37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-9-18

  1. It surely is lonesome in this place.
    I was sleepy but still couldn’t get to sleep. So?
    I took a melatonin and overslept by about an hour. Still sleepy..


  2. I’m here, Chas. Just got home from meeting at the school to discuss our needs for next year. We don’t have a grade 1 teacher yet and all of my parents turned out for the meeting, except one, who lives in another town. Lots of ideas. We know that God can do it.

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  3. Praying to that end with you Chas…oh that TSWITW will feel stronger this morning and the staff will see that she will heal more quickly being home. And Chick Fil A is a good choice for breakfast…take her one of their chicken biscuits 😊

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  4. Know that we’ll be thinking about and praying for you two throughout the day, Chas. Hang in there.

    We’re getting one of our typical spring heat spikes today — 88 degrees. Groan. After being in the 60s it’ll be a shock. They say it won’t last long but I never believe that anymore because it always lingers longer than they say it will. At least it’s supposed to keep cooling down at night.

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  5. Roscuro (and other musicians), I looked in the hymnal yesterday and compared the two versions of “When I Survey.” The tune for both is Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen. For the “normal” version, that is followed by (Isorhythmic) while for the unusual one we sang last week, that is followed by Rhythmic. Just thought I’d close the proverbial loop on this.


  6. Turkey vultures are ugly, but so useful.

    So far this spring, three times I have seen a red-tailed hawk (perhaps the same one?) on roadkill. We get a lot of roadkill around here, and vultures and crows on it isn’t uncommon. I know that bald eagles go for roadkill, too, though I have only seen those in our county a couple of times and I personally have never seen one on carrion. But it isn’t something I expect from a red-tailed hawk.

    I was driving into town Saturday when I saw something in the road that I couldn’t identify. As I drew closer and it reacted to my approach, I saw that the reason for the uncertainty of identity was that its shape was wrong; it was two creatures and not one. A red-tailed hawk lifted off the road, but reluctant to let go of its prize, it lifted it into the air: a fox squirrel. (Probably almost as big as the bird, and most certainly outweighing it since mammals are much heavier than birds.) It got as far as the very edge of the road, when the squirrel fell. Whether the hawk dropped it on purpose, figuring it was now off the road and could be eaten in comparative peace, or whether that is just as far as it could carry it, I’m not sure, but I suspect the latter–it was too heavy a load. It was rather cool to see it, though. The squirrel was not visibly damaged from my quick look at it, so I don’t know if it was roadkill or a hawk catch–most likely roadkill, though, since it was in the road and since I think that’s an unlikely kill for a hawk. A great horned owl could manage it, if it managed to find one (squirrels and owls work opposite shifts), but I doubt a redtail could. Perhaps out of sheer luck it could, but even then I don’t know if it has the ability to kill one.


  7. OK, I was wrong. A red-tail can outweigh a fox squirrel, and apparently they do hunt them (since hawks are listed as one of a fox squirrel’s predators and I know most hawk species are too small and/or specialize in hunting birds). But fox squirrels are said to be 1-2.2 pounds (in Indiana) and red-tailed hawks 1.5 to 3 pounds, so they are roughly the same weight.

    Birds usually weigh a lot less than you expect for the size. God made them with hollow bones, air-filled chambers, and beaks instead of teeth (beaks weigh less). For instance, a great blue heron is almost as tall as you are, but weighs less than a newborn baby (it can be more than 4 feet tall and weighs about 4 pounds). A great egret is almost as tall but only weighs about 2 pounds. Granted, those birds are also a lot thinner than a human, but still. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are tiny . . . but not SO tiny that you would expect to be able to mail eight of them for the cost of a one-ounce postage stamp if they were a bit less bulky. πŸ™‚ But yes, you can get four males and four females for one single ounce. (That has to be pretty much the feistiest ounce in the world!)


  8. DJ (10:26), I wish I knew. I understand now why sellers who receive multiple offers don’t always choose the highest one. It has been more than four weeks now since we accepted the original offer, because there has been a hassle at every step of the way on this one. . . . I had just finished writing the above (which I edited from what I started to say) when the phone rang. It was our agent. It sounds like we have finally reached agreement (we conceded to them totally on Saturday but were still waiting to hear). I’ll believe it when I see it, when it actually closes and we get to move, but it sounds like we are finally almost there.


  9. Good Noon (EST)! We were early to rise which is wise when you work this week in a tax prep business. My head is swimming in returns and numbers. We have a lot of fascinating people who walk through our doors.

    Sorry to see Elvera is in the hospital. I have not read the details. Prayers for C & E. ❀


  10. She is still in the hospital.
    She is feeling well, but can’t walk.
    We are putting her in rehab this afternoon.
    I wanted to bring her home, but she can’t get around and needs rehab.

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  11. I’m sorry Elvera’s still hospitalized. I’ll pray for her strengthening, and for you, Chas, as you wait for TSWITW to come home.


