50 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-18-18

  1. Once again Fact Check is lying for political reasons.

    These are liberal sources Ricky, since that seems to be your preference for news nowadays.

    Are they all lying too?


    “The study used data from Lower Saxony, a state where more than 90% of the rise was attributed to young male migrants.

    The researchers say the findings are not surprising because many migrants who arrived in Germany in recent years are single males aged 14-30.

    This group is most likely to commit crime, irrespective of nationality.”


    “A brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl in Southern Germany has placed the country’s open-door immigration policy under intense scrutiny. In addition, a new government-sponsored study found that violent crime rose in one state by 10 percent in two years, with 92 percent of the increase attributed to young male migrants. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports on the political fallout.”



  2. The German journalist used data for all of Germany to refute the lying Trump. The Trump cultist used data from only one region of Germany to try to defend his dishonest idol.


  3. This is rich. They were MIA when Obama was actually putting kids in kennel cages. They were MIA/covered up when their priests sexually abused abused tens of thousands of children over decades, but now suddenly their “woke”?

    Sorry, I don’t take counsel from fools such as these. I don’t take morality lessen from immoral child molesting perverts either. Clean up your own house first Pope, then get back to us.. They’re just looking for more money in the coffers and more victims to groom. They utterly disgust me.


    “Leading U.S. Catholic bishops on Wednesday escalated their criticism of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, calling new asylum-limiting rules “immoral” and rhetorically comparing the crackdown to abortion by saying it is a “a right-to-life” issue.

    One bishop from the U.S.-Mexico border region reportedly suggested “canonical penalties” — which could refer to withholding the sacrament of Communion — for Catholics involved in implementing the Trump policies.

    The comments came as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops — the organizing body of bishops — gathered for a biannual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The topics of migration and asylum have long been a focus for the U.S. church; more than 50 percent of U.S. Catholics under the age of 30 are Latinos.”


  4. I guess Ricky wants to be an elitist too, when he grows up…….

    “Donald Trump is not the cause of all this. Donald Trump is the beneficiary.”


    “Limbaugh Calls Out Media’s Double Standard on Presidential ‘Cults’ on Fox & Friends

    Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh blasted NeverTrump Republicans and the media that aids them on his radio program, Wednesday. Fox and Friends picked up the clip of Limbaugh taking down Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and the media that praised his words, after he smeared Republicans who supported Trump as part of a “cult.” Limbaugh called out several media outlets as elitists who lazily dismiss those they don’t agree with, wondering why they didn’t say the same thing about Democrats when Obama was in office…

    LIMBAUGH: Senator Corker, this isn’t a cult by any stretch of the imagination. Donald Trump does not have a Svengali hold on these people. In fact, Senator, if you want to know the truth, Donald Trump is not the cause of all this. Donald Trump is the beneficiary. Donald Trump had the ability to understand where a majority of Republican voters were and what they were thinking and how fed up they were about certain things, and Donald Trump came along, and he spoke their language. He validated what they were thinking, and he has become their champion, because nobody else in your party stepped up!”

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  5. Ricky,

    No, he didn’t use all of Germany…


    “Not only are these newly arrived immigrants a strain on Germany’s finances, but since their arrival, there has been a surge across the country in violent crime. A recent report commissioned by the German Ministry of Family Affairs found that the newly arrived asylum seekers were behind more than 90% percent of the increase in violent crimes in the northern state of Lower Saxony. Similar trends can be witnessed throughout the country.

    According to the country’s annual crime report of 2017, compiled by the Federal Crime Bureau (BKA), Germany saw a 50% year-on-year rise in migrant crimes. This tiny but growing minority, that presently makes up less than 2% of the German population, was charged for nearly 15% of all violent crimes, such as rapes and aggravated assaults, the BKA report revealed.

    In March, Turkish and Arab gangs “armed with machetes, clubs and baseball bats” clashed on German streets in violent attempts to demarcate gang territories. The country is also in the grip of a stabbing epidemic, with the attackers often turning out to be “unaccompanied minors” holding refugee status.

