41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-3-18

  1. Morning all. New term begins tomorrow, ready or not. I now have a document camera in my room and at least know how to turn it on! Pretty fancy as they put a projector on the ceiling and ran cables through the attic. Now I just have to learn how to use it. It is on my desk not near the kids. so I will probably have my aide turn pages, etc.

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  2. I had the weirdest dream.
    We were in a shopping center and I had to leave for something.
    So we started looking for Chuck, who was riding about in his tricycle.
    Never found him. But when I woke, half awake, I could still hear the store people saying
    “if there was a kid riding a tricycle through this store, we would know about it.”

    Doesn’t have anything to do with anything. Just weird. I seldom recall a dream, especially something this weird.

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  3. As usual, once the initial shock of whatever I am about to face settles in, I decide I can handle it. I had a message from my cousin yesterday that the hospice nurse told them less than two weeks. Cousin thinks it will be less than a week. I am thinking days, but a week would be more convenient for me. (I know, it isn’t about me).
    Part of my grief is that Uncle Chuckles is my last “father” figure of my entire life. He is not only my father’s big brother, he is my godfather. He was in the Coast Guard and was stationed various places. I can remember as a child each time they moved he would call (long distance—an expensive call) to let my parents know he had my bank account set up so that he could get to me if anything happened to them. He lived with daddy and me for a brief time in my late teens. Later when daddy and I would argue, I would run away to Chuckles and he would tell me what to do.
    My Aunt V spent the day with him yesterday and spent the night with me last night. We laughed about some family stories. She finally confessed to breaking my father’s nose when they were children. I told her that the other night I asked Chuckles if he was going to heaven to see daddy, he told me yes. I told him I didn’t think heaven could stand them both (they were so bad as children). He make a laughing sort of sound and mumbled “Jimmy-hell”. I took that to mean Chuckles was the “good” brother.
    I haven’t had a message about Lee since yesterday.

    The good news is DIL is going in the hospital tonight and Miss Maddie Dee will be born sometime tomorrow. I think holding a newborn and smelling how good she will smell is just what I need. Perhaps Grandpa will even let me. Surely there is a rocking chair somewhere in the hospital.

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  4. So because sometimes music is just what we need to spark a memory, today on my drive in a song came on and I remembered my uncle and my father serenading my cousin (uncle’s 16 year old daughter at the time–I was maybe 10 or so) because she had bought a new bathing suit described in the following song. Needless to say, I sang along this morning with a great big smile on my face. I don’t think it holds the funny memory for my cousin that it does for me.

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  5. So much death is in our lives right now, too. My cousin who lost her mother and daughter in Dec. then lost her dad in March. The person I have been replacing in the office who had surgery last year and this year also had a close friend doing hospice in her home who died a few weeks back and then her brother died and his funeral is today. The other tax preparer’s MIL as of yesterday went into hospice. A friend at church just lost her mom who was in hospice. And then we, of course, see those who we are less connected with but still have long term relationships with who must get returns filed for deceased loved ones. And the person helping me with filing just lost her sister a few months ago. Too, too much!!!

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  6. I am tired and beyond tired. I think we shall appear as tax prep zombies, no costumes needed. I told Art yesterday that the tax clients are swarming. He thought that was appropriate wording. I just can’t believe how many wait until the last two weeks to file.

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  7. Kim, I lost my last “father figure” last year, unless you count my big brothers (I think of them more like uncles in my childhood, but brothers now that a 7- to 14-year age gap between me and them isn’t important). My dad died when I was a teenager, my stepfather of two years (not a man I ever lived with, since I was an adult living in another state when Mom married him, but I loved him) in my 30s, and my father-in-law last year (a sweet gift of marrying my husband was to get parents again). I still have one living uncle, my mom’s younger brother, but he never was like a father to me, and inf act it took him 13 years of my living in Chicago to really realize “Cheryl is my niece, and she’s trying to be family” and to invite me to visit him in his home. (We had met for meals here and there, and talked on the phone.) And on that visit, he told me it was so lovely to finally be getting to know each other . . . and I then had the bad news to tell him that I was moving out of Chicago in a month or two. (I’ve talked to him on the phone since, but any attempts to meet him in person have been impossible from his end, so I will never see him again, and my husband will never meet him, which is sad, since I tried to be able to introduce them since my husband never got to meet my parents and meeting my mom’s little brother would have been worth something.) Though he isn’t a father figure, he is the last relative from his generation in my family (either side, including spouses of my parents’ siblings, and my husband already lost his last one).