  12. Linda, that’s interesting about Isorhythmic vs. Rhythmic designations. I’d never heard of those distinctions, or seen them in a hymnal.

    I didn’t listen to the music examples at this link yet, but found some information about Rhythmic and Isorhythmic chorales that you might enjoy (and that I’m pretty sure I will like, as well, when I can get to them a bit later).



  13. Linda, I’m curious, is Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen the tune for When I Survey the Wondrous Cross? In our hymnal, Christian Worship, published by Northwestern Publishing House, Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen is the tune for O Sacred Head Now Wounded.

    I’m trying to figure out how that tune fits with the meter of When I Survey…

    Here is the melody we use for When I Survey the Wondrous Cross:


  14. That tune in the video above, BTW, is listed as “Hamburg.”

    In our older hymnal, the one just before Christian Worship, there were two tunes for When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. The second tune we rarely sang, and it didn’t make the cut with the newer hymnal, but I see a video that does use that tune. Not sure if this is one you’re familiar with?


  15. One more:

    I’ve also heard this tune, but I think we sing an entirely different set of hymn lyrics to it. It’s driving me a little crazy that I can’t remember the words that go with this melody! Has anyone else heard this tune with different lyrics?


  16. Chas, you, of course, know that it best at this point. You will need to keep up your strength to be able to care for her when the break heals up. It is hard. And you will find freedom. Don’t deny yourself but use it for preparing.

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  17. thanks Mumsee. The thing that bothers me is that I was looking at her at the time and can’t think of anything to cause the fall. I don’t think she stumbled.
    I don’t know if she fell and broke her leg or broke her leg and fell.
    It was a strange thing from my perspective because it seems to be something without a cause.
    But they are taking care of her now and I decided to go to Lions tonight.

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  18. I am not a medical person but understand that bones can break, causing the fall. Perhaps the tightening of the muscle is enough, or an earlier fall might have set it up to break. No way of knowing. And you cannot blame yourself, you have done very well for her and are continuing to do so. Enjoy your time at the Lions.

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  19. I am so thankful that I get to spend an hour in prayer with my co-workers every Monday morning. We prayed for my daughter who waded through the carnage on the highway to help people. We prayed for Kaitlyn’s family (today is one year since she arrived home in heaven). We also prayed for God to bless and use camp for His glory.

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  20. Okay, I am all caught up finally.

    Chas – Praying for you and Elvera. I am glad to hear she is in a rehab facility, as I was worried about you having to help move around. But I know the separation aspect of it must be difficult for you. Even so, take this time as a respite to get some rest and relaxation in.

    Kim – Thank you for your comment to me the other day, and for your prayers.

    Peter – I am sorry to hear about your dad. Praying for a passing that is peaceful for all of you.

    Cheryl (re: your mom wishing she had had a sister and being jealous of your relationship with yours) – I, too, had always wished I’d had a sister, especially since my older (by eight years) brother never wanted anything to do with me. So in having two daughters, I so hoped they would be good friends as well as close sisters. I saw a couple other families in which the daughters were very close, and wanted that for my own girls.

    Sadly, as I’ve mentioned before, Nightingale and Chickadee are not close, and there is often some tension, usually unspoken, between them. I still hope that one day, after they both mature more, they will draw closer to each other. Even more than their being close sisters, I long for them to be sisters-in-Christ.

    I truly believe that if Chickadee had talked to me about why she wanted to move out with the McKs, we could have worked on working things out. As it is, the McKs knew how she felt, but rather than advise her to talk to us – or at least me – about it, they made plans for her to move with them. I am especially disappointed with the McK mom, supposedly my friend at the time, for not saying anything to me. I felt totally blindsided at the time.

    Btw, Cheryl, did you see my response to you on the Rants and Raves thread last night?

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  21. Have I ever mentioned I have the best son in the world? He wanted to take a little outside break from school work earlier. He went out and filled all the stock waters, and then helped me unload and stack a trailer load of firewood. We made a game of it, talking and laughing the whole while.

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  22. Cheryl and Kizzie, I think my mom probably wished she’d had a sister, too. (She had two older brothers.)

    I remember times when my sisters and I (there were four of us girls) would chat in our shared bedroom, especially as teenagers. We were close in age — I was first, our brother second, and my three sisters last — five of us born in a span of six years and a little over a month.

    Mom would sometimes come into the bedroom and ask what we were talking about, and invariably, one or another of us would answer, “Nothing.” Then she’d leave the room, saying not much or anything at all.

    It didn’t occur to me until I was older that she was probably feeling left out of the sisterly camaraderie.

    Also, my dad and brother were very close, so maybe Mom felt like something of a loner, the “odd one out” of our family of seven.

    Or perhaps she didn’t — I might have been projecting some of my feelings into my reasoning, as later, I think when I got busy with high school or college activities, I felt like I didn’t really belong anymore. By then, there seemed to be three pairings in the household: Dad & Brother; Mom & Middle Sister of the three; and 1st and 3rd Sisters.

