10 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-6-18

  1. So who is he going to giving up?

    cough (Comey) cough


    “Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is set to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee soon, but he apparently has made a request for immunity in exchange.

    According to CNN, McCabe is requesting “the Senate Judiciary Committee provide him with immunity from prosecution” in exchange for testimony on the handling of the Clinton email probe:

    “Under the terms of such a grant of use immunity, no testimony or other information provided by Mr. McCabe could be used against him in a criminal case,” wrote Michael Bromwich, a lawyer for McCabe, to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, who has requested McCabe testify next week.”


  2. Big Pharma will not be pleased.


    “The pharmaceutical industry’s day of reckoning may have finally arrived.

    President Trump and his administration are determined to move forward on a sweeping initiative to address the rising cost of prescription treatments and, for once, the drug lobby may be unable to block the effort. A blueprint revealed earlier this month contained a number of proposals — some more vague than others — that included allowing further private negotiation in the Medicare program and ending the drug rebate program.

    Instead of a direct attack on the plan, Big Pharma hopes to craft policies that would quiet critics while avoiding potentially costly measures drugmakers have long opposed. It’s planning to work behind the scenes with the White House, the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Health and Human Services to find common ground on the final regulatory proposals.”


  3. Not so honorable after all.


    “As FBI director in 2002, Special Counsel Robert Mueller directed his agents to oppose the pardons of four wrongfully imprisoned men because exculpatory evidence was merely “fodder for cross-examination,” newly revealed FBI documents show.

    Four years later, the four men, or their estates, were awarded $102 million by a federal judge in Boston for their wrongful decades-long imprisonment due to FBI misconduct.

    Mueller ordered the Boston FBI office to answer a request to him from the Massachusetts Advisory Board of Pardons for an “official version” of the imprisonment of the four men for a gangland murder in Chelsea MA in March 1965.

    The four men – Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati – were convicted in state court in Boston of murdering Edward “Teddy” Deegan, a small-time hoodlum, in an alley during a bank burglary.

    Within days of the murder, Boston FBI agents knew the identities of the actual murderers, and reported the information to J. Edgar Hoover in Washington. But they allowed a Mob hitman they had flipped, Joseph Barboza, to settle some old scores by falsely testifying that the four men had taken part in the gangland murder he had helped arrange with others.”

    “For 35 years, the FBI refused to release the evidence exonerating the wrongfully imprisoned men on the grounds of “national security.” It was finally released in 2000 as part of an investigation into corruption in the Boston office of the FBI.

    After the state pardons board asked Mueller for the Bureau’s version of its actions, a Boston FBI agent, Charles Prouty, wrote back on May 9, 2002 that “FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. has directed the office to respond.”

    Mueller directs response to Greco’s posthumous pardon

    While conceding that the damning FBI reports contained “impeachment material,” Mueller’s FBI still contended that the innocent men might in fact be guilty, despite the FBI’s own reports to the contrary.

    “This does not necessarily mean, however, that Limone or any of the other defendants is innocent – it merely means that they are entitled to a new trial.”

    Deegan was murdered on March 12, and the FBI office sent memos to Bureau headquarters in Washington on March 15 and March 19 identifying the real killers – and with no mention of the four men who later won the $102 million judgment.

    Mueller, however, tried to convince the Massachusetts authorities that his own Bureau’s documents did not mean that the four men had been railroaded.

    “Much of the FBI confidential source information relates to the individuals who were involved in the Deegan murder as principals,” Mueller’s deputy said, underlining the word. “This information is not necessarily inconsistent with the crimes for which the defendants were convicted.”

    Prouty did not mention the fact that Greco had moved from Boston to Florida before the murder. Mueller’s agent also did not point out that the siblings of victim Deegan, who had grown up in Boston’s West End with Limone, had earlier written the state parole board in support of Limone’s release. The Deegan siblings told the Parole Board that Limone had warned his childhood friend Deegan to be careful because of the murder contract out on him.

    Michael Albano, a former member of the MA parole board and one-time mayor of Springfield, worked for years to free the innocent men.

    “Even after the facts of the FBI cover up were revealed,” he said last week on “The Howie Carr Show” after reading the letter, “the FBI continued the cover up with the approval and authorization of Director Robert Mueller III.”


