41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-21-18

  1. I’m headed to Annapolis today for lunch with the first of my Navy wife mentors. I’ve only seen her once in the last 39 years. See what a great trip I’m having? πŸ™‚

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  2. You really should tour the Naval Academy. At least go to the Chapel. It is impressive. There is a small chapel downstairs that most don’t know about. I used to attend church in the small chapel.


  3. Please don’t think I am complaining. I was up at 4 yesterday, taught from 9-12, Showed property from 3 to 6, got two offers on a listing that I will have to handle today, and am showing property from 10-1 today. I have a meeting at 2 and another at 3. I have to respond to offers by 6 tonight. I stopped last night at 9 with the texting.
    Not quite sure how I am going to do it all in a timely and proficient manner, but I will. I just need a clear head to process. The people I am showing property to want to have something under contract before they leave Sunday.
    Oh, and Miss Maddie is on her way. I have to get smiles and snuggles before I leave this morning. So far, I think I have more baby “stuff” in my house than I did when I had my own personal baby. Grandpa ordered a swing.

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  4. Hi Janice, you ARE busy.

    I’m debating whether to go w/former editor and reporter colleague to our sister paper in OC today to hear the visiting corporate guys from Denver — they spoke at our Northern California papers yesterday so we already kind of know what they are going to say (which is not much of anything). I’m just feeling very weary of it all right now.

    I lost one half of my favorite earring pairs down the drain yesterday. I almost was able to fish it out with tweezers & scissors, but not quite, it slipped free, flipped backward and now it’s gone down, down, down, no longer visible. Sigh. Someone will find it someday 100 years from now underground when the sewer line needs replacing again. They were cheap, I’ll probably just buy another pair. I loved those earrings.

    My car needs servicing and my hair needs cutting and I need to pick up those super-expensive eyedrops waiting at the pharmacy for me.

    But I may just play with dogs and read and sleep all weekend to escape it all.

    I talked to Carol last night who told me we’re having a heat wave which was news to me. I think maybe it’s just a lot warmer where she is in Hollywood than where I am on the coast these days. Here it’s cloudy and cool, with our damp marine layer churning and rolling in and over us from the ocean every night, always a welcome sight for me.


  5. DJ, if you put a bowl under the elbow and loosen the rings, you should be able to take the piece of pipe out and get your earring back. Just remember to tighten them when you are done. If it is PVC, they will be finger tight. If metal, pipe wrench needed. And I can’t remember if you turn them the opposite way to get them off but you can figure that out. It only takes a few minutes to get it done and back together.


  6. On yesterday’s discussion about email, phone calls and things that have become old-hat …

    It’s true, email is kind of the new snail mail for many people, very quaint — and phone calls have now mostly been replaced by texting.


  7. Gotta feed the animals and get out of here, need to be at work early today to catch that ride to OC. Guess I’m going. Sigh.


  8. Yes we will.

    I barely made it in time to work (golden age of road work everywhere with closed lanes) and I was the first one here. Waiting for our ride now …


  9. Why not? It is good to clean it out anyway and the earring probably will never go beyond the bend. All it is going to do is catch debris and give you more work later. Easy for me to say, not so easy for me to do.

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  10. From late on yesterday’s thread — comments in the 11 pm and 12 am hours:

    RKessler: Will you loan me some of your optimism? πŸ˜‰

    NancyJill: That’s good to know about Nine West — I’m glad you like their brand. It’s one thing for a salesperson to say, “This is a good brand.” It’s entirely more meaningful when a friend who’s used the brand loves it! πŸ™‚

    Cheryl: I understand and agree that the younger generation doesn’t use or check email much. That’s why I texted her first. I had one picture on my phone, taken by the saleslady while I was wearing the dress, that I sent to daughter after I was home with my purchase. It wasn’t very close up, though, so one couldn’t tell much about the detailing of the dress. The saleslady had to have me back up pretty far from her to get the whole outfit (including the shoes) in the picture, as I stand nearly 5’11” in those almost-3-inch heels.

