40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-16-18

  1. Morning all. The field trip to the store went well. We had sunshine and I think some of the children were overheated as they hadn’t brought hats. They all enjoyed the ice cream. The autoshop couldn’t figure out what we were doing. The fellow who came out asked if we were scheduled for a tour as this wasn’t a good time. I said no we just wanted to give them some cookies for a thank you. They were grateful and amazed.

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  2. The flowers are trilliums–everything they do is in threes, so they are easily recognized, and I knew them the first time I saw them (four or five years ago). This property was about a mile or so down the street (old home). When we were driving home from town one day, I saw their woods were full of trillium. When my husband was going into town later for a haircut, I had him drop me off near here. I was packing and didn’t have time for a long walk, but I figured if he dropped me off, I had only to walk home. 🙂

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. The Grandpa was up early this morning so he could go pick up “his” baby. He bought formula and distilled water yesterday.
    This will give him purpose in his life.
    Mimi? Well, Mimi is at work.

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  4. Glad to hear you got home again, Kare. I understand the up in the air feeling, though we did not have to leave.


  5. I like the trilliums. I had them all around when I was a child. I only discovered them near me a dozen years or so ago, although I have lived here over four decades. They grow down the road and then off another little road. Unless we walk it in the right time period, we will miss them. Such delightful surprises God planned for us.

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  6. Lots of interesting things coming up this year. It appears they vary from year to year. Things I had not seen growing appear and others I expected to see don’t show up for a while. As Kathaleena said, a gift from God.

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  7. Glad the cat is ok, hope it doesn’t happen again.

    Friends of mine had a cat that was killed by wicked-acting neighborhood boys years ago. Her girls were still elementary school age, the boys were probably a little older, but were terrorizing the neighborhood. I can’t remember the details but I think they found the cat locked in a little airless box, dead, hidden in some bushes around the side of their house — someone had clearly done it deliberately and those boys had been harassing them.

    Their pigeons also were massacred around that same time, her husband had a bird aviary set up in the backyard where he was raising pigeons. They came home one day to find them all cut up, some beheaded.

    I remember telling her that those boys were likely on a fast track to the penitentiary with that kind of sociopathic behavior. I think my friend did speak to their parents, can’t remember if they were defensive or concerned. At any rate, the family moved out of their neighborhood at some point, thankfully.

    All that to say that taking violence out on animals usually is a pretty scary red flag.

    Schizophrenia or other mental illness, of course, can be behind that behavior also, and that makes it all the more complicated in mumsee’s situation.

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  8. Morning! A beautiful day in this forest and I have to go to town for a lunch meet up with the neighbor ladies. A year after my neighbor’s home was lost in the fire, the surveyor is finally coming today to get a layout of the land in preparation for the rebuild. We are excited for them!
    I am hoping to see more wildflowers since we have had some rain with more to come the next three days. I fear my grape hyacinths will not be coming back. The deer are not supposed to like them….but they do! 🦌 🌺

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  9. What should I plant in large (colorful) container pots?

    I have a couple of matching Mexican planters that I want to put on either side of my front door but I’m not sure what to plant in them — needs to be something pretty, but I could see either bright flowers or even just something green & vine-y with flowing tendrils as the pots themselves are pretty bright. Something easy to care for, not too delicate.

    I already have potted geraniums on my front porch (two hanging pots and two sitting together near the front rail), so lots of pink and red blooms already.


  10. Yeah, deliberate cruelty to animals in childhood is a huge red flag for murder later on. I don’t know if the cat qualifies for that, though, since there was no actual violence involved. ?? When I was doing foster care, they called me about taking in a ten-year-old girl. I knew her name, started praying for her. A day or two later, before she could be placed with me, the caseworker called me to say that some things in the girl’s background had been hidden, and she was too serious a case for that agency (or for me). It seems she had killed small animals and broken a dog’s legs. Why that wasn’t divulged immediately isn’t clear, but naturally the immediate safety of my beautiful, trusting Misten came to mind and made me sick, but the path that girl was on was stark and even without Misten I could not have had such a child in my house; I wasn’t prepared for such levels of issues, nor did my agency expect me to be.

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  11. Trillium are the provincial flower of Ontario. The bloom is pictured, in stylized form, on all provincial government documentation from letterheads to license plates. It is illegal to pick or uproot them from publicly owned land such as parks. We have a patch of trillium that blooms every year. As the brilliant white blooms get old, they turn a light purple before the petals drop off.

