Prayer Requests 6-6-18

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajisuun and The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 117

Praise the Lord, all you nations;
    extol him, all you peoples.
For great is his love toward us,
    and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

   Praise the Lord.

13 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 6-6-18

  1. I would like prayer please. I need to get focused and find some balance. Guilt is turning into paranoia which is causing me not to trust God and to lie awake at night questioning any and everything. Finally Monday night I told God I was tired and He would have to work it out. 😇

    This morning I was awake for a few hours. I dreamed I was in Taos riding number car like vehicles and accidentally eating meals left for the homeless. I thought the city was so nice to leave snacks along the way and was embarrassed when someone told me what the were. Thankfully just a Dream.

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  2. Praying for your peace, Kim.

    I woke up this morning, bleeding from the mouth again. Last night I’d had tacos and started bleeding — I thought a broken hard taco shell must have stabbed me in the mouth somehow, but hadn’t felt anything that hurt.

    The last time I’d had that heavy oral bleeding was on Good Friday, and all the blood work I subsequently had done at a clinic came back in normal ranges.

    Prayers for wisdom for whomever I choose to consult about this. Thanks.

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  3. 6, could it be something in the food? A spice perhaps, or maybe the pH balance of the food? I get small sore spots in my mouth from eating certain acidic foods, like tomatoes and oranges. I seem to remember that you were eating some kind of food similar to tacos the last time you got bleeding from your mouth.

    Kim, I know what you mean about guilt and paranoia. I have to fight down such feelings every time I come home from clinical, trying to remember if I forgot anything, and if I remember anything I forgot, however minor, feeling horribly guilty and panicking about what I should do. It is truly difficult to shut my brain off and sleep that night. It makes me doubt that I can ever work on a hospital ward. My brain isn’t constructed to be able to deal with the overwhelming sensory and informational input and output that is needed.

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  4. It must be going around. Last night I was feeling overwhelmed by some things going on, and by thinking of things that need to be done that Hubby would have taken care of, and I, too, felt guilty – for not wanting to deal with all these things. But I finally got to the place of putting it all into God’s hands, and asking for His help and wisdom. (Prayers for wisdom in how to deal with various situations with the house would be greatly appreciated.)

    It’s a good thing that Father God is so patient with us, because often it takes so long for us to do what we should have done in the beginning – entrust our situations and ourselves into His hands.

    My prayer request today is for wisdom and guidance in buying a vehicle. Nightingale found an ad for the kind of car she wants, at a good price (used, of course), with the mileage not being too high for the price. We are going to see it, in a town about half an hour from here, in a little while.

    There was another dealership, further away, that had an even better deal on a car she liked. She started calling them as soon as they opened to see if it was still available. No answer. She tried for about an hour with still no answer, so she is going to leave a message that they lost a cash customer by not picking up their phone. (But even as I type this, I realize there could have been a good reason why they didn’t, or couldn’t, answer the phone.)

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  5. Also, please pray for The Boy’s great-grandmother (X’s Mom’s mother), Molly, who recently lost her husband Bob. Bob was her second husband, not the father of her children, but they didn’t make those distinctions. Her first husband was a miserable man (who didn’t even bother to come for his daughter’s funeral a few years ago, and he could well-afford to), but Bob was a sweet guy who treated Molly very well.

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  6. I agree, overwhelm does seem to be going around. My eyes filled with tears, driving to the dentist’s office this morning to get examined because of the bleeding. My thoughts turned to, what if I have leukemia or something? We’d just rounded the corner, heading back toward health with hubby, after all that scary stuff he went through, and now I’m back to unexplained bleeding.

    Maybe some PTSD?

    Anyway, the dentist couldn’t see anything inside my mouth that looked like a recent bleed took place. However, I do have a red spot on the bottom of my upper lip (which I know has been there at least since the bleeding episode in March) that looks like it opened within the past 24 hours. Maybe a taco shell piece poked that lesion or whatever you’d call it last night, causing it to bleed during the meal, and then maybe I bit my lip just before waking up this morning and reopened it? The red spot is above one of those sharp (canine, do they call them?) bottom teeth, and the blood in my mouth was in the upper left quadrant, same side as the lip sore.

    Roscuro, you have a good memory about what I ate the last time this happened, and it could be some food sensitivities coming into play with this. I’d also started using a new toothpaste a couple weeks before the initial bleed in March, and the dentist thought perhaps it was the baking soda in the toothpaste that might be causing a problem. Baking soda being rather abrasive.

    I don’t know, though. These incidences have been so sporadic, and I’ve continued using that toothpaste for the past probably three months, usually without incident.

    The dentist didn’t really know, could only guess. She just said be careful not to bite my lip. Well, she can see I have thicker lips than most people, so I sort of rolled my eyes (in my mind) and thought, gee, thanks. I wish it weren’t so easy to bite my lip accidentally.

    Thanks for praying. I’m hoping that red spot on my lip will heal up and go away sometime soon.

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  7. Well, we didn’t go to see that car after all. When Nightingale called about it, the person at the dealership said that they were putting in a new clutch, but we can see it next week.

    So instead, we took care of going to my bank to take care of some things there. I’ll write more on the daily thread in a bit.

    In the meantime, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed again, and sad. To add to that, Nightingale got frustrated with me for not being able to hold Heidi tightly enough for her to trim Heidi’s face hair, and kind of stalked off. (The trimmer was scaring Heidi really bad, and she squirmed and pulled too much for me. She is a very strong dog, with those pit bull muscles in her body.)

    Although we do have much in common, Nightingale and I are very different in some ways, with her being on the strong, almost tough, side, and me being softer and weaker (not just physically). She sometimes gets frustrated with me, and I take it to heart and end up crying some, but not in her sight. And I feel silly for feeling that way.

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  8. If they are fixing a clutch, it means that it is a standard shift.
    Can you drive a standard shift?
    I taught Chuck to drive a standard shift, and he taught his children, but no one around here drives standard shift anymore.


  9. Well Kim, I do hope you took the time to at least find my *perfect* Taos blue for my front door while you were there visiting in the wee hours.

    I drove stick shift cars for years until I bought the Jeep. I have a feeling Nightingale knows how, too.

    Prayer for my day which is running on too little sleep and trying to atone for and fix a mistake I made last night in all the deadline chaos. Sackcloth and ashes for me when I found out this morning. oy.

    No excuse (and there was a logical path to how the mistake wound up getting made), but we simply do have way too few people doing way too much on ridiculously short, multiple deadlines & with no backup now during these elections. We’re simply not staffed to handle it like they would like us to do.

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  10. The curator at our military history museum in town told me once that they’ve had a lot of trouble when the acquire antique WWII vintage vehicles as none of their younger volunteers knows how to drive a stick.

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  11. I am afflicted with the overwhelms, too. Fortunately it is not accompanied by guilt. I just have too much happening within a short span, and none of the dates of the happenings have been of my choosing. I rightfully feel out of control. I do not do well with things back to back with no transition time. I do feel sad that my friend, Karen, is not doing well and I have been so unavailable this year. I suppose that would be the main thing I feel a bit of guilt over, but I have no control over that either, so guilt be gone. And then tthere are the continuing changes at church. Another out of control situation. So prayers for me to finish the business website at the least. Thank you so much for your prayers and hearing my minor woes.

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