    I see now today, though, when I looked more closely at the picture message I texted her, that instead of a green arrow next to that message in my sent files, there is a red X. So I have a feeling the picture/text message never went through, even though after I sent it, I got a message that sent, “Message Sent. Do you want to save the message?” Which I did.

    I had announced in that text that I would be sending the other four pictures (which the saleslady took with her phone and emailed to me) shortly after. I’m guessing daughter never got my text, and hasn’t checked her email.

    Texting, for me, is an extraordinary pain because of where we live. We’re in a valley with three acres of woods around us, and sending a text from inside the house doesn’t work. It doesn’t even work from our porch with the overhead roof. I have to go stand at the top of our driveway to send a message. It was raining out (lightly) when I wanted to send the picture text, so I stood on my driveway as usual, held the phone up in the air with one hand, used the other hand to shield the top of it from getting rain on it, and waited for the “Message Sent” indication before going back in the house.

    I don’t know if my upper hand blocked the signal somehow, that the message didn’t go through? Or that the screen went dark while the pic was loading? I should have either waited until the rain was over (but it’s been rainy lately, or driven into town and sent the message from inside my car.

    But, really, in retrospect, the best choice would have probably been to text her right from the store, asking her what she thought of the dress, and, if she didn’t respond right away, to ask the saleslady if I could have the dress set aside for me until I heard back from the bride if she wanted me to get that particular outfit.

    Hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

    As far as your question “But how was it left–that you would look for a dress and buy it?” I’ll answer that in my next comment, since this one is plenty long already…

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  11. …continuation of my 1:30 —

    Daughter never said anything about wanting to be involved in the selection of my dress. When she was here Sunday, the only conversation about mother-of-the-bride dresses went basically like this:

    She started talking off-handedly (I don’t remember how the conversation started) about her fiance’s mother having a hard time finding a dress. (Future MIL lives in Baltimore, BTW, so is not anywhere near our region.) I mentioned something about I should probably start looking for a MOB dress, too. We talked about what colors she thought would be good to consider, and she mentioned pastel/understated/muted colors. She was wearing a sort of dusty-pink shirt that day that she thought might be one good possibility to consider.

    And that was about the end of the conversation. (Remember that she lives almost 3 hours away, and with her working full time and her and her fiance wanting to do the wedding planning themselves, without help from my husband or me, and my husband not wanting me to travel long distances — and more than an hour away is what he would consider a long distance — by myself, that kind of shoots the idea of any mother/daughter shopping excursion together.)

    So I just went ahead and shopped for my dress myself the next day, and was so surprised to find that dress so soon, and which seemed to fit the bill as far as coloring went, that I never even thought of texting her a picture of it before buying.

    (I had a wicked migraine coming on that evening, too, just getting started while I was at the store, that my thought processes weren’t as sharp as they could have been.)

    So, anyway, that’s where we’re at with the dress.

    But i should drive into town now (it’s still raining here) and try to re-send that picture text, so she can see the dress (though not up close in that view), and be alerted to the fact that there are other, more close-up pictures waiting in an email to her.


  12. Ha, just got a reply to my email from daughter now! She got the picture text, but the email of the four pics came through without the pictures visible. (I had sent it via my lame email account, which often does not work, so will now try to send them to her via gmail, which is what I did with all of you.)

    TECHNOLOGY!!! Makes me want to rip my hair out sometimes!!

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  13. Yesterday I finally got to do something I’ve waited this whole move-in process to do. Since we had moved in all the big heavy stuff, we were free to paint the hall, and then to put the hall bookcase in place.