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  12. I’m headed back to the courthouse today but the resumption of Day 2 of the restaurant eviction trial doesn’t start until 1:30 p.m. Hoping they wrap it up today, it sounded like they would, though the judge has allocated 3 days for the testimony. If they do end it today, I’m also hoping the judge issues an immediate decision so we can be done with it. Either way, I’ll be writing late in the day from home.

    Cowboy was restless last night, had to be let out for bathroom breaks twice shortly after midnight. He’ll pace, walk into the bedroom and out again, to wake me up (as his nails click distinctively on the wood floors). His right foreleg also is giving him problems first thing in the mornings, I think it’s arthritis and the vet (when I called him this week) agreed, so I need to get him in for an Xray at some point. Once he’s up and around it tends to go away.


  13. Violence toward animals usually takes place in stages, though. So I think it can begin non-lethally and then escalate. Animals are usually easy first targets as they’re small and can be controlled physically even by children.

    In mumsee’s case, there is mental illness at work as well (as she believed the cat was demonic, if I remember right) which isn’t necessarily a sociopathic behavior so much as it is maybe something else (temporary, hopefully) that’s being triggered by irrational thoughts fueled by the mental illness.

    But definitely something to watch.

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  14. Cruelty to animals: yes, we are aware of that. Part of why we have so many animals, so the children will develop an attachment or care for them, realizing they need to be treated well. All of our eleven children come with anger and confusion and sometimes that is addressed toward the animals as a “safe victim” but we try to help them see that is not okay. We have been fairly successful. This particular child has never been anything but gentle with the animals until recently. She blames it on demons. She may be right.

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  15. A thought goes through my mind, Mumsee. I say this as one who is very cautious about confounding mental illness and demonic possession, having seen both. I remember you saying that when she decided she wanted to be a witch, she voluntarily stopped taking communion. Paul, when he told the Corinthians church to excommunicate the man living in unrepentant sin, spoke of delivering such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit might be saved. We must be careful to distinguish between mental illness and demonic possession, since both must be treated differently. If, however, there is some spiritual involvement here, it may not be demonic possession, it may be demonic oppression. It may be that daughter is truly a believer, but her disobedience in wanting to take control of her spiritual condition, by either being a witch or being Catholic, is opening her up to spiritual oppression. If she is a believer, she cannot be possessed, because she is possessed by the eternal seal of the Spirit of God, but, as Paul indicates, Satan may be allowed to get at the disobedient believer from the outside in order to bring them to a place of repentance. In such a case, prayer may be the only way we can help her, since only she can decide to obey.

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  16. Dj I like Lobelia for planters and baskets….a variety of colors, trailing and whispy….around here you just need to keep them moist and not in hot sun…at this altitude that would be indirect due to the intensity of the heat! (I particularly like the deep blue which seems to be fluorescent almost glowing in the dark!) 🌺


  17. Roscuro, that is exactly what is concerning us. We don’t know but God does.

    Another piece of the pie: a couple of days ago, when the others were off doing other things, she was going on and on and on. I had been praying for her but finally went over to the piano and began my feeble playing and singing of hymns. She initially tried to out sound me but then moved to singing about Jesus in a very mocking tone, complete with maniacal laughter. Eventually, she stopped as I continued to play.

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  18. I have thought of trying to get a Catholic priest to talk to her about the Catholic take on demon activity and invitation but have not been able to reach one. Though we have a lot of Catholics around here, the priest lives quite some distance away.

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  19. The best way to decide what to plant is to keep track of the light conditions, dj. Then look around your area and see what you love to see. Then visit a local greenhouse and see what is recommended for you growing zone. Something tall for the middle, medium and then the vines or trailing plants as mentioned above. You must have almost perfect growing conditions where you are, so plant a feast for your eyes and your neighbors. 🙂

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  20. DJ, if they are round planters, how about some tall ornamental grass in the middle for height and then some mid height greenery and then trailing vines to complete them. If you don’t have actual flower, you don’t need to dead-head them all the time. I found grasses fun to grow in planters and all you do is water them.

    If they are long planters, a row of tall grasses looks nice. You could also add trailing vines.

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  21. Home from work today, had to take my husband to get the second temporary nerve block done on his knee. The results from the two temporary blocks is supposed to give them the data they need for doing the permanent nerve block next month. This time the block will wear off faster, unfortunately, because they used less of whatever they injected, to get more precise results (don’t understand why it works that way, but I’ll take the doctor’s word for it). So he may have only two pain-free days instead of two weeks. Next week he goes to see the orthopedist to see about the other problem in his knee that just developed in the past two weeks, while the first nerve block was wearing off.

