49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-31-18

  1. oh, a special ed teacher at my school is the wife of the principal. They have twin boys who are graduating this year. Both were a part of my first class here that I taught for two years. Well, Chrissy told me the other day that she has an extra ticket for graduation and for the reception afterwards for me. I am the only teacher still her from their primary school days. She is a very sweet lady and I so appreciate being included.

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  2. That picture is creepy.

    Two comments re yesterday’s discussion.

    In 2000 we took a church youth group on a trip to Chicago. Being in the city, the Rock-and-Roll McDonald’s has signs posted that parking is for customers only. They had tow trucks standing by and continually announced license plate numbers for customers to identify themselves. My hubby still laughs about how quickly cars were towed off that lot when no one responded to the announcement.

    I ride my bicycle on the NCR trail several times a week. The trail is about 40 miles long and there are only two decent restrooms on it. There are portables at several other places, but I don’t consider them “decent.” In Glen Rock, there is a small convenience store with a large sign in the window that faces the trail that says something like “Feel free to come in and use our clean restrooms.” I stop in there frequently and buy a drink about half the time, but every time I’m there, I thank them for their hospitality. (p.s. I never ride the whole 40 miles at a time but about 20, starting at different locations)

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  3. Not sacked out yet. 1 more hour to go on this shift. Then I need to go to the feed store, deliver milk, buy groceries, ,go to the bank, fuel my car, and drive home. Then I will do chores and probably get to bed around noon.

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  4. Morning…achoo….morning!! I cannot quit sneezing!! We had a lovely downpour yesterday afternoon and I made it home before the marble sized hail hit…I rushed out placing sheets over my tender plants, getting pelted by the hail (some of the hits really hurt!). All survived and the hail was yellow! That is due to the pine pollen which is the cause of my sneezing!! This too shall pass!
    Nice shot of whatever that is on that tree up there….gives it great texture. Looks like something I would bring in the house and put in a wooden trough 😊
    Rkessler you are an amazing lady!!! May our Lord give to you sweet rest when you lay your head upon your pillow!! 😴

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  5. Those growths on the tree are some sort of fungus, a variety of mushroom. We occasionally get pure white mushrooms growing in the caves, especially if there is a lot of rain.

    Linda- your bicycle trail sounds inviting. Around here there are several bike trails made form old railroad lines. They make for good riding as the hills are not so steep. One is the Katy Trail, which runs from Western Missouri to St. Charles, a suburb of St. Louis. It’s 200+ miles long and follows the Missouri River for most of its length. It’s the longest state park in the country, but only a few hundred feet wide. I’ve ridden parts of it, but “someday” hope to ride the whole thing over several days.

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  6. Heidi was sick last night. I had to get up to let her out at 11:30 and again a little after midnight. Then, when I got up to go to the bathroom at 4:45, she wanted to go out again. I discovered that she had thrown up on the floor by the back door a couple times. Walking through the living room to the bathroom, I found seven spots where she had also thrown up.

    So I was up for about half an hour cleaning up dog-vomit from the carpet. Yuck. Fortunately, I was able to get back to sleep after a while. But I am tired. Heidi seems better, though.

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  7. Peter, your trail sounds great, too. I like riding the trail because it’s way safer that the roads and, like you said, the hills aren’t too steep.
    I posted this on FB the other day but those of you who don’t go there might appreciate it. Santa brought me a Garmin for my bicycle and it is amazing. I marvel that it has more memory and more computing power than the first IBM 360 that I programmed for.

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  8. Good morning. Hubby’s at physical therapy, 3rd Arrow’s at her job, and the rest of us have had breakfast and are about to launch into our tasks for the morning, then school after that.

    Peter, I had to do a double take when I read about your trail “which runs from Western Missouri to St. Charles…”

    There’s a St. Charles in Minnesota — an area I’ve been through — and my first thought, before reading your further description of it being a suburb of St. Louis, was, that is one very long bike trail!! 😀

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  9. A Garmin is a GPS.