    Sorry, that was rambling, but to say yes, I know. Mother figures seem kind of easy to come by, comparatively, and loss of a father figure is loss of a rare bird.

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  8. Morning! I opened the curtains this morning and what did I see but about a half inch of snow on the land…I actually cried thankful tears!!
    Husband coming home today. He has been caretaking up at Barr Camp (the cabin half way up Pikes Peak) for almost a week and I am ready for him to come home! He will then drive up to Denver to see our friend Bill who has gone into a coma…so much going on in this life. Lifting ya’ll up this morning. May the Lord God Most High sustain you and give you pause as you drink in His goodness ♥️

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  9. Kim”s song @ 8:46 reminds me of the time, years ago, that I saw my first string bikini. I just saw the rear. All she had was two strings. That’s all.
    I stood there looking and when I looked up there was a woman, about my age just laughing at me staring at the girl.


  10. Chas, when my man and I were heading toward marriage, we had my engagement ring made in Nashville for a couple of reasons. (We were using an heirloom diamond of mine, and Nashville had a jewelry store that was having a “setting” sale when it was time to get it made, so we did it while he was in town.) The store told us they might have it ready by Monday and they might not, and if they didn’t, then I could just pick it up myself later in the week. He told them he was leaving town very early Tuesday morning and would not be back for three weeks, and we both told them that I would not pick it up, he would. They seemed not to understand that, which puzzled us. Do girls pick up their own engagement rings at the jeweler these days rather than having the man get it and put it on her finger?

    I’m going somewhere else with this story, but I will finish this part, because it’s funny. Well, my husband-to-be started feeling sick on Sunday, really wanted to be home in bed, but the jewelry store had told him they would do their best to get the ring ready Monday afternoon (though they wouldn’t guarantee they could do it). Monday afternoon we ended up at my house with my best friend (who “chaperoned” us by being in my house with us if we were going to be there) and the husband-and-wife real-estate team who were going to list my house, so they could tell us what needed to be done to list it. My phone rang, but I let it go to voice mail because we had a house full of people. As soon as the agents finished, we thanked my friend and we left to go to the mall. When we got to the mall, we called the store to ask if the ring was ready yet, and they told us not quite yet, give them 20 or 30 minutes. When I got home a couple of hours later, I saw a voice mail on my phone (home phone) and checked it . . . and it was from that call earlier, the jewelry store telling us they weren’t going to have the ring ready that day!! But apparently when we called from the mall to say we were there to pick it up, they decided they had better do it. Since they had told us the problem was that they weren’t sure whether they would have the prongs to set the diamond, I’m guessing they borrowed them from another ring to get it done!!

    Anyway, we decided to get a beverage and sit down in a relaxing area provided by the mall, with a table and two or three chairs. A few yards away, in the same little area, was a young teenage couple we’d seen running around the mall, going down the escalator together and kissing on the way down, that sort of thing. The young man was sitting in a recliner, and he pushed it back and pulled his girl up and over him to give her a kiss. When he lifted her into the air, her dress flew up . . . and I was sitting where I could see her naked rear end, see that she had no underwear underneath that dress. And here I was sitting with the man who would soon be my husband, waiting to pick up the engagement ring that we would soon use to formalize our decision to marry. We had not yet had our own first kiss (we were waiting till that official engagement, which would come after I was able to meet the girls–the younger one was out of the country). That public (if inadvertent) female nudity a few yards away felt so crass and out of place, and I kept talking to keep my man from looking around and being embarrassed, too. (Now I would simply tell him not to look over there, and he wouldn’t, but I didn’t think to do that and might have thought that would tease his curiosity about what was over there.)


  11. You were engaged and hadn’t kissed yet?
    I thought I was slow. I went with Elvera a about a month before we kissed.
    And I didn’t understand the part about a chaperone.

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  12. Roscuro, it has been a good discussion the last couple of days. And for the record, I don’t think I have ever referred to the Lord’s day as the sabbath (except in discussions like this one, as to where and how they overlap). They are indeed different things, and even when the Saturday sabbath was still “in effect” (before Christ’s death), He went out of His way to emphasize that it was not intended to put a burden on people. You don’t leave someone crippled because it is the sabbath and a non-healing day, for instance.

