14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-28-18

  1. Part of my post on the “Today” thread should be over here.
    I feel better now. A cup of coffee can do wonders.

    What happened is:
    Anita, the nurse, came yesterday and looked at Elvera.
    She said that she has celeritous and it could affect her heart. She needs to have it treated.
    Not soon. Now.
    So, Linda (DIL) takes over. We know from experience that if we go to the emergency room, we will set there for hours. If an ambulance takes her, she gets in immediately.
    So? Linda calls an ambulance service. They said “four to six hours”. Suggested she call 911. So Linda calls 911. She tells them that they don’t need emergency, just ambulance transportation.
    However. Be advised. When you call 911, their SOP (standard operation procedure , for those who don’t know):
    SOP kicks in and before long a fire truck with sirens and flashing lights arrives. Then the ambulance comes. Soon there are a dozen men in my house, each doing something to my wife..
    But they took her to the hospital and they took her right in.
    Elvera said she enjoyed the ride, all strapped in so that she couldn’t move.

    I’ve learned from experience now that they will be doing things in the morning. So I will go over this afternoon to see her. She was in good spirits when I left yesterday.

    Lots of people say they are praying for her. Mention me too, I’m ok, just enervated.
    but I’ll make it.
    I think.

    Did I mention that a pretty nurse thinks I’m cute. About 605 years too late.

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  2. Sorry to burst your bubble, Chas, but she meant “Such a cute old man.” 😉 And you got a better woman anyway.

    When Mom was in the hospital for heart surgery, I spent a lot of time with her new husband, who was in his early 80s (Mom was a few years younger, mid to late 70s). He told me that Mom got jealous when he talked to the nurses. I thought (but am not sure if I said) that even if he might have thought they were pretty, no way would they have seen him as anything other than a harmless old grandfather. (In fact, had he tried a move, he would have simply been a “dirty old man.”)

    Chas, I never call men “cute,” even my husband. But we are all proud to know you.

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  3. 🙂 My husband has been listing the outdoor stuff we won’t need anymore, and a few other items, on Facebook’s garage sale site. Quick and easy, no commission, and you simply click “sold” when someone buys it.

    🙂 Most of the packing is done.

    😦 I left the kitchen till last, and now I have to do that. (Since we aren’t moving just yet, I still have to juggle how much to pack away and how much to leave out.)

    😦 Assuming he manages to sell our kitchen table and chairs, as he seems likely to, we will be eating off TV trays again for a while. 🙂 We already have chairs waiting for us at the other end.

    🙂 It’s spring! Even the daffodils are in bloom.

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  4. 🙂 A lovely time watching one of our granddaughter’s sing at her school spring program. I also spent a lot of that time watching one or the other of the ‘littles’, as the family refers to the two youngest granddaughters. Our almost two never stops moving. I would lose weight and become much stronger if I had to watch her more often. It is an almost four hour drive to get to see them, but well worth it.

    😦 Husband has been told he has a health problem. They will be checking him every few months and we hope for the best, of course. He feels good, except for abdominal issues that have plagued him for decades.

    😦 The daughter of one of my husband’s jam mates has heard she may have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. This is for quality of life, since she is out of life saving measures. She wants to be able to attend her son’s graduation and cannot do it without this surgery, since her pain is so great and she cannot breath. She is particularly concerned with someone’s lack of a relationship with Christ. Her name is Monica.

    🙂 Finally! Some good weather for us. We drove through snow yesterday and areas not too far away got 5 inches. I, however, see green grass coming up.

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  5. I meant that even the dandelions are in bloom. Daffodils have been blooming for a while now, but dandelions just started.

    🙂 We got to pass the girls’ bedroom furniture (which is good quality, matching furniture, several pieces) to our pregnant daughter and her husband. In all the craziness of things we are selling this weekend, he also took two trips here to load stuff in his car, and my husband also loaded our car and took one trip to their house. But since we aren’t in a position to buy them costly things like strollers or cribs, it is nice to be able to give them something very nice and also basically an heirloom (if only into its second generation of use, it will probably go beyond that).

    🙂 It is nice to get the extra stuff, what is selling and what is being given away, out of the house and the garage. We also took a carful of “stuff we’re keeping” down to our new town last week, and we’ll have another load or two before moving day. Boxes fill up a house, so it is nice to get a bit of space.

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  6. 🙂 It is warmer outside than inside the house

    🙂 Finally!

    🙂 All the windows are open, we’re doing outside work (if sitting in the hammock is work) and getting ready for spring/summer

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  7. 🙂 My niece (the one on the autism spectrum) graduated cum laude today. B.Sc, Biology. We’re all so proud of her.

    😦 I couldn’t be there to watch her.

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  8. 😦 What I haven’t done yet is go through Hubby’s things. That is going to take a long time, as I will only make myself do a little bit at a time, to keep from being overwhelmed by it all.

    There have been a few little things here and there that I’ve dealt with, but most of it awaits. Each weekend, I think I’ll start on it the coming Monday. Each Monday I find something else to do.

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  9. Kizzie, perhaps on the one year anniversary you could begin. I can imagine that it is a comfort to have them there. Just wait. No hurries, no worries. No one minds.

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  10. That’s what I figure, Jo, that it can wait until I’m ready, and no one minds. Most of it is in my bedroom anyway.

    My life feels so much the same and yet so different at the same time. (I think I’ve said this before.) I still do much of what I used to do, but there are some differences in my routine and family life. Although Nightingale and The Boy were downstairs frequently when Hubby was still alive, they are even more so now, especially at dinnertime. We would all sometimes have dinner together, but usually it was just Hubby and me down here (or with Chickadee when we childsat), and them upstairs. Now the three of us usually have dinner together down here.

    There are other differences that are seemingly minor, but I notice them, and of course, there are big differences, too. Chickadee’s absence, where she used to be here at least a couple days a week for childsitting, has left a hole in my heart, too. (Although I know it may end up being the best for her.)

    Sundays are still particularly hard. Being in another strong wave of grief (the strongest one in some time), I have been sobbing a lot today.

    You know that song, “The Way We Were”? A little while ago, the Gladys Knight version of that was on the 70s music station I listen to. I wasn’t paying much attention until the end, when I sang out, substituting “I” for “we” – “So it’s the laughter I will remember / whenever I remember / the way we were.” My voice is pretty bad, and it sounded even worse as I was crying as I sang it out. When another possibly sad love song came on, I started to think about singing that one, too, then told myself to shut up.

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  11. Cheryl – And I had just finally gotten him trained, too! 😉

    Kidding about that, of course, but there were some areas in his life/our life that God had done a great work in, especially in the last three or four years of his life. I am very grateful for how sweet things were between us towards the end, but that also makes me miss him all the more.

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  12. Kizzie, I can imagine quite well. My sister went through two or three very hard years with her husband. He decided he wasn’t a Christian and didn’t want to be. Then he came back or became a Christian, and they had three or four sweet years–and he was just 46 when he died. She’s very happy for the resolution, but she would have liked to keep him, especially till their children grew up.

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