23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-15-18

  1. Morning all. I am getting excited about my helicopter ride to the Binamarien Bible dedication in the morning. It is such an honor to be able to attend. Blessings

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  2. Meanwhile, have a good night, Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    It’s Friday.
    Elvera goes to the Adult Center, I have lunch with my SS class.
    otherwise? Sameol.

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  3. Something bugged me all morning. I had to Google it. I thought it was just something my mother said, but it “Googles” . So it must be traditional.
    Elvera, every night, says, “Eight O[clock and nothing said, time for me to go to bed”.
    Thinking about that this morning reminded me of a saying my mother used.
    “To bed, to bed, said sleepy head,
    Let’s wait a while said slow….”

    But I couldn’t remember the other two lines. So I Googled it,

    “Put on the pot, said greedy pot,
    Let’s sup before we go.”

    Having finished this, I started to just go back. But maybe you can get a laugh.

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  4. Morning! That one I have never heard Chas. Our parents recited “Good night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Gives me the shivers just to think about it!!! 😃 🕷


  5. Chas, that nursery rhyme is in an illustrated children’s book we have that dates circa early 1950s.

    NancyJill, my mother used to say that to us. She says that once she said it to us in front of her mother-in-law, who was shocked at the mention of bed bugs. As I have said, my grandmother was a very proper woman, and one didn’t mention vermin in polite company. The whole rhyme is:
    “Goodnight, sleep tight.
    Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    And if they do, squeeze them tight,
    And they’ll be back tomorrow night.”
    I liked the rhyme because I had pajamas that said “Bed bug” on them, with pictures of cute bugs. Ah, the innocence of childhood…

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  6. Yesterday, people were talking about the spirit world. Yesterday, Moses was here to get a couple of sheep and I asked him if he had scared people in Craigmont when he stopped to ask for directions. He said something about waiting for his boys and somebody asked what those negro children were doing in the bathroom. He took offense and responded and the clerk told him to settle down, the other guy was a local crazy. Moses told the clerk it did not matter, people should not talk about others like that. And then he went on to tell me that if the guy had pulled a gun on him and tried to shoot him, the bullet would have been deflected back at him because his people deal with spirits. He went on and on about it. He was fasting still as it was Ramadan. That meant he could not smoke but his Saudi associate could. And could not eat but his children could. Anyway, it surprised me how deeply intertwined his Islamic beliefs were with the power of spirits in his life.

    I was extremely grateful to have the Spirit in me and realize the Spirit in me, unlike the spirits in him, loves me and knows what is best for me and how I fit into the Plan.

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  7. Mumsee, he wasn’t exaggerating about the spirits protecting him. In West Africa, I heard more than one account of nurses trying to give needles to those who wore charms against stabbing wounds and were unable to penetrate the patients’ skin until the charm was removed. That was what was so difficult about giving medical care and teaching people how to take care of themselves – the spirits could interfere to some extent, by preventing some injuries, but the charms were ineffective against natural causes, such as bacteria, viruses, heart disease, etc. So, people would delay getting medical treatment for diseases by going to a marabout, and when they finally came to us, they were much sicker than they would have been if they had come when symptoms started. Trying to convince them that things like strokes were not the result of being attacked by the spirits was difficult.

    I once gave a mother some leaves of aloe vera to spread on her little one’s burned leg, and she asked me, in quite good English, if the spirit in the leaf was good for burns. I realized then that they think their herbal remedies work not because of the medicinal properties, but because they believed spirits lived in the plants (I could tell stories about their beliefs regarding tree spirits). It reminded me of the Europeans in the Middle Ages attributing natural diseases to spiritual causes. The confusion between spirit activity and natural causes was not limited to the Muslims who lived there. I will never forget lying in the city clinic that I was taken to when I had that serious asthma attack, and listening to the group of Christians try to exorcise the demon out of a stroke victim in the next bed. They got really disruptive and were asked to leave, but they were using Jesus’ name in vain, as if he was a more powerful charm. So, the spirits can proffer some protection to those who seek their assistance, but the power of life and death remains in the hand of the Creator. You know, we often talk about angels being supernaturally powerful. But they cannot stop the spread of tiny viruses and bacteria. God’s natural world, even in its fallen and broken state, is more powerful than the fallen spirits.

