30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-18-18

  1. Morning all. So nice to Have Friday behind me and a weekend to look forward to. We made it through in good shape. Fifteen days of school left and I pray that we all finish well.

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  2. Had to stop singing halfway through choir practice yesterday evening. The asthma symptoms are getting worse. Wondering if I may end up on prednisone again. I just need to be able to finish up the last four weeks of clinical – there is no clinical next week, as it is a holiday Monday.

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  3. Did you miss me yesterday?
    We are dogsitting. Miss Cadee the 4 pound Pomeranian has joined us for a week. She has attached herself to Mr. P and slept on his pillow last night. Amos was not amused. She screams every time I try to pick her up or take her outside. So today and tomorrow our household will inlcude 3 dogs, an uppity cat, and a granddaughter. Granddaughter will be home with her Mommy Sunday and Mommy and Daddy Monday and with her Daddy Tuesday. I like the Grandpa having a purpose in his day. He is getting up at 6:30, going to get Maddie, he is so proud of himself for having her on a nap schedule. They both nap at 10:30. It’s working.
    It was funny yesterday. He had left to take the baby back to her mommy; I came in and saw empty bottles on the counter and washed them. I got a full rundown on their day. One of them had gas and cried a lot. I offered advice but was told he had raised THREE. What evs Gramps. I know where they sell Mylicon drops. 😉

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  4. Love it, Kim!

    Today is Jo Robinson’s 100th birthday and we’re going out to lunch with her. I can hardly wait to see the waitress’s face when I say, “Today is her 100th birthday.”

    Do you think they’ll give her a candle on a slice of cake?


    Such an honor. My grandfather nearly reached 103, but I wasn’t there on the actual birthday so I didn’t take him out to lunch.

    R just said, “You can take me out to lunch on my 100th birthday.”

    I doubt I’ll live that long, but I told him he could remember me on that day in 2055!

    Crazy busy day and I’m off to watch and then take my Adorables to school. Ten days left of this chore–which has turned out to be a pleasure.

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  5. Morning! How I love that fresh newness of Spring green up there on the header photo!! New life!! Just like what is happening at Kim’s place…new life…new purpose…and smiles abound! 😊
    It is going to rain here this day and I am excited to sit indoors and listen to rain failing upon the land….with a good book and a cup of coffee in hand….let the weekend begin!

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  6. Oh, a screaming Pomeranian. What fun.

    My day should be fairly low-key, I need to write up this eviction trial I’ve been covering all week — it wrapped up yesterday with closing arguments and I managed to corner the prosecuting port atty in the garage elevator to get better filled in on what happens next. She expects a written ruling from the judge in about 3 days, putting it at around Monday-Tuesday. So that provides a good window to write up what I have now for the weekend as an advance to the ruling-to-come.

    A long-lost older cousin had been trying to reach me this week so I called him back last night and we were on the phone for more than 2 hours. He’s in Missouri, the last remaining offspring (there were 3 of them) of my mom’s sister. It was a troubled family that became just thoroughly alienated from their mom by the time they were ready to move out. Sadly, they never seemed to be able to un-burn that bridge, neither the kids nor the mom, and they remained mostly out of communication through the last years of her life.

    He’s now alone (lives in Missouri), his wife died 5 years ago, her kids (she was older than he was when they married so he ‘inherited’ her children from a prior marriage, never had any of his own) are all deceased and the grandkids mostly grown and scattered, no longer in touch with him. He has diabetes now and a serious/painful case of neuropathy so is trying a new medication (trulicity) for the diabetes that hopefully will help his quality of life some. Quite sure he’s not a believer, none of their family ever were to my knowledge, and he doesn’t seem to have any hobbies or connections with neighbors or peers. I told him I’d call him from time to time (and I will), he seems kind of lost now that his wife is gone and he’s unable to work (he drove a truck all over the US for many years). He must be in his late 70s, I think, he was quite a bit older than I was and so while I remember him growing up, he was up and out of the picture after he joined the army when I was still a kid. His brother and sister were younger so I remember them more, but they all were older than I was.