    I may want to build a fire today. It is supposed to be in the fifties today. Kind of nippy in the school room, though it has nothing on the schoolroom, Roscuro taught music in while here.


  10. Mushroom growth, disturbing.

    rKessler, you are, indeed, amazing. We’re all tired just reading about your morning!

    Heidi must have eaten something … Dogs will eat most anything.

    6arrows, hoping the PT is helping your husband. Any word on the leave request?

    I’m tired already and I haven’t even been up a full hour, I got to too bed late and slept too late. So I’m on a fast-track to get out of here.

    Some new data on homelessness apparently is coming out today so late last night I get an email from a panicked editor asking if I can (a) talk to a homeless person in my area and (b) go out with social workers to add to the story from our particular community — and maybe the neighboring community, too, since that paper is short-handed. But I’m still trying to finish the long election story both for our area and for the area where the paper lost all its staff.

    All the editors are spinning tops trying to plug all the gaps in our coverage after losing so many staff and having the rest of us transfer to fill in somehow (which only creates more gaps). We all have to work election night next week, whether we have a race in our area or not. And apparently the Rams are coming out to do some youth event Saturday in our community, but finding someone to cover that will be unlikely, I suspect.

    OK, I need to get out of here and go find a homeless person to say something to me for a random story now. Anything will do at this point.

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  11. I haven’t been following this case as closely as some of you. Is stripping him of his retirement benefits appropriate or going too far?

    “Paige Patterson Fired by Southwestern, Stripped of Retirement Benefits
    New details of mishandled sexual abuse allegation lead to Southern Baptist seminary president emeritus losing honorary title and on-campus residence.”



  12. This is a Mimi Survey
    Twice now I have been at home when Grandpa arrived with Miss M. He parks his truck, closes the door, goes in the house to put the dogs in the back yard, then he brings her into the house.
    I have asked him to please leave the truck door open so that it will not get too hot in the truck until he gets her out. He thinks I am being ridiculous. I think any number of things could happen to him (a heart attack, a stroke, sudden death, broken leg, etc) and she would suffocate in the truck.
    I always left a window cracked or the door opened when BG was too little to get herself out of the car.
    Am I paranoid?

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  13. chas, if it doesn’t start there it ends there as people try to cope.

    A fairly significant factor here is the high costs of rent, it’s really become pretty outrageous. I could no longer afford to rent anything in my own community, for example.


  14. DJ, I haven’t heard about any leave request approval yet. Last I heard was that hubby needed to fill out his portion of the paperwork, then he’d hand it in to the office, who would send it on the truck that goes back and forth every day between his workplace and HR (three hours away).

    I’m hoping nothing gets lost, or…


  15. Kim, you are not paranoid.

    Hubby bought hamburger this morning after his PT appointment…

    …and forgot to take it out of the car when he got home.

    It’s only food. A baby forgotten in a closed vehicle on a hot day…

    You have my permission to tell him that story, if you think it would help.

    The baby comes out before anything else is attended to — every time.

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  16. Nope, you are not being being paranoid or over-reacting at all. The baby should come out first. I don’t know what the situation is with the dogs, but if need be, he could have them put away somehow before he leaves to get her so that they won’t get in his way when he comes in with her.

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  17. And even with the windows down, if something happened to him where he couldn’t get to her for a while, a car can still heat up unbearably.

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  18. Two gallons of milk were left in the car a few weeks ago and not noticed until they were quite bad. He would feel terrible if he made the same mistake many others have made.


  19. Not paranoid. But I see a bigger problem nobody else has mentioned.
    Why does he leave her in the car while he takes the dogs out?
    Can’t have her in the same house with dogs?
    Dogs have to go.

    I told you before about a smart man who is son-in-law of a friend of mine.
    He had a half dog-half wolf pet.
    He got married. No problem.
    He & she have a baby.
    He wisely disposed of the dog. I don’t recall how. I think he found someone to take it.

