21 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-11-18

  1. I meant to post this yesterday but couldn’t. It’s a link to the speech and press conference the President gave before leaving Canada. I came to hear it because Cyrus was playing it in his office and I heard shouts of laughter and so just had to watch. It’s really quite good, and I’m very satisfied with his stance at the G7 [or G6 or G8, as it may be in the near future.] :–)


  2. And about 8 minutes in, he even offers to go tariff free, subsidy free in trade—if all of the G7 nations did the same thing. It’s interesting that the G7 nations did not jump on that immediately. ;–)


  3. Debra, Did you see yesterday in my post that none of the other G7 nations had tariffs which average over 1.6% (which is the average US tariff)? We essentially are tariff-free. That is why all the economies have been growing.

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  4. From yesterday’s comment by HRW. Tariffs are taxes on a nation’s own consumers who choose to buy foreign goods and services. Subsidies are expenditures of taxpayer funds to make a nation’s otherwise uncompetitive products competitive on a world market.

    Trumpers (who are consumers) will be negatively affected by tariffs. The 45-50% who pay income taxes are negatively affected by subsidies. In Free to Choose, Friedman proved conclusively that if a nation wants to subsidize certain of its products and foolishly sell them to us below cost, we should take advantage of their generosity.


  5. This is Obama’s legacy. They may not be very welled trained at being soldiers, but darn it they’re politically correct and up to date on current gender classifications. Sacrifices had to be made.


    “Nearly 84 percent of Navy first-tour junior deck officers randomly tested were not competent to drive their ships without raising concerns, particularly when “immediate action” was required “to avoid collision,” according to findings the Navy released Wednesday.

    Instead, many of the 164 junior officers who were qualified to be officer of the deck were not able to demonstrate “critical thinking and decision-making skills” when facing dangerous situations, the Navy review of seamanship and ship-handling skills found.

    The results of the evaluations, conducted in the wake of two deadly Pacific Fleet ship collisions last year, were “sobering,” said Vice Adm. Richard Brown, the head of Naval Surface Force Pacific, who ordered the review.

    Only 27 of the officers performed without raising any concerns. The vast majority – 108 officers – completed with some concerns, while 29 had significant concerns, Brown wrote in a memo addressed to commodores and commanding officers. The Navy shared the memo after Defense News reported on it.

    The findings highlighted severe weaknesses in the training of young officers who come onto ships for the first time and are expected to be able to drive the vessel. They also underscored some of the weaknesses that played out last year in the back-to-back collisions involving the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. McCain that left 17 sailors dead.”


  6. Still trying to hide their misdeeds.


    “On Feb. 15, 2017 — that would be 16 months ago — Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., asked the Justice Department to turn over the transcript of fired national security adviser Michael Flynn’s infamous call with the Russian ambassador, plus other documents related to the Flynn case.

    The department refused.

    Some of Grassley’s and Feinstein’s questions were answered the next month, on March 15, 2017, when the FBI’s then-director, James Comey, briefed the committee on Flynn and other matters in the Trump-Russia investigation. It was at that briefing that Comey told lawmakers the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he lied to them.

    “Then-director Comey led us to believe during that briefing … that the Justice Department was unlikely to prosecute [Flynn] for false statements made in that interview,” Grassley wrote later.

    After the March 2017 briefing, Grassley and others made the reasonable assumption that Flynn would not be charged. They were surprised on Dec. 1, 2017, when — months after the Trump-Russia investigation passed from Comey and the Justice Department to special counsel Robert Mueller — Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

    Last month, Grassley, this time without Feinstein, repeated his demand for the Flynn transcript, and also for the FBI’s so-called 302 report, in which the agents who interviewed Flynn made extensive notes on what was said. Grassley also asked for any other notes or documents relating to the interview. And Grassley asked that the FBI make available agent Joe Pientka, one of the two agents (along with Peter Strzok) who conducted the Flynn interview.”