    Last year one friend who came to the party for my 50th birthday brought a couple small gifts, including a book called something like “Call the Sabbath a Delight.” I only started reading it a week or so ago, and haven’t read much (and it isn’t a very big book, so I would usually have finished it long since), and the author is basically disapproving of anything on the Lord’s day that isn’t explicitly Christian or restful. You can use the day to go to church, you can study Scripture, and apparently you can take a nap. He clearly disapproves of watching a ball game on TV; whether you can play checkers with your family, I don’t know (I suspect the answer is no). Whether you can take a quiet walk in the park I don’t know (but I suspect the answer is yes, as long as you keep the conversation to talking about the Lord or casual talk).

    I haven’t been inclined to read it simply because I don’t see any indication in Scripture that there is such a formal list of do’s and don’ts for the Lord’s day. I do think that it IS the Lord’s day, that it is proper to keep Him first. It troubles me, for instance, when families sign their children up for sports leagues that cause them to miss church every other Sunday or so, or when a family comes without the father week after week because his work week includes Sunday. (We have medical people in our church whose job sometimes includes Sunday work and sometimes doesn’t, and I see that as different than simply working for a job that is open seven days a week and includes Sunday morning as part of your work week.)

    And I do think there is Scriptural validity to that, that gathered worship is the priority on the Lord’s day. It is the New Testament, after all, that tells us the early church gathered on that day, that tells us not to forsake the assembly, and that tells us we should worship correctly with reverence and awe. So worship should be the priority for that day–and it’s an honor, not a burden, that we should be called to worship the living God, and do so with our family. In a day when we live without outright persecution, perhaps we don’t feel the honor keenly enough, that on this day we are with like-minded people who also worship God, and that fellow Christians are family every bit as much as our biological family is, but it is an honor.

    I have always rejected working on Sunday. In freelance, I set my own hours, and in 15 years of freelance (15 years the end of this month since I moved to Nashville, yikes!) I have worked two or three hours Sunday afternoon or evening just three or four times. If I have a Monday deadline and I haven’t finished Saturday night, I think that keeping my word and making an effort to meet that deadline is a higher priority than not doing any work–because I do not believe we are absolutely forbidden from any work, it simply is at odds with what the day IS to choose to work on that day. Likewise, I don’t do housework and I don’t do any real cooking. (I might heat leftovers or make a sandwich.) If I were a real sabbatarian, I would also say I will never go out to eat on that day, but the reality is that people are going to be working on that day whether or not I go out to eat (though I honor Chick-fil-A’s choice to give employees the day off), so we do often go through a drive-thru on our way home from church, and in Nashville I went out to eat weekly with a group from my church–Sunday being almost the only day I saw people. I choose not to work, but I do often go for a long walk to enjoy God’s creation. Sometimes I make cards, sometimes I read, sometimes I nap, sometimes we visit my mother-in-law, etc. It is a day to worship, fellowship, rest, enjoy creation–not a burden (like the Sabbath sometimes was), but a gift.

    I will explore the link you included last night when I get a chance. But that is my inclination, to see the Lord’s day as different from the other days, but not in a way that is a burden.

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  13. Well I bought 4 colors of paint in varying sizes, brushes, rollers, edger, paint bucket, and all the other stuff necessary to paint our bedroom. I put it all up in the room 2 days ago.

    It turns out it doesn’t matter how long you leave the materials at the ready, the room will in fact NOT paint itself. So now I guess I have to……………….


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  14. Chas, no, we weren’t (officially) engaged yet. We knew we wanted to marry. We even had our wedding date picked out (and had reserved both the church and our honeymoon cabin! my idea on the honeymoon cabin, since we were going to the Smokies in the very peak of the fall color, and he had chosen the cabin–and I had approved the choice–and I was afraid we would lose it if he didn’t book it, so I asked him to check what the penalty would be if we cancelled, and it was so minimal it made sense to go ahead and book it). Thing is, his younger daughter was out of the country, and she knew he was dating but not quite how serious we were (the college-aged daughter knew how serious we were, and his mother even had our wedding date on her calendar). But I couldn’t meet the younger daughter until she was back in the States, he thought it appropriate that I meet the girls together (not fair to the younger daughter for me to meet the older one first), and he didn’t want us officially engaged till I met the girls, because he thought it would be too much for the girls if they were meeting me as their dad’s fiancee and not as the woman he was dating (and seriously dating).