    While media outlets such as The Economist are busy touting Merkel’s Germany as “model for the West” for its newly-acquired “diversity,” the country is sinking ever deeper into a social, economic and demographic bog. With their collective heads buried in sand, many in the establishment and the media seem to want the rest of the Western world to follow Germany’s example by opening their borders to unregulated mass immigration. Sadly, the current result of Germany’s open-door policy indicates that all those rosy reports seem to have been nothing more than an elaborate campaign of deceit or misinformation.”

    And I notice you left out the welfare costs of all these migrants, in Germany, and the US.

    “Instead of lining up to join the German workforce, as the political elite and most of the media were asking us to believe, these young immigrant men, in the hundreds of thousands, took refuge in the Germany’s generous welfare system.

    “More than half of the able-bodied unemployment benefit receivers at present are of foreign descent,” Der Spiegel reported on April 10, 2018. “According to latest numbers complied in September 2017, out of 4.3 million able-bodied welfare recipients, 55.2% were of an immigrant background. In 2013, that figure was 43%.”

    As of December 2017, an estimated 600,000 able-bodied asylum seekers in Germany were on the dole, the newspaper Die Welt revealed in December, 2017. For the first time in post-war German history, the number of foreigners living on unemployment benefits has crossed the 2-million-mark.

    All this has happened, moreover, at time when poverty, especially among elderly pensioners, reached a historic high. Under Merkel’s watch, nearly 20% of Germans are threatened by poverty, according to the German Federal Statistical Office. ”

    It also destroys the safety net in place for citizens by eating up funding.


  6. You may have to translate to English.


    “The latest crime statistics of Thomas de Maizière is available. And it contains political explosives. The number of suspected immigrants increased by more than 50 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year.”

    “Since the violence in Freiburg at the end of 2016, during which an Afghan immigrant in the asylum procedure raped and murdered a student, this group has been the focus of attention nationwide. And not wrongly. The number of suspected immigrants in 2016 increased by 52.7 percent to 174,438 compared to the previous year. In order to allow a comparison with the rest of the population, offenses that can only commit immigrants, such as unauthorized entry, have already been excluded. As can be seen from the PKS, there were a total of 616,230 foreign suspects last year. The immigrants have a disproportionately large share, namely more than a quarter with 174,438. Does that mean immigrants are more criminal than local residents, including foreigners living longer here?

    If you put the number of suspected immigrants in relation to the total population suspect, they put it 8.6 percent. That sounds little. However, immigrants account for no more than two percent of the total population in Germany. And in some crime areas, immigrants are particularly noticeable: they make a pickpocketing share of 35.1 percent of all suspects. At the offenses dangerous and serious bodily injury as well as rape and sexual coercion it is 14.9 per cent each. And in the case of drowning, 11.3 percent.”


  7. And before you worry about immigrant children, maybe our own house should be cleaned up first. We separate children from parents all the time, often for unjust reasons. And not just for those who are incarcerated. Where’s the outrage for them?


    “Americans are in an uproar about illegal immigrant parents and children separated at the border. The level of hysteria surrounding this topic has reached a fever pitch with senators like Chuck Schumer mugging distraught for the cameras at every opportunity. While the shrill voices shriek loudly about the rights of Mexicans and other assorted border jumpers, American parental rights are being stripped from them, unconstitutionally, every single day. (Chuck Schumer has yet to freak out about it on national television.) American parents have lost their due process and Fourth Amendment rights, and most of them don’t even know it. Most anyone who has been visited by Child Protective Services can testify to the absolute terror that the state can inflict on a family for very little or no reason at all.”

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  8. Three cult posts. Not a single one refutes the point made by the German journalist at 9:29 regarding the overall German crime rate.

    This is the sad and ridiculous pattern we have now seen for 2 years:

    1. Trump tells lie.

    2. Educated, rational persons refute lie.

    3. Trump Cultists completely humiliate themselves in an attempt to defend Trump’s lie.

    4. Intelligent Congressional Republicans run for the bushes rather than being forced to choose between: a. Defending idiotic Trump lie; or b. Angering mindless Cultists.