  4. HRW @6:38 yesterday: I view Wynne’s sexual orientation as irrelevant to whether she is a good premier or not. I have encountered those who do make it a reason to criticize, and I always find their remarks on the subject to be very disturbing. I am a Christian, with clear personal convictions, but our Lord Jesus Christ treated everyone – except the religious hypocrites – with gentleness and respect and, furthermore we are told in the Bible to honour government authorities. Wynne would not receive measured criticism from me if she had been a trustworthy leader. The energy issue is not a small matter for those on a limited income. The hydro bills have been crippling for my parents who live on CPP and old age pension. They used very little electricity, with no dryer or dishwasher, and even had a timer to turn their hot water heater off during peak hours, but the way Wynne kept raising hydro rates further pinched their finances. Then when she artificially lowered the rates as the election approached, it was not appreciated, as my parents fully realized that they would pay much more later for lowered rates now. The increased provincial taxes on gas and oil also impacted them, as they needed oil to heat their house and gas to get anywhere – public transit does not exist in the country. The urban middle class in Ontario is very disconnected from how it feels to be a rural low-income family in the same province. Wynne’s repeated promises of jam tomorrow sounded very hollow when her policies had already produced a lack of bread today.

    I was dismayed when Ford was selected to be leader of the Conservatives. The late Rob Ford’s behaviour as mayor of Toronto was reprehensible and an embarrassment (when I was in West Africa, I met a Lebanese businessman who immediately mentioned and laughed over Ford’s antics when he learned I was from Canada), but I always had the impression that Rob was the follower, and that Doug was the real political manipulator. Not that former party leader Patrick Brown was much better than Ford – my parents and I had a very low opinion of Brown even before the scandal that cost him the leadership. I grew up in a staunchly conservative rural riding, but the constituents do not take kindly to being manipulated by anyone. Another Conservative party leader, who is the current mayor of Toronto, memorably tried to use the steadfast conservative support of the riding to his benefit and get an easy seat in the legislature in a byelection, but the inhabitants of the riding were offended at his presumption and elected the Liberal candidate just to teach the Conservative party a lesson (in the next provincial election, they promptly returned the Conservative candidate who had resigned the seat to make way for the former party leader). The Conservative incumbent will no doubt be reelected there, but for herself, not for her party leader.


  5. Finally. This is what’s been most lacking in our fight against illegal immigration. Going after those who enable and encourage the lawbreaking and identity theft. Hope to see more of this.


    “More than 100 workers at an Ohio gardening and landscaping company were arrested Tuesday when about 200 federal officers descended on the business and carried out one of the largest workplace immigration raids in recent years.

    The operation was part of the White House’s increasing focus on businesses that hire people in the country illegally amid a broad range of immigration crackdowns under President Donald Trump that include stepped-up deportations, targeting of sanctuary cities and zero-tolerance border policies.

    The 114 arrests occurred at two locations of Corso’s Flower & Garden Center, one in Sandusky, a resort city on Lake Erie, and another in nearby Castalia. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it expected criminal charges including identity theft and tax evasion.

    No criminal charges were filed against the company, but the employer is under investigation, authorities said. Two locations were searched, and Khaalid Walls, an agency spokesman, said “a large volume of business documents” were seized.”

    “The investigation into Corso’s began in October 2017 when the U.S. Border Patrol arrested a woman who gave stolen identity documents to job applicants in the country illegally, said Steve Francis, head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations unit in Detroit.

    The document vendor led investigators to the landscaping company, where they examined documents in its files for irregularities, Francis said. Some Social Security numbers belonged to dead people.

    Of the 313 employees whose records were examined, 123 were found suspicious and targeted for arrest and criminal charges of identity theft and, in nearly all cases, tax evasion. Francis said the identity theft targeted U.S. citizens who had no idea their information was being used at the Ohio business.

    “We verified that a lot of U.S. persons were obviously unaware of this. It’s caused them a lot of hardship,” Francis said.”


  6. Without comment. His actions speaks for themselves.


    “DOJ watchdog finds James Comey defied authority as FBI director, sources say

    “The Justice Department’s internal watchdog has concluded that James Comey defied authority at times during his tenure as FBI director, according to sources familiar with a draft report on the matter.

    One source told ABC News that the draft report explicitly used the word “insubordinate” to describe Comey’s behavior. Another source agreed with that characterization but could not confirm the use of the term.