    Somewhere in this process I decided that I wanted to put all my children’s books in one place–no more of putting children’s poetry in with poetry and so on. (I did have a bunch of paperback children’s fiction in a small bookcase, but picture books were somewhere else, and poetry somewhere else, and craft books somewhere else, and so forth.) We decided to put a large bookcase (seven feet high and three feet wide) in the hall, and I decided that was a perfect place for the collection of children’s books. I can imagine our grandchildren in the hall with us, choosing a book for bedtime, and later choosing a book to read themselves. I counted the books last night, and there were exactly 300 on it, everything from a nice slipcovered set of the Narnia books to paperbacks of a whole slew of classics. I have a handful of books in sets of dubious literary merit (Hardy Boys), some books on science experiments, devotionals, and anthologies containing multiple classics (e.g., Where the Wild Things Are doesn’t have its own book, but it is contained within a book with multiple books in it).

    I put half a dozen more books on it this morning. By the time I had all the books in place, the whole bookcase is full. I could fit 10 or 12 more, but that’s about it. Then I “decorated” it with four animal puppets and a wooden horse my husband bought me (bendable like an artist’s model, but with real hair for its tail), and I moved the slipcovered books of fairy tales to the top with the Narnia set. For now at least I have left the children’s cookbooks with the cookbooks and I’m sure I will come across others as I unpack more books, but I like it.

    I need to send a photo to my seven-plus-months-pregnant daughter (who’s a librarian).


  14. Today is Day 8 of Nightingale’s eight-days-in-a-row. Phew! She is working 2nd shift again, so it is the fourth night this week that I need to childsit The Boy from after school through bedtime. I am tired. He’s not horrible, or anything like that, but he is an active and talkative boy, which can wear a Mimi out. Nightingale and I get one day off tomorrow, and then she works 2nd shift again on Saturday. (Usually, X would have The Boy that night, but with him being in the hospital earlier this week – and I don’t know how long he was/is in there – I doubt he’ll be taking him this Saturday.)

    Earlier today, Nightingale was telling me about how short-staffed they are at the nursing home (which is why she’s been able to work as many shifts as she has). Yesterday, she was called and asked to come in early, to work another double rather than only the 2nd shift she was scheduled for. They offered to pay her from 7am although she wouldn’t be able to get there until about 8:30, and a $50 bonus. Ordinarily, she would have jumped at it, but she had promised to be a chaperone on The Boy’s class field trip to a zoo.

    She also told me that they have figured out that some people call out “sick” when they know their shift is particularly short-staffed, because they don’t want to have to deal with it. That leaves those who are working with even more work to do.

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  15. We are breaking in our room before going out for dinner. Internet/phone service is off and on in these mountains. Two evenings ago I kept trying to make reservations at a restaurant and I finally got through to them when we arrived in their parking lot. The hostess told me I needed to come in and talk in person. We ended up having a special meal at On the Veranda in Highlands.


  16. Safe travels, Jo. I’m glad it’s summer here instead of winter. πŸ™‚

    Kim, your hubby reminds me of some friends at my church. He and his wife are new grandparents, as of a few or several months ago, and Grandpa’s got to be one of the proudest Grandpas I’ve ever met. πŸ˜‰

    I had called their house once to talk with his wife and see how things were going with their daughter and (I thought) unborn baby. Her pregnancy was complicated by placenta previa, and their daughter had been in and out of the hospital at least twice in the last trimester.

    Turns out that when I called, baby had just been born — healthy — and you should have heard Grandpa, who had just gotten home from the hospital. You could hear him beaming! Oh he was so proud of that little granddaughter!

    The first time I saw them in church (both our friends and their daughter and son-in-law go to our church), I walked over to them to admire the baby and congratulate them. I could hardly get a word in edgewise to the new parents or new grandmother, Grandpa was gushing profusely, “Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she precious? She’s such a blessing!!” Etc.

    Oh, my, it’s so heartwarming to see a proud grandpa who bonds so deeply with his little one. πŸ™‚

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  17. Kare, I love those nice long days. It’s rainy here today, but not too bad. I like having many hours of daylight much better than many hours of dark, for sure.

