21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-7-18

  1. I’ve learned….
    That life is like a roll of toilet paper.
    The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

    No kidding. Elvera’s dad once said, “The das seem to drag by, but the years go by so fast.”

    I hope Michelle made the alst 20 miles ok.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Sweet dreams Jo.

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  2. Michelle is ready to make her next trip, heading for my church to speak. I am excited to have her there.
    Had dinner with a family tonight. That happens rarely. They are finishing up their New Testament and will have dedication next year.

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  3. Yep. I made the last miles home and someday may sleep again, it not this day! 🙂

    Owing to jet lag issues and the fact Jo’s church is three hours away, I’m leaving this afternoon to drive up. I’ll be speaking tomorrow at the nine o’clock Bible study and the 7 pm study, this will spend two nights there.

    I’ll probably be home early Wednesday morning givien my early rising the last couple days!

    My husband just left to fly to Witchita. He returns Thursday. We both go to LA Friday afternoon to see our daughter get her Master’s degree Saturday morning. Way too crazy a schedule, but that’s what it is.

    I’ve already been shocked by what’s happening in my family life and I’ve only been back 36 hours!

    My prayer request is that I be able to serve Jo’s congregation well– and that the Lord would be glorified in spite of my personal weaknesses!

    My other prayer request is where it belongs.

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  4. I chuckled at the issue of rating pain from 1 to 9 mentioned on yesterday’s thread. A nurse asked me that question after something that was relatively minor and I told her that I’ve given birth naturally and I’ve had pancreatitis; should I rate this pain on that curve? 🙂

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  5. I have been doing the hands on Website Creation Worshop so my mind and computer have been involved with that most of the day. I watch classroom instruction on my phone while I do assignments on the computer. I am enjoying it, but it gets a bit intense doing so much at once. I just don’t want to slow my pace which seems inevitable since I got word that Wesley will be home for an unexpected visit.

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  6. It seems strange to hear North Carolinians mispronounce “Appalachian” .
    To say it with a hard “H” is logical, but most North Carolinians know better.
    Those in the know, e.g. locals, don’t pronounce a hard “H” in Appalachian..

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  7. I posted this on Facebook a little while ago. . .

    Forrest: Is infinity the biggest number?

    Me: Well, it means that there is no end to the numbers.

    Forrest: Yeah. So it’s the biggest!

    Me: Okay.

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  8. Only infinity isn’t a number, it’s the linear equivalent of forever.
    But that may be too heavy for him at this point.
    I agree Karen, it’ll do for now.

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  9. I have many concerns for the students in my class and have been praying for them. I realize that I have neglected to pray with them. Pray for me as I talk to them today and pray about being a better family together as we care for each other.

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  10. Jo’s home church is beautiful and exhausted me is in a very comfortable Air BnB. I really need to review the PowerPoint I did three weeks ago, but am so tired . . .

    Eating dinner will help.

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  11. So excited that you are in my home, Michelle. After 45 years, that church is my home.
    Thanks, Chas. When I talked to the class about their needs and then prayed, I could sense a sweet spirit.

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