35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-21-18

  1. How I love the scent of lilacs! When we drove into town for church yesterday I noticed all the thick blossoms on the bushes lining the road. My bush here has teeny tiny leaves emerging just now. I don’t know if I will ever seen a flower but I wait and hope 😊

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  2. The lilacs are blooming here as well. I love the smell out in the yard but not in the house. Rather overwhelming to me.


  3. We have deep purple, medium purple, light purple, white, and yellow (primrose) lilacs. Why are they called lilacs when they are not lilac colored?


  4. I’ve been out pulling fox tails in the backyard — it’s drizzly and misty this morning so they’re easy to pull up from the damp soil. Those things have been a constant battle ever since I moved here — I don’t have near as many as I once did (one year I had a horrendous crop of them). So I figure if I keep pulling out the ones that pop up I’ll keep the yard mostly clear of them.

    Meanwhile, some of the wildflowers I planted from seeds are sprouting, with itty-bitty teeny-tiny flowers now visible here and there. A far cry from the glorious waving, colorful meadow I’d hoped for by now, but maybe they just take a while.

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  5. They do take a while. Some take a long time. If it is a mix, some don’t start until the fall. One person’s wild flower is another person’s weeds.

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  6. Granted, wildflower seeds are the poor person’s landscaping plan. But right now all I have back there is dirt (along with several very large mature trees, though, that, on the down side, are beating up the brick wall terraced area toward the far back).

    I’m very broad minded when it comes to weeds passing for flowers and “landscaping.”

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  7. I am quite fond of weeds. I planted our septic system in wild flowers and had lots of chicory come up but a lot of folk don’t like chicory as it is rather skeleton appearing as far as foliage. But the blue flowers every morning make me happy.

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  8. You will probably have a lot more of my comments on here today. Husband is off for another infusion and to build a gate for daughter. Sixteen year olds are both doing very well. It is rainy out.

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  9. Speaking of weeds, Did I tell you about the time when Chuck was a toddler, he diapers? He picked a dandelion and gave it to his mother. She kept it in a glass of water for a couple of days.
    An orchid couldn’t have been better.

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  10. Weeds from children are wonderful. My dad hates dandelions. He is out all growing season with a little weed digger and a mat to sit on. I, on the other hand, love dandelions. We eat them, the bees like them, the goldfinches like them. I let them be except when I mow.

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  11. I’m teaching on Ruth 3 tomorrow and suddenly wondered–why didn’t Naomi go to Boaz and broker the match with Ruth? Wouldn’t that have been a better choice?

    So I googled the question and came up with a very different take on the chapter from a Dallas Theological Seminary grad named
    Bob Diffenbaugh.

    I think I’m going to use his argument tomorrow to start a discussion, but I’d love someone else’s thoughts or opinions.

    Here’s a Naomi the way you may never have considered her before!



  12. Hmmm, nothing new there, Michelle. I thought that was what it said. Naomi was a pessimistic conniver. Ruth and Boaz did the right thing.


  13. Cheryl’s Moving Story

    We’re home!! *New home. We would like, Lord willing, to live here the rest of our lives.

    It ended up taking about eight hours to pack up the truck (including two hours Friday night just to get started), plus about an hour of downtime for lunch and rest, and last-minute rental of a second, smaller truck (meaning a couple from church came down with us to drive it) . . . and on the road we ran into rain, and then had what might have been a full two hours delay because of an accident. We had a very small church and several people had other commitments, but we still had more than 1/4 of the church at that end (just not enough young men, with graduations and such that weekend).

    Traveling, we had several mini delays of 20 or 30 minutes, not moving at all, and then we would move a few yards or 1/8 mile and stop again.) Because of needing a second truck, my husband sent me ahead with our son-in-law (who was driving the big truck) so we could at least get started unpacking, but I called him on my cell phone and the other car and truck went a different route and my husband (the last to leave) was the first to arrive. We had told church friends at this end we estimated a 3-6 p.m. arrival, and it was after 7:00. Who wants to help unpack two moving trucks at 7:30-10:00 Saturday night?

    All flooring had been done before we moved in (and it looks lovely), but the toilets were on backorder (should have been in a couple of weeks ago, and we found out a few days ago) and so we had one old one put back in. No sinks yet except kitchen, but “big room” (library/my office and living room) and master bedroom got painted (while we were down here two weeks ago) and the rest will get there. Helpers from old home didn’t get home till 1-2 a.m. Sunday, which should give some idea how long it all took. Truck packing took longer than expected, and we had a long delay on the road (it might have been a full two hours) because of an accident, but we all got here safely. And rain was predicted, which would have made a nightmare of a very long day (6-7,000 books in cardboard boxes)–my husband prayed every time he woke up Friday night for an umbrella over the house, and we had one.