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  20. Oh, please, Kim, he must get her out first. I was just out in our hot car installing a little net contraption that is suppose to hold my purse right behind the console so it won’t fall and dump out the contents. The doors were open, but it was still roasting in this Atlanta heat. And of course, we had that case of the dad who intentionally left his son to die in a hot car. I am extra sensitive to such things now, but with good cause, after all the news about that case. My friend, Karen, said she saw on television that it is suggested that drivers take off their left shoe while driving with babies so the will think to get the child out before their foot touches hot pavement.

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  21. The cardiologist appointment Art had went well. The appointment my friend, Karen, had with her cardiologist revealed from lab work that she is either in or near renal failure. I hope they can get her back in better shape soon. She said that other time that she miraculously survived that all her systems had shut down.

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  22. I figured he either did not trust the dogs around baby yet, or did not want to deal with the initial homecoming excitement while trying to deal with baby. Good motives. But get the baby out first.

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  23. Is there some way he can wear the baby in some sort of backpack or carrier, going from the truck to the house, so he’s got hands free to deal with the dogs when he walks in the door? She needs to be with him, and safe.


  24. One problem I can see with these tips of how not to forget a little one in the backseat (another one is to put something else you need, such as a purse or briefcase, in the back, too) is that no one thinks they would ever actually forget a baby in their car, so may not even bother. But hopefully someone will bother, and one less baby will die that way.

    The man who did it on purpose was evil. What a horrible way to kill anyone, let alone a little child.

    I can’t imagine the guilt one would feel for having accidentally left a child in a hot car. From what I understand, most of the cases have been when having the baby or toddler in the car was out of the ordinary, such as the dad who was supposed to drop the baby off at daycare, which his wife usually did, but focused on his workday ahead and drove straight to work.


  25. Mumsee, my bicycle Garmin is really cool. I turn it on it when I start my ride and while I’m riding, it tells me how fast, how far, and how long. When I get home and plug it into my computer, it uploads all that information onto my “activities dashboard.”
    Is Mumsee’s next question, “What’s a dashboard?”

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  26. Probably more about logistics (baby & dogs) but it’s also never a good idea to leave dogs unattended around a small child — in this case, the dogs aren’t accustomed to baby all that much since they don’t live in the same house.

    But either way, easier and safer to deal with one being at a time

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  27. We got it all done. I did take a 2 hr nap at my daughter’s before I got started. I did finish my online CE stuff and got it submitted. Miguel is really hurting today. Not sure if it is because he has been doing too much or what.

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  28. I like things that are not plugged in all the time. Blue Tooth? I don’t know what things do…Guess I will weed my gardens.


  29. Anyway, I was thinking it would be fun to have some sort of odometer for the bikes, and speedometers.


  30. I was out watering after work and saw that there are a lot of tall weeds invading my Mexican sage brush.

    But everything is watered, we’re supposed to get some more sun through the weekend.

    I’m almost done with my campaign story and will have to follow all 15 Congressional races in LA County on Tuesday night for results. Guess I should plan to vote, too, so I’ll be slipping out of the State of Denial for a little bit.

    I’m also seeing Carol on Saturday and need to probably buy my house paint this weekend since there’s a 30% off sale

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  31. I had a bicycle speedometer in the 70s. A cable went from the meter on the handlebars to the front wheel where a device was attached to the hub and had prongs that went between spokes. I got it up to 20 mph on flat ground on my 26″ one-speed Schwinn. I put 750 miles going to and from school (3 miles one way) and riding around town before the prongs broke. That was over about a 10 month period. I was in great shape back then. Then I got my driver’s license and got lazy.

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  32. Oops! I meant 3 miles round trip to school. My bad! Oh, and the speedometer didn’t have GPS, Blue Tooth or a way to connect it to a computer. It was lo-tech.


  33. Of course we won’t mention, Dj, that you water is coming from my area. We are so nice we send out water down there so that you can water your garden!


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