the Supreme Court and claimed that pregnancy centers are giving medically inaccurate information to women, though it provided no examples or evidence to support the claim. However, all pregnancy centers do is provide opportunities for women considering abortion to look at pro-life options to have their baby and provide for their child.

    One pro-abortion organization went as far as making the outlandish claim that the Supreme Court decision allows pregnancy centers to lie to women and a slams the Supreme Court for having an all-male majority decide in the case. The pro-abortion women on the Supreme Court sided with California and its effort to force pregnancy centers to promote abortions.

    “Five male Supreme Court justices gave crisis pregnancy centers the right to lie to women today,” said Heidi Hess, CREDO Action Co-Director. “Rather than affirm women’s right to control their bodies and their lives, the Court voted to control women, and to set the stage for even more attacks on our reproductive rights. Senate Republicans stole a Supreme Court nominee from President Obama in order to create this anti-woman majority. Every senator who contributed to that theft or voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch should be held accountable for his deciding vote to undermine women today.””

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  16. The Left? Not so much…..




  17. Ricky@1:24 I don’t know. But a good start would be to take away the profit motive for sending people there. And I’m not altogether sure that a public caning instead of incarceration might not be more satisfactory in some cases.


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  18. The Army will now go back to teaching valuable battlefield skills to troops, instead of trying to turn them into social justice warriors.

    What a concept! 🙄

    Let’s hope the other branches follow suit.


    “Fighting will now take precedence over dealing with transitioning transgender troops, drug abuse and other issues as the Army seeks to overhaul its training regimen to hone its soldiers’ battlefield skills.

    In a series of servicewide memorandums approved by Army Secretary Mark Esper and Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and obtained by The Washington Times, service leaders are making optional previously mandatory training on issues such as transgender transition and drug abuse. The move, Army leaders argue, is designed to relieve stress on the overburdened troop training regimen and refocus on soldiers’ ability to fight in combat.

    “The Army’s regulations and policies that deal with training were pretty settled, and there were not a lot of detractors to it. … It was all the other [training] requirements that we levied on ourselves, or we had levied from other places” that led to the increasingly cumbersome approach to combat readiness, said Col. John O’Grady, chief of the Army’s collective training division.

    Those mandated training requirements “served as barriers to maximizing time … to build readiness and lethality” within combat units, he said in an interview. Aside from ending mandatory training programs on transgender troops and drug abuse, courses on media awareness and human trafficking have been eliminated from the mandatory curriculum, the service memorandums state.”


  19. @5:54 I don’t think so Ricky. I love my country and I’m committed where I am. It would take a call of God and a stick of dynamite to dislodge me now. :–)

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  20. Some of the jobs are already gone.

    The stock markets have been very shaky since Trump started threatening/announcing tariffs earlier this year. We are about to find out how much our modern economy is dependent on free trade. We had been riding a 9 year bull market. Will we see significant damage from the tariffs before the election in November? Time will tell.


  21. Hmmm. A 9 year bull market you say? Let’s think. What happened 9 years ago… I know it will come to me. Oh yeah now I remember. It only took a few trillion in stimulus (read ‘blackmail payments’) to prop up greedy financial institutions so they could continue their M&A (read ‘monopolizing’) in exchange for avoiding massive layoffs (read ‘raping and pillaging working families’). We should probably prepair for the bear that inevitably follows a manipulated bull.


  22. You are correct, and here is the way that Never-Trumpers prepare. We shift investments to securities from countries we think will be least affected by America’s self-inflicted wounds.


  23. For all the concern expressed over Water’s tweet and the refusal to allow Trump staffers to eat in peace, no concern has been expressed by the administration’s supporters over the dehumanuzing language used to describe other human beings. When people are referred to as vermin, infestation, and dogs (whelps), it becomes much easier to treat them as less than human. All the pro life and family values rhetoric mean nothing when children are described as less than human.

    It matters not if they are “migrants” or “illegal immigrants”, to decribe them as vermin and an infestation is to dehumanize. Once dehumanized the state can lower their treatment so that children can be housed in dog kennel like conditions. Once dehumanized, others can ignore them or join in the persecution. After all no one likes a vermin infestated neighbourhood. I describe these families as migrants for that is what they are, they can only be deemed illegal through due process. A process Trump wishes to deny and his choice of language reflects his wish. For his supporters to echo his language indicates an endorsement of rule by law not rule of law.

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  24. It matters not whether they cross at approved border points or so somewhere in between. Assulym seekers can cross anywhere and still not commit an illegal act. And why would a migrant cross at approved point? US policy duscourages any asulym claims. Make a claim, you are imprisioned as are your children. Both are then treated as criminals and not only treated as a commodity in the for profit prision system but you are treated as less than human by people who have absorbed the dehumanizing rhetoric of the Trump administration.

    In fact, avoiding the border patrol/ICE can be viewed as pro.life and pro family values. By avoiding these agents of the Trump admin you keep your family together and you avoid being treated like vermin or a mere commodity.


  25. Ricky, we are due for a recession. Since Reagan’s destruction of the new deal regulatory framework, recessions occur roughly every 10 years or at least once every Republican administration. Recessions can only be avoided or ended witb govt intervention to move the economoy or money along. Trump’s actions wil only serve to kick start something that is inevitable. His actions will slow the movement of trade ie money and without movement capitalism slows and stops. Due to Trump’s ill advised moves its going to take govt intervention and money to move the economy out of the coming recession. Hopefully somebody else will be in charge to fix his mistakes as he only know how to declare bankruptcy and move on.


  26. Sorry, Ricky, but the quote isn’t accurate. There hasn’t yet been a significant “drop” in stocks. I’m as opposed to the silly tariffs as you are, but it’s not accurate.


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