30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-1-18

  1. I’m sorry about Phos’ loss.
    I hadn’t noticed until I went back and saw some comments.
    I have been busy doing nothing but being there.

    I am reading What in the World is Going ON by David Jeremiah. An excellent book about current events. Mostly the Muslim world. He is, however, an “imminent rapture” premillenialist. After reading his chapter, I’m still not convinced. Jesus said, Matt. 24:29,”Immediately after the tribulation of those days………….”
    but it’s a good book..

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  2. Morning, Chas. Praying with you that your family is home together today.
    I am getting more organized at school. With this group, I have to know exactly what I am doing. Couldn’t find some papers today, they were right next to me, but covered by another paper, so I went on to something else that I had ready. Lots of challenges everyday.

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  3. Here! Morning! That is a most beautiful capture of Spring up there Peter!
    Hoping Elvera can come home today…all in His time.
    I too am sorry for your loss Roscuro…and thank your for sharing with us the parting words of your precious Grandmother to you when you last saw her…what a sweet memory of those cherished words to you….praying for you and yours ❤️

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  4. This is what my cousin wrote about her “dad”; my uncle. He wasn’t her biological dad. He became her stepfather when she was 10.

    We finally laid my dad to rest today. I like the fact that we waited a few weeks to do a memorial instead of right away. It has given us time to grieve, prepare, and figure out what the new routine of life will be. The memorial service has to be the nicest one I’ve ever been to. Simple. Beautiful. Touching.

    We found out the hard way that the Coast Guard doesn’t have an Honor Guard for funerals. It was really a kick to the gut because my dad retired as an E-9 Master Chief. That’s a huge deal. Anyhow, he had served 4 years in the Navy, but the Navy refused. We weren’t certain that there would be any services members waiting on us as we arrived.

    However, due to what I can only describe as Divine Intervention, the Navy Honor Guard was waiting on us as we drove up the long road in Saluda Hill State Veterans Cemetary. Not only them, but three Coast Guard members including one highly decorated Master Chief. They escorted his remains as my friend Lauren played “It Is Well With My Soul” on her violin. After the Pastor said kind words, you could hear a pin drop as she played Amazing Grace followed by the Honor Guard’s three rifle volleys. Taps.

    Taps. That’s when it’s really final. The finality didn’t hit me until that very moment. I can’t even describe what that feels like. It’s not a feeling I’ve ever had before and it’s so complicated. Consuming. Stinging. I’m so glad he lived a long, great life. I’m so glad he isn’t in pain anymore. He’s up there fishing with the Angels. But what I wouldn’t give to fish with him one more time.

    This day was beautiful, simple, complicated, and bittersweet. I’m so blessed to have been surrounded by my best friends and family. I love every single one of you with all my heart. You only have one family, and I have the best.

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  5. The “Divine Intervention” involved me. I was at a party a week ago and happened to find out someone I know is a civilian employee of the Coast Guard. I told her my uncle was a retired Master Chief and his funeral would be April 30th. She asked if the Coast Guard knew. From the party she got on the phone with the Retired Master Chief’s Association in Mobile and from there things worked out. Not only did she get things done, she attended the funeral yesterday as well. I introduced her to my aunt who couldn’t than her enough. From now on the Veteran’s Cemetery will KNOW that the Coast Guard DOES have an Honor Guard and they will attend funerals as needed.
    I just happened to talk to the right person at the right time…or was it Divine Intervention? Yep.

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  6. Thank you all for your kind words. My father will be flying down to Nova Scotia for the funeral and to be with his siblings (my grandmother had five children). He quipped this morning, when I offered to be the one to drop him off at the train station that will take him to the airport, that ‘turn about is fair play’, as he has dropped me off and picked me up many times from the same station.

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  7. Happy May Day. It’s gray and overcast here, we’re barely getting up to 60 degrees today on the west coast.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about Elvera’s expected homecoming.

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  8. Even though I did not see my grandmother for several years, she was still close. She came to visit for a couple of weeks each year when we were growing up, until she could no longer handle the flight. I wrote to her occasionally, and I know through my mother and aunt that she treasured those letters. My mother talked to her mother in law nearly every week on the phone. My grandmother was very neat and proper, and my mother was always grateful that her mother in law accepted and loved her daughter in law just as she was (my mother never feels very organized or that her house is neat) and never spoke a critical word to my father about her. My mother would always mention to me what my grandmother had said to her, and she kept my grandmother updated on all of us, so my grandmother was very much a part of the fabric of my life, and she will be sorely missed.

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  9. Phos, so sorry about your grandmother.

    We went to my MIL’s yesterday. Worked on her medical bills, calling insurance co and hospital. The result was, that $2,100 copay was reduced to $200. The problem is that they live in the bootheel of NM, and go to Tuscon for medical procedures. The PPO want them to do things in state. I have it worked out where she is now approved to use her Dr in Tuscon without extra charges. We also measured her roof. We plan to buy the metal, and replace it over her 80th birthday celebration, when we have lots of relatives to help. That is the plan…..

    Miguel is off to therapy this afternoon. Trey and I are working on school, and listening to the wind blow.

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  10. I was behind, too, in reading posts on here. Then I accidently wrote a couple on yesterday’s thread. 😦


  11. She is home and settled in.
    She takes a total of seven pills. One pill three times, one four. Not at the same time. Takes some scheduling.
    We have a helper. in. Some confusion about who is taking care of her. I barge in on their territory. We have special grip socks she wears when she’s walking. But they come off each time she sits down so that her feet can get air. NO. I don’t know why. I just do it.
    It isn’t the way it was, but she’s home and that’s good.

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  12. Chas, I am so glad Elvera is home.
    Phos, I am sorry you lost your grandmother but it sounds like she had a life well lived. Hold on to the memories.


  13. I miss so much in my absence. Glad Elvera is back home. So sorry to read of Roscuro’s loss. Has Mumsee disappeared?

    I am still overwhelmed by the things to be done after tax season on the homefront. I have a ladies’ meeting tomorrow I’ve been trying to prepare for. And so many changes at church including having to move all my things out of the media center. Whew! I just told Karen I can’t take her downtown Friday for her doctor’s appointment. I have an idea that might help her. She does not like to take Uber which my tablet wants to change to Tuber (picture riding a potato down Peachtree Street).


  14. So, I tried to “Like” Chas’ post about Elvera coming home, but it seems that for some reason our computer logged us out of everything, and I’ve forgotten my username or which email address I use here. So until I figure that out, I’ll have to settle for the WordPress avatar instead of the Spring flowers I switched to yesterday.


  15. It keeps logging me off, even though I clicked “Keep me logged in”!

    Anyway, those “Beautiful violets” are often considered weeds around here, but I let them grow so I have a pretty carpet of white and purple, along with the green grass and yellow dandelions. (Yes, I let them grow too.) I only spray weed killer along the edges of the driveway and walkway cracks.

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  16. No, I am not trying to hog the thread. I just want to see if I can keep myself from having to log in after every comment.


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