    DJ, bummer about the earring going down the drain. I’ve dropped things down the drain, too, or did once, but decided, like Elvera, to from then on plug the drain before working with small items at the sink.

    (Though that was mainly putting in/removing contact lenses or earrings, neither of which I wear anymore. The holes in my ears have closed from lack of use, and my eyes couldn’t tolerate having contacts in them once I got to about the age of 40. So now it’s always glasses for me.

    Janice, good to see you again. I was just thinking yesterday that it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. Sounds like a nice time in the mountains. I haven’t seen mountains since last visiting The Rockies in 1989.


  18. Ah, the plug. Of course.

    When I wore contacts they were the sticky, soft, rubbery kind so they would just stick on the side of the sink if I dropped one (I also had to stop wearing them at some point as my eyes got too dry).

    I’m usually pretty good with earrings, but I thought this one (with the long wire) had gone into my one ear, but when I took my hands away I’d clearly missed the mark and it fell straight down the drain. Ugh.


  19. Cheryl, I like your “library” design. The children’s book arrangement sounds nice.

    Our local library opened a new facility last September. Before that they had been in a small building that had at one time been a local grocery. When they remodeled it to be used as a library (I don’t know how many years before we moved to this town in 1988), the library was basically divided into two halves, rectangular in shape — the “left side” if you were standing at the front of the library with the street to your back, was the non-fiction side, and the right side was the circulation desk and children’s area.

    The children’s area only had fiction books — picture books and chapter books. All of the children’s non-fiction was shelved on the “adult” side of the library, mixed in with adult non-fiction by subject.

    The new library is much bigger, and the children’s/teen section contains all the books appropriate for those ages. I like that the children’s non-fiction is now entirely contained in the children’s part, and not mixed in between the volumes for adults.

    Your home library set-up sounds like it will be very appealing to those upcoming grandbabies. πŸ™‚


  20. I used to wear soft lenses, too, DJ — at first — but they didn’t work well with my astigmatism. My vision was kind of distorted, and a later optometrist I saw recommended I get rigid gas permeable lenses, which worked better (until they didn’t anymore around age 40). But those kinds could go slip-sliding down a wet sink if dropped, so I plugged the sink for them.


  21. I have not really had any of those drain plug problems. No contacts, no earrings, and no make up help with that. Never understood contacts. I would not like the idea of putting something into my eyes. My glasses are fine, thanks. Though several of my children have gone with them, at least for a time.


  22. Plus I need the protection afforded me by glasses. They protect me from running things into my eyes, ever since that Christmas tree incident.


  23. Hubby was one of those proud, beaming grandfathers. I can look over and see a framed photo of him holding one-day old Boy, beaming with joy. He loved this little boy as his own.

    I’ve never been able to wear contacts, and have worn glasses since I was eight years old. Then there was that interval of a couple months when I couldn’t wear my glasses because I’d had my cataract surgeries, making the prescription I had way off. We had bought a pair of drug store reading glasses for my reading, but I always found myself in a different room from the glasses when I needed them, so I was glad to get back to wearing glasses full-time when I got my new ones.

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  24. Speaking of babies. . . Niece gave birth to her daughter just the other evening. Baby S was conceived via IVF with donor sperm since her “husband” is a “trans man”. They are in my prayers, of course.

    I may use the “husband’s” chosen name when talking to or referring to “him”, but I use her real name in my prayers. But I’ll tell ya, if you didn’t know that A was born a female, you wouldn’t guess it. (At least, I don’t think you would.)


  25. Longest day indeed. I gave 6 cave tours today. usually it’s 4 or 5, but we had a large group so I had to give an extra. Nice 3 mile walk.

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  26. DJ, 7:41, LOL!

    Here’s a video for Jo for when she can watch it for free. I might have to run this idea by my friend who organizes our local piano concerts:

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