37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-28-18

  1. First!

    Great quote from Patton. Enjoy the day off, if you have it. I’m going to mow the lawn and then go sell tickets to cave tours. Anybody want a “cool” adventure?

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  2. To be thankful that such men lived does not obviate the necessity to recognize and mourn those who died. Some died, many lived, chance happens to all.

    I was reading Psalm 147 this morning. It says (v.4) that God not only knows, but has a name for every star.
    Have you ever seen the West Texas sky? There is, on the other side of the world, the same display. (I saw it in Arabia, but tad too much going then to notice.)
    God has a name for each and knows immediately what is happening to s star that sent it’s light to us a billion years ago.

    It may seem like I changed the subject, but I didn’t.

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  3. Good morning! It was a nice drizzly drive to the office this a.m. I am about to have my first cup of coffee. I hope you all have a good Memorial Day.

    We have to buy a cane for Art today because he lost the one he had. He has a doctor appointment tomorrow that will require a lot of walking. I just have to recognize the joy of having stores open nearby that will be able to provide for our need.

    Twice last week I was at doctor offices with Karen. I am slowly getting back into my other life outside of tax season.

    Even Miss Bosley is getting back to her happier life. She is still the most wonderful cat!

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  4. My husband takes Lasix too, and it definitely limits how early he can go out. (Sometimes he skips it on Sundays or other days when he has no choice but to leave the house early.) He was planning on getting to a Memorial Day service in one of the two communities where he is pastor, but his knee woke him up at 5:30 this morning so it’s not a good day for the walking involved at a cemetery.

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  5. Morning…oh glorious Morning! It is foggy and humid in this here forest! We are expecting some showers to fall upon this dry land today! Chas @8:49….thanks for sharing that…thought provoking. We love viewing those named stars out here on a clear night…they appear so close at this altitude that you might reach out your hand and touch them. The majesty and artistry of the Most High is awesome indeed! ❤️ ⭐️

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  6. I have a rare (one of 6 we get each year) day off, yay! Three-day weekends are wonderful, especially since I used to work so many of them (by choice but also for the extra money). My cousin is coming over today and we’ll go out somewhere for lunch, maybe catch a movie. I also want to get her advice on a few things in the house, she hasn’t been here since maybe late last year?

    She’s also now recovered (mostly) from a hip replacement surgery she had maybe 3 months ago now. The process was tougher than she expected but she had one of the best doctors (at St. John’s in Santa Monica) for that kind of surgery, he’s in very high demand. She retired from probably 40 years working for LA schools in downtown (in the district’s budget office) so has amazing insurance, basically full coverage, everything is paid, for as long as she lives. She said they do realize how lucky they all are to have that.

    I need to move the Jeep down to the street, she said stairs are still hard for her (and I still haven’t put in a front handrail); that way she can park at the top of the driveway and come in the back way which is flat, except of a couple little ledge-type steps up to the gate and then the patio.

    We had sunshine yesterday, but still cool temperatures, and it was glorious out on by the harbor; so far, today is starting out overcast. But you know how I love my overcast, cool days. The more the better this time of year as we’re heading for a string of bright, hot weeks ahead.

    Enjoy the cool cave, Peter. This must be the summer tourist season kickoff?

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  7. Cheryl, are you stacking books on shelves or dishes in cupboards today?

    Or maybe you’re getting to take a day off from it all. You both must still be exhausted from the past several weeks. It feels so good to get into a new place, though, with no real deadlines so you can work at your own pace and take your time.

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  8. We did get a Hurry Cane at Walgreen’s and then picked up lunch from Taco Bell. Art used the buggy for support at Walgreen’s, but even so, he still had to go wait for me in the car while I was in the checkout line. He was in a “Hurry” to get back to the office after our short outing. Hurry Canes are advertised on television. Seems like I remember the man with the Hurry Cane got the lady and the man without the Hurry Cane lost out. Hmmm….maybe we need to rethink this Hurry Cane. 🙄

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  9. I was in bed by 8pm last night, so tired. Then my hip is aching and my back feels like a tennis ball hit it. I am trying to remember if that happened during yard duty last week. I will take some advil with breakfast and all should be fine. Cheesecake for a birthday at lunch!
    I will take my holidays when school is out.