    Funny thing about that, though, is that he was already taking loads of boxes to his home on every trip down, by that point in our relationship. And at one point I asked him, “What are you doing with the boxes at the other end?” He said, “Oh, I’m piling them in the living room.” I said, “You don’t want her to come home to find her father engaged, but you don’t think she will be concerned to find my stuff piled in your living room?” My husband is very analytical, and I assumed that had occurred to him as a dead give-away that we were in fact committed to marriage . . . but he hadn’t thought about that! (He moved the boxes into a closet in our bedroom.)

    So we were engaged, but not officially, and I had asked that we wait to kiss until we were officially engaged and formally committed to marriage in order to decrease the time of having an extra level of temptation. It also wasn’t clear at that time (when I made the request) whether we would marry in the fall (as we did) or the following spring, since initially we were talking about waiting till spring. Had we decided on a fall wedding, I might have been OK with kissing earlier than our official engagement day.

    As to the chaperone? I think that privacy to be alone together is part of the privilege of marriage and that dating couples shouldn’t be alone together behind closed doors. Would we have given in to temptation if we hadn’t had a chaperone, no, I don’t believe we would have. Both of us are mature Christians, with a very strong sense that we would be defying God if we were to sin in such a way. At the same time, the vast majority of Christian couples today do not make such a commitment not to be alone together, and the vast majority do engage in some level of sexual sin as they head toward marriage. So it is wisdom to say, “These are the boundaries” and to include “We will not be alone together behind closed doors until we can do so in marriage.” I think it’s a fair guess that the cultures that allow dating couples to be alone together (behind closed doors–alone without witnesses, in other words) and the cultures that condone fornication are one and the same. Single people living alone and visiting one another’s houses without anyone else present is not a common occurrence across the centuries, unless it is part of a cultural tradition that single people are free to have sex with whomever they choose, and only limit themselves sexually upon marriage.

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  15. Oh, AJ, welcome to my world. What color(s)?

    We’re just now easing into the external painting here as we speak. Slowly. I suspect it will be going on for quite some time. 🙂 Maybe a long time. But now the Dog Park Worker (who’s doing the painting) has been called in for his 3rd interview to serve on the grand jury which could take him at least partially out of the loop here and there. His bid is still the cheapest so I’m inclined to go with him, of course.


  16. This link was posted on the news thread, which probably means people who frequent this thread mostly won’t read it. (The people who frequent that thread mostly not coming over here, and vice versa.) It’s on an ecumenical book published in Turkey about “what Christians believe” and I find it rather interesting that I wouldn’t need even to open the front cover to be in disagreement with the book. (The image on the front cover would seem to be an icon–Jesus? I don’t know enough about Orthodoxy to know how they represent Him.) http://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2018/april/turkey-churches-agree-on-doctrine-christian-book.html

    I haven’t read the book, but my hunch is that the very people who sign onto writing such a project are the ones least qualified to represent true biblical Christianity.


  17. Kim, I didn’t say it was an idol. 🙂 I said it was an icon. But since we Reformed people don’t use icons in worship, and we certainly would not be OK with an image of Jesus used in worship (if it is indeed supposed to be Jesus), then the very cover of the book proves that it was only a subset of the possible denominations that signed onto the project.

    I think it is fair to say they are used IN worship, though they themselves are not worshiped, right? Is that supposed to be Jesus, or someone else, or do you know?


  18. FYI, Kim, that page you linked definitely doesn’t make me think more favorably toward icons. They look like they are closer to the Book of Mormon than I imagined them to be, and I definitely would not feel comfortable worshiping in a church that had them, if they are seen as sacred objects with power to heal, and sometimes of miraculous origin. That’s a whole lot more dangerous territory than a stained-glass window that is meant as a mere depiction of an event, which is kind of what I took them to be. The images of Jesus I would have had a serious problem with, the others not so much, though I know some people kiss them and somehow see them as special beyond just a depiction of something, and there again I think we’re heading into problem territory.

    Anyway, it confirms my first thought, that an icon is a really bad choice for a cover of a book that is supposed to show how much alike we are.


  19. Morning sky (light blue) for the walls, pebble (dark tan almost brown) for the trim, window, and door frames, light tan (almondy) for the ceiling, and another slightly darker light tan for the doors and closet.

    One would be so much easier….