    “”The department’s reply … is insufficient,” Grassley wrote in a June 6 response, adding that Boyd “relies on improper excuses in refusing to provide the requested information.”

    Grassley noted that he and the rest of the committee waited for more than a year for the Flynn criminal inquiry to conclude. “It has been more than five months since his guilty plea,” Grassley wrote. “Thus, there is no longer any legitimate reason to withhold facts from the Senate about the circumstances of his conversations with the Russian ambassador and his FBI interview.”

    The chairman specifically did not buy the department’s argument that Grassley might be interfering with a “pending criminal prosecution.” “There is no pending prosecution” with the guilty plea five months in the past, Grassley argued.

    “Simply disclosing facts to the committee could not possibly ‘interfere’ with the case at this late date,” Grassley continued, “assuming those facts are consistent with the representations that prosecutors arranged for Lt. General Flynn to swear to in federal court.”

    That was the little bomb in Grassley’s letter: The chairman raised the possibility that the facts of the case — the evidence in the phone conversation transcript and the FBI 302 — might somehow be at odds with the particulars of Flynn’s plea. And in case anyone missed the reference, in the next sentence, Grassley wrote: “If the facts are inconsistent with the plea agreement, that would be an entirely different kettle of fish.””


  7. I just put this over on the daily thread, but since it has been discussed here, I’ll put it here, too. . .

    Recently, the subject has come up about the Boy Scouts accepting girls, and many have been upset about that. I then read that the girls are in separate dens, and mentioned that here.

    Well, I was talking to Nightingale about Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts a little while ago, and that subject came up. She informed me that girls have been involved in Boy Scouts, even sometimes being in the same dens, for a long time now, but it is only recently that they have been promoting it so publicly. It is up to each den whether or not to let girls in.

    There was also something in the news about them changing their name from Boy Scouts USA to simply Scouts USA, but Nightingale said she heard that they are not going to change their name after all, but she’s not sure one way or the other.

    I think some families would choose Boy Scouts over Girl Scouts for their daughters because Boy Scouts seems to have kept to the scouting idea, whereas Girl Scouts is more art and crafts, and less about scouting. (Maybe it used to be different.)

    I think I told you that Nightingale was asked to be the assistant leader of The Boy’s den. One of her strong suits is planning, so she has been busy planning for next year (which starts when school starts in late summer), and will pass her ideas by the actual leader. She has a good understanding of which elective activities the boys would enjoy and get the most out of.

    This past Saturday, The Boy “passed over” (walking over a little bridge with the Boy Scout values written on it) from being a Tiger to being a Wolf for next year. 🙂

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  8. And this one is for all of you suckers (yes Ricky and HRW, I’m lookin’ at you) who fell for the pic nonsense yesterday….


    “From ABC News:

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the contentious Group of Seven summit with U.S. President Donald Trump a “sobering” and “depressing” experience but said European leaders won’t be “taken advantage of” on trade.

    She conceded in an interview on German public television Sunday that the meeting’s outcome “wasn’t a great thing.”

    And paired with THAT picture, wowza, right?

    Interesting how they leave this other picture out of the story and how it’s NOT going viral.”


  9. All the news that’s fit to ignore for reasons of bias and ideology.


    “An Iowahawk tweet is frequently posted at Instapundit, which notes that the press decides which stories to cover . . . with a pillow, until they stop moving.

    As the dust settles from the 2018 primary season and we head into the general election phase, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few items being smothered by our media related to their treasured progressive narratives.

    The first MSM script element to cover is that “Republicans hate Muslims.” Negating that assumption made by the progressive press corps is the story of the very dashing and savvy Omar Qudrat, a former Pentagon prosecutor and the son of immigrants from Afghanistan, who is running for Congress in my district in California.

    You would think that news of an attractive, successful Muslim with that pedigree would be a media sensation. Yet, not.

    The media silence is due to the fact that Quadrat is running as the Republican challenger. ”

    “Another story that the elite media would usually slobber over is a mother-daughter team running for their state’s legislature, especially as the 19-year old would attract the millennial vote.