    No one I really connected with anymore. (And probably one of the reasons I resented my live-at-home status during most of my college years. [I resented it the whole time I was home, is what I mean by that — but I wasn’t at home all those years, having decided to move out for my last year of college.])

    Anyway … now I’m the mom with four daughters.

    Kizzie, my husband and I almost stopped having children after our third. If we had, we would have had one boy (1st Arrow) and two girls.

    Those two daughters have probably had the weakest bond of any two children in our family. Like your daughters, they are very different from each other, and don’t really connect that well. Their relationship is, I don’t know really how to describe it, but maybe something like a polite standoffishness. If that makes sense. (Spellcheck says it doesn’t.) πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes, like you, I sense some unspoken tension between the two. Nothing that’s erupted, but it remains to be seen how their relationship will play out in the future. One thing they have in common (sort of) is the wedding in September. 3rd Arrow is one of the bridesmaids in 2nd Arrow’s wedding (though so is 4th Arrow, and 2nd and 4th are very close, sharing a birthday and quite a few other similarities).

    3rd Arrow has shown me pictures of bridesmaid dresses 2nd Arrow has been sending her, so it’s nice they’re communicating that way for this shared (in a sense) venture.

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  23. One year since Kaitlyn’s homegoing, Kare? I was just remembering her the other day, trying to think when it was she’d passed. How is her family doing?

    RKessler, 7:35 pm, neat. That put a smile on my face. πŸ™‚


  24. RK.
    OK, but I have the best DIL in the world.
    She was lots of help in getting Elvera into the r4ehab center.
    And if she didn’t know something, she called Mary (her daughter, a nurse).
    With her help, everything went smoothly.
    Expensive, but smooth.
    I didn’t sleep well last night, though I went to bed early.
    I think I will rack out soon.

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  25. A week ago they told Lee’s family she had 24 to 48 hours. Today they moved her from ICU to a private room. She is quite well known at the Tulsa Cancer Center as a miracle. I just read she is so well known that if you send a card you don’t even need a room number. Oh and she walked from ICU to her new room.

    Her son turned 15 last week.

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  26. In a comment to Cheryl on Rants and Raves yesterday, one of the things I wrote was that there were few leftovers from the brunch to share with Chickadee.

    This morning, Nightingale took the little bit we had – the quiches – and made more of some of the other items, and posted a photo of our plates on Facebook, “tagging” me in the photo. Upon seeing it, I thought that any of my Facebook friends here who’d read my comment and then saw the photos might think I wasn’t being truthful. But really, until she made more of a couple things, there wasn’t much left. (And last night, I didn’t know where she’d put the leftover quiches, so I didn’t realize we had that much of those left.)


  27. Since I just heard that Chickadee will be able to join me for dinner tomorrow, I’m gonna see if there’s still enough quiche to save for the two of us to have. (Nightingale will be working, and Mr X is taking The Boy to his Lacrosse practice.)

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  28. 6 Arrows and Kizzie (and anyone else who got in on the “sisters / daughters” conversation): Quite a few years ago at work several of us were talking about our sisters, and one elderly employee said, “I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a sister.” (I don’t remember if she had any brothers. She had one child, a girl, who had one child herself, a boy.) The rest of us all paused and didn’t say anything for the longest time, just looking at each other. How on earth do you describe what it is to have a sister. Eventually we started talking again and said all sorts of things.

    At a family reunion around 18 year ago, my sister and her husband and firstborn (a baby at the time) shared a room, and my mom (who had not yet remarried) shared a room next door. Mom and I were talking well after lights out, which wasn’t allowed when my sister and I were children. (We would whisper as quietly as we could, because we got shushed if our voices were heard.) Anyway, my sister came to the door and said loudly and authoritatively, “Quiet down in there!” Minutes later she came to the door again and asked, “Do I have to come in there and spank?” My sister (on the outside of the door) and me (on the inside) then both descended into giggles. Mom looked at me, puzzled, and said, “Did I used to say that?” and my sister and I both answered, “No–Dad did.”

    Anyway, back to the co-workers with sisters. There were five or six of us women at that table, and only one who didn’t have a sister. (One had two sisters, and some of us had brothers and some didn’t.) Anyway, I got thinking about it, and the woman with two sisters had one she got along with and one she didn’t, but the ones who had one sister didn’t get along with her. My sister and I have some serious disagreements (areas where we believe differently), but I’ve made a dedicated effort to be part of her life, and we can at times talk for hours, and can really enjoy each other. But I don’t really know many mothers and daughters who are close, or many sisters who are. (My own girls are very close.) It’s the nature of the thing that many relationships among female relatives have quite a bit of tension and distance, though one wouldn’t expect that. I have no idea what percentage has this experience, but it does seem fairly high.


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