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  10. DJ, haven’t unpacked any boxes yet today . . . since we just got back from our first visit ever to Ikea. (It’s a bit of a drive to get there, through a major city, and so we chose to go on a day that many people have off work and there wouldn’t be a traffic backup.) Wow, what a store! It is really a completely new store. Just shopping around, my sense is that the major force behind the store is engineering. That is, you design something that works well, sell it at less markup by selling it yourself (closer to wholesale than retail) but sell enough that you make a good profit and get a good reputation.

    A roommate in Chicago had a friend who was always talking about what new things she bought at Ikea, and I got the idea it was basically a furniture store for college students and apartment dwellers (flimsy but cheap). Maybe in those days (about 18 years ago) it was, I don’t know. But now the quality seems uite good, but the prices affordable. And at the front of the store is the kind of food court Costco has (loss leaders of pizza and hot dogs, with free coffee) . . . but if you go to the back, you get to loss leaders of food you can’t afford at a restaurant. We can’t really cook yet, and have basically been eating one meal a day fast food and one meal at home (sandwich, salad, or leftovers from yesterday’s meal out), and it was lovely to get real food at about the same price as a Wendy’s salad. (More than a Big Mac and large fries, but hardly extravagant.) He got Swedish meatballs–he is Swedish and so is Ikea–and was surprised at how many he got. I got a nice large salad (complete with pecans, cranberries, and feta cheese) for $3, and for $3 more a serving of salmon. We “splurged” and got a large piece of chocolate cake to share.

    But now we have a table and chairs for our kitchen nook, some glass glasses (all of our glasses have been plastic, and that’s not really “company” style), and a new shoe bag for me since mine is at least 20 years old (maybe 30) and ready to replace. We also looked at several other things we may buy later, including a dining room table, a medicine cabinet for our bedroom, and more bookcases. We’ve already planned to go back July 4. 🙂

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  11. Ikea sound fun! Do you think Art could manage it with his new Hurry Cane?

    I have been working on the Frequently Asned Questions for the business website today. Now I need to set the anchors and links for each question and answer pairing.


  12. Cheryl – Too bad they spoiled your salad with the pecans, cranberries, and feta cheese. At least the salmon must have been good. 🙂


  13. I had salmon today also (grilled with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes; brought part of the salmon and potatoes home for dinner tonight, even though they were the smaller ‘lunch portions,’ still lots of food).

    We ate at Cheesecake Factory (on the patio next to the Redondo Beach marina). I hadn’t been there in a while so it was kind of a special treat. And it was a gorgeous day on the water, sunny but temps were in the high 60s so not hot. Lots and lots of bicycle riders out at the beach on today which is sort of the unofficial kickoff to summer.

    My cousin has some kind of cane that she used once in a while today on our outing (it’s been 2 months since her hip replacement) but she mostly doesn’t use it, says it’s more in the way than not. I have an old cane of my grandfather’s (or it might have been “Great Aunt Hattie’s”?) that’s hand-carved wood with the hooked handle, very primitive. I have it hanging on the coat rack in the front of the house.

    That kind of cane wouldn’t get anyone a date, Janice. lol

    I have a rolling cart in the kitchen that’s from Ikea, I bought it at a yard sale probably 25 years ago. My issue with Ikea is that you have to put it all together, don’t you?

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  14. Learned that another cousin & her husband moved back to Iowa recently, interesting. They lived just north of here, in Ventura County above LA, near the coast for years, she is a retired school teacher.


  15. Just checking in to say thank you for praying. I made it through the day. It is hard for me not to worry about missing something after I go home. I did my best, but I can always think of things that I could have done better.

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  16. Good to hear you got through, Roscuro.

    Redondo Beach — one of my Sunday morning Bible study friends lived there years ago.

    I hadn’t heard of a Hurry Cane before. I wondered if that was some spellcheck funny business. 😉

    Never been to an IKEA or a Costco. I wouldn’t even know where the closest ones would be from where I am.

    Cheryl, that salad sounds delicious. And, yum, salmon.


  17. It’s house furnishings day apparently. My cousin and I did try to go to a fireplace accessories store at the beach as she’s needing a new screen but they were closed. But we did try.

    I installed a new app on my phone — PlantSnap — that identifies flowers and plants you take a picture of; I confirmed I have Mexican Bush Sage (not lavender) in front of the house and the big blue-flowered bush along side my front steps is hyacinth-bean.