    However, beyond local media, we can’t expect much coverage. The ladies are Republicans….and the press narrative is that Republicans hate women.”


  10. Sorry, but animals fits. The crackdown needs to continue.


    “‘A ticking time bomb’: MS-13 threatens a middle school, warn teachers, parents, students”

    “Gang-related fights are now a near-daily occurrence at Wirt, where a small group of suspected MS-13 members at the overwhelmingly Hispanic school throw gang signs, sell drugs, draw gang graffiti and aggressively recruit students recently arrived from Central America, according to more than two dozen teachers, parents and students. Most of those interviewed asked not to be identified for fear of losing their jobs or being targeted by MS-13.

    Although administrators deny Wirt has a gang problem, the situation inside the aging, overcrowded building has left some teachers so afraid that they refuse to be alone with their students. Many said they had repeatedly reported incidents involving suspected gang members to administrators, only to be ignored — claims supported by documents obtained by The Washington Post.

    “Teachers feel threatened but aren’t backed up. Students feel threatened but aren’t protected,” one educator said. “The school is a ticking time bomb.”

    The gang’s presence at Wirt comes at a time when the Trump administration has declared war on MS-13, and communities throughout the country are confronting a surge in MS-13-related violence.

    Nearly a dozen parents told The Post they were worried about gang activity at the school, which is located 10 miles from the White House. Many said they were intent on transferring their kids. Several said they were scared their children would be killed.

    One eighth-grader said she had been raped in the fall by a schoolmate in MS-13 — an attack that took place off school property and that she reported to police, but then recanted out of fear of the gang. Prince George’s investigators concluded the report was unfounded, but the girl said she now lives in fear the gang will stab her as she leaves school.

    “MS dominates the school,” she said. “But I don’t even tell the security guards what goes on anymore because they don’t seem to care.”

    Rhonda Simley, the principal at Wirt, declined repeated requests for an interview.”

    This is what happens when you throw open the gates. The barbarians will come.

    And yes, Obama, Democrats, and complicit R globalists built this.


  11. Ricky, tariffs on imports make similar locally produced goods more competitive and encourages internal production. There is no need for tariffs on everything, but enough pressure should be applied to stimulate internal production of all necessary goods. These shifts can be painfully uncertain as exports can also be affected, but I’m quite satisfied with the President’s efforts to balance trade inequities so far.


  12. Aj @10:29 It seems as though the FBI has an awful lot to hide lately… here’s hoping the senator holds them in contempt of Congress.


  13. The picture was amusing nothing more. Similarly, the video of Trudeau’s wandering eyebrow was amusing. Nothing more. Although since my eyebrows occasionally do weird things I’m a little sensitive to the latter.

    The lack of tariffs reinforce the notion that the TPP had nothing to do with free trade rather it was about corporate rights. I actually agree with Trump when he cancelled it.

    Apparently, Canada is such a threat to national security, Trump wants to place a 25% tariff on Canadian cars. He might want to read the Auto Pact and then note the integration of the car industry of Ontario, Michigan and other states. It’s impossible to know which car is Canadian and which is American. Parts are sourced from various locations and then assembled in other locations. Even the same model can have different levels of Canadian/American content. In order to do this, Trump would need to hire a while new department of bureaucrats.

    Trump has accomplished something nobody else did. He united the right and left parties in Canada behind Trudeau. The Conservatives and the NDP both like to deride Trudeau as a trust fund lightweight but today they are complimenting him.


  14. Obama isn’t responsible for navy seaman who can’t steer. You can criticize policies of gender/sexuality but its impossible to relate that to a decline in training standards.

    I’m not surprised to read of schools ignoring gang influence, drug use and sexual assault. This is quite common and has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the perpetrators rather its principal training and the modern role of an administrator.

    School boards have adopted the business model for their administrator. No longer do they find teachers who excel at class mgmt and extract respect from even the worst students, instead they are more interested in teachers who completed the proper courses, pushed and led some initiative, and know how to fill out paper work. Discipline is neglected because it attracts attention and suspensions are considered negative data indicators.