    It was amusing for a while. Now it is just pathetic.


  9. You could always leave if it’s too much for your delicate southern sensibilities……

    Or stay, and realize politics is a messy game of compromise that isn’t always to your liking. Ya know, put your big boy pants on and deal with reality.

    And just wondering…..

    Is it too soon for me to start chanting “4 More Years!?”

    I’m new to this cult thing so I’m not always sure what proper protocol is.


  10. There are more than enough unpleasant realities for all of us to partake of a few. But I would wait until after the midterms before chanting for more. ;–)

    And speaking of midterms, I’m thinking things are looking better thanever. We will hold the House, and most likely increase the number of Trump-friendly Senators. That’s what I’m thinking at least. At that point we could start to quietly chant. :–)

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  11. And I specified quietly so we will not unduly agitate those dreaming in our other Republican cults- (Reagan or libertarians, etc.). Must be neighborly. Ya know. ;–)Debra

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  12. I agree Sec., but good luck with that. It’s all quite simple to grasp really. But the truth is irrelevant to liars with an agenda.



    ““You are not breaking the law by seeking asylum at a port of entry,” she continued. “For those seeking asylum at ports of entry, we have continued the policy from previous Administrations and will only separate if the child is in danger, there is no custodial relationship between ‘family’ members, or if the adult has broken a law.”

    As for illegal immigrants who choose to bypass those ports of entry, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced his department’s intention to criminally prosecute lawbreakers. “If you don’t like that, then don’t smuggle children over our border,” Sessions said earlier this year.


  13. Like the media’s narrative, well coached.


    “Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on Monday that some “well-coached” people illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border are using children to pose as families to gain entry.

    “From October 2017 to this February, we have seen a staggering 315 per cent increase in illegal aliens fraudulently using children to pose as family units to gain entry into the country,” she told the annual National Association of Sheriffs meeting in New Orleans, the Daily Mail reports. “This must stop. All this does is put the children at risk.”

    “We do not have the luxury of pretending that all individuals coming to this country as a family unit are in fact a family,” Neilsen added. “We have to do our job. We will not apologize for doing our job.”

    Neilsen said Monday that the children often represent a well-publicized “get-out-of-jail-free-card” that the Trump administration stopped handing out with the adoption of a zero-tolerance policy two months ago.


  14. Debra,

    “And speaking of midterms, I’m thinking things are looking better thanever.”

    About that….. 🙂


    “Gallup revealed a poll today that shows 38% of Americans expressed satisfaction with the direction of America.

    While that may not appear as a big deal, it’s the highest it’s been in 12 years.

    Not only has the number reached the highest in 12 years, “Gallup has measured at least monthly since 2001, has now topped 35% three times this year — a level reached only three times in the previous 12 years (once each in 2006, 2009 and 2016).”

    Possible Reasons Why Satisfaction Keeps Climbing
    The number isn’t all that shocking considering our economy is doing very well. The May jobs report showed unemployment at 3.8%, the lowest it’s been in 18 years. College graduate unemployment is at 2% while “workers 25 years and older with less than a high-school diploma” have an unemployment rate of 5.4%, which is “down from 6.2% a year earlier.”

    Hourly earnings went up 8 cents in May to $26.96, which is an indication that the “strong pace of hiring is encouraging employers to raise pay to secure workers.”

    The United States added 223,000 jobs in May. That number means the country “has added 207,000 new jobs per month on average, a brisk pace of hiring.”

    Trump signed the tax bill into law at the end of December, which meant more money in the pockets of Americans and businesses, which allowed the businesses to invest more money into capital spending.

    The Iran nuclear deal may also have an effect on the Gallup numbers. President Donald Trump announced in May that America has withdrawn from the deal since it failed to protect our national security.

    Let’s not forget Trump’s historical meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. While the meeting didn’t immediately end the North Korea threat or united the Korean peninsula, it was still a major starting point since no American president has even met with a North Korean leader. It looks like the dictator will denuclearize his nation, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reminded everyone, especially Kim, that sanctions will remain in place until that happens.

