13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-19-18

  1. I don’t know what it is. Bed’s the same. Bedmate’s the same. everything is the same. But I don’t think I have had what I would call a good night’s sleep since I left H’ville. I lay there thinking things. Not dreams, but like dreams in that I don’t control the thoughts. i.e. I can’t decide to think or not think. They just come to mind. Random, not serious thoughts. Sometimes, I get a song in my head.
    I may be losing it.

    Elvera is getting better. That’s good. But not entirely. Now, she can get up and ramble around before I notice that she’s up. She isn’t supposed to do that.
    I have to watch closely.

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  2. Chas – I seem to remember hearing about some kind of mat you can keep by her bedside that lets off some kind of sound or alarm when stepped on.

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  3. You certainly are living with stress, Chas. Caregiving is never easy, no matter how much we love those for whom we are caregiving.

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  4. I agree, it’s stress. You can’t fully fall asleep because you have to be aware of what’s going on at all times.

    Wondering if maybe an overnight (awake) caregiver might be of help — and maybe even covered by Medicare?


  5. Re: My 9:33
    I went to bed about 9:00 last night. I started thinking about the fact that I haven’t had a chance to totally relax for months. So? I got up about 10:00 and took a melatonin. I went to sleep and woke up about 6:30 to take her to the toilet. Now? She is in the big chair and I’m getting ready to fix breakfast.
    No! Having someone else come in to fix breakfast doesn’t do a thing. The mechanics of the thing isn’t the problem.
    We are going to SS, but not church today. Too much commotion going to the “big church” for now.


  6. Chas – Having one of those mats might give you some peace of mind at night, so you can get some better rest. Praying for you!


  7. No church for me this morning. We can’t leave valuables in our parking lot and my car is currently full of ‘valuables’ (to help ease the “leave now” order if/when it comes.


  8. The mat wouldn’t help. She doesn’t get out of bed without me knowing about it. I know when she gets up.
    She can get out of the “big chair” and wander about.
    It isn’t a big problem, just one more thing I have to watch for.


  9. We went to SS but not church. They were glad to see her back and it was good for her. We went to lunch. People are very helpful for someone with a walker. Very nice.

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