    In my last school, I reported drug use and possible sexual assault (grab ass and coping a feel) . According to my principal, the former was impossible because she didn’t smell it (They were using edibles) and the latter was a matter of personal space. I spoke to the girls if they wanted me to pursue it further (They didnt) and alerted the rest of the staff of which boys to watch in the halls. To act upon my suspicion and report would indicate to her superintendent that her initiatives were failing. However her initiatives breached teacher contract so she was reprimanded anyway.

    As union rep, I also instructed the staff to fill out incident reports and inundate the principal (and her superintendent) with paper work. It got her attention……I was assigned a different grade the following year so I voluntary transferred to another school. She is still at the school…

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  15. One of the best:


  16. “Obama isn’t responsible for navy seaman who can’t steer. You can criticize policies of gender/sexuality but its impossible to relate that to a decline in training standards.”

    You left out the part where acceptable standards were lowered under O, as were the training requirements, and he decimated their budget, all leading to under qualified, under trained individuals in some key positions. The perversion was only a part of it, granted. But you don’t lower standards and gut the military budget and then claim you’re not responsible.


    “His moves to slim down the armed forces, move away from traditional military might and overhaul social policies prohibiting the service of minority groups have proven divisive in the ranks. His critics have accused him of trading a strong security posture for political points, and for allowing the rise of terrorists like the Islamic State group whom the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to silence.”

    “Still, many troops see Obama less as a wartime commander in chief and more as a politician managing Pentagon affairs. Through his presidency Obama has repeatedly promised to keep the military “the strongest fighting force the world has ever known” but many troops question his stewardship of the institution, particularly when it comes to the defense budget.


    “There’s no question this era will go down as the third ‘hollow’ army, and it’s the president’s fault,” said James Jay Carafano, deputy director of international studies at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “For all his promises, the operations tempo hasn’t gone down as much as he hoped, and he has invested little in the military.”

    Troops responding to the Military Times/IVMF poll saw years of defense budget fights as the largest blemish on Obama’s presidency. Two-thirds said spending caps enacted in 2011 have had a very negative effect on military morale, and another 28 percent said it was harmful to a lesser extent. Fewer than two percent saw the budget caps as a positive for the military.

    Conservatives have attacked Obama for the lower defense budgets for years, arguing that his insistence on pairing military spending with non-defense spending has crippled Pentagon efforts to modernize and recapitalize.

    The caps — known as sequestration — have been blamed for shortfalls in parts and repairs, cuts in training time and a gradual drawdown in military manpower. They’ve also contributed to a host of compensation trims, as Pentagon leaders have held down pay increases and stipend raises in recent years to help offset funding reductions in other areas.”

    “The biggest impact of Obama’s tenure may be felt by those serving in the ranks, and how dramatically that population has changed in recent years. Since 2009, White House-led changes have allowed gay troops to serve openly for the first time, women to serve in combat posts, same-sex couples to receive military benefits, and transgender service members to announce their presence in the ranks. ”

    “It’s unclear if the departing president will get credit or blame. About 30 percent of troops surveyed in the latest poll said the Pentagon’s move to open all combat jobs to women has hurt military readiness, versus 15 percent who see it as a positive.

    The new open-service policy for transgender troops is less popular, with 41 percent of those surveyed calling it harmful and only 12 percent calling it helpful. “


  17. Tychicus,

    And they really don’t want this guy talking to Congress. I wonder why? 🙂


    “Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley isn’t backing down as the Justice Department rebuffs his repeated attempts to speak with the FBI agent whose interview with Michael Flynn was used to indict the ex-national security adviser in the Russia probe.

    “This is no ordinary criminal case,” Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a June 6 letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Congress has a right to know the full story and to know it now.”

    Grassley is pressing his request anew after the DOJ once again rejected his bid to speak with FBI Agent Joe Pientka and to obtain the FBI’s records of the interview. “


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