    In the draft report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz also rebuked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, the sources said.

    On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump complained of “numerous delays” in the release of Horowitz’s final report, which is expected to run several hundred pages long and be released in the coming days. The sources who spoke to ABC News were willing or able to address only a portion of the draft report’s complete findings.”


  7. “The Obama Administration LIED To The American People. Repeatedly. Here’s The Proof.”


    “The Obama administration lied to the American people.

    A lot.

    The latest proof of their dishonesty: according to the Associated Press, the Obama administration attempted to end-around its own sanctions in order to give cash to the worst terror sponsor on the planet. Here’s the report:

    The report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations revealed that under President Barack Obama, the Treasury Department issued a license in February 2016, never previously disclosed, that would have allowed Iran to convert $5.7 billion it held at a bank in Oman from Omani rials into euros by exchanging them first into U.S. dollars. If the Omani bank had allowed the exchange without such a license, it would have violated sanctions that bar Iran from transactions that touch the U.S. financial system.

    Only the fact that U.S. banks didn’t want to violate American law prevented Iran from getting its hands on $5.7 billion more in U.S. dollars. As Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) explained, “The Obama administration misled the American people and Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with Iran.” The Obama administration repeatedly lied — over and over again — about their supposed unwillingness to allow Iran “access to the US financial system.” Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew even testified to that effect.

    So, what did Team Obama have to say about all of this? Unnamed Obama officials told the AP that they were acting “in line with the spirit of the deal,” and that the lies were justified because they were attempting to debunk arguments that Team Obama wanted to give even more concessions to the Iranians. Which is somewhat like arguing that Bill Clinton didn’t lie about Monica Lewinsky, he just wanted to debunk rumors that he had sex with an intern.

    The Obama administration activity on behalf of Iran went even further, the AP reports. In March 2016, Obama officials including execrable Secretary of State John Kerry “fanned out across Europe, Asia and the Middle East trying to convince banks and businesses they could do business with Iran without violating sanctions and facing steep fines.” In other words, the Obama administration became the foreign ministry for the mullahs in Iran. “

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  8. The more we know, the worse it gets.

    We don’t need gun control, we need stupid liberal program control.


    “As soon as Cruz began walking “like on a mission” toward the building, Medina followed and began frantically texting fellow security guards. “We had a meeting about him last year and we said if there’s gonna be anybody whose gonna come to this school and shoot this school up, it’s going to be that kid,” Medina told detectives on the day of the Feb. 14 shooting.

    Cruz had earlier been transferred out of the school because of his behavior.

    “He was rebellious, you know … he had 666 on his book bag. He had the [anti-] Jewish swastika. He had all that crazy stuff. … All the signs were there, so they, they got rid of him,” Medina said.

    Medina’s testimony to detectives details what became alarmingly clear after the shooting: School officials long knew about Cruz’s bouts of rage, obsession with weapons and Nazi imagery and violent outbursts against fellow students. Cruz was also assigned to a controversial program that diverts troubled students to alternative schools over the criminal-justice system — critics contend the program encourages a culture of lax discipline. The Broward County School District says he never showed up for those classes.

    Yet, Cruz had avoided any arrests, and despite his history of mental health problems, was able to buy a cache of weapons.

    “Just crazy,” Medina recalled of Cruz during the teen’s time at Parkland. “And we always was watching him, you know. Like, it was one of those kids that we always kept an eye on.””

    And yet he was still successful.


  9. Goods news for vets stuck in the VA waiting game.


    “President Donald Trump signed the VA MISSION Act into law this afternoon, which gives veterans more health care options in the private sector.

    Veterans now have the ability “to see private physicians if they do not receive needed treatment from VA medical facilities, as long as it is approved by a health provider.”

    Trump promised during his campaign that’d he overhaul the VA system, which for years has faced criticism for its subpar performance, especially for the horrendous wait times for a veteran to even see a doctor:

    “You’ve fulfilled your duty to our nation with tremendous loyalty and courage, and with the signing of this veterans’ choice legislation, we take one more crucial step in fulfilling our duty to you,” he said.

    Now that Trump signed the bill, the VA will “combine a number of existing private-care programs.” The bill forms “a commission to recommend which VA facilities are worth repairing, where new ones should be built, and which ones should be closed and care provided in the private sector instead.””


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