    Numbers are Partisan
    This isn’t so shocking. Satisfaction with America’s direction spiked nine points amongst Republicans and Independents, which gave Gallup the 38%. The Democrats have not changed.”

    Up among women and the yutes as well. 🙂

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  15. Are those of you who run rooming houses having problems with the security of your boarders?

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  16. As he should be. 🙂


    “Former FBI director James Comey is under investigation for mishandling classified information, DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz revealed Monday.

    He is specifically under investigation for his handling of memos he wrote about interactions with President Trump while FBI director.”


  17. Yeah Ricky, because spell check is always perfect and always picks the correct spelling………

    Said no one ever…. 🙄


  18. More on Comey….


    “Former FBI Director James Comey’s use of a private email account was revealed last week by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Today Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray Monday asking for more information:

    The revelation about Mr. Comey’s use of personal email for work was new. Thus, it is important to understand what steps the FBI has taken, if any, to retrieve work-related communications from former Director Comey’s personal email account…

    In attempting to excuse her use of a non-government email system for official business, Secretary Clinton claimed that she copied government accounts on all of her correspondence.
    However, that turned out to be untrue. According to the Inspector General’s report, former Director Comey gave the same explanation for his use of a private Gmail account. However,
    unlike the Clinton case, there appears to have been no independent verification by the Inspector General or the FBI. Without access to his private account, independent verification is impossible. The Justice Department should apply at least as much scrutiny to its own former Director as it applied to the former Secretary of State.

    It is disturbing that FBI employees tasked with investigating Secretary Clinton, including the former Director, appear to have engaged in strikingly similar conduct.

    Grassley gave Wray until June 29th to answer a series of question:”


  19. Stating the obvious…..


    ““Do you think we’re all too emotional about this?” Gayle King asked the right question of Manuel Padilla, the man running the Customs and Border Patrol sector that accounts for the most illegal crossings and detentions, even if the CBS This Morning host didn’t get the answer she wanted. Padilla patiently explained why he supports the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, calling the flood of children separated from their parents a consequence of a refusal to enforce border laws in the past. That refusal set up a series of perverse incentives to smuggle children across the border, with the expected perverse outcomes — including one MS-13 gang member who thought a one-year-old was a Get Out of Jail Free card:”

    Congress is the only one that can fix this, unless of course you’d like Trump to lead like Obama and just write an unconstitutional EO. Presidents don’t write legislation, not their job. If Congress does it’s job, Trump will sign it. Border security, DACA, all of it is on them. But all they’re doing is whining and mugging for the cameras instead of their jobs. All this could end pretty quickly if they would. Remember that. If you’re upset or outraged, vent where it matters, at the only people who can fix it. Again, that would be the House and Senate.


  20. Now about all those angelic Dreamers……….


    “Almost 60,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients have been arrested at least once as a beneficiary of the Obama-era program, according to data released Monday by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna confirmed Monday morning that 59,786 people protected in the program had been arrested while a DACA recipient, which is 8.5 percent of the total 700,000 recipients.

    In addition, 53,792 DACA beneficiaries had been arrested prior to being approved by the Department of Homeland Security agency to be part of the DACA program, which grants recipients legal protections from deportation for two-year periods.”


  21. The irony here is that Trump has actually improved conditions in many places compared to when Obama ran things. But the media’s head was too far up his you know what to notice then I guess.


    “Over the weekend, the media went insane over the supposed Trump administration policy of separating illegal immigrant parents from their children. According to the media, Trump could with one quick fix simply prevent the separation of children from their parents; according to the media, all Trump has to do is wave his magic wand, and all will be well.

    This is a lie.

    More specifically, it’s several lies.

    1. Trump Created Separation Of Children From Illegal Immigrant Parents. This is plainly false. In 1997, the federal government made an agreement in a case called Flores not to keep unaccompanied illegal immigrant children in custody beyond 20 days. The settlement said nothing about accompanied illegal immigrant children – children who crossed the border with their parents. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals then ruled that accompanied children also could not be held in custody under the terms of the settlement. This meant that the government either had to release whole families, or that the government had to separate parents from children.