    But nooooooo….. 🙂

    I’m kidding. I’ll give her whatever she wants. But I won’t be done before our new bed arrives on Thurs., so that will not be put together and the mattress purchased until the painting is done.

    I’ll probably need a week to finish, since it’s hard to paint left handed and my right arm doesn’t go up very well or high. But I’ll get there…. eventually. 🙂

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  20. Saw this on Facebook: “Hey April, January called and it wants its weather back.” We broke a record low yesterday: 19°! The old record was 33 set back in the 1960s.

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  21. Got my taxes last night and I owe money, the most in a long time. I thought I might as I did not fill out the tax forms until September, as income changes when I come home. Too busy driving around the country.
    Good news is my cpa told me to move some funds to a Roth as it wouldn’t up my taxes. That was easy to do and I should have done it last year.

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  22. Cheryl, the link I shared is a collection of quotes on the Sabbath and on the ‘eighth day’ as they referred to Sunday (they draw prophetic parallels to circumcision on the eighth day). One of the quotes by Justin Martyr, from his First Apology, tells exactly what they did on Sunday, which was to gather for worship and preaching, communion, and collection and distribution of charity. It is clear, however, that they did not consider it obligatory to refrain from work on the eighth day, as it had been on the Sabbath. Of course, if one attends church on Sunday, one will not be attending work, for the most part. I do know people who may go to church in the morning and work in the afternoon due to the demands of their job. In this day, it can be a real burden to try to find a job which guarantees no work on Sunday. The new economy is somewhat ruthless (people are working more hours on average and have less job security) and if you are not willing to work their hours, they are quite willing to let you go.


  23. So, I finish two classes today. Two more to go, and then all that will left in the semester are exams throughout the rest of the month. The future is still quite uncertain. Although they have told us that we will be making up our lost clinical hours in May and June, they have not given us any further information. The fall placement in Nunavut has also yet to be confirmed.

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  24. Related to the book linked at 11:17, my husband went googling and found this link. For a small amount of background, this is the WEA, World Evangelical Alliance, which is basically the “worldwide” version of the NAE. It is, as you will see, very friendly to the Pope and to the idea of various branches of Christianity coming together. It is, in other words, the anti-Reformation, and it sees accommodation to Rome as a positive good. (Remember that the Roman Catholic church isn’t moving at all; they have declared us heretics, and will happily see us “return to the fold.” So it isn’t actually progress when Rome, Constantinople, and Protestants come together on something–it means we are crying “uncle.”)

    Here is the link about the book: https://www.thomasschirrmacher.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Istanbul_Book_Launch_2018_Christianity_Fundamental_Teachings_Schirrmacher.pdf


  25. Front windows both primed, they’re beautiful. 🙂

    Stopped in at the doctor’s for blood work results, numbers are very good which was a pleasant surprise.

    And the story about the lost/found class ring from 50 years ago has come together, I went to the city library yesterday, found the likely owner in the 1969 high school year book, managed to connect with his sister on FB (none of the numbers for him, most recently in Arizona, including mobile numbers, panned out — turns out he died just last year).

    Anyway, she (who is in Texas) was thrilled once she spoke with the guy in Florida who found the ring — they were able to confirm it would have been her brother’s. It will be sent to her via FedEx tomorrow, then I’ll talk with everyone and do the story.

    Can I just do a bunch of THOSE stories for the rest of my career?

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  26. My day started out playing photographer (now that we have the thinnest of photo staffs), I had to go take photos with my cell phone of the homeless encampment cleanup early this morning near the port.

    Some of us were saying it’s so much like working for the weekly papers we all started at ages ago — where you did everything from cover and write the story, write the headline and take the photos (and even layout the pages).


  27. We haven’t had to lay out pages yet but most of our design staff was laid off last Friday so that could still be coming.

    That was the final round of these latest layoffs, though, so maybe things will settle down — though how we move forward with so few resources, I just don’t know.


  28. Roscuro, as you have learned, jobs might be willing to let you go if you are unwilling to perform abortions, or cheat, or . . .

    In those early jobs of mine, many of my co-workers were teenagers, many of whom were mostly available on weekends. I cannot imagine that there are many jobs in which you cannot name one day of the week, or a few hours in one day of the week, that you are unavailable, because there are always other employees more than happy to get those hours. And of course that is a pragmatic argument, anyway, if one is conscience bound to refuse to do the abortions or refuse to work on the Lord’s Day.


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