    So far nothing I’ve unpacked has been broken. I slept till 9:30 Sunday (I dreamed that hubby was waking me up and telling me it was time to get up for church, but he didn’t). We both were groggy and dirty and didn’t feel well, and had no place to shower or shave (he was quite cave-manny), so we went to a late breakfast, then napped, went to a new friend’s condo to shower (she is the church member who hosted us on our visits down here), didn’t eat “lunch” till 5:00, and then went to the evening service. Nearly as full as morning services (our third evening service here, but the other two weren’t regular services), lovely full-voiced singing, and a time during the service for praise and prayer requests, so my husband gave our praise.

    The friends and family who came down to help were impressed at the beauty of the area and thrilled with the condo–which looks so much better than when we bought it, and will soon look better still.

    Everything is a mess–many things can’t be unpacked yet because the vanities aren’t in the bathroom yet (the men from church came to install them Fri or Sat and realized our custom one for the master bath wouldn’t fit because of some pipes, and they didn’t know if we wanted them switched–my husband wants a plumber to move the pipes) and bookcases aren’t securely in place yet and so forth. So I have boxes lining the hall to the bathroom and so on throughout the house, but a fair amount has been unloaded. Got 8 hours sleep last night, which is good, and I feel fresh and new. Sunday morning I woke up with extremely bad green drainage and laryngitis (some voice left, but I know from experience I will lose it completely if I talk much)–voice may have been b/c truck was so loud we had to yell to talk at all, plus overall strain and stress of several hard days on little sleep.

    Friends from old church and family who drove down were very favorably impressed with condo, the beauty of the area, and probably all of them pleased to see what good hands we were in with church. My husband said those who saw could take back a good report to family and church family, because they did say they saw it was good for us and we were in good hands. Late Saturday night and we came home and they descended on us, 10 or 12 of them when the one shepherding the move at this end thought we might have to wait to unpack because everything was delayed for hours and it was just too late to expect much help. They unpacked us, told our friends from up north to leave most of it to them because they were fresh (hand’t spent hour packing) and our friends weren’t, put our bed up, put up our blinds, etc. There was some food in the fridge for us and workers.

    Very, very hard moving day. But we already feel like we are home, and I have yet to wake up feeling disoriented. It’s a mess but we are here and we are home. My computer isn’t hooked up yet and I need to get back to work, but I wanted to check in.

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  14. Good to hear you made it safely to your new destination, Cheryl. And that it already feels like home. Sweet!

    My thoughts and prayers were with you over the weekend, and some today, too. Thanks for the update.

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  15. Yay. Doesn’t that first shower feel wonderful? Now it’ll be much more “fun” — unpacking (at your leisure for some things), putting rooms together, making it ‘yours.’

    Congratulations, and enjoy this part of the journey. Big relief always when you make it to the other end of a move.


  16. The new pic is out by the mailbox. I think those reddish flowers are columbine, but maybe I’m confusing them with something else. Identifying flowers is not my strong suit. The pastor’s wife ordered the mailbox post. They live on a little-traveled, narrow road (two pickups cannot pass each other without going onto the grass with one side). But the neighbors definitely get a good message when they drive by.

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  17. Don’t know if anyone will see this so late in the day, but I think it will be seen better here than on the prayer thread. I came home (to my parents’ place) after church yesterday (I was playing the organ in the city church, so that is why I stayed in the city). I was doing pretty well with my asthma – I could feel the irritation lessening. Well, that all changed quickly. I was in the car today with my parents, as we had a funeral (parent of a good friend died suddenly) to go to. My parents’ car is in rough shape, and among the things that are not working is the air conditioning. My asthma became rapidly worse and I couldn’t attend the funeral. I ended up in a hospital emergency room. Of course, my symptoms quickly dissipated in the air conditioned hospital, and I was sent home with a prescription for prednisone. We couldn’t find a pharmacy that was open in the little communities, as it is a holiday Monday here, so we will have to fill it tomorrow. I’m still feeling rotten, as my symptoms returned to some degree once we left the hospital. I try to tell the physicians repeatedly that I have environmental allergies, and my symptoms come and go rapidly with exposure or lack of exposure to triggers, but my apparent youth and lack of symptoms fool them every time – not even my family doctor seems to think my asthma is as bad as I say it is. Only the respirologist, after he saw how quickly I reacted to the allergy skin test, seemed to believe that I might need some more help, but the further testing he prescribed had to be 6 to 9 months after that allergy test, so I have yet to have the further tests done.

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  18. I’m so sorry roscuro, that sounds miserable.

    Re a/c in cars, both my VW Jettas came with it but when it conked out in both cars over time I didn’t get it fixed as it seemed too expensive (plus there were other things that needed fixing by then just to keep the cars on the road, I has almost 200,000 miles on the more recent one before I replaced it after 15 years).

    I think if the a/c goes out in my Jeep (I’m at about 120,000 miles now), I’ll have to bite the bullet and fix it. I can see how not having it would quickly complicate a breathing condition on a warm day. And open windows, which were my summer solution, would likely make existing breathing conditions worse.

    Sorry you missed your friend’s parent’s funeral; praying some better treatment options come along and that the testing will be of help!

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