33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-3-18

  1. Morning all. God continues to give me wisdom as I teach. This class needs me to be ready at all times. I am praying especially for wisdom with several children. One boy has both my aide and me puzzled. I am not sure what to do. The hard part is that he is away from his family and staying with relatives. I think he may be missing his family too much to stay. Wisdom needed.

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  2. It is wisdom I always pray for you, Jo, in my morning prayer time.

    I wonder if your churches announce or engage in the National Day of Prayer? Our former pastor used to head this effort in the church’s city. Our musicians did music at the event. The last two years, since he has been gone, we are not even notified of it. In fact, today I have to do some quilting at the church. I completely forgot about the event when we planned an extra day of quilting.

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  3. Good morning! I am home for a bit, still doing catchup on laundry, before going into the office. I am going to try and build a website for the office and try to redo my website as my next project. I have invested in a WebsiteCeation course. I will have a practice area to build in and see how it goes under online instruction.

    My church is going to shrink down to using only the chapel and its connected classroom area along with the building which houses the fellowship hall/kitchen. We plan at this point to sell off the corner lot which has the main sanctuary and is a prime piece of property. Everything is transforming and I expect last Sunday was our last in the beautiful sanctuary where I was baptized. It has lovely stained glass windows. I hope they can be salvaged for use when we rebuild a more inviting church building. Change is so difficult.

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  4. The header has beautiful subdued colors. That is a very difficult plant to choose for a subject. It has such tiny flowers that if you enlarge the details on them then the leaves are blurred. Did you use your special camera for the shot, AJ?


  5. Adding to the conversation last night about tinnitus. I had it for a long time before I realized what it was. I think I assumed that the machinery hum type of sound was really some sort of machinery somewhere, but never thought about what was actually making that noise. One day I did stop to think about it, to hunt down the source, and realized it was in my own ears! And I thought everyone heard the high-pitched tone, which at the time wasn’t as loud as it is now, until I asked Hubby if he heard sounds like that, too. Nope.

    During the summer, especially at night, I often have to look at the air conditioner to see if it’s on or off, because I “hear” it as on even when it’s off, and when it is on, it can sound like the tinnitus machinery hum sound. With my hearing aids in, I can hear the distinct sound of the air conditioner more clearly.

    I still get a kick out of the fact that if I am putting in or taking out my hearing aids while music is playing, it sounds as if the volume has just changed considerably.

    Btw, my audiologist says that the second i in tinnitus can be pronounced either short or long. Which way do you pronounce it?


  6. I have had tinnitus for several centuries now.
    I think I got it while I was in the AF.
    they told radio operators not to put the headset over our ears. but if you didn’t, you couldn’t hear the signal for the engine noise. We didn’t have insulation like today’s planes have.
    There was always this roar. I don’t know if modern planes are as well insulated as commercial. They are jealous for the weight.


  7. Not much on the National Day of Prayer this year with all the moving going on in my church. Last year we had a fabulous joint evening service with the church that we originally tried to merge with. They decided not to merge because our church was deemed more usable than theirs. Ha! See how much things change in a year?


  8. Janice, the changes at your church sound difficult, especially possibly losing your larger building — though I’m sure the church could use the money and it might make sense since there’s a smaller chapel that will suffice.

    We have sunshine this morning and I’m trying to figure out my workday. I have a speech to cover at noon near my house so I may see if I can work from home today. I received an advance copy of the speech last night so I can start writing it beforehand, go to listen to it, come back and finish it off and maybe go into the newsroom late in the afternoon if needed. Our new editor seems to be very easy going about our working from home, which is nice. Today it would kind of make sense for me as opposed to driving across town 12-15 miles to the office.


  9. As a ham radio operator in my teens I wore headphones a lot. I didn’t have a separate room for the “radio shack”. My rig was in a room open to the living room, so I needed the headphones to hear the radio without interference from what other people were doing. Signal volume could be unpredictable so sometimes I’d get a sudden loud signal in the headphones until I could react and turn the volume down. I also sometimes listened to music (vinyl records!) in my bedroom and liked to crank it up a bit, with headphones to keep from disturbing others. I suspect that all this contributed to my present hearing loss.

    I’ve only had hearing aids for a few months. They haven’t helped as much as I had hoped, but they do help. I don’t experience putting them on as someone turning the volume up so much as turning the bass/treble adjustment over toward treble. Rustling paper sounds cracklier, my computer keyboard sounds clickier, and music sounds better. One day I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to put them on until I sat down at my computer at work and started typing. Immediately I realized the keyboard wasn’t clicky.

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  10. Speaking of the sounds of keyboards — I remember the din of loud typewriters all going at once back in the day when I first went to work for a newspaper. Now it’s a much different ‘clicky’ sound, but you seldom hear it all going at once as our computers are used so much also for research and reading mail, etc., not just for writing.

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  11. Kevin – What some non-hearing-aid-wearers don’t understand is that hearing aids are not actually like merely turning up the volume on our natural hearing. There is some distortion, as some sounds sound louder than they need to and others don’t come through as well as we’d like. At least, that has been my experience. (And my audiologist says I have a good brand, so it’s not the fault of the particular ones I have.)