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  18. We have IKEA stuff we bought while living somewhere around fifteen years ago. It works well for what we wanted.


  19. I have friends who go to Ikea just to eat Swedish meatballs. Have never been there, but love what I’ve seen of their furniture.

    Hill was here (she’s on furlough from Sicily) and spent the night last night, played disc golf this morning with two sons and two Adorables, and then went to see Han Solo with us.

    We entered the theater just before the sneak previews ended (They’ve gotten too violent or bawdy for me) and sat behind a family taking up an entire row.

    At the end of the movie (OK entertainment for a warm afternoon), we discovered that family was ours!

    Very fun to see them.

    Costco was closed today, so we didn’t make it a perfect errand running afternood afterwards, but good enough.

    I need to write 23 Utmost Responses and at least 4 blog posts, one GDPR newsletter and one regular newsletter before my writer work is done and I leave for VA/MD two weeks from today.

    It’s doable.

    Unless something else turns up requiring my attention!. 🙂

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  20. The first time we bought a new couch–after living with hand-me-downs for years, we struggled.

    We couldn’t find anything we both liked. He wanted round and voluptuous with big cushions.

    I wanted neat spare lines. A couch I could easily recover the next time, unlike previous couches we owned.

    Finally, I realized we were trying to find a couch that looked like the person we married!

    So, we ended up with spare lines and big cushions.

    It worked.

    The funny things in a marriage. 🙂

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  21. Michelle, what is a GDPR newsletter? The acronym means something to me but I can’t imagine how that meaning would have anything to do with you.


  22. Today was yardwork day here, not house furnishings. Not as productive as we might have liked, though our younger son got most of the yard mowed before learning the hard way to keep the mower clear of tree stumps – this one was cut close to the ground, and now has a bit at the edge cut slightly lower than the rest. Unfortunately the stump came out of the encounter better than the lawnmower, which now needs a new blade.

    I did weed-whacking until the weedwhacker ran out of fuel, and I was hot and tired enough not to bother refilling it yet (the temperature was in the 90’s most of the day, and felt even hotter).Our older son worked on trying to drill holes in stumps (to pour something in to rot out the stump to make it easier to remove, based on advice given to my husband), but didn’t get very far because the battery died on the cordless drill. We were going to try later with the corded drill, but it was just too hot for another go at it.

    We were going to get our fire pit out to make a picnic supper, but it was still too hot, so I “grilled” the sausages on the stove in one of those iron pans with ridges in it. Even now after 8 p.m. it’s still in the mid-80’s and feels like almost 90.

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  23. Projects for the rest of the week are
    1) getting younger son to three doctor appointments, with him trying to learn to take the bus by going home by bus from one, and to and from another by bus if we can figure out the best route for him
    2) planning for next week’s vacation in Branson, MO. For me, that means mostly planning meals and figuring out what to pack for cooking those meals (where we stay there is a full kitchen, so we don’t eat out much). We’ve already made reservations to see Samson at Sight and Sound, and we’ll go to one other show but haven’t decided which yet.


  24. I have been to IKEA once…It felt a bit as though I was mouse in a maze….but it was interesting 😊
    I am in search of a new sofa….I keep perusing online and I thought about shopping the sales today but I just didn’t want to fight the traffic in town…so it shall be another day for the hunt. I cleaned, rearranged furniture in the family room and in the den…then I walked with my neighbor and it began to rain. Her husband was coming down the road in his SUV as we rounded the corner…out of his window her handed her two umbrellas and went on his way…funny fella! ☔️

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  25. Nightingale has some furniture from Ikea, including the beds, and the couch she bought recently. It’s a nice couch! And it was quite inexpensive.

    The Boy and Nightingale marched in our town’s Memorial Day parade this morning, and then Nightingale had to work this afternoon and evening. The Boy went with his dad for a few hours after she left, so I just had to do bedtime stuff with him.

    Felt particularly sad again today, remembering Hubby on this Memorial Day. He was a proud Air Force veteran, and very patriotic. (No, I’m not confusing Memorial Day, a day to honor our war dead, with Veteran’s Day, a day to honor the living.) He would probably have fired up the grill and made hamburgers and hot dogs on it. But we didn’t so that, especially since Nightingale had to work.

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