12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-7-18

  1. It occurred to me twice today that sometimes, after the comment is typed, the best course of action is to hit “return” and go away.
    That was on the “Politics” thread.

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  2. She as been worrying all morning about what to wear today.’
    And she is the only one in the world who cares.


  3. 😦 I have a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis. I have to search for the rear window defroster. ‘
    It was in a garage all these years and I never used it.
    Kinda embarrassing that I can’t find it without my glasses..

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  4. Chas, I know how you feel. When I drive the camp car I have to bring my reading glasses and check out the controls before I start driving because I won’t be able to see/find them once I’m on the road. (I don’t drive it often enough to remember) Very frustrating.

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  5. 🙂 Very lovely brunch we had yesterday. Nightingale made most of the delicious food I’d mentioned a few days ago (or whenever that was), except she ran out of time to make the Apple Rose tarts. The men of the two families ended up not coming, for different reasons, but Nightingale, the two ladies, and I had enjoyable conversation. The other two ladies had not previously met, but got along wonderfully.

    We also had eight children, ranging in age from two to about eleven, running in and out of the house, having a great time. So glad the weather turned out nice enough for them to be outside. I think it got up into the low 50s, but I could be mistaken. When it’s been cold, even the high 40s can seem comfortable enough outside.

    I had my first ever Mimosa (champagne and orange juice), and enjoyed it. While Hubby was alive, I abstained from alcohol out of respect for him, but I now feel a freedom to imbibe a little alcohol now and then.

    🙂 Working on doing a fairly thorough cleaning throughout the week, I got some things done that I had been neglecting, and that felt good, even “fun”. I also rearranged or changed some decor for a fresher look. (Had Nightingale’s help with some of that.)

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  6. I forgot to mention that Chickadee did not come to our brunch. She said she had had a “long week”, and was not up to it, especially since there would be strangers (to her) there. 😦


  7. Kizzie, I understand Chickadee’s preference for small groups of people she knows over larger groups that are mostly strangers, because I share it. I’d rather have one-on-one time with one or two people close to me than attend a party any day of the week. Can you ask her to come by and help you eat up the leftovers so that you have what both of you want? (She wants time with people she knows rather than strangers, and you want to see your daughter.)


  8. Cheryl – What I wrote was not supposed to be judgmental against her decision, but I can see how it looks that way.

    Yup, Chickadee and I are like you. Even Nightingale is not one for an actual party, with lots of people milling around, and is uncomfortable around people she doesn’t know. All three of us are introverts to one degree or another.

    I actually expected Chickadee to change her mind about coming, and was surprised when she initially said she would come. My 😦 was because I missed her being there, but I understood.

    She will be coming over sometime this week, I think. Unfortunately, there were few leftovers, as Nightingale gave some away, and Janie helped herself to some this afternoon. (Due to her long legs, that dog can reach far on the kitchen counter! I thought the bag with the couple of leftover muffins and some scones was out of her reach, but apparently not.)

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  9. I was also concerned about her mention of having had a long week. Sounds like she had some stressful situations last week.


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