    Overall, a sad, broken little family in the end, filled with division and resentments, it really just all went bad at some point (and my mom was never sure exactly what happened, it was a bit of a mystery always, but we did somewhat conclude that the mom, my mom’s sister who was ‘difficult’ as they say, was the source as all 3 kids were so completely bitter, alienated and refused to have anything to do with their mother through the years — my mom once gave the younger son the business, though, for not calling his mom in years when he called my mom out of the blue).

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  7. Well that was a depressing post! I need to perk myself up here, it’s Friday after all, and God is on his throne, always and forever.

    I would like to be able to minister to this cousin in some way if I can.

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  8. My church is in discussion with Andy Stanley (Charles Stanley’s son) about the possibility of renting (and renovating) our sanctuary building for five years for their Decatur satellite services. They have outgrown their Emory site. Otherwise that part of the property will be sold to fund building a new much smaller facility.


  9. have our car back. Maybe I will have time to share details about the fix later. It was cool that the service person was a young man originally from Mexico who graduated recently from my high school which came to be known over the years for being the most diverse according to nationalities in the area. I enjoyed talking to him about our common stomping grounds.

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  10. My class reunion is this weekend in Buckhead, an upscale swanky bar scene not too far from where we live. The bar, Whisky Mistress, is owned by a former student from my high school. I do not plan to attend. My brother could go, too, but will not.


  11. This main photo on this piece below caught my eye because it’s a road Carol and I have often been on, it’s not far from where she lives.

    The article talks about the many diverse communities that make up the city of LA, including the port town I live in (and where Michelle is originally from):

    ~ The city of Los Angeles is made up of hundreds of neighborhoods. … Small-town San Pedro is reminiscent of the Midwest, but on the coast—“it’s the last affordable beach town.” ~


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  12. From the article:

    ~ You’ll experience exhilarating highs and defeating lows. You’ll spend 45 minutes traveling 5 miles. You’ll catch a pink and gold sunset over the Santa Monica Bay. You’ll walk by homeless encampments on your way to work. … You’ll wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your window. … You’ll drive home at golden hour, and the Hollywood Hills will be bathed in ‘the light.’ You’ll fall in and out of love with LA in the same day. ~

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  13. DJ – That calls San Pedro a small town? Wikipedia says it has a population of about 86,000 people. Meanwhile, Stafford has about 11 or 12,000, and someone tried to say we are a small city. We are not a city, not even a small one.


  14. We were there last weekend and kept saying, “aren’t you glad we don’t live here?”

    San Pedro was a great place to grow up 50 years ago. Now, I don’t know.


  15. I am ever amazed at the continued building up all around us. I saw more going to the car dealership yesterday. The roads are all being lined with buildings so it is feeling crowded. That is one reason I enjoy dinner at the Downwind Restaurant by the smallish airport runways. There is wide open space, and when the weather is pleasant and breezy, it can feel a bit like being at the beach.

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  16. Yeah, ‘small town’ within the city of LA. I think it’s more about the “feel” and the fact that family generations tended to stay here through the years, unlike in more mobile parts of the city.

    Everyone is related to or has gone to school with or otherwise knows most everyone else. Or so it sometimes seems. The working port and harbor make this enclave somewhat unique — many made (or still make) their living at the port, either fishing or longshoring.

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  17. It is pitch dark here right now…hail storms all around yet it hasn’t begun at our house yet. I was in town having lunch with a friend and made a mad dash home before the hail there began…I was right on the edge of the storm! I now have my plants indoors and the ones that do not move…they have buckets and tarps covering them. Spring!!

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  18. I have a cousin in the Houston area so I was concerned about her family since one son is a principle and another a law enforcement officer. I found out a grandson (son of the police officer son who is not working because he has cancer) was at the school where the shooting took place. He was on the other side of the building. It’s just so sad that children have to suffer such trauma in an effort to get an education. Now I am thinking of how horrible it is on that young man that his dad has cancer and all those people got killed at his school.

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