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  8. By the way, while the spirits of the charms did protect them to some extent, they paid a terrible price and were at great risk while they wore the charms (and everyone, from the newborn to the feeble elderly, wore charms). I have mentioned before how stoical they were with their emotions, and how I only ever saw them cry real tears twice (the death wail is more of a public pronunciation of loss than an expression of personal grief). The reason they avoided expressing both deep grief is that they knew they were vulnerable in times of deep emotion to being taken over by the spirits. I witnessed such an incident – a man was overcome with grief when his brother died suddenly in the clinic (his death is one that will remain etched in my memory) and suddenly collapsed as he was being attacked by the spirits. The description of the boy that Jesus healed who was inhabited by demons and would fall down in fits matches what happened to this man – it was not an epileptic fit (Mark 9:17-20). Someone poured water over his head until the attack subsided (pouring water out appeases the spirits – no one drank all the water in a cup, the last bit was poured out on the ground). At the time, we asked one of the employees what had happened and why the water was poured, and the explanation above is what I heard given. The other cases of demonic attacks that I witnessed were connected with a certain charm that girls attending to school were wearing, and those who experienced the attacks would have to give up going to school and stay home because the attacks only happened at school.

    We sedated those who were carried to our clinic, writhing and screaming (it happened several times, and we were not the only place dealing with the same thing – the screaming was unlike anything I have ever heard, the poor victims were in terrible torment). Usually, when they woke from the sedation, the attack had passed and they could tell us what happened. We did not offer to exorcise the spirits. The spirits had been invited by those who wore the charms, and they had to decide on their own to lay aside those charms. In one of the cases that I was told where a nurse tried to give a needle to someone wearing a charm against stabs, this nurse had used the name of Jesus to give the needle, but the charm owner merely became angry because he would just have to go and buy another charm from the marabout. It is wiser, in a culture where each marabout specializes in a different type of charm and one finds and pays the most powerful marabout to help them with their problem, to not carelessly or casually invoke the power of the Holy Spirit as if Jesus were simply a more powerful marabout. That is the way to end up with converts like Simon the Magician (Acts 8). One person did ask for prayer, which was done, but a warning was also given that without truly following Jesus, the spirits would simply come back (Matthew 12:43-45).

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  9. Friday.

    I remember the bedbug jingle too. Of course, now that the critters have made something of a comeback in ‘proper’ society, it’s not nearly so funny.

    Off to work, tomorrow will be busy with buying paint I guess. The big SW sale begins today but I need to make a list of what I need to by and how much, including primer.

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  10. Yes, ignorance was bliss with the bedbug jingle and a lot of other things. The older I get the more I learn. A whole lot of it when I really didn’t want to learn anything about the subject.

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  11. We are in a spiritual battle after all and the Spirit in us knows how to pray.

    On a lighter note, sixteen year old son is looking forward to the end of VBS. He volunteered to help with recreation. Seems the children do not listen to instruction. It is like they have no interest in hearing the teachers, they chat among themselves and play around. Sound familiar? Anybody else catch the irony? I sure did though I tried to smother my laughter. Suddenly the light came on as he realized he was complaining about exactly what he does to the teachers every day all year.

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  12. Where did everyone go?
    I believe there are evil spirits among us, just as I believe in angels.
    I have encountered, what I believe was an angel.
    The spirits are more subtle in their activities in advanced culture, but they are just as active.

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  13. Nightingale is in day two of eight days straight of working, with two double shifts in there (today and Monday). Her double today came after working 2nd shift last night, which means she didn’t get much sleep before having to get up early to get herself and The Boy ready for the day.

    Like many of us, it takes her a long time to unwind and get to sleep. It’s not easy to come home from work and go right to sleep, so when she works 2nd shift, she usually only gets about four hours of sleep, often less. That is gonna make it hard for her next week, as she is working four days of 2nd shifts (starting off with the double of 1st and 2nd shift on Monday) and getting up early to get The Boy off to school. Like me, she has trouble napping, but I hope she’ll be able to get in a couple nevertheless.

    That also means that I will be childsitting The Boy four nights in a row, which I am going to find challenging. Usually there are only two 2nd shifts back-to-back, or a string of three falls on the weekend, with X taking him one of the nights. It also means that for those four days, Nightingale and The Boy will only see each other for that hour in the morning of getting him ready for school.

    The positive thing about all this is that Nightingale has been able to pick up enough extra shifts to be close to full-time. (Full-time would be about 22 shifts each month.) She started out the month with only 12 shifts scheduled, but went on to pick up more along the way, eventually adding seven more shifts for a total of 19, pretty close to full-time. I am thankful to God.

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  14. Well, I made it to town and back for the VBS closing. Talked a friend into joining me for the ride home and drove her back to town. Turns out it is not eight miles, it is ten. We had a delightful ride. Walked a lot because farm country has some steep hills at times.

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  15. Home from the dedication. I made it in and I was on the third helicopter flight. But then the rain closed in and we had to wait for the fourth flight for several hours. They even said they had come about halfway and then had to return to Aiyura. I was slightly anxious about the return, but the pilot left right on time and I think he raced both ways as we could see the clouds begin to close in. Lots of people there and it just made my heart glad. When Des and jenny Oatridge went there in 1958 the language group was down to 111. They literally saved a people group from extinction and now they are thriving..

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