    Took advantage of being home to get the lawn mowed. It’s amazing how fast it grows. I was going to also do some other yardwork, but right now I’m too hot to do anything more outside.

    We pretty much ignored the yard for quite a few years, between my husband working third shift for a few years and our younger son needing so much attention, and then my working an hour away and having less time actually at home in the evening. Plus I never really cared a whole lot about having a nicely landscaped yard.

    But once we started thinking about wanting to possibly move in a few years, we started trying to clean things up. Most of the trees were removed, because they were too close to the house or garage (some had been presumably been planted intentionally before we moved in, others probably planted themselves and grew while we weren’t paying attention – they weren’t really that big yet. So now we have a bunch of small stumps and a lot of mostly bare ground around the house.

    I browse through some websites looking for ideas for something easy to do with them that would look good but not be more work than I feel ready to take on. There are pages and pages of suggestions but most of them look way too complicated – use a variety of sizes, include stuff that blooms in different seasons, and get the right mix of colors. All I want is, here is something that is easy to plant, won’t grow too large or take too much work. With “prairie wheat” siding (just replaced last month) and brown trim, I figure it shouldn’t matter much what colors I use.

    I stopped at the library on the way home from the pain clinic (if you can call it on the way home when you drive in a big circle around town doing a few errands) and got a couple of books on gardens/yard ideas. No idea if they’ll give me any good ideas, but I figured there might be something. And it was probably my last chance to visit the library for a month, and the last time ever in the old building. They’re closing on Saturday to move to a new building (the building isn’t new, it actually was an old factory, I think, renovated some years back as a company headquarters, then the company built a new headquarters and offered the building to the library), which will open in mid-June. I stocked up on books, I hope enough to last until then.

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  22. Have I mentioned how nice the Z track is? I can only mow when daughter is on her walk as she can not be left out of sight at all. She went walking and I went tracking. I got it half done. Whew.

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  23. Jo, I have a house full of books, so I’ll always have something to read. I count on the library for audiobooks, though, to listen to during my almost-an-hour commute. I have three audiobooks checked out, and one of those weeks I won’t be working because we’re going on vacation. I also like to have a mix of books, something non-fiction that is a bit more mentally challenging, and some fiction that is easy reading for when I want to relax even my brain, and whatever else strikes my fancy. The books I have at home are generally the more challenging sort, that might take too long to read (in between everything else) for library books to work well, and that are more worth owning, in my opinion. The library is great for the easy reading, and for the books that I might not have thought of reading or thought I’d like, but I’ll give them a try when it doesn’t cost anything to borrow them.

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  24. DJ, have you considered hibiscus? If it’s a more shaded area, a peace lily or spathophylum (? seems I recall that is the name from way back when I worked for a plant nursery).

    I am home early so Art can go to choir practice. We drove both cars home since I need to take one to the shop. Not looking forward to that.

    Now I have heard there is a new decision being made about our church building. A mega church may want the sanctuary building to rent, and they will renovate it. It sounds better than tearing it all down. Time will tell. I am waiting for the fat lady to sing! Is that politically incorrect to say?

    I did a lot of work putting together a Bio page about the business for the website today only to find out that Art does not want very much information like that on the website. He is too busy to talk much about it. He seemed to like what I wrote for the welcome page and for two blog posts. It is almost time for me to start looking at themes to use. All the students have used the same practice theme which is pretty simple to learn basic structure on until we branch out to our own individual themes.

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  25. Pauline, Art is suppose to have that very same type of nerve block procedure done on his lower back. I look forward to hearing about the results your husband receives.


  26. I knew those were trilliums in the header when I first saw them. I have seen them while hiking before, and I bought some once to try and grow in our yard. I had no luck with that!


  27. Thanks for the flower ideas – Pauline, I hear you, which is why I resorted to throwing out wildflower seeds in the large backyard. Unfortunately they didn’t really ‘take.’ I don’t have the time, interest, energy or money to do something really home-and-garden chi-chi. But I do have a good and economical gardener who might be able to execute a basic plan if I can come up with one. Needs to be dog and drought tolerant.


  28. Another long, boring afternoon in court with closing argumentsments tomorrow. I’d I had a crystal ball, I probably could have showed up for just that and had most of what I needed.

    And I dropped the iPhone in the parking garage and the glass protector was broken. Then I couldn’t get into the lane I needed to be in and got lost in the endless loop of container truck-clogged port piers in Long Beach, complicated by the new bridge construction they’re doing over there which made it hard to find my way back to civilization


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