    2. Immigrants Seeking Asylum Are Being Punished For Seeking Asylum. This is plainly untrue as well. Immigrants who come to points of entry to seek asylum aren’t actually illegally in the country – they’re not arrested. They’re processed through ICE, and their children stay with them. If, however, illegal immigrants cross the border illegally, the Trump administration now treats them as criminals. If they choose deportation, they aren’t separated from their kids; if they choose to apply for asylum, they stay in the country longer than 20 days, and their kids have to be removed by operation of law.”


  22. And since nothing really worked out, Trump brilliantly decided to frame himself by firing Comey and confessing to obstruction of justice to an NBC anchor and the Russian Ambassador.

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  23. Is this what the Trumpkins call “the swamp”?


  24. Travis did better than old Hoss.


  25. Cohen’s dirty laundry will all come out now. He’s fair game. But those air force contracts might not be worth much if peace breaks out. ;–)


  26. Well looky here, someone finally steps up and is trying to do their job. Probably for reason 2, but it’s a start. And don’t be so sure about Trump’s reaction. This is action, as he’s requested. It’s a starting point, let the negotiations begin.

    And bonus, more never-Trump hypocrites exposed.


    “My God. By tomorrow morning Trump will be tweeting police sketches of the Zodiac at him.

    Two possible explanations for this bold stroke. One: Compassion, plain and simple. Sure, Cruz is a hardcore border hawk who vowed to oppose legalization of illegals in 2016, but this is different. These are kids, sometimes very young ones. He’s been touched by the photos and heart-wrenching audio of grade-schoolers trapped behind chain-link without mom and dad. Time to act.

    Two: Electoral terror, plain and simple. He’s up for reelection in a border state with a large Latino minority in less than five months against a capable opponent who’s within striking distance and desperate for an issue to galvanize Democratic voters. That opponent, Beto O’Rourke, has moved aggressively to leverage this issue, too. Inaction isn’t an option.

    The two aren’t mutually exclusive, of course.”

    “The current bureaucracy isn’t equal to the task of processing asylum-seekers quickly so he proposes to double it — 750 immigration judges instead of 375 plus more temporary shelters so that families can be housed together while awaiting adjudication. Judges would have to give thumbs up or down on the asylum claim within 14 days. All of which is fine, except that it cuts against the logic of deterrence that motivated the policy in the first place. Populist whisperer Steve Bannon was on TV just yesterday insisting that the White House doesn’t need to justify the separation policy — it’s a straightforward expression of “zero tolerance” for illegal entrants. Cruz wants to end that “zero tolerance” and eliminate the alleged deterrent provided by having one’s children taken away temporarily. By Trump’s logic he’d necessarily be seen as soft here, especially since his legislation doesn’t demand the sort of major Democratic concessions Trump is seeking as the price of ending the separation policy like the wall, an end to chain migration, etc.

    Cruz’s transformation into immigration softie isn’t the topsy-turviest Republican move on this issue, though. Yeesh:

    Flake and McCain were for criminally prosecuting illegal entrants — the precondition to child separation — before they were against it, when Trump decided it was a good idea. Were they just being glib before in supporting the policy or are they being dishonest now in opposing it as an outrageous affront to American values?”


  27. Andrew Sullivan tips his hat to Charles Murray.

    Let’s see. A person who can’t spell “tap”, “too”, “stopped”, “counsel” and “border” could be found at what point on the old bell curve?


  28. If that’s the best you got, it’s gonna be a long 8 years for you grammar Nazi’s. 🙂

    You guys concentrate on spelling while the adults seek solutions… well some of them…..

    ““If my Democratic colleagues will join me, not play politics but work to solve the problem, we can start to end family separation this week. And, we can honor the rule of law.”




  29. Like

  30. If you elect a kind, decent moron as president, most people would feel sorry for him and hope he does well. However, when you elect a foul, dishonest and unpleasant moron as president, most people are going to make fun of him.


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