    Although I don’t need the TV volume up as loud as I used to, before hearing aids, I still need it louder than my family thinks I should. The music in TV shows and movies often seems louder than the dialogue.

    Funny we should be talking about hearing aids yesterday and today. In my Facebook memories, I just saw that it was on this day, May 3, seven years ago that I got mine. I had written:

    “Got my hearing aides today. I never knew life was so LOUD! 🙂

    And now that I can hear my own voice much better, I understand why some in my family kept saying “You don’t have to yell; I’m right here, I can hear you.” LOL!”

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  12. Yes, I used to copy 35 wpm. I worked voice, but I really liked CW and used it a lot. I haven’t been on the air since college, though, so I’m sure my copy speed is way down, and my fist is probably clumsy.

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  13. I looked it up on Dictionary.com, and the long i seems to be correct. That also sounds more correct to me.

    Interestingly, the definitions said that it can be due to an ear infection or head injury, or a side effect of certain drugs. But I have read, and been told, that it is also common in those of us with hearing loss. The idea is that the tones and sounds we hear in our head are those that we can no longer hear, or have difficulty hearing, with our ears.


  14. Oh, I was hoping a picture would come up with that. It was from 2000, starring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid. Pretty good movie.

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  15. We had to pass 35 wpm to get out of radio school in Biloxi, Ms. But I never worked that fast.. In the air it was about 10 wpm because we had to write. However, most of our position reports were numbers.


  16. I have tinnitus. I don’t mind it, as it keeps me from hearing the voices in my head. (Not really, the voices are my students.)

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  17. I’m trying to write up as much of the speech story as I can in advance from home — it printed out to 39 pages (though the type is big). I’m maybe half way there, it’ll be an all-day project most likely.


  18. Still, I’m so glad they gave it to me in advance this year — it’s an annual speech that’s always a bear to cover as it does cover so much ground. Having to then go through notes/recordings and write a story all in just a few hours remaining in the afternoon was close to impossible.

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  19. Sitting at the media table, alone!, in a 1914 port warehouse waiting for speech – I don’t think they’re feeding me

    Very drafty in here, too

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  20. I used to be part of the National Day of Prayer. One year we were able to have students from the school across the street come to the church to pray. A very special time.

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  21. No centerpiece giveaways. The gusts of wind where I was sitting (right near the open doors) were so powerful that my tablecloth kept flapping (almost coming off the table) and my hair kept flying in my face. Someone walked by once and said “you must be so cold back here!” Hundreds of people there but the warehouse was so cavernous they didn’t begin to fill it, of course.

    I did stories on a few of the National Day of Prayer events when they were promoted heavily and were pretty high-profile in the 1990s.

    In the current volatile and partisan climate, they might be more effective as in-church gatherings.


  22. My husband led the National Day of Prayer event for the area where his churches are. He said they had 17 people, which is the biggest he’s seen there so far.

    My husband and I both developed some tinnitus over the past few years, but his bothered him a lot more. Mine is a faint sort of hissing sound that I don’t notice unless I stop to think about it, or if it’s really quiet around me (which is not often the case). Once in a while I get an actual ringing sound, but I can usually make it go away by pressing on my ear. My husband’s was bad enough, combined with hearing loss, that he got a hearing aid for one ear last fall. It helps some, both in understanding people and not having to keep music/TV shows turned up as loud.

    Our air conditioner is not working. I don’t mind it today, only 79 degrees in the house, but yesterday evening it was 81 and very humid and even I was glad of a reason to go to an air-conditioned building (for Bible study). My husband thinks maybe when we had a number of trees cut down around the house, some wood chips got in the unit and clogged something. The HVAC people were supposed to take a look today but we haven’t heard anything.

    At work, on the other hand, it was uncomfortably cold today. All of us in the office spent the day in sweaters and jackets. The office next door, I heard, was uncomfortably hot, and it would have been very nice to open the partition between the two areas to even things out. But there is a prominent sign saying only Facilities is allowed to do that.


  23. What does it mean when the tips of a fern-like tree are pale green? Is this bad? Death or new growth? This is my city tree which I’ve diligently tried to keep well watered.

    Saw this on a FB post today when me & and our newspaper were mentioned, kind of made me chuckle:

    “I like (dj) as a person… But the (newspaper) is nothing but speech writers and defenders of LA lunatic politicians.”

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  24. “me & our newspaper”??? Yikes, boy I was not thinking when I wrote that! I must have started the sentence one way and then switched it up, making the grammar whacky when I forgot to change it to match the new construction. I’ve done that before. I know, excuses! I am tired, though.

    I spent much of tonight on live chat with AT&T trying to get my netflix and other apps back up, they’d lost connection with the internet when we moved the TV around last weekend and it took about 2 hours to get it all resolved. Exhausting.

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  25. We watched our first dvd in the classroom. Planet Earth on fresh water. It was great the kids were talking and sharing. I fast forwarded through the scary bits. Some were drawing or coloring as they watched. One boy was so bad earlier that he spent the time in the office. A very wise decision. I told the principal what was going on and he told me he was praying for me.

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